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This is Spirit!

Chapter 14: For Love and Freedom (Part 2)

Dust swirled around the tarmac road, flinging itself on a whim at whoever happened to be nearby. The memories of the forgotten sun were far off in the distance as an orange and yellow backdrop against a dark blue sky. The first of the stars awakened, twinkling down on those below. As the day began to rest, night took over, creeping towards everything on the surface. It is very rare that anybody would take the time to admire and contemplate this scene. Not if they live in a city. Alone, seated on a water tower, a cloaked figure stared down at the city scene below him. For once, he could not think of any comforting words of Wisdom, not even for himself.

Why must humans always fight? What do they gain from it that is worth countless lives but not their own? I do not understand it. Perhaps I never will...

In contrast to the scene up above in the night sky, the city below was in absolute shambles. Just the 24 Hour Hop mart was a fine example.

"Earthkrona, transform head medapart and search for Ant type parts!"

The green tank like medabot's head began rapidly transforming into the jelly like substance. Its head rapidly switched between different parts before finally stopping on a green helmet with ant antennae and pincers. Tiny turrets began dropping out of two small hatches where its ears would have been.

"Not so fast..." Two blue flashes swept through the air, dashing against Earthkrona, knocking her backwards at least 10 metres.

"Now, activate them!" Earthkrona's eyes flashed momentarily as all the turrets activated, peppering the two medabots with lasers. The two merely jumped out of the circle of lasers, taking no damage. Like bolts of lightning, they ran through everybody's medabots, knocking them all down before they were all hit by the Robo-Empress's napalm missiles.

"Chrome, Gun-metal blast!" Chrotojil's missiles began glowing green before exploding as a barrage of missiles ejected.

Gunpowder medapart at 150% power. Warning. Medal defect at critical levels.

Robo-Empress stepped in the way of the missiles, roaring like a Tyrannosaurus. The missiles all vibrated from the force of the screech, exploding prematurely. Twin-Scissors dashed towards Chrome as he collapsed, blacking out again.

"No Chrome, not now, don't go down now!" DC said panicked.

"Sumilidon, Shadow Sword!" Sumilidon launched towards Twin-Scissors, blocking his sword with his own claws, protecting Chrome's lifeless body as DC retrieved him. Whitesword appeared right next to Sumilidon, kicking him all the way back to Koji. The two samurai like medabots started their charge again.

"Nutranurse, help!" Nutranurse put both of her arms up above her, blocking out their attacks with a massive pink force field.

"Useless," Twin-Scissors said as he repeatedly hammered it again and again. "What you do is useless!" His fist crashed into the force field, smashing it into pieces as Nutranurse fell back from the shock of it.

"Aokshi, use the Redblaze attack!" A massive red fireball flew towards Twin-Scissors, bowling him over in one shot. Whitesword almost flew over to Aokshi who was brandishing a gleaming red sword that was attached to his arm. They clashed, causing a massive shockwave to spread throughout the field.

"Akia, what do I do?" Aokshi asked as he slowly began getting pushed back with the Robo-Empress lurching slowly towards him.

"I don't know, I don't know!"

"We can't win this robattle," Miss Nae said. "We just have to hold out until the others arrive."

"And when is that?" Koji asked. "What if they don't make it back in time? They were meant to be the distraction while we won! We can't depend on them to win for us!"

"But look at everyone," Miss Nae said pointing at the damaged medabots. Blackbeetle, Brass, Kantaroth, Komandog, Aquacrown and Saldron were all lying on the ground or being tended to by their medafighters. All of them had their medals ejected. To make things worse, Tak was practically in shock from a very well aimed missile that exploded right next to him. DC was also clutching his stomach in pain from a punch to his gut. Karen's right pigtail was chopped to just below her ear and she looked genuinely scared, rarely commanding Nutranurse to fight and instead healing everyone who was injured. Miss Nae herself was clutching her right arm tightly after a brief encounter with Whitesword.

Koji clenched his fists tighter as his mind furiously worked to figure out a way out of the situation.

I can't believe we're losing like this! It's only three medabots... three medabots! How come we can't beat these guys?

Whitesword ran towards Sumilidon with his sword dragging behind him. His eyes flashed wider than normal as one of the communications he had with his partners got severed.

"Queen Bee... got beaten?" Whitesword came to an abrupt halt and jumped back warily. "No... it must be a mistake. A glitch in my systems. These guys couldn't beat you, Queen Bee." The group looked at the enemy medabots confused as they now looked like they were on the defensive.

"Queen Bee? Do they mean that yellow bee medabot from before? That was who Ikki was fighting. Ikki won?"

Twin-Scissors flinched as another signal went dead.

"Grandslam... what a savage way to be defeated. No matter. Prepare yourselves!" All three medabots charged in for the finishing blow, with Robo-Empress firing her missiles.

"Sumilidon, Disruptor!"

Sumilidon began glowing green all over his body. All the incoming missiles exploded before reaching anybody. Whitesword and Twin-Scissors both leaped back immediately before they were engulfed by the explosions and rising clouds of dust. A raging roar bellowed out across the field as the Robo-Empress stormed out of the explosions aiming all of its guns at Koji and Sumilidon.

"Windstorm, Shadow Sword!"

A bright white flash streaked past Robo-Empress, knocking her backwards in shock. Seconds later, the guns attached slowly began sliding off of its arms, screeching as metal grinded against metal. The hulking dinosaur like robot looked at its arm as it began to register its defeat before erupting in clouds of smoke and fire. The group looked for the white flash that had defeated the Robo-Empress in one shot.

"Hey guys, did you miss me?" a voice said cheerily.

No way, is that Ikki? Koji asked himself as the dust began to clear. Two figures stepped out of the dust. An ordinary boy wearing a red shirt and blue shorts stepped out of the dust smiling. "I can't believe you didn't finish them off yet," Ikki said as he returned to the group. "And here I was thinking that I might have taken too long to get here but actually it was just in time!"

The white flash returned to Ikki's side as a shorter cream and red medabot with dented parts and large gaping holes in her armour.

