Ciel's POV

It hurt.

Sebastian's words, though soft as a whisper, raked my ears with his words. They burned with the fire of betrayal. "Did you honestly believe I cared for you? You, a human. A worthless, filthy human." The only feeling I had was that of all emotions draining from me, like a deep hole expanding in my chest.



The one thing in this world I had come to love. Gone. He betrayed me. He led me on. He lied. And for what? His own amusement. His fascination with toying with the emotions of humans. And I... Was foolish enough to actually believe he loved me. I had actually fallen for the charade.

Tears spilled down my cheeks as the demon I had come to love chuckled. "Why," I asked softly, the slightest hint of a whimper lacing my voice.

"Why?" he smirked. "For entertainment. Because I can~ Simple enough for you?"

Hot tears blurred my vision. I couldn't see, not that I wanted to, Sebastian's signature smirk, mocking how fragile I had become. He had torn down the walls I had worked so hard to rebuild, killing me from the inside out.

Why Sebastian?

Third Person POV

Ciel's tears fell onto the sheets, changing the shades of the off white linen fabric. Pain and hurt and utter soul wrenching fear radiated from the boy's small form. Unconsciously, he clung to the other body residing beside him in the bed.

" Se- Sebastian," he whimpered into the pale expanse of his butler's bare chest.

The claret eyed demon held his master tightly against him, whispering softly into his ear, "Shh... Ciel… Wake up… Wake up my love." Slowly, Ciel's eyes opened, a stray tear leaking out. Looking up at his butler, he instantly tried to hide his terror, though it was still evident in his wide, blue eyes.

Sebastian kissed his forehead softly, lightly stroking the light skin of his master's cheek. Ciel shook softly with silent tears, curling up as close as humanly possible into his butler's comforting embrace. Even though the dream had shaken him, he had to trust what he knew.

Sebastian was here.

Sebastian was holding him.

Sebastian loved him.