Eddie is the Osirian and Nina is the Chosen One. Sibuna found the real mask of Anubis, defeated Senkhara and Rufus, and Jerome's dad is out of prison and he got the girl. Fabian laughs, it sounds like a plot of a terrible Nicholas Cage film. How is this actually his life?

Since the end of the Mask Incident, things around Anubis House have calmed down. Or, maybe not calm exactly, but death isn't imminent on a daily basis. Unless you're talking about Patricia and Eddie, because they're a pair of wild cards.

And speaking of Eddie, that's a whole other can of worms. His newly revealed position of Osirian has made him closer to Nina. No one really knows what the Osirian is, but then they don't really know much about the full powers of the Chosen One either. Really, the number of things that Fabian and the rest of Sibuna don't know could fill a couple million Frobisher Libraries. Tunnels included.

The revelation that both Nina and Eddie have some entwined, Egyptian, destiny-connection thing has been something of a bonding point for the two. Eddie and Nina have both become obsessed with learning as much about their respective destinies, or shared destiny, maybe, as possible. Fabian often sees them with their heads bent together whispering about Egyptian lore or walking into the Frobisher Library together after classes end, not to emerge until just before Victor's ten o'clock curfew.

Really, Fabian is pretty sure that Eddie sees more of Fabian's girlfriend than Fabian does. Which, Fabian is an understanding, twenty-first century guy. He understands that they are connected on some odd, Egyptian mystic level. He isn't about to get jealous because Nina is spending so much time, alone, with Eddie.

Anyway, Patricia would kill Eddie if anything untoward was going on between him and Nina. So, Fabian reasons, he won't worry until Patricia commits homicide.

Eddie is still alive, so there's no reason to worry.


I'm actually going to kill him, Patrica thinks angrily. She is standing, in extremely uncomfortable heels, in the foyer of Anubis House. Waiting for Eddie. This is becoming a habit and Patricia is starting to realize that she needs to nip this in the bud. Now.

Patricia glances at the screen of her smart phone. 5:30 it blinks at her tauntingly. Patricia huffs in disgust, throwing the phone back into her purse. They were supposed to meet, right here, at five o'clock before going to dinner together. Eddie is half an hour late and he hasn't even called with an excuse. Not that it would help, but it would have been nice. Dating is harder than Patricia expected. Dating the Osirian is even harder. She wonders how Fabian has managed his whatever with Nina for more than a year.

Patricia begins tapping her toe angrily, staring at the front door. Eddie isn't even in the house, otherwise Patricia would have found him. She wants the first thing Eddie sees when he walks in the front door to be her scowling, unhappy expression. This is the third time he's done this so far this month.

Patricia is ruminating on the pros and cons of cold murder versus lengthy torture when the front door finally swings open, revealing a laughing Eddie and Nina, arms linked.

"Hey Yakker, what's up?" Eddie asks. Then they must catch sight of her decidedly unhappy expression, because the laughter ceases and their arms unlink. "Am I late?"

"It's five thirty, Eddie." Patricia snarls. Nina and Eddie exchange glances. Patricia expects Nina to slink off, leaving Eddie to fend for himself, but the thought doesn't even seem to cross Nina's mind.

"It's my fault Patricia. We were in the library and we found a couple of promising books," Nina tries to explain. "We lost track of time."

"Sorry." They say at the same time in their identical American accents.

"Whatever, let's go. We're going to be late as it is." Patricia says, walking out the door and not waiting for Eddie to follow.

"See you later," Eddie tells Nina, giving her a quick hug.


Patricia wonders if Eddie will remember those plans. The two of them are always together. It's getting ridiculous. And everyone says Patricia is bad at relationships. Those people obviously haven't tried dating an Osirian who thinks he is attached to his Chosen One's hip.


"So obviously, you and I are the power couple. But there are so many new relationships to take into account. Luckily you're dating, or you would have, like, no chance of keeping up," Amber tells Alfie, who is playing some handheld game. They came to a few agreements when they rekindled their relationship. One of those is that Amber can gossip as much as she wants to Alfie, as long as he doesn't have to actually listen. So, here they are in Alfie and Jerome's room. Alfie is leaning back against the headboard of his bed, intent on decapitating zombies, and Amber is curled next to him, head on his should, casually flipping through the latest edition of Vogue while gossiping incessantly.

