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Chapter 31

_One Month Later_

"Ah, come on, Alfred! Just for a few minutes!"

"I'm sorry, Master Dick but Master Bruce made it clear that you weren't allowed to get out of bed till the end of the week."

Robin groaned. "But I can't take it anymore! I'll go crazy if I stay in this bed for another minute!"

Alfred ignored Robin's complaint as he picked up the tray and left the Medical Bay in the Bat Cave. Alfred knew that if he stayed in that room, the boy would have convinced him to disobey Bruce's specific instructions which involved Robin not leaving the Bat Cave. Honestly, Alfred was waiting for Bruce to finally pop the question that he's been dying to ask the boy downstairs. It was so easy to see that Bruce cared for the boy like he was his own but he was obviously nervous or something.

I don't get why Master Bruce is beating around the bush. Surely he realizes that the sooner he gets an answer, the better.

Alfred shook his head at his thoughts. He would just have to trust Bruce on this . . . Or just take it into his own hands . . .

That might make Master Bruce angry . . . But it might not. After all, this is to help him . . .

Sitting the tray down in the kitchen, Alfred headed back to the Bat Cave to have a long overdue conversation with the boy. As Alfred went down the stairs, he couldn't help but feel as this was the beginning of a new chapter in the Wayne household . . . A happy chapter unlike all those years ago when Bruce's parents died. No, this chapter would much happier. Alfred knew that much.

_A Few Hours Later_

Bruce knew Alfred did something the moment he walked in the door. He didn't know what or why but he knew that Alfred had interfered with SOMETHING. Bruce's suspicions grew when he saw a slight smirk on Alfred's face.


Bruce ignored the countless scenarios that raced through his head as he headed down to the Bat Cave to check up on Robin. There was no way that Alfred had done any necessarily BAD but there was still a chance that he . . . Bruce grimaced as he grew closer to the Medical Bay. There was no way that Alfred had said something to Robin, right? After all, Bruce had wanted to do it . . . Eventually.

Nah. There was no way that Alfred had taken matters into his own hands when he knew that Bruce was just waiting for the right time . . .

Which you keep saying isn't here yet.

Bruce mentally slapped those thoughts away. He hadn't pushed his question off because he was nervous. He had merely wanted to wait till it was the right time to ask Robin a very important question . . . Yes, that was it and not that he was scared of Robin's reply. Absolutely . . . He was the Batman! He didn't fear anything!

. . . Except the negative answer he was sure that Robin would give.

Bruce bit his lip as he tried to gather hope that Robin would surprise him and say yes. He wouldn't be able to ask if he had no hope.

"What's up, Bruce?" Robin asked from his spot in the bed where he had been for a month so far.

Yes, Robin knew who he was. It hadn't the kid long to figure it out and not to mention that Alfred had let it slip (accidental or not, Bruce wasn't sure). But for some reason, Bruce hadn't cared. It just meant that he would have to keep Robin close which was something he wanted. He cared for the boy like he was his own. Bruce knew of his father issues and couldn't help but want to prove to the boy that some men could and would be great fathers.

. . . Yes, he wanted Robin to live with him.

Bruce swallowed. "Good . . . You?"

He couldn't believe he was so nervous! It was just a simple question, not brain surgery! The worst he could say was no . . . But Bruce was so sure that answer would hurt like nothing other. He cared too much for the boy to let him go without someone to raise him.

"As good as you can be when you've been on bed rest for a month," Robin said bitterly, his body antsy to get some exercise.

Bruce couldn't help but smile. "You almost died, Robin. Of course you're going to be on bed rest for a month. Especially after the way the team tackled you when you woke up."

Robin laughed. "Yeah, they were pretty emotional, weren't they?"

"Who wouldn't be? We thought you were going to die."

" . . . That reminds me . . . Is Slade . . . I mean, is he . . ."

"Yes, he's dead."

Robin sighed with relief. "Does it make me a bad person to feel relieved that my father is dead? Shouldn't I feel somewhat sad or something?"

"Robin, he couldn't be considered a father because he wasn't ever one. He didn't treat you like fathers should. So, no, it doesn't make you a bad person," Bruce said with his words steeled with reassurance.

When Robin only nodded, Bruce felt as if now was the time to pop the question.

"Robin . . . I want to ask you-"


Bruce blinked. "Excuse me? You didn't even let me finish my question."

Robin smirked. "A little birdie told me that you were going to ask me to live with you as your ward. I thought about it and I decided to say yes when you asked."

"A little birdie, you say? I wonder who that might be," Bruce said sarcastically when his eyes locked on the stairs.

"Don't be too hard on him. He was just looking out for you."

"Uh huh," Bruce muttered as he left Robin to go ask this "little birdied" a few questions.

_Young Justice_

"FINALLY! He took forever!"


"Am I the only one who's thinking blackmail?"

"With what and who?"

"Batman. We know his secret identity and that could be used to our advantage."

" . . . Wally, do you want to die?"

"No, I don't. Why did you ask that, Roy?"

" . . . I guess we'll just have to let you find out."

"Hey, I don't have time to go to his funeral! I'm already scrambling for time to do my homework!"

"My funeral? What?"

"I have to agree with Artemis. I've already planned a trip back to Atlantis. I don't wish to have to reschedule it."

"Guys, what the heck are you talking about?"

"If you plan on trying to blackmail Batman, you'll find out."

"Wait, I don't plan on TRYING to blackmail Batman-"

"Thank goodness. I thought I was going to make an excuse to my mom to go to your funeral."

"I plan on SUCCESSFULLY blackmailing Batman."

" . . . I give up. He's doomed."

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