"No sweat. After that last fight, one Robo-Empress is a piece of cake!" Windstorm said smugly. Hanging over her shoulder was the yellow frame of Metabee. His medal was glinting in Ikki's medawatch.

"Ikki! About time you showed up dude!" Rintarou screamed waving his fist around, nearly punching DC in the jaw.

"So you're back huh?" Akkiana said with a slight half smile. "Great job. Heard you took out Queen Bee."

"Yeah, but it wasn't easy," Ikki said rubbing the back of his head shyly, trying not to get overconfident after his victory.

Whitesword and Twin-Scissors watched the two new arrivals suspiciously.

"It looks like the people who beat Queen Bee," Whitesword said warily. "We must be cautious. They beat Robo-Empress in one shot."

"She was the weakest member in our team," Twin-Scissors assured him. "The STG type could have done it too if he wasn't protecting his friends and fighting us at the same time. But nonetheless, they are dangerous. Queen Bee would not be defeated by third-rates."

"Then let's end this now!"

The two charged in rage at the newcomer.

"Snap, they're after us!" DC said as he took a few steps back. "Alright Chrotojil, prepare for..." Chrome was lying on the floor, completely exhausted. "Come on Chrome, get up!"

"I don't wanna," Chrome said sleepily. "I can't move anymore..."

"You might never move again too. Let's go!" DC picked up Chrotojil and hauled him over his shoulder. "Darn it... when we get back I'll mix you up myself. Don't be so lazy!"

An earth shattering roar spread through the field. Multiple explosions went off in succession around where the defeated Robo-Empress was. The purple and black robot stood back up practically reeking of death as its hunger for blood was brought forth again. Robo-Empress was back.

"They just don't quit do they? Koji said gritting his teeth. Everybody braced themselves as it aimed what was left of its guns straight at them.

"Formation Delta, move, move, move!" seven grey streaks of smoke swept across the sky, blocking out the picture of the sky above. Everybody looked up to see a squadron of fighter jets looping through the skies in perfect unison, descending rapidly to the ground. A barrage of missiles ejected from them, slamming straight into the enemies. The Robo-Empress roared in rage, completely unfazed by the attack as it let loose a barrage of red lasers. All the fighters scrambled, breaking formation as they dived away from the lasers. A laser slammed directly into one fighter, burning a hole straight through the left wing. The whole jet spiralled wildly out of the skies, heading into what was left of the convenience store. Two small figures were seen getting ejected out of the jet before it crashed into the store, exploding in a brilliant blaze of colours.

One of the figures began to slow down as a parachute billowed out from its back. The other figure appeared to completely stop in midair with fire shooting out of its back. Rocket thrusters appeared to be holding it up.

The two figures slowly descended to the ground, avoiding the wreckage from the jet. Explosions kept on going off in the store from the fighter.

The two figures landed on the ground. The smaller one with the rocket thrusters was an Air-Ptera with a shattered visor and bents all over its body. Patches of steel and wires were showing through cracks in its armour and its right wing was cut in half. The other figure next to it was a teenage girl in the Select Corps uniform. There were blood soaked bandages tied around her legs and arms and one large strip tied to her waist. Her left arm was heavily bandaged while her right hand was covered up by a burnt glove. The armour that was around her right arm was destroyed, possibly beyond repair. Her hair was soaked with blood and very unkempt and matted. A blood soaked bandana was tied around her head, barely recognisable from whatever it was.

She took out a pistol from a holster tied to her right leg and aimed for the Robo-Empress.

"We meet again, payback for last time," she snarled, adding some foul words before firing. The bullets all ricocheted off of its armour as it turned in rage to face her. It let out a roar as it shot out a massive red energy blast. She rolled to her left, just barely avoiding the blast, and out of the ashes of the blast, the Air-Ptera charged after the massive enemy, slashing at it with his sharpened wings. The Robo-Empress slapped him back towards the Select Corps officer. She dived and caught the Air-Ptera. "You alright Air-Hawk?"

"I'm fine. Just watch your health, Sakura," he said before his eyes faded off from the stress of the fighting from before. Sakura clenched her fists tightly, or as tightly as her left fist could handle.

"Don't worry, I'll get us outta here," she said as she attached him to her back as if he were a backpack. She stood up as rage began to fill her. She looked up at the other medafighters. "Civilians, get out of here! This is too dangerous for you guys to handle! An armoured escort should be arriving shortly. Stay hidden for now while we handle it!"

DC, Koji, Akkia and Ikki all shook their heads in unison.

"It seems she doesn't know who we are, does she?" DC said.

"It can't be helped now, can it?" Koji said smugly.

"Whatever, she can handle these three though," Akkia said preparing to leave.

"Just ignore her and keep moving to the saucer," Ikki commanded. Sakura looked at them confused as they ran into the saucer.

Perhaps they don't take me seriously because I'm so young? She thought to herself.

"Please, do not be alarmed by my young age!" she yelled. "I am a well trained police officer, and a Select Corps trainee! My being in High school has no effect o my skill!" Still no reply. "I... I'm a Black belt too! And very good at kendo! And... I didn't just steal a jet using my father's keys! I actually know what I'm doing!"

"Shut up!" DC yelled back at her. "When it comes to robattles, we're the professionals! Not you!"

Sakura was completely taken aback by the lack of fear in all of them as they marched into the saucer. The other three enemy medabots were all too busy holding off the Select Corps to worry about them. Or her for that matter.

Darn it! Those idiots will get themselves killed! This isn't a robattle. It never was!

Two figures leaped down from literally out of nowhere. An elderly man with a ninja type medabot walked in after them.

"Wa-wait! Old man! It's too dangerous to go in there!"

The elder turned around to face her.

"How rude! Treat your elders with a bit more respect! Start by calling me Old man 'sir'! Second by not calling me Old man! I'm only thirty two!"


"Just call me, Mr Referee!"

And with that, they walked in after them.

Thirty two? Seriously? But ignoring that, I can't let them go any further!

