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"Bye, Mama!" Kagome shouted, jumping down the well. In a flash of light, she was at the bottom, but as she looked above herself, she knew something was wrong. Ivy covered the entrance, and along the sides, the thorns were so thick she figured she would have a tough time climbing out. None the less, Kagome attempted and eventually broke through to the outside world successfully.

The trees were many, growing in a crowded cluster, and Kagome thought that the clearing she stood in was considerably smaller, the towering trunks looming ominously over her.

A rustle came from the bushes on her right, and Kagome, already completely confused, turned quickly on her heel. "He-hello?"

A man came from the bushes. "Hm. It's strange for you to be so far from the village. What's your name, ningen?"

Kagome took one look at the man and knew who he was. Inu-no-Taisho stared back at her, his rugged looks befittingly handsome. His silver hair was tinged with white, and his golden eyes seemed to glow even brighter than the sun that shown above them. He stared at her fiercely, and Kagome knew only one thing in that moment. She wanted to love him with all her heart, and she wanted him to love her back.

Kagome smiled lightly. "Izayoi. My name's Izayoi."


Inu-no-Taisho looked down and stared at the palace. "That's where you live?"

"Yes," Kagome lied. All she ever did was lie to him, and the guilt overwhelmed her.

"Hn. Maybe I should meet your parents," the demon lord suggested, glancing at her out of the corner of his eye.

"I don't think that's a good idea," Kagome argued. "They wouldn't take well to a demon. Not like I do. You shouldn't even be in the village."

The demon smirked, turning to the miko fully. "Then maybe you and I should leave the village."

Kagome beamed. "I would be glad to."


"Taisho," Kagome called quietly, stumbling clumsily into the clearing.

The demon lord appeared before her, catching her right before she fell. "You sure are accident prone."

Kagome smiled up at him as she had often done before. "Yes...well, I have something important to say."

"Hm? What's that?" asked the demon, leaning back to study her closely.

"Taisho," Kagome murmured. "I'm pregnant."

They stared at each other for a moment blankly, but in an instant, they were both grinning from ear to ear, embracing each other tightly.

"I love you," Kagome mumbled.

"I know," Taisho sighed.

If only he knew the life she had given up for him and the lies she had told to achieve it. If only he knew...


Kagome screamed, looking around herself in a panic. Fire prowled around her like a cat going for a kill. Kagome held InuYasha tighter in her arms, afraid of her baby being injured by the heated flames.

Fear poured through her every muscle as she ran in circles, searching for an escape.

There wasn't one to be found.

Kagome had struck a deal with the lord so she could live in the palace, and she had been happy. The servants had loved her...and so had the lord.

When the news got out that she was with hanyou child...everything had gone downhill.

The lord made sure she had no escape.

Tears streaked down her face excessively both from her terror and the suffocating smoke. Kagome looked down at her innocent child, smiling through her pain as she remembered the man he would become. If only she could get them out of the blaze alive.

It was the that Inu no Taisho appeared before them, wounds bleeding like small rivers. Kagome gasped, running at him. "Taisho!"

He looked at her, his eyes strangely blank. "Izayoi, come here."

She obeyed, standing before him and gazing up at him through hazy eyes.

"Hand him to me," the demon lord ordered.

Kagome handed him the baby. "This is InuYasha, Taisho."

"InuYasha..." Inu no Taisho looked back up at Kagome, his eyes shining warmly. "Let me get you two out of here."

The miko—though a secret miko—nodded, regaining the baby in her arms while Taisho grabbed her from behind. In a blast of youki, they were hurled into the air, a green bubble of light around them.

"Stay here," Taisho demanded when they landed, throwing himself back into the air and returning the the burning palace.

Kagome continued crying, staring after him desolately. She knew he wouldn't return.


"The other kids won't play with me," InuYasha complained, pouting.

Kagome smiled, poking him lightly. "Now, you know better than to let them get you down."

InuYasha kept pouting, grumbling, "Yeah, I know."

His mother giggled lightly, standing once again. "Come here and help me cook up some food, InuYasha."

The hanyou flashed teeth brightly at his mother, grabbing a spoon to help her stir the meal. "Okay."

Kagome stared down at her son with content. You'll grow up to be strong and determined one day...InuYasha...


"Long ago, your father fought a giant dragon youkai."


Kagome nodded, her mouth and eyes wide as she spread her arms apart. "Much bigger than this."

InuYasha frowned then, looking down in thought.

"What is it?" Kagome questioned, leaning closer and peering at the hanyou's pensive expression.

"Well," InuYasha started. "I was just wondering why father isn't around if he was so great like you always say he was."

Kagome scowled. "He isn't around because he saved us. Your father was a great man. Never believe otherwise."

InuYasha knew his mother was right. She had never been so serious about anything before.


"InuYasha," Kagome said, "I want you to run away from here."

"But why, Mother!?" InuYasha sobbed, whimpering as the villagers shouted louder at the sound of his distress.

"Do it for me," Kagome told him calmly. "Grow up to be big and strong like your father."

InuYasha nodded, wiping the tears from his face.

Kagome then pushed him toward the door at the back of the hut, watching as he disappeared. As soon as she was sure that he was gone and that the villagers weren't going after him, she stepped out of the hut, wincing immediately as she was pelted with stones.

Each stab of pain was accepted though. She knew she had something to look for on the other side, and she was sorry for everything she had done wrong.

I lied for your love, Taisho, and I'm sorry.

With a sad, content feeling, Kagome collapsed, her life bleeding out. As death came, so did the demon she had waited so long for.

Without a doubt in his mind, he grabbed the woman he had fallen in love with, forgiving everything she had done wrong, and flew with her into the heavens.

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