Han ran up in front of two people, taking the blunt of a magical fire attack. Gasps were heard from the two he had protected, shocked by his sudden attack continued for a few more moments, than dispersed. With the attack gone, Han fell to his knees, hissing in pain. The attack had burned right though his clothes, searing his back and left arm. The smell of burning clothes and flesh made it's way into the blond's nose.

Han fought back the urge to puke, swallowing back the vile that had climbed into his mouth. Panting heavily, he turned his head to the people he had saved, allowing them to see the face of their momentary savior. At the sight of who had saved them, the two gasped again.

One was a man, really a boy in his late teens. He had his arms wrapped around the other girl protectively. She see was similar to the man in terms of age, as she was also in her late teens. Both wore looks of shock and horror. Their faces pale and the makings of a cold sweat breaking out. Similar to their faces, the eyes of the two held fear. The woman's eyes, if possible, opened wider, realization dawning on her. She looked as if she wanted to say something, but words did not escape her mouth.

The man was the first to speak up, his voice hoarse, "Cuffs? Wh-what are you doing here? Your should be dead!"

Han smirked at the man. A small chuckle emitting from his mouth. Looking the man in the eyes, Han asked him in a fake, pained tone. "What! You actually thought I was dead, Byrne? I've only been a wizard for about a year now. I was a street lord, corporal, I know how to fake my own death. It's not as hard as you-"

Han was unable to finish, for a deep throated laugh ripped through the room. Han, along with the man known as Byrne and the woman, looked to see a black haired man. The laugh was coming from him. He was sitting in the one of four chairs in the room, all elegant and sophisticated. The four were now located in the throne room of the Fells, one of the Seven Realms. Evil radiated from the man, tainting the air. The three on the floor glared daggers up at the man.

The black haired man finished maniacal cackling, he looked down upon the three teens below him. Focusing on Han, he hissed, "Han Alister, yet again you become a nuisance to my plans. I thought I was arid of you when I trapped you in that cave. But your presence makes no difference, for I shall be eliminate the three of your here and now."

It was Han's turn to laugh now. Enduring the pains of the burns, the blond mage stood up, his laughs reverberating through the grand room. Glaring at the man on the throne, he spat out the man's name, "Lord Bayar, always a pleasure being a thorn in your side. Now, if you wouldn't mind, I would like to kill you now."

With that said, Han gripped his serpent medallion, and as he did so, his body spilt apart, forming balls of fire. Each one directed itself at Lord Bayar, leaving a trail of smoke in their wake. As they neared the evil man, who was now standing, a wall of water appeared out of nowhere, vaporizing the fire, turning it to steam. The steam circled around Lord Bayar, turning a deep shade of purple, a shade of poison. But Lord Bayar blew away the lethal gas by summoning a gust of wind.

The steam coiled itself, solidifying back into Han where he had stood moments before. As soon as he had returned to his normal body, the blond shot both of his hands into the air at his sides, arms outstretched. Tiles flew from the floor, molding together to form giant stone spears. Han then brought his arms forward to face Lord Bayar, firing the missiles at the black haired man.

In mid-air, the spears exploded into metal shrapnel. Lord Bayar brought one of his own arms forward, pointing towards Amon and the woman. The menacing projectile flew across the room, aiming for the two. Han, however, had different plans. For he clapped his hands together, and then diverged them. The deadly metal mimicked the parting of Han's hands, and directed themselves into the left and right walls.

Panting heavily, Han wiped the sweat from his brow, contemplating how to defeat his enemy. The teen didn't have time to think, though, for Lord Bayar launched yet another attack towards him. Lightning bolts launched from the evil wizard's hands, attempting to electrocute Han.

Defending himself, Han brought up a shield of water. The bolts of electricity now trapped within the water. The shield, split in two, washing onto the shrapnel. The water dripped from the walls and shards of metal down to the floor. Electricity bounced and jumped from one shard to another.

It was Han's turn to attack yet again. So he crossed one arm over the other, his eyes transfixed on Lord Bayar. Without breaking his focus on the evil lord, Han brought his hands together yet again, the now electrified shards followed suit. Hurtling themselves toward the wizard.

The shards made contact with Bayar's body, but no blood was drawn, no agonizing screams were heard. For as the first piece of metal pierced his body, Lord Bayar burst into a cloud a pitch black smoke. The smoke, similar to when Han had turned to steam, collided together to form Lord Bayar.