Mentally kicking herself for being so rash about her decisions, she charged after them into the saucer.

. . .

Ikki looked around him at the interior of the saucer.

"Hey guys, does this place remind you of anything?" He asked everybody.

"Like what? Come on, tell me, tell me!" Rintarou said shouting at the top of his voice.

"The World Robattle stadium," Erika said as she began to remember visiting Ikki and Koji backstage. Indeed, the hallway they were inside was a lot like a large hallway in a football stadium. "This place is just like the WRC stadium, just waaaay bigger!"

Now however, instead of posters of past stars on the walls, there were complicated diagrams of medabots and weapons. It was all painted in a monotonous purple with lines of bolts drilled into the walls every five metres.

"Not very original for a flying saucer," Akkia said looking around. "It seems like a combo between a football stadium and a cheap UFO in an old 2011 movie."

"I dunno, I quite liked the movies from that year," DC said. "And from 2010. But for some reason, everything after 2012 became garbage."

"I disagree," Koji said. "But more importantly, we shouldn't be talking about movies in here. We could be attacked at any moment."

As if on cue, a large section of the roof caved in, falling startlingly close to Ikki and the reactivated Metabee.

"Whoa! Where the hell did that come from?" Metabee yelled as more of the ceiling began to fall.

"Everybody take cover!" Someone said. Ikki couldn't tell who had spoken over all the noise. All he cared about was escaping the falling chunks of metal. A multitude of glowing eyes peered out from behind the smoke. Before anyone could even react to it they were already bombarded under a hail of missiles and rockets. Earthkrona drove up in front of everyone, creating a massive green force field blocking out the bullets. Her arms were morphed into a pair of thin grey arms with bandages wrapped around them. Very similar to ghost parts belonging to Mistyghost.

A troop of Robo-Emperors and Robo-Empresses stormed out of the crack in the ceiling, firing in all directions, even occasionally themselves. Another crash spread through the hallway as another hole opened up in the ceiling. Eleven figures dropped down from the ceiling.

"Tyrellbeetle, go!"

"Blackbeetle, take them down!"

Explosions flashed through the air, clouding out whatever was happening beyond the cloud of smoke. Screams and bending metal was all that could be heard before a Robo-Emperor was seen flying out of the smoke. Tyrellbeetle jumped out of the smoke after it. With his eyes glowing bright red with rage, he grabbed its spaghetti like legs and swung it around himself rapidly, smashing its head against the walls way too often for it to be healthy. Finally with a primal roar, he smashed it against the wall again, smashing it through the wall into the neighbouring room.

"Alright! That's how you get the job done!" Tyrellbeetle exclaimed clenching his fist tightly. The smoke cleared behind him to reveal an army of Robo-Emperors all collapsed on the floor with ejected medals. The modified Blackbeetle was sitting on top of one of them like a it was a bench, swinging her feet in its face, kicking it again and again.

"Well that was a good warm up," she said as she jumped off. Saikachis blowing at his gun barrels to clear the smoke away.

"So can we go now?" he asked sounding slightly bored. "This place aint enough for me."

"Don't get cocky now guys," Leo said wading over the defeated bodies. "We're in the very centre of it all. We could get jumped at any moment."

"That's why you've got me here to save you!" Ginkai said with a grin.

"Don't forget about me..." Zuru said almost silently.

"Hey, hey, medabots are just as important as you guys!" Arc-Dash said noisily as he and Arcbeetle arrived on the scene. Space Medafighter X appeared out of thin air standing in the middle of the group, startling everybody. He looked around himself seemingly confused, as if he didn't know that nobody knew that he was there the whole time.

"Great job everybody," he said, shrugging off everybody's confusion. "I'm impressed that you managed to make it this far. Especially you Ikki. You might not be the strongest here, but you perhaps had the biggest challenge fighting Queen Bee on your own. We had to get a whole team together just to keep up with Grandslam... Hey, are you listening to me?"

Ikki and Kam weren't paying him the slightest attention. Instead they were both staring intently at Leo's medabots. Metabee and Kam's Blackbeetle were also talking to their counterparts.

"No way," Ikki said. "Another Saikachis? I thought it was a custom model that only Miss Nae had especially for me! I thought I was special!"

"No, sorry Ikki," Miss Nae said. "It's only your Saikachis which was custom made for demolition mode. There are many others with the same model.

"No! And I thought I was special..." Ikki said dejectedly.

"More importantly," Kam began. "This medabot is a Kilobot, just like Blackbeetle. But all of the parts were put together from a group of other medabots..."

"I thought I was special..."

"There don't seem to be any clashing parts. All though those Prominence horns on the Saikachis, no ordinary medafighter could weld those together and have them still functioning. I commend your skill as a mechanic."

"Aw, it's not that hard," Leo said smiling brightly. "I've learnt some of this stuff in school so I'm pretty familiar with the stuff."

"You must also be pretty good to have two medabots instead of one. I hear Ikki and Zuru have a tough time of it..."

While they were talking with each other, Metabee was... well, being Metabee.

"You cheat! You're trying to copy my style! There can only be, one Metabee!"

"Please, the Saikachis swag can only be rocked by me! Keep your outdated name and reclaim your outdated parts!"

"What you talking about? I've got more skills than you'll ever know! World Robattle champion baby! Or at least Ikki says I was in the Championship..."

"You can't even remember? You must be DEFECTIVE!"

"Kikikikikai! I... am not... DEFECTIVE!"

"you're straight up defective! I bet you'll forget your name soon enough!"

"Look pal, I don't look like I was run through a washing machine, you do. So stuff it!"

"Bra, my look is what everybody's talking about!"

"Then everyone will look homeless soon enough... and you can't use action mode like that can you? I can't believe it, hahaha!"

"Who needs action mode? It's not like I'm jealous or anything!"

The two kept arguing like children while the Backbeetle's seemed to be getting along perfectly well, promising to exchange medaparts some time. Ikki had finally stopped whining about the loss of his uniqueness and was now staring Leo down evilly.

