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Baby Booth Two

Booth taps his finger softly against the metal table, the quiet of the room and overall 'ooky-ness' of where he is making him twitchy.

"Parker has gotten quite tall," the man in the chair across from Booth remarks, his no longer gloved and clumsy hands shifting through a stack of photos.

"Yeah," Booth clears his throat, shifting in his chair. He has never known how to talk to the younger man and the circumstances around them has made it doubly hard which is one of the reasons he only comes once a year and only then at the urging of Brennan.

"It is very unusual that you are visiting me alone." head down as he looks at the picture of those he still considers friends, Zack Addy speaks in a tone that betrays his sadness. "Usually it is only Dr. Brennan."

"Hey, I visit," Booth shifts guiltily.

"Yes, but always with Dr. Brennan," Zack points out in the manner Booth remembers hearing in the lab years before. "Your daughter appears to be quite excited about having younger siblings."

"Hmm?" Zack turns around a photo of Christine kissing her mother's protruding stomach at the wedding and Booth's face fully relaxes into a true smile for the first time. "Oh yeah. Well she has her moments. She was pretty bubbly that day and wanted to, you know, spread the love."

"You all look very happy," the ex-forensic anthropologist smiles, continuing his photo flipping.

"Yeah." Booth feels more guilt fall over him. He leans on his elbows and Zack looks up, reading the obvious sincerity in the agent's eyes. "We tried to get you there, Zack. Bones, all of us, wanted you there. But, uh, they wouldn't allow it. I'm sorry."

"I know. Dr. Sweets explained the situation to me. It's ok Booth."

Booth blinks a little surprised, having expected a more robotic response. The asylum must have really changed him. Zack looks back down at the pictures, a familiar perplexed frown covering his face.

"Though I am surprised that Dr. Brennan would be so ludic having abnegated her anti-parochial beliefs on marriage."

Booth sits back with a shake of his head. Same old Zack. "Honestly, I was pretty surprised by that too."

The lock turns in the door to the visitation room and a beefy security guard walks in. "Sorry sir, but his doctor is here."

"Yeah, sure." Booth stands, pulling an envelope out of his back pocket. "Uh, here. It's a letter from Bones. I'm her mailman now that she's on bed rest."

"Thank you," Zack takes the letter, holding out the photos with his other hand.

Booth pauses, absorbing the loneliness radiation from the man in front of him. With a half smile he just nods and walks towards the door. Behind him Zack blinks in perplexity, still holding out the stack of photographs.

"Agent Booth?"

"Keep 'em. I'll bring you some more next time." With these words Booth leaves, feeling haunted by the disproportional gratefulness in Zack's eyes.

Booth kisses his sleeping daughter's cheek, smiling as she peacefully holds her stuffed pig. After carefully closing her door he walks to the room he shares with his wife, tiredly rolling his head on his shoulders.

"Man, what a week," he groans, settling under the covers next to Brennan. "I'm not waking up until at least ten tomorrow. I swear Bones, I feel like I could sleep for a week."

A hum is the only response he gets so he opens one eye to look over at his very pregnant partner. Her hair is braided in pigtails, one end being run through the fingers of her left hand as she reads from a book balanced on her stomach. With a smirk Booth turns on his side, watching her lips move as she reads. His eyes travel down to the large mountain under the covers and he lays a hand over the curve. A small foot presses against him so he instantly scoots forward to talk to his sons.

"Hey little guys! How you doing huh? Giving Mommy a hard time? Is that why she's reading? What's Mommy reading? Want to see what Mommy finds more interesting than Daddy?"

"I'm due next week," Brennan says without looking away from her book though her lips do curve in a smile at the silliness of her husband. "We still have to agree on a name for Baby Booth Two."

"You're reading a baby name book?" Booth sits up next to her, his tiredness dispelling for a moment.

"Yes. I don't want to be in the delivery room and give our second son an extemporaneous name. I'd rather be prepared." Still not looking away, she flips over a new page. "I know you like to choose our children's names based on propinquity but so far we haven't agreed so-"

"What about Zachary?" Booth isn't sure what made him say that but for some reason it feels right.

Finally Brennan looks over at him, her face scrunched in confusion. "We don't have any family member named Zachary."

"Sure we do Bones," Booth says softly, looking into her eyes. "There's more than one type of family, remember?"

"Oh." Brennan smiles crookedly, tears just filling her eyes as realization comes. "Henry and Zachary…I like that. Hank and Zack."