Chapter 2

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After dinner, The 7th year prefects lead all of Slytherin house back down to the dungeons. Megan had given Spencer one last hug and a kiss on the cheek before they seperated.

Professor Severus Snape, had just finished making his welcome speech to all the new students, and bid them goodnight, before heading into his office located right off the common room. The Slytherin Common Room was decorated in the most high-class furniture. Silver plush couches with dark green accents, a dark green carpet, and multiple fireplaces around the entire room. The decorations showed all of Slytherins wins in Qudditch and the House Cup.

Sammie usually always made her speech right after Professor Snape left, but this year Megan walked right up infront of everyone, to Samantha's annoyance. But seeing as how Megan was one of her friends, and a new student, she let it go.

"Now," Megan said in a cold voice, "I want to make this clear right now. You all know that my brother was sorted into Gryffindor, and I have accepted that and am extremley pleased with the fact to. You. Are. Not. To. Touch. Him. No matter if you are a first year, a third year, a fith year or a seventh year." She counted off on her fingers, her tone getting fiercer.

"If I hear that anyone of you have even so much a breathed on him wrong, I will make your life a living. Hell. He may be a Gryffindor, but he just a much as a Slytherin as I am. And I'm not just giving you this speech because Slytherins and Gryffindors are enemies. If I was placed in Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, you can bet they'd get this exact same speech."

Everyone in the room stared at Megan in awe. No one, had ever had a brother or sister in a different house, and they just assumed that was the way it was, but now that Megan and Spencer had been split up in to seperate houses, they could finally understand why it had been so hard to split.

"Does anyone have any questions?" She asked in a much brighter and sweeter tone than before. One 6th year raised his hand,

"You have a different accent, where are you from?" He asked curiosly.

"Newfoudland, Canada." Megan stated proudly as her chest puffed out slightly. Another sixth year raised her hand and asked,

"How old are you?"

"Well, I was born on the 31st of October, so im fourteen and in a month I'll be fifteen. And if your next question is who is older, Spencer is older than me by an hour."

"That's quite a long time." Tracy Davis responded.

"Yah, well what are yuh gun-" She stopped abruptly, and her arm shot out infront of her. Her eyes took on a foggy look. Her hand curled into a fist and she punched the air in a nice right hook. Megan than fell backwards on the floor and her head was knocked sideways, blood shooting out of her mouth.

"QUICK! Someone get Professor Snape!" Winter exclaimed.

Megan's head knocked back the other way, and you could hear a huge CRACK! and blood started to pour from her nose. Pansy Parkinson came rushing back in the common room with a worried Professor Snape behind him. He knelt down beside Megan, but backed away again as her head shot up, as if someone punched her underneath the chin. Her hands now went up to protect her face, but her body rolled sideways, as if she were kicked in the ribs.

Megan finally stopped moving and the foggy look left her eyes. Snape slowly walked over to her as her chest heaved up and down.

"Megan... Are you alright? Can you move?" He asked as he knelt at her side. Megan's head snapped up and she scrambled to her feet.

"Spencer..." She whispered. "Where is Gryffindor Tower?" She asked Snape desperatley.

"What does Gryffindor Tower have to do with this...episode?" He asked worridley.

"Please! Please just tell me!" Megan practically screamed at him. Everyone else just sat back, shocked into silence.

"It's on the third floor, behind the portrait of the Fat Lady." Pansy said helpfully. Megan took off out the common room door as fast as she could and took of towards the third floor. Louis, Winter, Chloe, and Sammie ran out the door after Megan, desperate to see if she was alright.

As soon as Megan made it to the portrait, she didn't even bother to answer the Lady's question. She kicked the door open and rushed inside. All the Gryffindors were outlining the walls of their common room and watching two people in the middle of the room.

"Spencer? SPENCER!" Megan rushed to the middle of the room where a figure was lying on the ground. His chest and breathing were exactly in time with Megan's. His injuries were in the same places as Megan's and just as bad. Megan leaned her ear next to Spencer's mouth and started panicing. She looked in his robe and pants pockets for something, but didn't find what she was looking for.

"Invenire Puffer!" Megan shouted as two things flew into her hands. She shoved the blue one into his mouth and pushed the button twice. Spencer sucked in both times. She then shoved the orange one in his mouth and Spencer sucked in again, only this time, he blew a breath out after.

"Invenire Cloth!" Megan yelled again and as said, a damp cloth flew into her hand. She placed it along Spencer's forhead and leaned her ear back towards his mouth. Seeming satisfied, Megan eased up a bit. Spencer and her's breathing seemed to slow down. Megan leaned her head down onto Spencer's chest and closed her eyes. A tear slipped down her cheek. Followed by several more. After a couple of minutes, she lifted her head back up and picked her wand back up.

"Figere Interficiam." Megan said more calmly then before as she pointed her wand at Spencer's cheek. As she healed his cuts her own started closing up as well. She did this a couple more times and then switched spells.