"Don't think you're so awesome just because you have two medabots like mine..."

"Huh? Is there a problem?" Leo said innocently enough. Ikki looked up at him, noticing his insane height and instantly slunk away behind Metabee. "What? What's wrong?" Leo asked confused.

"No! N-n-n-nothing. Nothing at all. Sorry f-f-for b-bothering you. I know y-y-you weren't trying to copy me..."

Leo looked at Ikki confused before shrugging his shoulders and moving ahead of the group deeper into the saucer. Everybody else followed after him. The only other sound being heard was the repetitive clinking of footsteps on metal.

"Hold it!"

Everybody turned around as they saw the flustered Sakura sprinting after them, huffing and puffing. "I... cannot... allow you... to go any further! Whew I'm tired..." Sakura came to a standstill in front of the group, heaving and wheezing.

"Oh, you're back," Koji said with very little emotion at all.

"And I was thinking you wouldn't make it," DC said with a half smile. "Thought you'd get lost outside or something."

"Who do you think I am? I'm a member of the Select Corps! Or at least I'm training to be one."

"'training' isn't enough here," Akkia said. "Unless you can tell me you're as strong as these guys, you can't come here."

"Correction, you can't come here!" Sakura said. "This place isn't safe for civilians. You'll get hurt!"

"Excuse me young lady," DC said. "But it appears that you are the one in need of the most medical attention."

"I'm trained to handle this like it was nothing, and that didn't sound elegant at all!"

"Ok seriously, what happened to you?" Rintarou asked noting her haggard appearance. "You look like... I dunno, something bad!"

Sakura looked herself over, and true enough, when she compared herself to the others she looked terrible.

"Well my plane crashed. Twice. Sorry about wrecking the store that time..."

"Wrecking what?!" Space Medafighter X screamed panicked. Everyone turned to face him, unsure of what was wrong. He quickly regained his composure and pretended not to notice anything after that, obviously nervous about something. Regaining her composure, Sakura started speaking again.

"Well it doesn't matter! I also have another mission. Phantom Renegade! AKA, Hikaru Agata, you are under arrest for causing the ten days of darkness!"

"So I caused the ten days of darkness. But how are you planning on arresting me, when you have a broken arm, a broken medabot, and a broken spirit?"

"What do you mean? I can still fight just as well as you!"

"But I may be your best bet at victory right now. You can't afford to arrest me. You know it yourself."

"I... I don't need your help or your advice... I..."

"Look out!"

DC leaped forward, pushing Sakura backwards about five metres, just before a large section of the wall smashed inwards. Chunks of steel shattered into the hallway, flying way too close to the people standing inside. A group of Belzelgas stepped out of the hole in the wall, with their visors glowing bright red. DC and Sakura stepped backwards, narrowly avoiding a swinging punch that smashed into the wall next to them.

"Krosserdog, use the decoy hammer!"

"Windstorm, transform right arm!"

Krosserdog charged forward, smashing his gargantuan fist into a Belzelga's face. While it toppled backwards, Windstorm leaped over Kroswserdog's back, morphing her sword arm into Sumilidon't classic Flexorsword part. She sliced it through the Belzelga's chest, shutting it down instantly. The rest of the Belzelga's all dived on top of Windstorm and Krosserdog, stopping them dead in their tracks.

"Don't underestimate me!" Windstorm screamed as they all flung off of her from a massive tornado. A wayward flying Belzelga was flung straight into Arcbeetle who merely held his fist out in front of himself. The Belzelga flew straight into the fist, crumpling to the ground as it shut down. Another section of the wall exploded, revealing more Belzelga's, Blackram's, and two Mega-Emperors.

"Sumilidon, Shadow Sword!"

A yellow flash split through the air, disabling multiple medabots at once, but not stopping them. The Mega-Emperors roared in rage as they fired all their guns at once. "Now Sumilidon, disrupt them!"

Random missiles began exploding prematurely, hiding them behind a cloud of dust.

"Alright, now's our chance to run!" Miss Nae said as the whole group, including Sakura, ran deeper into the saucer. Akkiana and Space Medafighter X stopped and turned around with their medabots, facing the enemys.

"What are you guys doing?" Ikki asked, seeing them keep robattling.

"We'll hold them off for a while," Akkiana said cracking her knuckles. "You guys keep going and win for us. We'll catch up if you need us."

"Wait, what if more appear?" Rintarou said as he glanced more steel and concrete being blown out. "You dude's won't make it!"

"Don't you forget who I am," Space Medafighter X said, sparing a glance back. "I cannot be defeated!"

"As long as I'm protecting Akkia, I'm invincible," Aokshi said as he concentrated a red energy ball between his hands. "My soul burns, just like my red blaze!"

"Aw come on! Why do the strong guys always leave?" DC whined as he realised that the two strongest medafighters were gone.

"Don't forget about me," Leo said with a hard look in his eyes. "I'm not gonna go down here."

"Hey guys, have you forgotten me already?" Banjo asked, pointing at his own chest with his thumb in an overconfident manner. "I won't lose to these guys!"

Sakura stared at them all with wide eyes.

Incredible. They took out mass numbers of Belzelgas with ease! I've never seen anybody who could do that in the Select Corps. I can barely handle one of them. Not to mention two Mega-Emperors!

"Hey... who are you guys anyway?" Sakura asked warily.

"Who, us?" DC asked with a smile. "I told you already, we're the professionals when it comes to robattles!"

"We're the best of the best!" Leo said while they were running.

"Well since she wants to know who we are, I'll introduce myself." Koji said, filling himself up with pride at someone recognising his superior qualities. "The name's Koji Karakuchi, second best medafighter in the whole of Japan!"

"DC here! Fifth strongest from Malawi Africa! Victor's got nothing on this!"

"And I'm Ikki Tenryou. The third strongest medafighter in Japan, and future strongest medafighter in the world!"

Tenryou? Don't tell me he's... wait, these guys are...

