Title: Becker's Advent

Description: Becker joins Jess in celebrating Advent, but it's not quite what Jess intended...

Rating: G

Author's note: For Primeval 100's Challenge 344: Advent

100 Words

Becker's Advent

"I love Advent! It's fun counting down to Christmas!"

"It's silly, Jess."

"You wouldn't say that to a gun advent calendar."

Becker's eyebrow rose.

As Jess left for the day, a shot fired.

Becker, the shooter, smiled, said nothing and left.

"Weird," muttered Jess.

The next morning Becker and another soldier fired two shots.

Jess shook her head.

December third, Becker and two soldiers fired three shots.

"What's with you?"

"Counting down to Christmas, Jess. You're right. It is fun. Christmas Eve's 24 gun salute will be awesome."

"You're disturbing, Becker."

The End