"Reparare Quod Fractum." Megan pointed her wand at Spencer's ribs, hand and nose. Everyone winced as they heard six cracks in succesion. Megan calmly stood up and faced the red-headed offender.

"Expelliarmus!" She shouted and Ronald Weasley's wand flew into her hand she pocketed and shouted, "Duratus hostium!" And Ron literally froze in place.

Megan leaned back down to her brother and helped him stand up. She took one look into his eyes and burst into sobs. Spencer grabbed her into a hug and lifter her off the ground. She wrapped her legs around his waist and buried her head in Spencer's neck. He turned his head and kissed her cheek, the hand that was not holding her, stroking her blood matted hair.

"Are you alright Meg?" Spencer said as he let her down.

"YOU ASSHOLE!" She screamed as she slammed her fists into his solid chest. Megan kept pounding her fists into his chest, and Spencer just stood there and took it. Finally, she relented after she saw that it didn't hurt him at all.

"How did this happen?" Megan asked as she ran a hand through her hair.

"Well, I was sitting by the fire, talking to Harry, and Ron was sitting beside him. He started talking about a way you should never talk about a women. I then told him that he should learn to shut his mouth, and that his Mudblood girlfriend and him shouldn't be allowed near us respectable Purebloods, and he came at me. I punched him, he punched me and I fell back and the rest is history."

"Please, never scare me like that again. I do believe though, that all the Slytherins think I'm a freak..." She muttered the last part to herself.

"Hey, now. You're NOT a freak!" Louis spoke up.

"Thanks Lou!" Megan went over and kissed his cheek.

All the guys in the room stared at Louis jelously, excluding Spencer, who was sending the Anderson death glare at him. All the girls awwwwh'd and Winter, Chloe and Sammie squealed. Turning around in Lou's arms, Megan asked,

"Now, what are we going to do about him, the Mudblood and Scarhead here?"

"I say we turn him into McGonagall, she'll set them straight." Spencer declared. Megan took out her wand and said the counter spell to the freezing charm she used. Ron fell to the floor and quickly jumped up, looking around. Megan shook Louis arms off and stormed up to stand infront of Ron. Even though she was only about half his height, she still scared the living shit outta him. Megan grabbed the front of his robes and pulled his face close to hers, so their noses were touching.

"If you EVER touch Spencer again, I will not hesitate to rip you to shreds, and you can bet the same goes for Muddy and Scarface too." She growled in his face and with one last icy glare, she turned around and walked back towards Louis, who held his arms out towards her.

"Don't. Call. Them. That!" Ronald sneered at her, wrapping an arm around Hermione's waist and pulling her closer.

"Whatcha going do about it Weasel?" Megan taunted. Ron started towards him, but Louis released Megan from his arms and walked to meet Ronald in the middle. Louis raised his fist, and punched him right in the middle of his face. He then swiftly turned around and walked back toward the group. Megan dropped to the ground laughing, and everyone stared at her. Spencer joined in laughing shortly after, followed by Chloe, Winter and Sammie. Louis just stood there, as perplexed as ever. After about 5 minutes, everyone calmed down, and Minerva McGonagall walked in the room.

"What IS going on in here!" she asked sternly, her had gripping her wand tightly.

"Anderson here came up and punched me for no reason!" Ron tried to say innocently.

"WHAT!" Megan screamed as she picked herself up from the common room floor. "He is such a liar! I came up here because he was beating up my brother! No one, and I mean NO ONE gets away with that.!" She huffed, angry at Ron.

"I'm afraid you'll have to elaborate dear." Professor McGonagall said kindly.

"Here, let me show you. Ostendere praeterita!" She chanted as she lifted her wand into the air. A silver light shimmered and suddenly everyone was watching what happened from the Slytherin Common room to just after Professor McGonagall came in the room.

"Hmm, I see. That was some very impressive magic Ms. Anderson. I will deal with Mr. Weasley, don't you worry dear. Mr. Anderson, if you would allow your sister to escort you to the hospital wing for the night." She said as she patted Megan's hand. Ron had an angry look on his face, while Megan's mouth was pulled up into her signature innocent smile. Her eyes were round and wide, and looked watery, as if she'd cry at any moment. She was the perfect Slytherin, and could fool anyone.

"Thank you Professor! Thank you for helping us." She gave her a watery smile agin before she grabbed Louis' hand and dragged him out of the room. The others followed behind them. As soon as they got far enough away from the door, Megan burst out laughing.

"Di-did you s-see the l-loo-look on hi-his f-face?" She cried as she giggled. Louis laughed along with her and hoisted Megan up onto his back, and started running down the corridor, all the way to the hospital wing. Spencer hung back with Chloe, Winter and Sammie. He shook his head, and frowned slightly. He couldn't help but think he was loosing his sister.

Invenire= To find the (cloth/puffer)

Figere Sectis= Fix the cut

Reparare Quod Fractum= Fix what is broken

Duratus Hostium= Freeze the enemy

Ostendere Praeterita= To show the past