Author's Note: As of this moment, this fiction is being labeled as Sebastian/Kurt- though Sebastian won't show up until a few chapters into the story. However, the pairing may be subject to change. There will also be minor hints of Klaine, especially during the introductory chapters.

EDIT 5/24/12 This story is officially, permanently Kurtbastian. Ignore the above comments. :)

Please be aware that this story is an AU, so facts and events detailed may not line up with those on the show.

Somewhere Only We Know

Chapter One

"Hold up," Finn interjected boredly, stepping forward to where his teammates were fixing to hoist Kurt into a nearby dumpster.

Kurt felt a brief flare of hope as his step-brother closed the distance between them. However, that hope was short lived as Finn held out his hand expectantly, expression never flickering from one of bored disinterest.

Kurt understood the gesture and did nothing to fight a sigh. He jerked his arms away from the meatheads holding him and straightened with as much dignity as he could muster before he quickly shrugged out of his sweater. He ignored the snickers from the football players surrounding him as best he could as he handed the garment to Finn, jaw set and eyes challenging.

Finn hardly spared him a glance before he took the sweater and balled it up under his arm, stepping back and nodding to his teammates. "Okay."

With the quarterback's permission, the two oafs on either side of Kurt wasted no time in grabbing him once more and swinging him unceremoniously into the dumpster.

The sound of their laughter echoed in the metallic bin as Kurt sputtered, trying to catch his balance and push himself out of the trash that had cushioned his fall. He grimaced at the familiar smell of rotting food and did his best to hold his breath until the sound of laughter drifted away, signaling the departure of the jocks. Only then did he begin to try and find his footing on the bags of trash beneath him.


He glanced up at the sound of his name. A second later a face was peering over the edge of the dumpster.

Kurt fought a sigh.

"Mr. Schuester," he acknowledged begrudgingly, letting his gaze fall to his feet as he tried to figure out the best way to climb from the garbage bin.

"Here, let me help you," the teacher quickly offered, stepping closer to the bin and hoisting himself up slightly so he could reach into the dumpster and offer Kurt a hand up. The younger boy took the offered hand and let his teacher pull him from the trash bin.

As Kurt regained his footing, he glanced up reluctantly at his glee club teacher as he went about dusting off his clothing. "Thanks, Mr. Schue," he offered glumly.

Schuester's face was twisted in concern. "What happened, Kurt? The football team again?"

"It's really no big deal, Mr. Schuester," Kurt cut in as he fought another sigh. He cast a quick glance around and noticed his sweater hanging from a nearby bicycle rack and moved to retrieve it. He was doing his best to ignore his teacher's concerned gaze.

"Kurt," Schuester began gently, his eyes following the teen as Kurt haughtily pulled his sweater back on, hands smoothing over the expensive material to chase away imaginary wrinkles. "Maybe it's time you talked to Figgins about this."

"I can handle it," he replied tersely. Kurt didn't even glance up at the Spanish teacher.

Schuester's gaze softened. "You shouldn't have to."

Still, Kurt didn't meet his gaze. "I'm going to be late for homeroom. Can I go?" He shifted his hold on his bag, looking anywhere but at the older man.

After a strained moment of hesitation, Schuester just nodded helplessly.

Kurt felt the teacher's eyes on his back as he made his way across the now-deserted courtyard, but he didn't look back or allow his steps to slow.

Mercifully, the rest of Kurt's day passed without event. Well, give or take a slushie facial between third and fourth period, of course- but that hardly even rated as out of the norm for Kurt Hummel these days.

In any case, the day was over, and he could think of nothing more appealing than putting as much distance between himself and McKinley High School as possible.

"So are we on for tonight or what, Kurt?" Rachel demanded, shouldering her bag and brushing her hair behind her ear as she struggled to keep up with Kurt's longer stride.

Kurt tilted his head in consideration. "I suppose. I don't really have anything better to do."

