Words: 269

Author's Note: Written for a food prompt. Pretty simple. Unbeta'd

Of Beans and Pasta

"Why do you eat such disgusting things?" Sherlock asked one day while they were watching telly and John had a spoon of beans halfway to his mouth. He was eating them straight from the tin. John placed the spoon back into the tin, and Sherlock began to explain without having John prompt him for once.

"You never actually want to eat it, I can see it on your face, and you're always dissatisfied after eating it, so why do you do it John Watson."

John gave a shrug in response. "Habit? Lack of time?" he answered. He didn't know. Sherlock stood and went to the kitchen, looking through the cupboards for something or other and John returned to watching the game show with a sudden lack of appetite.

When John finally got up to put the tin in the garbage, he was surprised to see Sherlock flying around the kitchen, adding things to a dish. John looked on in confusion. "Go sit. Almost done," Sherlock commented. John tossed the can of beans and sat at the dinning room table (which was covered in newspapers, documents, and various other things.

A few minutes later, Sherlock served John a plate of pasta. It was somewhat a simple dish - Sherlock had only ten minutes to finish it after all, but it was food and it wasn't beans from a tin. It smelt divine.

And the taste was amazing. John gave a small hum of satisfaction - he hadn't know Sherlock could cook anything, but he had learned not to be surprised.

He would have to get Sherlock to cook more often.