"Wait a second," Sakura said as it hit her. "You're Ikki Tenryou? As in, Jyouzo Tenryou's son? You're like a Legend back at HQ after stopping Giganko, and Metabee's our hero after stopping Baby Blu, along with all the other medabots who were with him! I can't believe this! It's you guys! And-and-and, I should have noticed before, but there's even Nae Akihabara with you! And-and, no way. Just, I'm sorry I didn't listen to you before! I'm sorry I didn't trust you guys before! I really am!"

"Not a problem at all, I'm used to people not trusting me," Ginkai said offhandedly. "We'll just keep on moving."

"Just one problem," Miss Nae said. Everybody turned to the older authority, waiting to hear what wisdom she had to say. "Some of us have to stop here and go back for safety, or at least repair the damaged medabots."


"Well, all my elemental series are shut down or nearly shut down. Same with Krosserdog and Totalizer. Nutranurse is also running low on power, Kantaroth has taken enough damage. The only ones who can now fight are you guys. Koji, Zuru, DC, Leo, Ginkai, Banjo, and you Ikki."

"Hey, I can also fight!" Sakura said indignant. "I told you, I'm a cop!"

"Lady, you can barely stand!" Metabee said as his long winded argument with the Saikachis finally stopped.

"Yes I can!"

"You, and your medabot, are finished if you go any further," Leo said with finality. "Go back and rest with Miss Nae. You can wait by a hospital."

Without another word, the others all marched into a separate hallway as they looked for another exit.

"Well then, I guess I'll escort you out seeing as you're so beaten down," DC said. "Alright, let's go."

"Nnngg... Fine! I'm going!"

Just before everybody left, Erika stopped and looked back over her shoulder, as if meaning to say something but not getting the courage for it.

"Hey Ikki," she said.


"Don't die. Whenever someone is told to be careful, they die. So I'm telling you know, don't die."

"Don't worry, I'm fine."

Erika ran off to catch up with everybody else while Sakura and DC were only just starting off.

DC and Sakura both walked slowly after the others leaving with Chrotojil, Sakura limping slightly along the way. "This is only because my team is fighting outside. I'll just help them out."

"Yeah yeah sure you will," DC said sarcastically. "Just give it a rest so I can join the others alre..."

A low rumbling noise spread through the hallway as the ground started shaking as if from an earthquake. A section of the roof fell on, blocking off Sakura and DC from the escaping group, and from Ikki's group. They disappeared from view behind a curtain of steel and concrete.

"Yo! You alright back there?" Metabee asked.

"Yeah, it's all good," DC said from behind the walls. "I'll meet up with you later!"

"You'll be okay?" Zuru asked.

"Just go! This time, you're the heroes! I've had my chance, now you go!"

The last of the group sprinted ahead, deeper into the saucer.

. . .

"Alright! This is it!" A large steel door flew open as Tyrellbeetle and Saikachis booted it down in rage. The whole group stepped inside a large hexagon shaped room. The walls were made entirely of a purple coloured metal, and the roof was completely dome shaped. The floor was made entirely of glass, but whatever was underneath it was unrecognisable. All that could be seen through the stained glass was a yellow tint. There was a large golden ring in the very end of the room hanging vertically, big enough to hold an outstretched adult inside it. Wires and electrical cords were wound all around it. Hanging in the very centre of the ring... was Samantha.

She looked so helpless hanging there. Her hands were bound by large metal gauntlets with flashing lights and panels all over them. Electric cables were wrapped around them and the large gear on her feet as well. Her blue jacket was torn apart and the edges of her jeans were frayed. Her hair was no longer tied up as usual, instead it hung loosely down her face, matted and tangled. Her orange sunglasses were cracked. Fresh tears were streaming down her face. Ikki felt a massive wave of rage swirl through his whole body at the thought that the once proud leader was now reduced to such a pitiful state. Ikki could barely understand the anger himself, nor where it came from. It even scared himself. But overriding that rage was something worse, fear. Fear that something, anything could have happened that he could've prevented.

"Samantha!" Ikki screamed, rushing over blindly to the ring.

"Ikki, stop!" Leo cried, reaching for his arm. Grabbing Ikki, he yanked him backwards before he could go any further. "Wait. It might be booby trapped." Leo unstrapped a black sports watch that was tied to his wrist. He chucked the watch towards the ring. Sparks exploded in the air, stopping the watch in its tracks and completely frying it. The watch shot backwards, as if repelled by some kind of force field. It clinked on the floor a few times before landing at Leo's feet. "Man... I liked that watch."

"So who told you to throw it?" Ginkai asked.

"I dunno. Just being safe."

"So what do we do? We can't leave her to hang there," Zuru said.

"What do you think we do?" Metabee asked loading his guns up. "We bust her outta there!"

"Thinking with your gut and not you brain, tin-can!" Windstorm said as she also brought up her sword. "Doesn't matter. I'm actually with you on this one."

"Must destroy worthy opponents," Banjo said as his eyes flashed a brighter red to normal.

"We've come a long way for this," Sumilidon said bringing up his claws.

"Hey don't forget me, this is payback for Roks!" Tyrellbeetle said, bringing his fists up. "Besides, that Grandslam guy really annoyed me. I need to vent my anger!"

"Let's do this people!" Saikachis, Blackbeetle and Arc-Dash said at the same time.

Ikki stared at the ring as he brought his medawatch up to his face, preparing for whatever battle there might be. All at once, every medabot fired or hacked at the invisible force field at once. Black and blue sparks flew wildly everywhere as whatever was blocking them gave way, shattering instantly as almost transparent pieces of something shattered inwards. The group all swarmed inside, running towards Samantha.

"Not so fast!"

A condensed wave of air accompanied by a large bang knocked the group backwards into eachother. The shockwave from the explosion rippled through the arena. Standing right in front of the ring were three medabots, staring directly at the group. Data clicked on everybody's medawatches as everyone felt the cold, gut wrenching feeling of fear.

Redrun(2): Extreme Tech

Medafighter: Invasion force

Medal type: Ex medal

Specialty: Widespread destruction

Signature: Redrum Murder

. . .