"I mean besides Amfie, there's Fabina, obviously, and Peddie. But there's also Marome, and the whole EddieandNina thing, of course."

That actually piques Alfie's interest and he pauses his game, "What Eddie and Nina thing?"

"Not Eddie and Nina, EddieandNina," Amber corrects absently, most of her attention on Victoria Beckaham's spring line. "I absolutely love those shoes, but that jacket is hideous."

"Amber, I don't care about jacket. What's going on with Eddie and Nina?" Alfie asks.

"EddieandNina, they're always together. I haven't seen one without the other in ages," Amber glances at the bedroom door and then tilts her head to look at Alfie," And, you didn't hear it from me, but Mara told me that Joy told her that Patricia told Joy that Eddie was nearly an hour late for a date because he was with Nina."

"That doesn't mean there's anything between them though," Alfie's eyebrows furrow.

"It's happened three times this month," Amber says, re-opening the magazine.

"Ouch, poor Trixie," Alfie says.

This is why he doesn't listen to gossip. It makes his head hurt and it generally doesn't affect him much anyway. But here he is, dating the local Gossip Queen. Alfie shakes his head and switched his game back on, effectively tuning out Amber's continued flow of useless rumors.


Jerome really doesn't care about the relationship woes of his housemates. Why would he? Other than Alfie, and arguably Eddie, he isn't particularly close to any of them. Besides, his life is pretty good right now, so he's focused on not messing that up. He has his dad not in prison, he is dating Mara, who he is crazy about, and he and his sister are actually getting along more than they argue.

Jerome Clark's life is pretty good right now, for the first time in a long time, and he isn't letting anyone, including himself, ruin it. So, no he doesn't care about Fabina or Peddie or EddieandNina or whatever.


Eddie closes the door to the deserted Frobisher Library, locking it behind him. Nina is perched on the table, surrounded by old books. She has a particularly thick, dusty leather-bound tome balance on her crosses legs. A pen is tucked behind her ear and her hair is tied back, held out of her face. The soft sound of the door closing catches her attention and she looks up at Eddie.

Eddie grins at Nina and waves before crossing the room to sit next to her on the table. He has to carefully stack a few books to make room, but he is eventually looking over her shoulder at page of a book about an Egyptian summoning ritual.

"What does that have to do with us?" Eddie asks, leaning further over her shoulder to read some of the more worn away print.

"Not much, but it does mention both the High Priestess and her guardian. I'm assuming it means the Osirian. And it mentions a few other texts that might have more information about us." Nina explains.

Eddie nods, "Well what are they called, I'll see if I can find –" before he finishes his sentence, Nina is already holding out a piece of paper with titles scribbled across it.

"It's like you're in my head sometimes," Eddie laughs. Nina meets his eyes and he knows exactly what she's thinking. Based on some of things they have managed to find out about the relationship between the Chosen One and the Osirian, telepathy isn't actually very far-fetched.

Eddie shrugs and turns to go hunt down the items Nina's list.

An hour or so later, Eddie is sat leaning back against a shelf of books, looking at a scroll about the Mask of Anubis, when Nina drops down next to him, leaning her head on his shoulder. Eddie wraps his arm around her and they each grasp an edge of the scroll. When they've finished reading it, twice, Eddie sets it aside.

"My brain hurts," Eddie moans, burying his face is Nina's hair.

"Mine too. I think we're done researching for today," Nina says. Eddie lifts his head, smiling.

Nina and Eddie both turn their heads to face one another, barely an inch between them. Eddie leans his forehead against Nina's.

"Osirian," Nina whispers, making Eddie shiver. Their lips brush lightly before they part again, their eyes meeting. For an instant, Eddie knows all that he needs to know. He know that this is his partner, his Chosen One, the one woman he finds in every lifetime, every incarnation. For a moment, he has the knowledge of every life they've shared, every adventure they've shared. He inherently know that he would, and has, given his life for Nina. Eddie knows that whatever ties they have with Patricia and Fabian don't amount to anything compared to the huge, cosmic connection he and Nina share.

