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June 1998

"Tell me how to save him," Harry said, staring at the group of Death Eaters.

"How do you know we know, boy?" one of them said.

"I know you know. Tell me how," Harry said angrily.

"What will you give in return?" another of the Death Eaters said.

Harry took a deep breath. "Anything."

"You sure about that, boy?" the first Death Eater said.


"Even if we say what we want is you?"

"Yes," Harry said through clenched teeth.

"What d'you say, boys?" the Death Eater said to the other four. "Reckon we could use a celebration for surviving so far?"

The other Death Eaters all yelled in assent and the first turned back to Harry.

"Looks like we got a deal," he said.

"Looks like we do," Harry said in a monotonous voice. "Tell me how to save him."

"He's got time," the Death Eater said. "Reckon you can fulfill your side of the deal now."

Harry's teeth clenched again. "How long does he have?"

"Three days before there is any permanent damage."

"Fine," Harry said and cheers went through the group again.

"Oh, how you will scream, Potter," the Death Eater said as he slowly circled Harry who stayed completely still. "You'll try, anyways, as we will silence you. We wouldn't want you going to the Ministry."

"I hadn't planned on it at all actually," Harry said. "I just want to save him."

"Why is that?"

"He's my friend, my mentor, my teacher. He's helped me through everything this past year."

"Seems more than friendship, at least on your end, boy," the Death Eater laughed loudly.

"He's just my friend."

"Very well," the Death Eater conceded and grinned a feral grin as he trailed a fingertip down Harry's cheek. "Let's have some fun."

The Death Eater snapped his fingers and chains slithered down from the ceiling. They wrapped around Harry's wrists, bringing them together and over Harry's head. The Death Eater grinned again.

"Proud of yourself?" Harry said sarcastically and was promptly slapped across the face. The Death Eater snapped his fingers again and a large vial appeared.

"Luckily for you, no words are needed to save him so it is perfectly all right for you to remain silent forever."

"Lucky me," Harry said.

"What a reprieve that will be."

Harry simply glared at the man.

"Let the fun begin."

With that the Death Eater reached out and slowly opened Harry's bloody and ripped shirt the rest of the way before roughly tearing it from his shoulders. Harry groaned slightly at the force.

"Got some pretty nasty injuries there, don't yeh?"

"Can you just get on with it?"

"My pleasure," he said and motioned for another Death Eater to join. "I'll keep him quiet."

The other Death Eater grinned and used his wand to strip Harry of the rest of his clothes. Harry closed his eyes tightly, feeling them water slightly. He shivered, jerked, and hissed when the second Death Eater trailed a finger down one of his arse cheeks.

He didn't stop, however. It appeared to encourage him further as the finger slid between his cheeks, travelling up and down. A whimper escaped him. He was desperate to hold off on screaming as long as possible. He jerked sharply when the finger painfully slammed into his opening. He groaned.

"You will be delicious, boy," the Death Eater said. Harry kept his eyes clenched shut, even as a finger trailed over his limp cock, tracing the slit. He grasped the chains tightly as the finger continued tracing his slit, occasionally dipping in.

"Hurry up, would yeh," the first Death Eater said.

"Fine." The second Death Eater took hold of Harry's hips and moved him slightly so his arse was being held a bit higher. A tear escaped when Harry felt a hard tip at his entrance and he screamed when the Death Eater brutally entered him. Even with the Death Eater holding his hips, Harry raised up on his toes in pain.

"Time for that silence now, isn't it?" the first Death Eater said.

"Severus!" Harry screamed desperately as the other Death Eater cruelly continued to pull out and slam back in.

The first Death Eater leaned in and pressed his lips to the side of Harry's neck. "Silentium." He moved his lips to the middle of Harry's neck and whispered the same thing. He repeated it on the other side of Harry's neck. He then moved to his lips, whispering, "Nunquam infractus."

Harry sobbed and the sound continued getting quieter as an 'S' appeared on each spot Harry's neck had been kissed and a glowing blue line connected them. The two side ones then had the line extending up to Harry's lips where they glowed a bright blue with the word 'silence' before disappearing.

"Drink this," the Death Eater said and pried Harry's mouth open, pouring the entire purple potion down his throat.

Tears streaked Harry's face and he sobbed but was unheard even as he screamed again once the Death Eater reached completion. It continued until all five Death Eaters had taken Harry.

"Give him this potion and put some of your blood in the wounds. Put some of your tears in the potion and give it to him after the blood," the first Death Eater said once Harry was released and had dressed. "He will be fine in a week or eleven days at the most."

Harry took the yellow potion, shaking slightly.

"Good doing business with you, Potter," the Death Eater said and they all laughed as Harry left, walking gingerly and tears rolling down his cheeks.

A/N: If you're confused, that's okay. It's a memory and will be explained later on. Please review. :]

Silentium [Latin] = Silence

Nunquam infractus [Latin] = never broken