My Goddess

Chapter 1 – Getting With the Shagging

Everyone was freaking screwing. That was the first thing Dawn noticed when she got up in the morning. The whole house was practically shaking and she could hear Willow and Tara's headboard a-thumping. Now for them, it was reasonable to be having sex at 9am on a Tuesday, but for everyone else, not so much – what with the whole 'apocalypse any day now' thing.

See, Willow and Tara were finally reunited. Dawn wasn't completely sure on the details, but it was something about Buffy getting a wish, making a hard decision, putting Willow's heart first, hating Kennedy a butt-load, missing her best friend and confider… blah blah blah. Either way, Dawn was happy because Tara was back. She was finally back.

3 Days Earlier

"Willow!" Buffy called. "Butt, kitchen, NOW."

"'kay…. Coming…."

"Haul ass Rosenberg!" Anya yelled, then came a muffled, "Kennedy go patrol or hit stuff of kick stuff or something…"

"Dawn, you have to come downstairs too!" Her sister called loudly.

Dawn and Willow hurried downstairs, Will's hair was sticking up all over the place and she was still in her pajama top with the piggy on it.

"Glamorous," Dawn commented.

"Sleepy," Willow grumbled in reply. Dawn was ushered into the kitchen by Buffy, and there was a muffled squeal, then a noise that sounded just violent enough to be Faith, grabbing Dawnie to shut her up.

"Ready?" Buffy said quietly. Another muffled voice replied. Buffy threw open the door, beaming at Willow. Her cheeks were tear-stained and she had a grin from ear to ear. Faith had Dawn around the mouth and Xander and Anya were grinning happily. Giles was standing in the back, smiling softly and Andrew looked like he was about to wet himself with fear. Buffy slowly took a step to the side, revealing the most beautiful sight Willow had ever seen in her life.

"Happy Birthday baby." Tara said quietly.

Willow launched herself into her undead lover's arms, embracing her tightly. She was real and warm and soft and her arms felt exactly the way Willow remembered. Suddenly, the red-head was laughing and sobbing at the same time. Tara took her gently and held her at arm's length, devouring the emerald pools of her eyes, the light constellation of freckles on her bare shoulders, the ruby lips and the flaming hair, the shining, golden aura. Everything that made up her Willow. She pulled the Wicca in close again, this time resting her face in Will's fiery hair and breathing in the scents of apple and cinnamon, as well as a woman's perfume Tara didn't recognise.

"It's really you…" Willow said quietly. "I don't believe it…" She shook her head in wonderment.

"It's really me. I'm here Will, and I'm staying. No more stupid mistakes, I'm not leaving you ever again, I swear with all my heart. I'll always find you."

Willow burst into tears, feeling a sudden intense rush of feelings for the woman she had almost destroyed the world for. Here she was, almost exactly two years later, quoting the very promise Willow had made to her – the promise she'd failed to keep.

"I didn't" She whispered quietly, stroking Tara's honey coloured hair. "I didn't find you."

"Well, baby, I was kind of dead… It would have been rather difficult." She laughed lightly, giving Willow her trademark lopsided smile, where her left eye crinkled slightly. She pulled Willow in close, kissing her gently. Willow slowly slipped her tongue between the blonde's lips, then gradually deepened the kiss until they were twined around each other like vines. Willow could practically hear Giles polishing his glasses. Suddenly, on a thought, she pulled back.

"How did you do that exactly?"

"Do what?" Tara was perplexed.

"Be… not dead…" Willow was staring at her. She wasn't a ghost. She didn't seem all broken the way Buffy had on her resurrection. She was corporeal – so not nasty tricks from the first there. What had she done?

"Buffy." Tara beamed at her friend. "Buffy wished it. The Powers That Be granted her one wish in the shadow of the forthcoming apocalypse, and she wished for me back." Tara turned to look at Buffy. "I am so eternally grateful, Buffy. How will I ever make this up to you?"