The tiny brunette wasn't put off by Kurt's glum response. "Excellent! The show starts at seven. If we leave here no later than five we should be able to make it in time to claim our usual seats. Text me when you get home with what you're wearing- there's no way that I'm letting you outdress me again, Kurt Hummel. "

Her eyes narrowed playfully as she fixed him with a sideways glance.

"Rachel, I could outdress you if I were to get dressed in the dark." His tone was flat, but he is fighting a smirk when the small brunette smacks his arm predictably.

"That's simply a matter of opinion," Rachel sniffed, though she too is grinning.

This earned a snort of amusement from Kurt, but he managed to fight the urge to roll his eyes as he simply nodded agreeably.

Rachel spotted her car and patted his abused arm lightly, flashing him another grin. "I'll see you in a bit, Kurt."

"Later, lady." Kurt bade. He shook his head and closed the remaining distance between himself and his Navigator.

His steps slowed as he neared.

Even from the few feet away from his car, he could see that there was something waiting for him in the front seat of the vehicle. His body tensed in apprehension as he forced himself to close the remaining distance between himself and the Navigator. Dread was heavy in his stomach as he peered through the driver's window.

"Kurt! Hey, hold up a second."

Kurt nearly jumped out of his skin as Mr. Schuester called to him across the courtyard. He spun away from the car, eyes impossibly wide, and watched as the Spanish teacher dodged his way across the bustling parking lot.

"Mr. Schue." He stammered, mentally cursing himself for the way that his voice shook as he spoke.

Schuester frowned as he neared Kurt, his steps slowing as he took in the younger man's appearance. He came to a stop in front of Kurt and carefully placed a hand on the teen's shoulder, ducking his head slightly in an attempt to read Kurt's expression.

Kurt casually ran a hand over his bangs to avoid meeting Schuester's eyes.

"Are you alright, Kurt?"

The concern in the teacher's voice made Kurt's stomach turn. He forced his expression into one of bewilderment and hoped it didn't come off as too strained. "Of course. What's up, Mr. Schue?"

The teacher regarded him a moment longer, then, fighting a sigh, Schuester tilted his head back towards the school. "Can you spare a minute?"

Kurt frowned slightly in confusion but nodded nonetheless. "Sure."

Mr. Schuester offered Kurt one of his 'Please Don't Notice that I'm Up to Something" smiles and, with a hand on Kurt's shoulder, turned them both to head back towards the school.

Kurt went along without comment, his hands stuffed deep within the pockets of his peacoat.

He willingly listened to Schuester's rambling if only in an effort to forget about the single rose awaiting him in the front seat of his Navigator.

"Finn. I can't believe-"

Burt didn't give Carole a chance to finish. "I thought you were better than this, Finn." He snapped, his hand resting heavily on Kurt's shoulder. The mechanic stood behind his seated son, one hand on Kurt's shoulder and the other gripping the back of the boy's chair tightly. His eyes were fixed angrily on the teen sitting on his son's other side.

Finn, for his part, was staring at Schuester's desk with wide, bewildered eyes. He rubbed his hands together uncomfortably. "I-"

"It's not a big deal, dad." Kurt interjected gently, sitting stiffly in his own chair. His legs were crossed and his chin lifted as he worked to look as aloof as he could given the situation.

Burt was having none of it. "Not a big- Kurt, you could'a been hurt." He swung his glare back to Finn. "You have any idea what could'a been in that dumpster, Finn? Did you even stop to consider that? What if Kurt had landed on broken glass and really gotten hurt?"

"-I didn't think about it. I'm sorry!" Finn stammered quickly, glancing shiftily between his mom and Burt.

Carole simply stood between the boys' chairs, her arms folded and mouth pulled into a grim line of disapproval.

"Sorry isn't gonna cut it, Finn," Burt retorted flatly, squeezing Kurt's shoulder in what was meant to be a comforting gesture. It only made Kurt flinch at the increased pressure. "You two are brothers now- and brothers don't treat each other like that."

Carole put a hand on Burt's arm and glanced between her husband and son. "Burt, enough. This isn't the place."

