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Ancient American Heroes:
Otherwise known as Mentoring America: Ancient Greek and Roman Style

All of Europe said he would end up like Ancient Rome. Powerful, and big. Too big to handle, to the point where he'd cave inwards and disappear. And he'd admit, he'd had some close calls. But...

"Don't do that ασύνετος!"

"If you want to fix your economy, puer,all you have do is-Oh, wow! Look at the rack on that Lorem mulier~"

...yeah. He had them.

He wondered if they acted this crazy around Greece when he was a kid. He hoped to God (or gods) not. However, it would explain a lot.

He had met her first.

He had been a kid still. Around the early 1600's, she came to him from wherever she lived in death. She taught him to fight monsters, and about the gods, and the Ancient Greeks' rituals and ways of life that her son had forgotten. He tried to be as secretive about this as possible, since the one time someone saw him sacrificing a portion of his lunch to the gods, they accused him of witchcraft. Damn Salem and their witch trials.

She would pat his head and call him her apeiron paidion, then tell him to be quicker and swing his sword properly or get his sôma killed or eaten.

She was Ancient Greece. The favorite wife of Ancient Rome, and mother to the nation Greece and another son, The Byzantine Empire, whom she fondly recalled as Ῥώμη (which sent a lot of not understood warning bells in his head). She was a mother and a fighter. She was also pretty snarky, but that was one of her charms, he supposed.

America thought she was beautiful. She had long wavy dark auburn brown hair and pretty green eyes. Her skin was pale but eternally tan from a Mediterranean sun that she no longer stood under. She would play with his hair sometimes and muse that she would 'fix' her hair to be the same color in her youth as an Empire.

She liked to call him Alexander, after her greatest warrior. He loved her like her sons did. She taught him his greatest values; democracy and freedom of oppression.

"Don't let that κάμμαρος force you down like Romulus did to me. Stupid handsome bastard."

"...Did you love this Romulus guy?"

"Ha! Love him? Please!"


"...Only a little."


"But not anymore."


"...Okay, I still do! A tiny bit. Really deep inside, may Aphrodite save me. And he you would know him as Ancient Rome. You're gonna be like him, my little Alexander. Only less self destructive with Mama to keep you in line."

With her help, he rose, and under the leadership of her godling Washington, he did what none had did before and what she couldn't. He defeated and broke away from his Empire.

Neither of them expected it to be so painful.

He'd first met him around the 1850's. California had just become a state, when he strolled in like he owned the place. He'd breezed right past America, to stare at San Francisco, and said, "Salue, mea pulchra West!"

Judging from what he had said, and the fact that America had instantaneously and spontaneously learned Latin in the time span of two seconds, America figured that the Romans too had decided his land was perfect to continue their legacy.

He was...loud. Proud. And a pervert. He hit on women nonstop, even as the two nations (sort of) worked side by side to build his Camp Jupiter within San Francisco. He was handsome- objectively speaking of course, America was quick to add. Chocolate brown hair, with a muscular body and tan skin with stubble on his chin and jaw. Multiple random curls sprang from certain points on his head (America suddenly understood where Greece got his natural, and oddly good looking, bedhead from). He wore traditional battle armor all the time, complete with cape and Imperial gold skirt thingy.

America asked him why, exactly, he was here.

"Well, since my BFF-" America vaguely wondered what a 'BFF' was, "stabbed me in the back in 480, I took my little Italy and went off to hang out with China for a while, but China really hates me because I would always hit on her -Ah, such a scrumptious Oriental beauty~" America blinked, and shuddered, because he was talking about China. Whom Rome thought was a GIRL.

It wasn't right, dammit.

"-Anyway, so I hid out in China for a while, and than after Byzantine fell, I dropped Italy off with him, and then I think I may have died. Than my people moved over here when this place struck gold so they could get a good weapon supply and I followed and ta da~"

Rome taught him rules, and order, and discipline, and everything Mama Greece wasn't and couldn't be. He taught him the Roman gods of war, to be wary of the sea and greedy treasure, and the dangers of the creatures that Mama loved so much and whose darkness she couldn't see. Or perhaps they dealt with different breeds of centaur, America didn't know. He would clasp his shoulder, laugh, and yank him into his side, chuckling about his occidentalem heros.

