Eddie collapses next to Nina, nearly squashing her against the desk that they are precariously balanced on. Nina just laughs and pushes at Eddie's sweaty chest to get him to roll over a bit. Eddie moves, grinning as he swoops back in to press sloppy kisses against Nina's neck. Nina allows the kisses to continue for a moment before she bats him away so she can get off the desk and hunt down their clothes.

School had ended a few hours ago, leaving the building devoid of students and faculty alike. Eddie and Nina had commandeered an empty classroom so they could finally have sex again. Since the whole blow-up with Fabian and Patricia last week, Eddie and Nina had agreed to be more careful about where they got off so that they would arouse any more suspicion. Fabian was still ignoring both of them, and Patricia, who Eddie had managed to appease slightly, was keeping her boyfriend on a very short leash. Whenever Nina was around, that leash got even tighter and Patricia went from suspicious and waspish to downright rude. Just this morning, she'd tripped Nina as the other girl entered the kitchen. Eddie managed to catch Nina, but that did little else but anger Patricia further and cause her to snap at everyone all day.

Nina bent over to grab her panties and skirt from where Eddie had tossed them earlier. Eddie let out a low whistle at the view, making Nina roll her eyes, "Horn-dog."

Nina shimmied into her skirt, shoving her panties into her bag. She threw Eddie his trousers. Eddie caught them without losing his shit-eating grin.

"No panties? Nice." Eddie said. Nina moved over to where Eddie was sitting on the edge of the desk. She stood between his legs, wrapping her thin arms around his neck to draw him into a deep kiss. She pulled back and smirked when Eddie tried to follow her.

"You're playing dirty, Nina." Eddie said, but he didn't sound too put out about it. He trailed his fingertips up and down her still bare torso, playing over her flanks and back, pulling a shiver out of Nina.

"Mhm," Nina mumbled as she pulled him into another kiss.

"You're still horny aren't you?" Eddie laughed in between kisses. Nina whined as Eddie teased his hands up her skirt but stopped when he reached her inner thighs.

Nina groaned and grabbed his hand, forcing to where she wanted it, "Well, you know I can feel it when you're horny, Edison. It's your fault I'm wet, now take care of it."

Eddie pushed two fingers between Nina's folds, "I can feel my come inside you. God, that's hot, Nina."

Nina threw her head back and pushed her hips onto his fingers. Then suddenly she let out a frustrated groan and pulled his hand out from under her skirt. Eddie barely had a chance to be confused before Nina pushed him back to lie on the desk so she could straddle him.

"Change of plans," Nina grinned as she held his cock steady and pushed herself down on it, "I'm gonna ride you."

Twenty minutes later, Nina finally managed to finish dressing. It was nearly 9 o'clock and they had to get back to Anubis house. She finished buttoning her blouse and turned to Eddie.

"You ready to go?"

Eddie zipped up his fly before grabbing his blazer and backpack, "Yeah, c'mon."

Nina grabbed Eddie's hand as they made their way out of the school and across the grounds in silence. As they drew closer to Anubis House, they untangled their fingers in case anyone else happened to be hanging around outside. They stopped short of Anubis House and turned to face one another.

"Okay, I'll head in first; you come inside in twenty minutes, alright?" Nina asked.

Eddie nodded, shifting his backpack, "Yeah."

Nina narrowed her eyes, "Eddie. Look at me. What's wrong?"

Eddie shrugged, and then sighed, "I just—I hate this Nina."

Nina's eyes softened, "I do too. I hate not being able to touch you all the time anymore."

"What are we going to do? I can't break up with Nina or they'll know we've been lying all this time," Eddie said, "And, honestly, I'm not even sure I want to tell them about this, about us."

Nina leaned against Eddie, "I know what you mean. This is special. It's between us. I'm not jealous when Patricia kisses you or upset because I can't show you off, because I know you're mine. I don't need validation or anything, but the not touching you all the time is killing me."

"This was much easier when Fabian and Patricia had absolutely no idea that anything beyond friendship and some weird Egyptian bond was going on between us." Eddie said, playing with the end of Nina's ponytail.

Nina said, "Well, they still don't know that anything is for sure happening. All they have is suspicions."

"I still don't want to hurt Patricia. Fabian was bad enough," Eddie said, glancing at his watch. "You'd better head in now or we'll both miss curfew."

"Ok, love you," Nina mumbled, giving Eddie one last hug.

"Love you too," Eddie said, gently pushing Nina toward the house. Eddie watched Nina hurriedly enter the house. Now he had to wait twenty minutes before heading inside, giving them enough of a buffer between their appearances so they wouldn't be linked together. As far as anyone else knew, Nina had been studying for their upcoming chemistry exam and Eddie had been having his weekly dinner with his father.

Eddie leaned back against a tree and looked at Anubis House. The windows were all brightly lit as it was still too early for anyone to be asleep. He could just make out Mara and Amber on the couch in the sitting room while Alfie flailed excitedly in front of them, regaling them with some far out tale, no doubt. Just beyond them, he could see Trudy still puttering around the kitchen, probably finishing the tidying from supper or maybe starting preparations for the next day's breakfast.