Buffy laughed. "Well, I think you already have." Buffy looked Willow up and down. She was standing taller, there was a glint in her eye, a mischievous, bright ease to her smile and her whole body radiated happiness. She was a completely different girl to who she had been just last night. It was Tara. It was always Tara. No one else could bring out Willow's best and worst sides like she could. Tara had changed Willow, taken her away from her permanent standing as wallflower and shown her the world. Willow had become beautiful, daring, powerful and strong. Willow loved Tara in a way Buffy was quite sure no other pair had ever loved, and it was simply this. This was Buffy's reward. She got her best friend back. "But maybe," Buffy added as an afterthought, "you might be able to make some of your amazing pancakes while we all catch up?"

Everyone laughed, and Tara set about preparing their breakfast.

Willow watched her, mesmerised. Tara sashayed around the kitchen with an easy grace, singing snatches of song and twirling Dawnie across the room. Every now and again she'd swing round to Willow's side of the bench and plant a gentle kiss on her lips, before turning back to the stove. It was as though now that Tara was back, the whole house was humming and alive again. Willow still couldn't believe her eyes though, it was really Tara. She was really back! That was her girlfriend, dancing around the kitchen, her girlfriend flipping pancakes, her girlfriend planting increasingly passionate kisses on her lips! Willow just watched, awestruck, as Tara twirled around the room, leaving a trail of magical sparks as she went.

"I watched you, the entire time." They were finally alone. Willow and Tara were sitting on their bed, still dressed, but just revelling in the feeling of once again holding hands.

"You did?"

"I watched you, and baby it hurt me so badly to see you in that much pain!" Tara's eyes were sparkling with tears. "I hated to see you doing all of that… and not being able to do anything about it! I'm so, so sorry."

"No Tara I'm sorry!" Willow rested her head on Tara's shoulder. "I did so many horrific things and I wouldn't blame you if you hated me completely…"

"Hate you?" Tara said incredulously, "how could I ever hate you Willow? You're my everything, my entire world! Every single thing you did was because you were hurting, and baby I could feel your pain. I sat up there, watching you and all I felt was your pain, all I heard was your thoughts. I stayed with you, constantly."

"About Kennedy…" Willow said sheepishly. "She was… nothing. She was there, and she filled a hole. I had this big, gaping empty hole inside of me where you were, where a part of you always lived in me and when you died… I felt like I'd had a part of my soul torn in two! I felt empty and bare, and so angry and hurt! Then along came Kennedy. She kind of made that hole a little smaller, at least sometimes. Other times I just felt more alone that ever though. I missed you so much baby."

"Oh sweetie I missed you too, so much. And I don't care about Kennedy, I understand. She seemed nice enough anyway."

"I suppose so." Willow shrugged. "But now we're just going to have to make up for lost time I guess."

"I know just where to start…" Tara said playfully. She gently slid her hand under Willow's tank top, feeling the soft warmth beneath her fingertips. Willow shuddered at the touch, revelling in how much better Tara was than Kennedy. She'd almost forgotten.

Tara slowly kissed up Willow's neck, landing on her mouth and kissing her fervently and passionately. Willow returned this, deepening the kiss and pressing her tongue into Tara's. Tara slowly lifted Willow's top up over her head, smiling as Willow once again shuddered at the touch. Willow had forgotten this, the way Tara, the shy, quiet, inhibited girl, burst from her shell when she was aroused. Tara was bold and forceful and passionate when it came to sex, but all the while oddly tantalising and sensual. Tara kissed downwards again, stopping to taste every inch of her skin and lingering in the hollow at the base of her throat. Slowly but surely, Tara reached Willow's breasts and began the slowly and gently lick her taught nipples, gazing into Willow's eyes as she did so. Willow was breathing deeply now, aroused and sweaty. She began to claw at Tara's clothes, desperate to see her peachy skin again. Tara slowly stood, unbuttoning her blouse and letting it drop to the floor, revealing her soft curves and smooth skin. Willow slowly crawled forward, placing her hand on Tara's newly exposed breasts and massaging them gently. Tara leaned in and kissed her again. Now Willow knelt, slowly unbuttoning Tara's pants and letting them fall to the floor, leaving her standing there in a soft, lacy, black thong.