Burt glanced at Carole, deliberating a moment before nodding grimly.

Will Schuester shifted in his seat, leaning forward and looking between Kurt and Finn thoughtfully. His expression was grim when he finally spoke. "I can't just overlook seeing a student get thrown into a dumpster, Finn." He fixed the quarterback with a stern look. "So- you'll be serving detention with me for the rest of the week."

Carole opened her mouth as if to protest but held back her words by covering her mouth with her hand. She managed a nod.

Finn's eyes were fixed on his hands. "-I'm really sorry, mom."

Since they'd been called into the office, Finn hadn't even chanced a glance at Kurt. Not that Kurt minded, particularly. The entire situation was humiliating enough.

The Spanish teacher spoke again. "If you guys don't mind, I'd like to speak to your parents in private for a minute." He glanced between the two teens.

That was all the urging Kurt needed. He stood smoothly and shouldered his messenger bag, not looking at anyone as he made his way from Schuester's office. The heavy, clumsy steps behind him told Kurt that Finn had followed him.

They hadn't made it ten steps out of the office before Finn put a hand on Kurt's shoulder and turned him to face him, the movement gentle enough but insistent. Kurt allowed himself to be turned resignedly.

"Hey, man. I didn't-" Finn fumbled for words. "We weren't trying to hurt you. I wouldn't have let them dump you if I'd thought you could have gotten hurt from it."

Kurt smiled tightly, the tilt of his lips completely false.

"Forget it, Finn," he responded tonelessly. "Let's just go wait outside."

Finn wasn't one to be shaken so easily. He caught up with Kurt, his longer legs making it easier for him to close the distance between them, and fell into step next to the smaller boy as they made their way across the mostly deserted parking lot. Thankfully, though, the quarterback seemed at a loss for words.

They made it to Carole's van, where they waited for their parents in silence.

Kurt slid his backpack from the passenger seat of the Navigator just as his father pulled into the driveway with Carole and Finn in tow. Kurt waited until Burt had eased the van past him before stepping back and closing his door.

A flash of red from the back seat of the Navigator caught Kurt's eye, but he stubbornly ignored it. He turned and made his way to the house as Burt climbed out of the driver's seat of Carole's van.

"Alright, boys. We're home. Time to talk," Burt announced as he closed his own door.

Kurt was quick to object. "Actually, I'm already running late, Dad," he glanced at Carole beseechingly as she moved around the van to stand next to Burt. "I'm supposed to meet Rachel in half an hour- we're going out."

Finn was hesitating on the steps leading to the garage door, unsure whether or not he was supposed to head up to his room or wait for Burt's intended lecture.

Kurt wasn't above turning on the puppy-eyes as he pouted his lower lip. "Please, Dad? Can it wait until tomorrow?"

He was already beaming when Burt sighed defeat. He flung his arms around Burt's shoulders before the older man could even nod his consent.

Burt returned the hug begrudgingly, though he pulled back enough to give Kurt a square look. "You call me when you get there, alright? None of that texting junk- you know I'll never notice it."

Kurt waved a hand dismissively as he stepped back and reshouldered his messenger bag. "I know the routine. Thanks, Dad." He smiled quickly and paused to kiss Carole's cheek before bolting up the stairs to pack.

Carole watched him go with a fond smile, but was quick to sober. She cut her eyes over to where Finn still stood hesitating just outside of the door leading inside. "Go put your stuff up, honey, then come back down- Burt and I want to talk to you."

Finn's jaw squared but he nodded nonetheless. His pace was much more sedated than Kurt's as he made his way inside.

Burt punched out a sigh and adjusted his cap. He let himself lean into Carole as she hugged him from the side, her eyes on her son's back as Finn disappeared inside the house.

Kurt had just finished packing his bag when a knock sounded from the top of the stairs. He glanced at his doorway over his shoulder, spotting Finn hovering awkwardly on the second step.

