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There's so much I've done wrong,

Since I've left it hit me so strong,

Take my hand and let's walk through

All the times I've lied and hurt you,

Those people, please love them,

Don't hate them, we're not above them,

You can have everything but have nothing.

Listen I've got to tell you something..

These are the last words I'm ever gonna get to say to you,

When everything falls away from you
Take these words and know the world is not worth leaving.

Last words I'll really get to say to you,

So listen very carefully to what I'm saying,

Life is more than just the games you're playing.

A day had come and gone. After waking up to police men dragging his father away from the premises of his broken son's body, Ichigo was tempted to follow him. He tried to, but his heart just couldn't bear to handle the sight of the broken man or his torn sisters.

This was the second time a truck had ripped out a part of their family.

Ichigo chose to follow Chad instead. After all, how much more agony could the stoic man bring through to his heart? He was the strongest person that Ichigo knew who was so close to him, so it seemed safe.

Chad… Ichigo hated himself for not spending the night at his place. Now, more so than he ever was before, Ichigo was the epitome of a one-sided conversation.

Ichigo went to Chad's house around 11:00 PM the day after the accident. Surprisingly, Ishida was there and Chad wasn't as strong as Ichigo always imagined he was. After walking through, literally through, the front door and the door to Chad's room, he saw the two boys in… quite the position. Were they… together?

Ishida was on Chad's lap, straddling him. They were wrapped around each other with Ishida running his fingers through the Mexican's hair as he clung to the smaller teen and buried his face in his neck.

"It wasn't your fault, Sado. No one blames you, not even Kurosaki." Ichigo agreed with him sadly.


"The only butt you should be talking about is mine," Uttered Ishida with a small smile, trying to make light of the situation. "He wouldn't want you getting all worked up about this." Ishida took Chad's face in his hands and pressed their foreheads together. "He's kick your ass if he saw you like this, koi."

As Ishida brought their lips together Ichigo muttered to himself, "Time to go," dragging out the first word. He guessed that he was sleeping on the couch and not with the comfort of the presence of his friend like he usually did…

Or not. Apparently, seeing as he was just a wad of pure energy thrown into an invisible and non-hearable human form, sleep just wasn't going to happen. He tried to sleep, but it just wasn't working. Then again it could have just been his nerves…

And since Chad's abuelo was borderline deaf, Chad and Ishida were having… mourning sex? Would they call it that? Ichigo didn't know. For all he did know they could have been having angry sex because Ishida wasn't the one to kill him after all the threats he gave the carrot top.

It suddenly hit Ichigo that he was a virgin when he died. His being seemed to deflate in his moment of depression; he was never going to lose his virginity either. Filled with a sudden need to just be near someone, he entered Chad's abuelo's room. The old man was lying on his bed, back rested against a mound of old pillows. In his worn hands was a framed picture.

Looking at it fondly via light of the muted television, the somber look on his wrinkled face made Ichigo step forward towards him, wringing his hands as the old man sighed and shook his head,

"Oh, Ichigo…" Ichigo crawled next to him solemnly and curl up into a ball, head resting on one of the pillows. The picture was of Chad and Ichigo from when they were in middle school. They'd gotten into a fight with a group of guys who took Chad's medallion… again. They were recuperating in Chad's room. Ichigo had his head in Chad's lap, lying on the bed while the taller of the two was sitting down with his body turned slightly towards the now dead boy. Ichigo was holding the medallion over his head, gazing at it with a grin while Chad faintly smiled at him.

Ichigo remembered how that was when Chad explained the significance of the medallion to him and how they stayed like that for a few hours. His hand eventually dropped of course, but they basked in the silence and enjoyed each others presence, occasionally whispering to one another so as not to ruin the serenity of said silence.

Ichigo didn't know when Chad's abuelo took the picture, but he loved that he did. It turned out that it was just Ichigo's nerves when the two men dozed off together.