"They have nice threads in heaven, huh?" Willow chuckled. Suddenly, Tara was on top of her, raining kisses down her abdomen, slowly reaching closer and closer to where Willow desperately wanted her to be. Tara slowly pulled down Willow's skirt and underwear, already feeling her girlfriend's wetness. Willow flipped their position, now she was on top and Tara was sitting on the edge of their bed. Willow carefully straddled Tara, resting her pussy over Tara's and wrapping her legs around Tara's soft hips.

"Well hello there Miss Rosenberg," Tara quirked an eyebrow. Willow slowly began grinding her pelvis in a careful circular motion, her clit now throbbing. Tara pulled her in closer so that Willow was rubbing up against Tara's clit. Both at the same time, they felt the first waves of an orgasm plunge them into oblivion, but they resurfaced a minute later, still hungry for more. Willow pushed Tara backwards so that her head was almost touching the headboard, and gently began flicking Tara's clit with her tongue and tasting the sweet nectar that dripped from her girlfriend's pussy. Willow circled and pushed and them slowly inserted two fingers, rubbing Tara carefully. Suddenly, Tara raised her hips toward Willow, begging for more. Willow began thrusting harder and faster and began kissing the blonde witch's clit, sucking and flicking and tasting her. She circled her tongue, increasing the pressure and feeling the light throb of Tara's pulse in her own mouth. The throbbing intensified and Willow felt Tara's entire body tense up, her back arching and her legs shaking. Tara suddenly screamed, louder than Willow had ever heard before.

"Oh my Goddess Willllooooooooow!" Willow sucked and flicked her clit faster, still gently stroking her with two fingers. She held Tara in the throes of her orgasm for a few long moments. Tara moaned and squirmed and slowly relaxed, her orgasm leaving her breathless as she planted a soft kiss on the side of Willow's neck.

"I wonder what they're up to?" Faith scoffed sarcastically. The room she shared with Buffy shared a wall with Willow and Tara's room and she could now hear Red screaming Tara's name. Buffy laughed. She was still in the bathroom and Faith could hear the shower running.

"Why'd you do it B? I mean, you totally did the right thing, but what made you choose Tara?" Faith went and leant against the bathroom door.

"Because, I wanted the old Willow back. Not sad, unconfident, miserable Willow. I need her, and I need Tara. If we're going to beat this thing, we want them both. Individually, they're strong. Together, they're stronger."

"I don't think it was all about tactics though." Faith smiled slightly. As cold and detached as Buffy could seem, she always had her reasons, and they were always pretty brilliant.

"No." Buffy said slowly. "Admittedly it wasn't. I wanted her back, Faith. Tara was one of my best friends. I told her everything, she knew things I didn't even tell Willow. I missed her, I missed her energy and her light, I missed the way she made me feel so good about myself in a really crap situation. I missed her. And I missed the person Willow was when she was around. Willow wouldn't have lasted forever with Tara gone. I suppose she would have held it together for a while, but she was never going to be whole again, not really. She would have had something happen, and she would have fallen straight off into the deep end again. And you know what Faith?"


"I don't think we could stop her a second time around."

"But it's all okay now?"

"It's all okay now." The smaller slayer said over the rush of shower water. "Tara's back, and she's going to teach Willow. She'll show her how to do it all right." She paused. "Faith?"

"Yeah, B?"

"Can I tell you something?"

"Sure." The dark slayer smiled through the door.

"The Powers That Be told me something, something about Willow and Tara."

"You gotta spill babe."

"Well, they said that they're soul mates. But the special kind. As in, their souls were magically bonded, so that they literally became two people sharing the one soul. They have a connection deeper than any of us could ever imagine. It's why Willow did what she did, why she hurt so bad."

"Why Tara could feel it even though she was dead?" Faith asked.

"Exactly." Buffy turned off the water. "They're special, you know. They were made for each other. If they're ever separated, it'll kill them."

Buffy emerged from the bathroom, dripping wet still and wonderfully, deliciously naked.

"Well well well B. I find that I'm much more interested now in what we're doing…"

Faith grabbed her newfound lover around the waist and pushed her down onto the bed, kissing her passionately and just as Faith began to slowly lick up Buffy's thighs, they heard the guttural moans, and then the screams, of Tara's second climax.

"Go red." Faith muttered, and slowly began flicking her tongue around Buffy's sweet spot.