He turned his back to Finn, surveying his room for anything he might have forgotten to pack. His jaw set audibly.

"C'mon, man. Just let me say something." Finn grumbled, no longer waiting for permission before descending the remaining stairs to Kurt's room. He stopped on the bottom stair and folded his arms. He refused to even look in Kurt's direction, now.

"I'm… really sorry about what went down at school earlier." He paused. "It wasn't cool. And Burt's right, we're-"

"Don't." Kurt snapped, cutting Finn's bumbling apology short. "I don't have time for this right now, Finn. I have plans."

Finn scowled. "Dude, I'm just trying to-"

"Make things right?" Kurt sneered, shouldering his bag and stalking towards the steps. He didn't miss how the motion caused Finn to fall back a couple of steps warily. "Well you can start by getting over this irrational fear of yours that I'm going to somehow- I don't know, rub the gay off on you."

He shouldered past Finn, nearly unbalancing himself in the process.

"My sexuality isn't contagious, Finn. But I'm going to leave before we figure out whether or not your inability to form a coherent thought is."

And with that, Kurt left Finn gaping on the stairway as he made his way into the kitchen.

Little did Kurt know that those scathing words would be the last that he would speak to his step-brother.

Blaine was having an abnormally busy morning-even by Dalton standards.

He had started the morning off with a Student Senate meeting bright and early, after which he had been forced to all but sprint across campus to get to morning soccer practice. After practice and a lightning fast shower in the locker rooms, Blaine found himself once again making his way across Dalton's vast campus, this time heading for the Dean's office.

He was set to meet with two new transfers at 8 o'clock and give them a tour of the grounds, then get them settled into their dorms and safely in their first classes by 10.

It was currently 8:15. Blaine was running a bit late.

He was all but out of breath by the time he reached the Dean's office, so he took a moment to straighten his tie and smooth out his uniform jacket while he caught his breath. It wouldn't do for the transfers' first impression of the Dalton student body to be a sweaty and panting boy in a rumpled blazer.

Once composed, Blaine knocked lightly on the Dean's door. A second later, he heard a deep voice beckon him to enter, and he quietly opened the door and stepped inside.

The Dean's office was quite crowded. There was an older man standing closest to Blaine, wearing a faded flannel shirt and worn baseball cap and looking completely out of place inside of Dalton's hallowed halls. A petite woman stood at his elbow, her arm linked in the older man's, and she seemed to be having a quiet argument with the towering teen who stood in front of her.

The abnormally tall boy was frowning at the woman (presumably his mother, judging by the resemblance between the pair) and his lowered words were rushed. If that wasn't enough to convince Blaine that the two were having a dispute of sorts, the way that the man in the ball cap turned his attention to the pair and hushed the towering teen certainly did. Blaine politely adverted his eyes.

This was how he spotted the second boy. The other teen was standing off to the side while the rest of his family argued, his hands clasped lightly behind his back, which was facing Blaine. The other boy's attention, it seemed, was fixed on something outside of the window he stood before.

The Dean cleared his throat then, drawing Blaine's attention to the man seated behind the desk.

"Mr. and Mrs. Hummel, I'd like to introduce Blaine Anderson- one of Dalton's finest." Blaine had the grace to blush at the pride in the older man's voice. He dutifully took a step forwards at the introduction and offered the Hummels a charming smile as he extended his hand while the Dean continued to speak. "He'll be the one showing your boys around the school today and seeing to it that they're all settled in."

The man in the ballcap turned to Blaine and gave him a quick once over before shaking his hand. "Burt Hummel." He offered gruffly, giving a slight quirk of his lips as he adjusted his hat with his spare hand. When he released Blaine's hand he gestured to the small woman at his side. "And this is my wife, Carole."

Blaine shook Carole's hand as well, smile widening slightly at the blush he noticed staining the woman's cheeks as he took her hand.

Carole glanced back at Finn, still smiling a bit dazedly and still holding on to Blaine's hand. "This is my son, Finn."

