What's up people? This is my first Angry Birds fanfic. I wrote it up today and wanted to see how it could work out. I gave the birds names, and here is what I called them, and will be named those for other Angry Birds stories;

Red Bird - Norman

Yellow Bird - Speedy

Blue Bird triplets - Icepick (male), Glassjaw (male), and Cluster (female)

Black Bird - James Bomb

White Bird - Chicken

Green Bird - Boomer

Big Brother Bird - Terence (official)

Orange Bird - Billy

Female Red Bird - Rebecca

Female White Bird - Wanda

Mighty Eagle - same

See if you can guess why I named them those. Enjoy the story.

Norman, Speedy, and Icepick were looking at their eggs in the nest in the middle of a generic field. The birds were happy when their eggs were safe from the green pigs, yet angry when the pigs wanted to make omelets or poaches eggs out of what would soon be baby birds.

Strangely, on that day, Norman didn't feel like admiring the eggs.

"Hey, Norm, you okay, dude?" asked Icepick.

"Erm, yeah, I'm fine," said Norman.

"We can tell there's a problem," said Speedy, "what is it?"

"It's nothing," sighed Norman, "I just wanna be alone for a bit."

The little red bird sighed as he hopped away from the nest, passing Boomer.

"What's up with Norman today?" asked Boomer to Speedy.

"I'm not sure why," Speedy told his green companion, "why don't you get Rebecca to comfort him?"

"Sure thing," said Boomer, and he hopped away.

"Icepick," said Speedy, "you get the others; I'll let you know if those piggies stole our eggs... again."

"Okay, Speed," said Icepick, and the little bluebird hopped away.

Norman sat by the beach, and looked toward the horizon. It was his place to go to whenever he was feeling stressed, upset, or otherwise just wanted to be alone.

"If only we could get through at least ONE WEEK without those stupid pigs stealing our eggs!" he grumbled to himself, "These fights just get worse and worse!"


Norman gasped and saw who spoke to him. It was Boomer, and he brought Rebecca, Norman's girlfriend, with him.

"Jeez, Boom, ya didn't have to come and surprise me like that!" the red bird exclaimed.

"Sorry about that," said Boomer, "Rebecca just wanted to know why you're upset."

"It's okay," said Rebecca sweetly, "you can tell me."

Norman sighed. "Boomer," he said, "could you please give me and Becky a bit of space?"

"Okay then," said Boomer, backing up a few hops, while Rebecca hopped over towards her boyfriend.

"What's been going on with you?" she asked with concern.

"It's just..." sighed Norman. He had to think what he wanted to tell her.

"It's just that these fights with the pigs are getting more and more intense," he said at last, "and it puts our eggs - our future kids - in danger even more! Who knows, they could end up an omelet some day!"

Rebecca gasped, having never heard that from Norman before.

"Why would you think this way?" she exclaimed.

"I just don't want the poor kids to die," Norman admitted, "the pigs aren't thinking about me being a future father; they're just thinking about food and eating, even though their building skills do improve with each battle." Norman now had tears in his eyes. "I wish it were me they would eat and not the eggs..."

Norman was now crying at this point, something Rebecca had never seen him do before. Seeing him cry almost made Rebecca cry.

At that point, the other birds (including Boomer) and gathered around the two crying red birds.

"How much have you guys heard?" sobbed Norman.

"We heard about everything," said Icepick. He was with his triplet brother Glassjaw and triplet sister Cluster.

"I can't believe you'd think of giving yourself to the pigs," exclaimed Chicken.

"Without you, who'd be our leader?" agreed Billy, the youngest of the birds.


"If you weren't there," said James Bomb, "I'd still take my anger on all the other birds. Thanks to you, I'm able to take it on the pigs."

"I would still be a chicken," said Chicken, and he laughed at his joke.

"If you hadn't refused to let me on the slingshot," said Boomer, "would I have saved the eggs?"

"I wouldn't have a little brother to look out for either," added Terence.

"What they're saying is," said Rebecca, "there's no need to beat yourself up just because the pigs keep stealing our eggs and you fight them. You're their leader, Norman. They need you. I need you."

Norman sniffled, and his tear dripped from his eye all the way down to his stomach.

"I'm sorry I worried you," said Norman sadly, "I just wanted kids and I didn't want the pigs to hurt them..."

Rebecca drew herself nearer to Norman, cuddling up next to him.

"You're cute when you care about our eggs," said Rebecca, "you're very brave and selfless, and it's what I see for my boyfriend."

"Not in front of the others," protested Norman.

Rebecca giggled. "Let them look," she flirted. She put her beak up to Norman's, kissing him."

Speedy had seen the scene of on-looked romance, and he couldn't help smiling.

"Norman's very lucky to have a girl like Rebecca," he said.

"Hey Speed," said James Bomb, "who's watching our eggs?"

Speedy suddenly realized.

"Oh, bother!" he cried, and he- er, hopped- to the nest, the other birds following.

"Not again!" exclaimed Norman.

Yes, while Speedy wasn't watching, the pigs saw this chance to steal their eggs once again.

"Thanks for the eggs, silly birdies," snickered one of the pigs, "they'll make a fine omelet for the king!"

"Not on our watch!" growled Norman. He got onto the slingshot, and he flew himself onto one of the pigs, knocking him out, and Icepick, Glassjaw, and Cluster retrieved the egg.

The other two pigs, unaware their friend was either knocked unconscious or killed instantly, simply chuckled.

"We'll have succeeded this time!" chuckled the second pig.

"Won't our king pig be pleased," agreed the third pig.

Suddenly, Terence landed right in front of them, glaring angrily at the two pigs, who squealed with fear, and they ran off, without the two remaining eggs.

"That'll teach them," chuckled Terence, and he and James Bomb took the eggs back to the nest.

"Just imagine what our baby birds will look like," said Rebecca to Norman, "they could look like you, only smaller."

"I hope so, Becky," smiled Norman, "I'm sure of it."

I bet nobody was expecting the last bit, right? I had to include a fight, didn't I? What would an Angry Birds fanfic or game be without a bird vs. pig conflict? That's it from me, expect more very soon!