He was Ancient Rome. The strongest military of all time. The father of Greece, Egypt, maybe England (he was pretty drunk at the time, so he wasn't too sure), and the Byzantine Empire.

Curiosity clawed and America finally asked who the Byzantine Empire was, because Mama Greece mentioned him. A lot. The big brother of Greece that claimed her Empire after she passed to the next plane.

After Rome stopped squealing about his "precious Hellas", he told him that while Greece had been his mother's son, Romano had been the one he had raised to continue his nation when he was gone.

This was the point where America spat out the water he was drinking, because WHAT?


Like, Romano Romano? Southern Italy Romano?

Rome laughed, and told him not to believe the little lazy weak coward facade (FACADE?) thing Romano was doing. Rome had raised Romano to fight to survive, not to jump headfirst into wars and battles solely for glory and fighting. Romano acted weak and cowardly because that was the only way he would be able to survive the powers that came after him and Italy after Rome was officially 'dead' and Romano's (1000 year old, Rome added) Empire fell.

But Romano, when he was pushed and actually fought seriously? Oh yeah. Then he was as smart, strong, and just as much of a warrior as Rome, with the cultured elegance, cunning, and grace of Ancient Greece.

America didn't believe it at first. Then the 1920's happened.

He certainly believed it then.

America noticed that Ancient Rome and Greece had...marital problems.

That was the only way he could describe it, despite that they weren't married anymore.

It was so bad, that they fought a war so devastating, so horrible, that the gods separated their children and Rome and Greece's people forever. Confined them to their coasts, to never interact.

It went pretty smoothly. A few accidentally met, but with a carefully concocted sip from the River Lethe, only America, Rome and Hellas remembered.

Then the Titans rose to do battle with the gods once more. It was a pretty close call. Manhattan was in chaos, buildings destroyed, cars in the streets strewn about. Mount Tam had been shaken as bad almost as badly as Mount Helen a few years back. The South was a perfect example of utter destruction. America, so injured from physical and territorial wounds, had to drag himself to the Emergency World Meeting in a wheelchair to persuade worried and nations suspicious of terrorism that a gas leak was what caused the damage to Manhattan. A terribly timed hurricane pillaged the South, while a unexpected earthquake shook California to it's core.

America was exhausted and ravaged. His chest was covered in bandages, and he wheezed as if he was constantly breathing in smoke. His arms felt like lead, his head was stuffed with metaphorical cotton, and his legs trembled and buckled with fatigue as the adrenaline from each battle died. He barely had the energy to run from Mount Othrys to help Jason fight Krios and run back to Manhattan to help Percy defeat Kronos.

Jason killed Krios on his own while Alfred and Rome and their campers fought off snake demons. Percy made the right and fatal choice and saved Western Civilization as Ancient Greece fought along her gods against Typhon and Alfred defended the Empire State Building. Both cursed palaces collapsed, and as America passed out in Mama Greece and Rome's arms, he was pretty damn proud of himself and his heroes.

Because while they were Romans and Greeks and half god, they were born and raised American.

And Americans would always be the heroes.

Historical Notes: Warning: It's LONG.

The Byzantine Empire: My personal Romano Head Cannon that will never be true, but nevertheless would still be awesome. I think while Rome had a big soft spot for N. Italy's culture and art, he probably trusted Romano more and gave him more responsibility and coddled him less because of this. A typical older sibling v. younger sibling dynamic (because while in my head cannon they aren't actually siblings, they were still raised as siblings for the most part).It would also explain why Romano is so much less trusting than Italy. Empires back then were involved with a lot of treachery and backstabbing.

Yes. Germania (Germany, Prussia, Austria, Switzerland, and Sweden's ancestor) is Rome's BFF. BELIEVE IT.