Gryphon: Extreme Tech

Medafighter: Invasion force

Medal type: Neo-Ex medal

Specialty: Absorbs medaforce

Signature: ?

"That's a... that's a Gryphon!" Zuru said panicking.

"A what?" Leo asked, realising that they had dangerous enemies.

"Gryphon, an ADV type," Ikki said with a distant look in his eyes as he remembered fighting one.

It was a hideous looking creature, barely classing as a medabot. Its head was way too large for its red body and it had beady blue eyes. It looked like it had a large collar around its neck, like something you'd expect Count Dracula to wear. It had two large guns for hands. It appeared almost completely lifeless.

"Yo Ikki, what can it do?" Metabee asked with wide eyes. "I can't remember him! Just that it shut me down! I don't know what to do or how to fight it!"

"Calm down Metabee..."

"What do you mean calm down?!" Windstorm screamed interrupting. "That thing's an ADV type! That doesn't stand for advanced type, it stands for Arch-Devil! That thing has the strength of Blackram, Belzelga, and Redrun! We can't win against it!"

"Well we have to try!" Ikki said with determination lighting up in his eyes. "Metabee, demolition mode! Windstorm, Shadow sword"

Metabee's demolition parts transported, now nearly falling apart from excessive use. Metabee began morphing while Windstorm shot towards the Gryphon, visibly trembling. The two Redruns stepped in the way, smashing her back towards Ikki's feet.

"Tyrellbeetle, action mode, Masterbeetle combo!"

"Arc-Dash, action mode, Masterbeetle combo!"

The two medabots morphed together, forming the tank like Masterbeetle form.

"Leave this one to me!" Masterbeetle screamed as he charged at the Redruns. Both Redruns jumped out of the way, leaving Masterbeetle to charge at Gryphon. Gryphon brought up one of its guns and aimed at Masterbeetle. A yellow haze seemed to flow out of the guns, filling the entire room, stopping Masterbeetle in its tracks.

All medabot weapons are offline.

While Masterbeetle was still recovering, Gryphon charged at it, smashing it backwards into a wall, separating the two medabots. While they were both getting up, the Redruns charged forward, smashing their faces in. Tyrellbeetle's medal flung out of its back as it shut down.

"Redrun, show those phonies how it's done!" Banjo screamed into his medawatch. His Redrun grabbed both enemy Redruns by the arms and swung them around, tossing them back at Gryphon. Gryphon knocked them both aside as if they were nothing.

"Metabee, now! Medablast!" Metabee's canons reached full power just then.

"Kiss your bot goodbye! Medablast!" A massive blue energy ball rocketed towards Gryphon. Gryphon put his head down in front of him. The blast smashed into his head as the entire field flashed with bright white light from the explosion.

2% damage. Not very effective.

Gryphon dashed out of the cloud of rising smoke in a tank-like form, smashing into the weakened Metabee. Metabee rolled over backwards on the ground, smashing into Windstorm who was just recovering.

"Saikachis, use the Prominence! Blackbeetle, seeker missile barrage!" Leo screamed as he started losing hope. Both his medabots charged up their weapons to full power. Just then, the two Redruns jumped back up again, giving both Blackbeetle and Saikachis backhand slaps.

"Come on, come on, hurry up and recharge..." Zuru said to himself staring into his medawatch.

Repair complete. All of Rok's medaparts at 87%. Ready for action.

"Yes! Transport medabot!" A blue lightning ball materialised in the air, dropping off the scratched form of Roks. Otherwise, he was ok.

"Thank you for giving me another chance master," Roks said as his medal was reinserted.

"Roks, demolition mode!"

Roks transformed into his hovercraft form and aimed his head antennae at Gryphon.

"Prepare yourself! Medablast!" A blue boomerang looking energy blast spun towards the two Redruns. Both Redruns put up their arms to block the attack. The room was engulfed by another bright white light. As soon as the dust cleared and everyone regained their site, they saw both Redruns getting up off the floor with minimal damage.

15% damage. Not very effective.

"No way..." Zuru looked at the three incoming medabots.

"Resistance is futile," the Gryphon said. "Your loss is inevitable. The Tochikan child is necessary for our plans. You cannot save her, you humans who have destroyed her entire race."

"What are you talking about?" Leo said enraged. "What's a Tochikan anyway? And what do you mean destroyed an entire race?"

"Foolish humans. You do not deserve to be graced by the presence of our colleagues. We will get vengeance for the defeat of the five immortals."

"Five im... wait a second, they attacked us!" Koji screamed. "Spill it, why are you guys attacking us?"

"That's a question I can answer..."

Everyone looked to their left to see a short figure and a KWG type medabot walking towards them.

"Wait a second... I know you!" Ikki screamed in recognition. "You're that creepy blue haired kid with the Zorin! No way!"

The kid's shaggy hair was covering his eyes again. He smiled, although it was barely readable as anything but a tiny smirk.

"Yes. It appears we meet again, Ikki Tenryou. You finally brought Koji Karakuchi with you. The main event has finally started."

"Don't ignore me!" Ikki yelled back annoyed. Ignoring Ikki, he continued.

"Well then, you've gotten too far now. You deserve an explanation for everything. Let me enlighten you... Sit down for this."

The Gryphon let out the orange haze again, knocking everyone to the floor from some unknown pressure. "It's so sad the boss wasn't here. He so badly wanted to give you this speech. Medabots used to live on the land freely. You know that already. They were once a proud civilisation known as the Medarolli people. They evolved to survive in an ever changing Universe. Sadly, they only evolved through violent means, forging ever more powerful armour and weaponry until they were more machine than medarolli. The warriors of these species are now known as medabots. Much like the Vikings, they took pride in battle to become the strongest of them all. Disputes were always settled with violence. This behaviour split them into five major factions. The Kabuto and Kuwagata. The Beetle medals were born from the remnants of their kingdoms, and many others from smaller clans. These clans conquered, again and again, until they destroyed themselves. It's a tragic story, but inevitable. Medarolli were poorly adapted to their surrounding. Humans are far better adapted, but lack the necessary skills to fully evolve. However, there was a race far more powerful than even the Medabots.

