Mysterious Man

Tank Dempsey was sitting on the floor of when they were first Teleported here. He stared up at the hanging form of a Mysterious Man.
He feels like he had met him before, talked to him, there was something about him that seemed so familiar.
But Dempsey couldn't remember due to Richtofen erasing his memories about everything.

They were all resting, Richtofen was sitting, staring at Dempsey, Takeo was wiping the blood off of his precious Katana, and Nikolai was drinking his Vodka. As usual.

"Say, Doc. What do you know about him?" Dempsey asked the Nazi Doctor, nodding his head in the direction of the hanging man.
Richtofen stared at him for a second, but then smiled. Not a normal smile, a disturbing one.
"I guess I could tell you vhat his name is. Itz Peter." He said after a moment.
"Peter..." The Marine stared up at Peter. "Peter, Peter... Who are you...?" Dempsey wondered to himself, watching as Peter gently swung from the rope wrapped around his neck.
Richtofen smirked, "Vell, lets say ve get back to killing the Zombies, Ja?" The crazy German laughed, "Okay, Sam! Itz your call!" Richtofen grinned, walking down the stairs and to where the box was.
Dempsey groaned, standing and swinging his M16 off his shoulder and stalking down the stairs, being followed by a drunk Russian.
"Ow!" Dempsey growled as Nikolai had tripped and fell onto Dempsey's back, who in turn fell down the stairs.
"Watch it, you stupid drunk Russian!"
"Stupid American!"
"Hmph!" Dempsey turned and walked towards the Comm Room.
"Tch!" Nikolai stomped off the opposite way, to the Storage area.

After a while, the many hordes of Zombies started to die down again, and Dempsey found himself back in the same spot, staring at this.. Peter.
He closed his eyes, and tried to focus his thoughts. On Peter, on anything. He was trying so hard to remember.

Remember his life before all the shit with Zombies started... What did Tank Dempsey do for a living?

Dempsey groaned and clutched his head, 'Stupid, stupid...' He thought, shaking his head. 'Why can't you remember anything?'

The American switched his gaze to looking out one of the broken walls. He watched the tree's sway gently in wind and the leaves fall gently from said trees and onto the gross swamp water...

'Ew.' Dempsey shook his head. He got up and walked back down stairs, going towards the box. He turned right and walked to the outside by that on huge trap, and threw the swamp water and into the little room, and to the box.
"C'mon, give me a good gun." He said quietly, glaring at the box.
"Hey! Ray G-... Ballistic... knife..." He watched it change a second later. Sadly, he took the knife, glaring while he heard that crazy girl giggle. Out of anger, he kicked the box, ignoring the jolt of pain that went up his leg.
"Stupid box..." He cursed the mystery box and once again used it. To his luck, he got a spas-12.
"Better than this." He said, trading the shot gun with his ballistic knife. "Hmm, I guess I could live with this for a little while..." He decided before walking off.
"Oh, hey Tak." He greeted the Japanese Man, watching as he walked over to the box.
Dempsey watched as Takeo got the Ballistic knife that he traded away.
"..." The American ran away, trying his hardest not to laugh. "Oh God, poor Tak..." He said, shaking his head with a smirk.

With his two guns, Dempsey walked back to the main place and back up the stairs, retracing his steps. The Marine walked and sat down in the same spot he sat in before, and put his spas-12 down.
"Who ever you are, I will find out about you. I swear, on my Heart." Tank Dempsey said, smirking up at Peter.