Looking into Nina's eyes, crinkled at the corners with a soft smile, he knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that she understands him, completely, more than he does himself, and that she feels exactly the same way looking at him.

Eddie leans in again, eyes closing, to kiss Nina again. This time it is less chaste, their tongues meeting in familiar need and desire. Since Eddie came into his duty as the Osirian, he and Nina have been drawn to one another. It began as deep friendship and researching to understand their responsibilities, but quickly, so quickly, became much more. Within a week (two days) of the Mask Incident's end they had kissed. They had been shocked that they didn't feel guilty because it felt right, above all else. Within two weeks (8 days) they had sex. They had made love, right here in the library. Eddie had been showing Nina some old book about Egyptian priestesses when he had looked up from the book to see Nina staring back at him. Their eyes had locked and the next thing either of them knew, he had pressed Nina against the wall, her legs wrapped around his waist. She hoisted her uniform skirt while he unzipped his fly. Almost before he had gotten his cock between her legs, she was bearing down on him, wet heat enveloping the quickest erection he had ever gotten. The entire time, their lips were locked and their eyes stayed open, trained on one another. Eddie's hands worked on autopilot, unbuttoning Nina's shirt and sliding his hand under her bra. They came, together, with Nina's tongue in Eddie's mouth, catching his groans, Eddie's cock in Nina's soaked pussy and Eddie's fingers pinching Nina's nipples playfully.

After that, every study session ended the same way. They'd had sex on every flat surface, horizontal and vertical, in the Frobisher Library. They'd done it in the Nina's bed (four times), Eddies bed (six times), Fabian's bed (once, on accident), Amber's bed (twice) and in most of the school's bathrooms. Whether it was their teenage libidos or an aspect of their connection as the Chosen One and her Osirian or some combination of the two, they were insatiable. They split their time with one another between talking, researching and fucking. Fucking took up a disproportionate amount of their time together.

Eddie's hand slid up Nina's skirt, under her panties and inside of her. They'd done it twice in this particular aisle already.

"We should do it in the tunnels next time," Eddie mumbles against Nina's lips.

Nina bites his lip, working her hips down onto his hand, "The tunnels are dirty, and anyone could come in. Fabia, Amber, eurgh, Victor."

"You're trying to kill my hard on, aren't you?" Eddie asks, slipping a third finger inside her. His thumb trails down to toy with her clit.

Nina's hand quickly and efficiently undoes his jeans zipper and button, slipping her small hand around his cock, "Yeah right, Victor could walk in right now, sit down and watch us and you would still fuck me."

Eddie rolls his eyes. He leans down to suck at her nipple, "Well, yeah, but I wouldn't enjoy it as much."

"Liar," Nina gasps, hey fingers scratching down Eddies back.

"I think you mean Osirian, Chose One," Eddie says as he moves down her body. He shoots her a quick grin, before burying his face between her thighs.

"Oh, oh, Osirian! Eddie!" Nina screams, hands tangling in blonde hair.


"Have you seen Eddie?" Patricia asks Fabian.

Fabian looks up from his laptop, "No. He's probably with Nina at the library though."


Fabian nods. Patricia sits down at the foot of Fabian's bed.

"Fabian, you don't think that we should be worried, do you?"

Fabian looks up at Patricia again, "No, of course not. They're just trying to figure out what the whole Chosen One-Osirian thing means. That's all. It's important to them."

"But they've gotten really close, Fabian."

"They're just friends. Nina is dating me and Eddie is crazy about you."

"Yeah, okay. So, nothing to worry about then?" Patricia asks.

"Nothing to worry about." Fabian assures her.


A/N: Wow first House of Anubis and first het fic? What has the world come to? I really loved the finale and even though it only lasted like two minutes, I adored the interaction between Eddie the Osirian and Nina the Chosen One. God, I have a serious protective kink. Also, I love Patricia and Fabian, but I definitely ship…Neddie? Niddie? Edina? I don't know. Maybe Chosirian? I like that. Well, I hope you liked it anyway! It was really fun to write.