"Before all of that, there was something far bigger than all of us. So big that the effects from them are still felt today, all over the galaxy, all over the Universe. They had the power to control the medaforce just by playing games. The medaforce was merely a starting tool for their youngsters. They had the power to bend whatever they please to their will. They had the closest thing you can get to creating entire lives, almost god-like abilities. They could control all life of any form, and bend its power, multiplying it to limitless amounts of energy. Whatever you may call it, they had it. Meda-energy, Reiatsu, Chi, Chakra, data, kinetic energy, Spiral energy, magic, whatever you may choose to call it, they used it. They controlled all life. They were, the Tochikans.

"When the Tochikans were existent, they were said to have lived alongside other creatures of some sort. Nobody knows whether they created the monsters themselves, or whether an 'other' power made them, or if they simply came to be. But for one thing, these monsters lived alongside the Tochikans like we live alongside medabots. The name for those monsters has long since been lost in time, but we can refer to them as 'monsters'. The Tochikans and monsters were the start of everything on earth. The Tochikans started everything, never becoming truly advanced, but always being far more adapted, far more powerful, and far more intelligent. If they were still around in mass numbers today, they would be the rulers of the known Universe. There is so much I could say about them, but you would be stuck here for years. The monsters were also something else entirely. But something happened... The entire race, all disappeared. The power which they had trained over the millennia, perfecting to the pinnacle of brilliance, all of it was gone. From what we have left, it looks like the Tochikan's own power had destroyed them. Whatever happened, it was enough to destroy their civilisation, but not their race. The Tochikans split up all over the earth, possibly across the whole galaxy if they had evolved enough to reach space travel. They evolved into races of all kinds, humans among them, specialising certain skills, but losing others. The monsters also evolved, they evolved into animals, and also into medarolli."

"Wait, the medarolli people, were degenerates of the Tochikan's pets?" Metabee asked unbelieving as he failed to grasp what kind of power they had.

"Not exactly pets, but yes. That shows how strong the Tochikans were. The monsters never failed to adapt, always taking a new form to suit the environment they were on, whether it was a dangerous wilderness for animals, or a utopia for medabots. Tochikans also adapted, although unsuccessfully, making the humans we know today. If somebody could grasp that kind of power, the opportunities they would have would be limitless!"

"And you want that power?" Ikki asked.

"Not me. I don't care for the power of our past ancestors that we so carelessly lost. But what I want, is the revival of the Tochikan race. The same Tochikans that were destroyed so long ago, not by their inability to handle their own power, but from the foolishness of the original human ancestors!"


"Humans! They were around with Tochikans as well! Tochikans adapted to their surroundings, only mimicking humans! That's what makes geniuses and the gifted and talented, Tochikan blood! But that's not the point here. Tochikans had complete control over the power of life, humans didn't. Humans ruined everything!"

"What are you talking about!? What does this have to do with attacking Japan?" Ginkai screamed.

"Ah yes... You need an explanation about that don't you? Let me tell you something. Tochikans all adapted to mimic humans, but the strongest of them all managed to survive, and the same with the strongest of the monsters. The surviving Tochikans still exist today, but don't even realise their potential. The surviving monsters have all hidden away instead. Dragons are all in hiding, or died out with the dinosaurs. Phoenixes are nowhere to be seen, Sirens, mermaids and Undines are all deep underwater. Krakens are unheard of nowadays. All of these are silenced. That's where we come in. We work together in order to bring together an array of Tochikans and monsters with high amounts of their original power. Rare medals of certain kinds also count. We simply wish to revive our race."

"So you blow us up while doing it?"

"Yes. In order to pay for your past sins, you will pay it in your blood."


"I'm sorry, but the boss will not let me tell you any further than that. But I can still tell you about my visit. I was sent down to find Tochikans. Many Tochikans are medafighters, as monster battles are in their blood. I was also looking for surviving Pandora medals. The medals of those medabots with monster DNA. Hearing about Koji and Hikaru, I arrived to find them, hoping for either Tochikans or Pandora medals. Sadly, none of them were what I needed. Not even the third rate Ikki Tenryou. So you can imagine how surprised we were when we discovered that a skull had returned with a Tochikan girl inside it. Her name was Samantha, wasn't it?"

"Samantha?!" everyone yelled at once, seeing her hanging loosely from the ring.

"You seem so shocked. Have you no faith in your comrades and their skills? No matter. She will become a valuable asset as the last purebred Tochikan in existence, or at least that we've met yet. I pitied you enough to let you know that you have a very special friend. Now, your deaths."

The child walked off while pressing a button on his medawatch. A numerous amount of blue lights appeared, revealing an army of Belzelgas and Blackrams. Backing up Gryphon, they all charged at once.

"We're toast..." Zuru said to himself, shutting his eyes.

"Chanbara Sword!"

A line of Belzelgas all exploded as a purple flash streaked past them. One Belzelga continued on, regardless of its destroyed arm. It launched its fist towards the wounded Roks.

A dull thud shook the arena.

There, standing in front of Roks, blocking the fist with his left hand, was a cloaked KWG type very similar to Zorin. It pushed back the Belzelga, smashing it twenty feet backwards through a wall. The KWG type looked back at Roks.

"So you're my brother... Please take care of yourself. I have too little family already for you to leave me before we have met."


"Yes. Your medal was cloned exactly from my rare medal as a first medal. That makes us brothers."

Data clicked on the all too familiar medabot.

Rokusho: Hushi's workshop

Medafighter: Dr Hushi

Specialty: Grappling attacks

Medal type: Kuwagata

Signature: Chanbara sword

"Rokusho!" Metabee screamed. "How did you get back from space?"

"With him,"

The remaining Belzelga force all blew to pieces from Robo-Emperor style missiles. A Robo-Emperor burst through a wall, howling in rage. A Zorin and Bayonet rolled in after him, trying to look like some kind of super spies.

