Turnabout Love Prologue

Summary: Kay Faraday and Miles Edgeworth. They were perfect for each other. But when Kay loses her memory can her friends help her get it back?

A/N Hello all! I've been thinking about this all the time lately and, well, just kinda wrote it! This is for anyone who likes cute little Kayworth fluff.
Edit: Wow, a fic from the old days back when I shipped Kayworth and couldn't really write too well! Reading this thing makes me cringe but also reminds me of how I've changed as an author. I'd like to apologize for the many grammatical issues that will be in this. I fixed a few issues in some chapters, but not all. I may do some others, but I'm not sure how far I'll get!
Thank you for reading!

Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth sighed as he sat alone in his office. His eyes were glued on the shining gold ring with a large, sparkling diamond surrounded by crimson velvet. He closed and opened the box with the ring in in with loud clops. With a sigh, his mind wondered and jumped to a possible outcome with any luck, at the end of the night Ms. Kay Faraday will wear this on her finger and I can call her mine. Forever. But what if luck is not on my side? If she leaves, I don't know what the outcome with amount to. She has been my partner in law and has helped me with so much. What if...? No! I am sure I can compose myself. A small knock on the door prompted him to quickly close the box, hide it in his pocket, and open the door in one swift motion.

"Detective Gumshoe!" It wasn't unusual for the man to be visiting him, they were practically assigned to each other after all.

"Sir, just wanted to let you know that Kay is coming up here, as we speak," the good detective informed him with a large, goofy smile.

The mention of her name shook him with both happiness and apprehension. "I-I don't think I can do this," the prosecutor stuttered, felling unease for the first time in his life.

"Sure you can Mr. Edgeworth, sir! I know how you feel; I was uneasy to when I proposed to Maggey and now look we're happily married! You'll do fine, everything will be perfect!"

At this, Miles opened his mouth to reply when a small female voice asked, "What will be perfect?"

Gumshoe turned around as he began to answer, then paused when he saw Kay standing there, "Mr. Edgeworth's propo- prosecution! The one for his upcoming trial."

Kay paused then smiled and asked, "I thought we had enough evidence to get a guilty? Do you need me to stay and help you? We could postpone our date if needed."

Edgeworth shook his head, maybe a bit too quickly, "No. No thank you Kay. We've got a reservation to make and I will not be late!"

Kay opened her mouth to reply when Gumshoe gave her a slight head shake and walked away with a smile. As the man left, Edgeworth walked out of his office to look at Kay and couldn't help but admire her attire. Her hair was flowing down simply as opposed to its usual style of being braided up with a key put through it. She was wearing a dress that was a shade of pink similar to her regular shirt. Around her neck she wore a golden chain with a Yatagarasu symbol on it. Completing her look was the bright smile that often lit up her face, creating a smile of his own on her date's. "Everything alright, Mr. Edgeworth? Ready to go?" With a brief shake of his head, he regained his composure while still slightly awed at his girlfriend's beauty. He was hardly one to care for appearances, but he acknowledged she looked very presentable and it only served to remind him of how she'd grown since their first meeting. He nodded his head and escorted his lovely date out to the restaurant with a smile; his hand feeling the ring in his pocket with one hand and Kay, his Kay in the other. Tonight is going to be perfect, he thought. But, as many lovers are, he was wrong...