Ichigo woke up to Chad and Ishida bustling around, getting ready for school. Chad's abuelo snorted into consciousness when Chad opened the door, leaned across Ichigo, who got a hand through his stomach) and gently shook him.

"Estamos dejando, abuelo."*

"Si, si," the old man yawned. "Mantenerse a salvo."*

Chad nodded as Ishida bowed, thanking the old man for his hospitality to which the old man waved him off kindly. Ishida just smiled and gave another "thank you," this time in Spanish.

It felt weird; being dead. Ichigo thought that he would at least… look or sound different to himself. He was actually expecting his voice to sound watery or the color in his skin to completely flush out and leave it looking paper white. He felt and looked normal—human. That bothered the hell out of him because, whilst walking with Chad and Ishida, he'd forgotten how dead he was and made several comments and remarks to the things they were talking quietly about. The few things that he could have cared less about, Ichigo now regretted not living life a little more carelessly.

He found himself wishing he'd done things he never would have done while he was alive. There weren't many; he could name them all on one hand. The first he could think of was his not-small but not-large regret for not sleeping around.

…Could he even get it up now..?

He'd have to figure that out later. In some abandoned building or somewhere he knew no one could see him. Well… he knew no one could see him, but the thought of being completely alone and away from people made him feel better about it—like less of a pervert.

He was regretting not spending more time with his family, or telling him he loved them more than he did.

He regret not leaving anything anyone would remember him by decades from now.

He regret not enjoying his life more, like skipping school (other than homeroom) or smoking pot more or getting a fake ID.

As he walked into his old homeroom in Karakura High School, he regret not saying "fuck it" to his dislike for hitting women and punching Mrs. Misato Ochi in the mouth.

After everyone quieted down and the morning announcements came on—including a moment of silence for the "tragic loss of the loved student, Ichigo Kurosaki"—roll call started.

"Arisawa, Tatsuki."

"She's not here," Chizuru spoke up. "She's with the Kurosaki's…"
"Of course. Asano, Keigo."

"Here…" He was quieter than normal, mourning the loss of his friend.

"Hirako, Shinji."

"Here~" He let his voice carry on, finding it too early to be in class. He doodled on the desk with a sharpie, a round person with a moustache, a short girl with pigtails, and a taller man with a 69 on his bare chest. From atop Chad's desk—which was next to Shinji's—Ichigo rolled his eyes thinking he was being a pervert.
"Honshou, Chizuru"


"Inoue, Orihime."

"She's with the Kurosaki's and Tatsuki."

Mrs. Ochi sighed, "Ishida, Uryuu."

"Kojima, Mizuiro."

"Here, ma'am." He discreetly looked up from his phone, having texted him sincere condolences to Mr. Kurosaki.
"Kuneida, Ryou"


"Kurosa—well. At least he has a reason for not being here, now…" Though it was mumbled under her breath, the whole class heard it.

"What's your reason for being a cunt?" Ichigo said loudly, not even caring that she didn't hear him. People in this room were clearly upset over his death and she had the nerve to be a bitch about it? His inner raging was cut off by a snort. His head snapped to the right with wide eyes.

Shinji was covering his grinning mouth with a closed fist. Chad glared, thinking the annoying blonde was amused by the teacher's rude comment.

"Something funny, Mr. Hirako?"

"Nah, sorry. Swallowed wrong. Tha was rather rude of you to say, no?" Shinji glanced out of the corner of his eye. Ichigo's eyes widened. Ichigo looked behind him, there was the window but… could he be… no. Was Shinji looking at—could he see him?

"Can you see me?" Shinji blinked slowly, when they opened again they were fixated on the far left corner of the desk as Mrs. Ochi flushed, glared, and continued on with roll call.

Shinji drew a winking face with a tongue sticking out, a body was added with a hand swooped high in the air, fist formed into the shape of a circle with a line going up through it. A thumbs-up. A confirmation. A "yes."


"Estamos dejando, abuelo."-"We are leaving, Grandpa."

"Si, si. Mantenerse a salvo."-"Yes, yes. Keep safe."

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