When the man had formed, he spoke, his voice shaggy as he panted deeply. "It seems, we are of equal level, street rat. But I've no people to protect. No, I have nothing you can hold against me, unlike me. For I have two advantages in this fight." Lord Bayar then turned his head to look at Byrne and the woman. "Amon Byrne and Queen Raisa, you both shall soon die."

Han was still panting when he spoke to Raisa and Amon. His voice ragged, "Don't worry. You two are the most important people in the country. I shall protect both of you. As High Wizard, and..." Han then stood up, taking a battle stance. Facing Lord Bayar, he spoke to the other two again, "as the descendant of Alger Waterlow. As the Demon Prince."

Han's body burst into a dark, black flame. Gasps were emitted from the other three in the room. The shocking piece of ancestry laving them devastated. Each one was trying to decide if what Han said could possibly be true. But they were ripped away from their respective thoughts as Han's body began to change.

Still surrounded by the black fire, only the Demon Prince's silhouette could be made out. His hair grew longer, reaching down to the end of his back. Great, bat-like wings sprouted from his back. Long, slender horns jutted from Han's head, reaching far behind him. His hands became more nimble, fingers elongated, and nails sharper. Both hands resembled claws. His thighs became thicker, more animal like. Han's shoes burst, revealing talon like feet. Something long and winding, somewhat like a tail, flapped back and forth behind Han.

Suddenly, the black fire dispersed into small, flickering purple lights, floating around the throne room. With the fire gone, and the transformation done, Han's new form was revealed. His hair was no longer blond, but now as dark as the night. His eyes were no longer a piercing blue, but a blood red. Han's canine teeth had lengthened, now overlapping his lower lip slightly.

His skin was paler than it used to be. The tail and wings were the same color as his hair, but the horns were a very dark red. His feet were showing, but resembled those of an eagle in everything but size. The only remnants of Han's clothes were the shambles of his pants.

The three others were horrified by the beast. Disgusted by it's form. But they were not given a chance to announce this disapproval, for suddenly chains of black obsidian clamped onto Lord Bayar. Trapping him against the wall opposite Han, nullifying any magic the evil wizard attempted to use. Han's demonic form opened it's mouth wide, now on all fours, the specks of purple light clustering together into a dense sphere of energy right in front of the demon's mouth.

Han roared, launching the black energy sphere directly at Lord Bayar. Screams of terror could be heard from the man. Screams of agony could be heard as the attack landed. An explosion erupted, gray smoke flowing from it. The smoke covered Han and Lord Bayar from the eyes of Amon and Raisa. A weak, single gust of wind blew the smoke away.

Lord Bayar laid on the floor, lifeless, a gaping hole in the wall where he was chained moments ago. Major burns covered his body, scraps of clothing remained. A torrent of blood flowed from his open mouth, forming a scarlet pool. A few feet away stood Han, now back in his human form. Han, however, quickly joined Bayar on the floor.

At the sight of Han falling to the floor, Amon and Raisa panicked and ran to his side. When they had reached there, both fell to their knees next to his body. He was alive, but barley hanging on.

Amon, barley audible, whispered, "Cuffs."

Raisa kneeled there, too bewildered to speak. Han smiled up at the both of them and tried to speak. "Thank the Maker, you two are alive. I'm sorry Raisa, I destroyed the throne room. But-but I guess I won't be able to help fix it. You protect her, Corporal, I won't be able to anymore."

Raisa's eyes widened at what he said. Repeatedly she tried to say something, opening and closing her mouth, but no words would flow out. Instead, tears slowly began to fall, splashing onto Han's face. His skin was growing paler, his body colder. The breaths he took grew weaker than the one before. The light in his blue eyes, slowly fading.

Whispering a few last words of encouragement, Han continued to smile, now facing Raisa in the eyes. "You be the best damn queen this hell hole of a country has ever seen, y'hear?

And with those last few words, Han closed his eyes, continuing to smile warmly. The last bit of breath escaping his body. Han's body began to glow faintly, than, painstakingly slow, disintegrate into small specks of yellow light. All that was remained was the tatters of pants and the serpent medallion. The small lights were soon absorbed by the medallion, altering it's form. Running wolves now formed the outer edge of the talisman. Tears continued to cascade down Raisa's porcelain face, even as Amon wrapped his arms around her comfortingly.

At the sight, one word finally made it's way out of Raisa's mouth. It rang through the halls of the castle, and carried on for several, painful seconds. "No!