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Third Person POV


"Mama, really. I'll be fine," Kagome insisted, hauling her large yellow pack onto her shoulders.

Mrs. Higurashi sighed, embracing her daughter quickly. "I know. I just worry about you. Promise me you'll be safe."

Kagome smiled, knowing that her mother was just concerned for her wellbeing. "Mama, I promise you that I'll be safe." She made her way to the well then, waving as she began to sprint. Kagome hauled herself over the side of the well. Her pack threw her balance, and before she could gain proper footing, she had toppled headfirst into the well.

Kagome waved her arms widely as she tried to right herself, eventually getting her feet below her head once again. The familiar light of changing times evaporated, and Kagome glanced around in confusion as she opened her eyes to utter darkness.

"What the heck," Kagome murmured, turning in a circle. As her eyes adjusted, she determined that the top of the well was covered in vines and foliage, blocking out most of the sunlight. Her eyebrows knitted together in confusion, and for the first time in her life, Kagome felt claustrophobic. She rushed at the sides of the well, pulling back almost immediately when she felt several thorns embed themselves in her palms.

"Ow ow ow ow ow!" Kagome whisper-shouted, plucking the thorns out of her skin. She felt blood begin to flow, and she sighed. This is just what I need. She decided to try a different tactic. "INUYASHA!" She waited a few minutes, and when no hanyou came to her rescue, panic set in. She felt herself begin to hyperventilate, and no matter what she told herself, she couldn't calm down. Something had to very wrong for her half-demon companion to ignore her calls.

Kagome bent over her large pack, searching for something, anything to help her escape the well. Luckily, she found some garden gloves she had packed—though why she had no idea—and hurriedly pulled them on. Heaving her pack onto her back once again, Kagome slowly began to climb out of the well. However, she was stopped once again as she neared the top. How was she to clear away the vines so that she could climb out?

Groaning in frustration, Kagome gripped the nearest vine with her right hand as tightly as she could, reaching behind her back to grab an arrow with her left. She wildly slashed at the vines above her, and they tore from the well opening easily, most hitting her on the way down. By the time she had made a hole big enough to fit through, she was covered in scratches and thorns.

Kagome, panting and exhausted, finally landed on the grass beside the well. Growling lightly, she began to pull the thorns out of her arms and face. She knew that by now she probably looked ridiculous, pieces of plants caught in her hair and trails of blood smeared all over her skin.

The miko pulled herself to her feet, leaving the monstrously huge pack next to the well. It was obvious to her that the clearing around the well had shrunk in size considerably, the trees looming over her head only ten feet away.

"What's going on?" she mumbled, spinning around to look at the forest from all angles. The trees swayed ominously in the wind, and to her it seemed they were tacitly suggesting that she go back from which she came. Where were her companions? The villagers? What had happened while she was gone?

There was a sound to her right, and Kagome whirled towards it. The arrow she had used to escape from the well was still clutched tightly in her fingers, but her bow was sitting on her pack. She wouldn't be able to fight off the threat. "Who's there? InuYasha?"

"It is strange to find a human so far from the village," a man said, stepping from the bushes.

Kagome almost fell over in shock, recognizing him immediately. His rugged features were unbelievably handsome, and he looked exactly like InuYasha and Sesshomaru with his silver-white hair and gold eyes. Too stunned to even speak, Kagome gaped at him, her eyes so wide that it inhibited her vision.

Inu no Taisho assumed that her reaction was caused by fear, and he eyed her levelly. "You have no reason to fear this one, ningen."

Kagome had to fight to keep from laughing, his arrogant naming of himself reminding the miko of Sesshomaru. "I'm not afraid of demons, Taisho."

"How strange," the youkai announced, coming closer. "Maybe you should be."

Kagome couldn't help but to agree with that. "I think that sometimes too, but I've lived with them too long to distrust them without reason."

Inu no Taisho stared at her with confusion, thinking her way of speech strange. "Tell me your name, ningen?"

Kagome looked up, totally planning on telling him that she was Kagome, a miko from the future. She was going to tell him that she knew his two sons, even loved one of them. Then, she was going to jump down the well and leave him forever. But when she did look up, she found his gold eyes blazing into hers. All that she knew at that moment was that she wanted to love him with all her heart…

Before she could stop herself, Kagome blurted, "Izayoi. My name's Izayoi."

She almost wanted to slam her hand over her mouth and scream the truth, but her lie had already been told, and she didn't want to take it back now in case he grew angry at her manipulation and decided to kill her. Not only that, but in her heart, she couldn't find room to regret what she had done.

…and she wanted him to love her back.