Finn's hands remained shoved firmly in his jean pockets. He nodded at Blaine in acknowledgement, his expression not entirely unfriendly- but not quite welcoming, either. Blaine simply returned the nod in kind as he released Carole's hand.

"Kurt, come over here," Burt instructed with a wave towards the other boy.

Blaine glanced back in time to see the other boy turn, and he prayed that his expression didn't betray his surprise as he took in the teen's appearance for the first time.

The boy was slight, maybe even smaller than Blaine himself, and his frame was hugged by a simple gray sweater that was tailored to fit him like a glove. The gray of the sweater brought out the liquid steel of his eyes and accented the porcelain of his skin, and the black jeans the teen wore had to have been painted on. His hair, as everything else about the boy, was perfectly sculpted without a russet strand out of place.

Blaine realized he was still staring when gray eyes began to regard him curiously.

He cleared his throat and offered his hand once more.

"My son, Kurt," Burt supplied.

Blaine perhaps held this handshake a beat too long, distracted the moment Kurt accepted his hand to shake lightly. "I'm Blaine," he reiterated unnecessarily. "Rumor has it that I'll be showing you around the campus today."

The teen's lips tipped in a reluctant half-smile.

Burt clapped his hands together and cleared his throat. "Well, that's that." Blaine actually jumped guiltily at the sudden noise and took an unnecessary step away from Kurt before turning to face the older man. "I guess you three can head off while we finish up here?"

The question in the statement was directed at the Dean, who nodded in confirmation.

Kurt brushed past Blaine in a smooth movement and flung his arms around his father in a tight hug- one that was immediately returned. Burt hugged his son tight enough to lift Kurt's feet off of the ground slightly. It made Blaine smile fondly, even as Kurt harmlessly swatted his father's shoulder in reprimand.

Finn was hugging his mother, once again some sort of quiet conversation passing between the two, before he reluctantly released her and nodded morosely. Carole put a hand to her son's cheek and offered him a watery smile before moving to wish her other son goodbye. She smacked Burt's arm lightly when he still refused to let go of Kurt, and the small family shared a laugh when Burt begrudgingly released Kurt from the bear hug- only to snatch Finn in one in the smaller brother's stead.

Kurt readily hugged Carole, still shaking his head at his father's antics. Blaine politely adverted his eyes when he noticed that the pair was growing teary eyed. Instead, he took the chance to get both transfers' files from the Dean so that Blaine actually knew where he would be taking the brothers. He glanced over the information in both folders, and by the time he was finished with that, the family had finished their goodbyes.

Burt pointed at Blaine and gave him a grave look. "You take care of my boys, kid," he commanded, voice even gruffer than before.

Blaine offered a small smile of understanding. "I will, sir."

Burt nodded and squeezed Kurt's shoulder a final time before he and Carole moved to take the two seats in front of the Dean's desk, and Blaine turned to the two transfers that were now under his care. His gaze softened sympathetically when he noted that Kurt looked like he was proudly fighting tears, while Finn was once more staring blankly at his shoes.

"Alright, let's head out," he offered jovially, tucking the files he'd procured under his arm as he opened the Dean's door and gestured the brothers ahead. He waited until both had filed past him before exiting himself and pulling the door shut once more. "We'll start by checking out the grounds, then we'll get you both settled into your dorms. If we make good time, you might even have enough time before your first class to wander around a bit on your own."

He glanced back at Kurt and offered a sympathetic quirk of his lips. "Sound good?"

The brunette punched out an breath before nodding, shoulders pulling back in a false bravado. He moved to follow Blaine.

The tour took twice the amount of time as was usual, and rather than having extra time afterwards, Blaine in fact barely managed to get the two transfers to their respective classes on time at all. He was actually late to his own 10 o'clock class, but luckily the professor was already aware that Blaine would be escorting the new students around campus, and as such didn't comment on his late arrival.

Still, as Blaine sat through his Ancient Roman History lecture, he found his thoughts drifting inevitably back to the boy with the stunning gray eyes.