Eddie looked at his watch again. He still had another ten minutes to kill. It was starting to get chilly despite the fair spring weather from earlier in the day. He dropped his bag and pulled his blazer on. He looked at the house again, a brief glance before dropping his gaze to the ground as a grin spread across his face. Anubis House would always make him smile. It was where he'd first met Nina and realized his destiny: as her friend, as her protector and as her lover. Truthfully, Nina was his destiny. And he was Nina's. They would probably spend the rest of their lives undoing ancient Egyptian curses, but that only meant that they would spend the rest of their lives together. And that's all Eddie could really ask for out of life.

Nina, with her easy smile and her blue eyes, her quick wit and insatiable curiosity and steadfast sense of right and wrong, never ceased to amaze him. The fact that someone so perfect, so perfect for him, exists and that he managed to find her, baffles him. Even more baffling was the thought that she was cosmically guaranteed to never leave him. They were literally crafted to be the perfect match for each other. Not everyone finds that and Eddie thanks whatever is out there every day that he was lucky enough to have this, lucky enough to have Nina.

Eddie glanced at his watch again. Time to go inside.

Eddie opened the door just as Nina, hair wet from her shower, just happened to be walking down the stairs. Their eyes met and she grinned at him before continuing into the sitting room.

"Amber, would you help me pick out an outfit for tomorrow?" Eddie heard Nina ask.

"Oh, Nina, I knew that you would come around! Of course I will," Amber exclaimed, "Though we should probably use my clothes."

Eddie laughed to himself as he opened his bedroom door. Poor Nina, sacrificing herself and her casual dress day to Amber just so they could see each other one last time that day without raising any suspicions. His girl was amazing.

Eddie's laughter was cut short at the look Fabian shot him when he entered their shared room.

"Something funny, Miller?" Fabian snarled from behind his book.

"Not really," Eddie mumbled has he threw his bag onto the floor and shrugged out of his blazer.

"Whatever," and Eddie could actually hear Fabian rolling his eyes. Eddie turned to face Fabian.

"Listen, Fabian, we've both told you, nothing happened between us. We're friends. I'm sorry that you broke up with Nina but we share a room. Okay? You have to stop with all the scowling," Eddie said.

Fabian looked at Eddie for a moment. Then he tossed his book on his nightstand and turned his lamp off, "I'm going to bed. Try to be quiet, thanks."

With that, Fabian pulled the blanket up to his chin and rolled over to face the wall. Eddie sighed and went about changing for bed, writing his roommate's attitude off as another day's battle.

Patricia is sitting at her desk, finishing the tail end of her English essay. It's been ten minutes since Victor called for quiet in the house and Patricia is the last person awake in her room. Nina and Amber are both sleeping soundly, Nina having barely made it back to the house with enough time to shower before Victor put them on their nightly lockdown. Patricia reads through her essay one last time before saving the document and setting her laptop aside. She throws her hair into a messy bun and turns her desk lamp off before rolling into bed. She's just arranging her blanket when her phone buzzes.

It's Eddie.

The text is just a simple 'good night, love you' text but it makes her heart race and her stomach flutter. Eddie has been trying so hard lately. Since the whole Fabian and Nina break up, over a dumb misunderstanding, Eddie has been taking great pains to spend more time with Patricia, and more importantly, less time with Nina. Patricia can only assume that he doesn't want them to end up like Nina and Fabian. But Patricia understands that Eddie and Nina are friends. Does she get annoyed when he spends a little too much time with Nina? Sure, she does, but that's been happening far less frequently lately.

Nina and Fabian breaking up because of her friendship with Eddie must have really shocked Eddie for him to be so sweet. Not that Patricia is complaining. They are dating after all. If she didn't want some sweetness occasionally, she would just date Jerome. Still, the affirmation that it's her Eddie wants to be with never fails to make her grin.

She shoots back a quick reply before falling asleep, smiling to herself.

Eddie's phone buzzes. He quickly flicks to his messages and is slightly disappointed that it is Patricia's reply to his goodnight text, but not ten seconds later, Nina's text comes in. Eddie flicks over to his conversation with Nina.

Maybe we aren't being fair to them, Nina wrote.

Do you want me to break up with her? You know all you have to do is say it.

They had been discussing all the sneaking around again. They both knew that they were going to have to make a decision at some point. They couldn't keep sneaking around forever. Not that there wasn't a certain kind of thrill in hooking up in empty classrooms or in the locker room bathroom, but if they didn't decide on a way to end their relationships cleanly, they were bound to be found out before they decided on letting their relationship come to light. They had a lot of sex after all. It was statistically probable that someone was bound to stumble upon them someday. They'd been lucky enough so far and, Paragon and Osirian or not, that luck was bound to run out eventually.

Nina's next text read, Ugh, I don't know. I wish Patricia would just break up with you.

Eddie's eyes widened, That's it! You're a genius Nina.

Please don't tell me that you want us to get Patricia to dump you.

I want us to get Patricia to dump me, though that might be a challenge considering how adorable I am.

I literally hate you.

We're going to have a discussion about what literally means tomorrow, right after we figure out how to get Patricia to dump me. For now, I'm exhausted, which is your fault by the way, you little minx, so goodnight and I love you.

Eddie grins happily when Nina's final text appears on his screen, …Love you too.

Eddie carefully deletes his conversation with Nina before setting his phone on his nightstand. He punches his pillow a few times before finally drifting off to sleep, still grinning.

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