What It Takes

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Bellatrix LeStrange was cursing and screaming in agony in her and Rhodolphus' bedroom. Childbirth had to be the most excruciating pain she had felt in her entire life. While cutting of the circulation to her husbands' hand, she was getting ready to push on her next contraction.

"Okay, deep breaths now and...Push!" The Medi-Witch said.

Bella, breathing deep, gave one great push. Already tired, she groaned in frustration and pain.

"Come on Honey. You can do this." Being the supporting husband he is, Rhodolphus ignored the need for blood in his hand, and concentrated soley on his wife.



"Shut up!" Hissed Bellatrix as she took another deep breath and with one last push, her baby was brought out into the world.

"A beautiful baby girl." The Medi-Witch proclamied as she handed the baby girl to her new Daddy. She had a small bunch of black curls on top of her tiny head, and deep blue eyes.

"She's gorgeous," he breathed and bent down to show her to her new Mummy.

"Say hello to your Mommy, beautiful girl."

"Samantha." She said, with tears shining in her chocalate eyes.

"Samantha Alexavia LeStrange."