The Western Roman Empire (Ancient Rome) died around 476 AD, but the Eastern Roman Empire (The Byzantine Empire/Romano) lasted for another 1000(ish) years until 1453. Ancient Greece (who was stubborn and still raising Greece) lingered around, and died around 1453 AD when Turkey (the Ottoman Empire at the time) conquered the Byzantine Empire and ended all semblance of Ancient Greek culture. The Byzantine Empire, now just Romano, rejoined with Italy as the 'Southern' part of Italy since Rome was still his along with several Kingdoms in Sicily and stuff. Also, many of the Byzantine survivors actually fled to Rome (and thus S. Italy) after the Ottoman Empire took over (Thank you AP Euro for making my headcannon even more solid and logical!). Then, off course, their people got weak and in order to survive, Romano had to play possum and allow himself to be conquered with Italy. Unfortunately, he hasn't had a chance to stop playing possum in Europe since, except for the 1920's in America and during WWII when he led the Italian resistance (the people of Southern Italy, especially Naples, were pretty fierce. You could see the Roman-ness). While in Byzantine, a mixture of Roman and Greek culture, the Greek part was stronger as Greek was the official language, Christianity took hold, and was simply a lot more Greek than Roman. However, the fact that Romano looks a lot more like Rome (even more than Italy, despite that he says he doesn't, because he does) shows how Roman culture and influence was still there. He was often seen as the heir to the Roman Empire and was associated and revered as the continuation of Ancient Rome, as well as being almost worshipped as a great Empire and the starter of Christianity. Seriously, Russia considered them superior and awesome since they thought they were the heirs to the Byzantine Empire (because they followed the same brand of Chrisitanity as him (Greek Orthodox)).

Rome was pretty open with his feelings. Ancient Greece was pretty independent, and mostly a warrior, so she was kinda tsundere so she wouldn't get to close to others and have her heart crushed with death or betrayal. This didn't work since she, very grudgingly, fell in love with Rome. Romano inherited the tsundere-ness. Greece did not.

Hellas is Ancient Greece. Chick had a lot of names, and the Greek word for Greece is Hellas. Ancient Greece probably would've used it as her 'human' name. Ancient Greeks and Romans had tan skin and dark hair, but liked pale skin and blonde hair (yes, you may laugh now) since such coloring was rare in their places. Greeks would bleach (or as I put it in the story, 'fix') their hair (how, I don't know), to be more blonde, while Romans used some type of creams (again, don't ask. I don't know) to make their skin paler.

Greece (modern) doesn't know that he and Romano are related, because Romano as a really young kid was raised by Rome alone on the go as Rome traveled around and taught him about fighting and conquering and all the good stuff. And when Romano came back, he was the Byzantine Empire, busy, and looked jack like Greece or Ancient Greece. Ancient Greece thought it would be best for them both if the fact that they are brothers stayed a secret. Greece has been raised by both Rome and Ancient Greece (for a very brief period of time). Romano was raised by Rome only, then would see Ancient Greece from time to time as the Byzantine Empire after Rome as dead, which is why Romano isn't mentioned when America wonders if Rome and Ancient Greece always acted so nuts around Greece when they were raising him.

In the Percy Jackson series, it is mentioned, I think in the Sea of Monsters or the Lightning Thief, that George Washington was a half-blood of the Greek variety. He lived in the 1700's, led the American Revolution, and was our first president. Otherwise known as the one dollar bill guy.

Camp Jupiter could only be founded when California was founded, is my logic (the book doesn't give an exact date when the Camp was founded in America), and California became a state in 1851.

Rome and China were pretty close and traded a lot. The closeness was mostly on Romes part. It was not mutual for China. China thought he was a drunk bastard who should stop hitting on him, or suffer the pain from his wok and ladle of DOOM.

The Second Titans War: Really fucked with America's body. Ow.

Battle of Manhattan: Defeat of Kronos and successful end of the war and the Greeks managed to defend the Empire State Building (Mt. Olympus)

Mt. Othrys: The Romans defeated the Titan Krios and destroyed the black palace Othrys under Jason Grace's leadership.

Typhon: Did a LOT of damage, mostly in the Southern states if memory serves me correctly.

Mount Helen: Percy Jackson blew it up in The Battle of the Labyrinth in order to escape some monsters.

Language Guide: In order of appearance; possibly inaccurate as I don't speak Ancient Greek or Latin.

ασύνετος: Stupid (Ancient Greek)

puer: boy (Latin)

Lorem mulier: Sexy woman (Latin)

apeiron paidion: limitless child (Ancient Greek)

sôma: body (Ancient Greek)

Ῥώμη: Roma (Anicent Greek)

κάμμαρος: Lobster (Ancient Greek; American revolutionists would call British soldiers 'Lobster backs' because of their redcoats)

Salue, mea pulchra West!: Hello my beautiful West! (Latin)

occidentalem heros: Western hero (Latin)