"Bayonet, did you make it?" The Zorin said.

"All in one piece baby!" The Bayonet replied. "Aint never felt this good!"

"Stop making so much noise you two," an elderly voice said from behind them. An old eccentric looking man with a bizarre helmet with light bulbs stepped out of the hole. "Don't act like I, Dr Meda-evil doesn't raise you!"

"Sorry I got carried away boss," the Robo-Emperor said in a deep tone.

"Dr Meda-evil?" Everyone but Leo screamed in complete shock.

"That's the nut job who tried causing another ten days of darkness isn't it?" Ginkai asked.

"And the greatest mind that ever lived!" He said, too proud of his infamousness. "It looks like I have to teach them a lesson about the beauty of medabots! Using emotionless Kilobots... Only weaklings do that and I'm far too powerful to be classed against the likes of them!"

"Let's go and teach them a lesson boss!" the Zorin exclaimed cheerily.

"Put the slam down on these suckas!" Bayonet added with just as much enthusiasm.

"Yeah, yeah, blow stuff up!" Robo-Emperor screamed as well, blasting missiles everywhere.

"Robo-Emperor, behave yourself!" Dr Armond said.

"Taking out city blocks, yet they just throwing rocks!" Bayonet sung with some terrible rapping skills.

"We the bots that can do it all, since... uh... fall?" Zorin added with even worse skills.

"Worrrrd..." The Robo-Emperor said holding an old stereo over his shoulders and wearing black glasses and a New York cap. All three medabots suddenly appeared dressed as hip-hop 'gangstas'. The blue haired kid stopped to stare at Dr Armond.

"What can four pitiful medabots and an old man do to kilobots?"

All three medabots froze, suddenly adopting a deathly serious tone without their outfits.

"He doesn't know us, does he boss?" Zorin said in a voice dripping with malice.

"Or what we can do, right?" Bayonet added with a hint of rage.

"I hate... ignorance..." the Robo-Emperor seemed to almost be snarling. Everyone's medawatches tried in futility to get data before they finally smashed from a power overload.

"It appears this boy is no good at being evil... Boys, medaforce trinity!"

The whole room started shaking, as if from an earthquake. The Zorin brought his sword back behind him in the classic pose that Rokusho often used. Bayonet focused an energy ball between his hands, similar to how Roks and Arc-Dash would have done. The Robo-Emperor seemed to tense his muscles.



"Force!" All three of them shot their medaforce attacks at Gryphon and the Redruns.

"Useless, Gryphon absorbs medaforce..."

A swirling black hole opened in the air as all three medaforces were sucked into the hole, draining into it.

"Keep pushing boys! He can't hold out against three spirits!" Dr Armond explained. "Ikki, transform your elemental's parts into a harpy! It's the only way!"


"Gryphon's technology isn't as fancy as you thought! It was made already and Windsail can use it! The supersonic waves that harpy medabots send out can rip apart and reconstruct certain waves of energy, including the medaforce!"

"Ok, Windstorm, transform all medaparts until you reach a Harpy!"

Windstorm picked herself up off the floor as all of her parts started to morph. They all stopped with her arms transformed into large black wings and her head changed to a black head with 'feathers' on it. "Do it now!" Windstorm let out an earth splitting scream, the sound waves actually becoming visible through the air. Bolts started popping out of the wall, firing like bullets at everybody. The blackhole looked like it was wobbling as it started losing its power.

"What's going on? Gryphon, respond!"

The blackhole shattered, seemingly ripping itself apart. Both Zorin, and Bayonet's blasts shot through whatever was left of it, on their way to the enemy. Robo-Emperor wasn't shooting anything; instead an earthquake was spreading through the floor with cracks splitting all around the floor. Dr Armond's medawatch was still alive and was reporting the damage being done.

Bayonet: Medaforce type 1, Ultra Shot active

Zorin: Medaforce type 2, Side bolt active

Robo-Emperor: Medaforce type 1, Gravity form active

The three enemy medabots all covered their faces in terror before it hit them, smashing straight through them like a freight train.

"It's still useless! Even if it did hit, Kilobots don't feel pain from medaforce..."

% damage dealt. No data left to collect. Error. Damage dealt is unreadable. ∞% damage dealt. System overload. Functions vaporised.

Sections of the roof started falling apart from the attacks. The wave of energy carried on moving through what little was left of the kilobots, breaking through layers of concrete walls and out into the open air. From the outside, at least half of the saucer was seen exploding as a rising wave of meda-energy the size of ten football stadiums flew up into the air, slowly burning themselves up.

"Meda-evil, you've overdone it!" Rokusho screamed, moving at almost ninja like speeds to push everyone out of the rapidly collapsing room. DC and Sakura ran in just then.

"What did you guys do?!" DC screamed with a giant Mega-Emperor following just behind him, apparently enraged.

"That's what I wanna ask you!" Koji screamed, as him and Sumilidon both seemingly teleported out of the area. Arc-Dash blasted the Mega-Emperor with a full power boost of the appendix, or Prominence. Leo ran out of the collapsing room, turning one last time to look at Ikki and Metabee who seemed to be running towards the centre of it.

"Ikki, what do you think you're doing?!"

"Getting Samantha!" Ikki screamed back down at him before running towards the ring. Leo almost cursed seeing him sprinting off, getting pelted by small pieces of concrete and steel. DC popped up next to Leo.

"Ah yeah, he's got energy," he said. "I bet you're remembering back in the day when you could act that foolish."

"Yeah, and that got me into one too many fights. Why doesn't he just send Windstorm to fly over and get her?"

"Because that will put her in danger. I think this kid is the kinda guy who'll put others before himself, unless it comes to robattles."

"And if he dies?"

"He won't die."

"How do you know? You have even less experience then me!"

"I just know. Ikki is strong because, he can fight for the sake of living, live for the sake of fighting, and do both, for the sake of protecting his treasure, all that's important to him, his nakama! Spyke told me this. He said it was what kept him moving when he wanted to give up. That even though he was weak, he would still live for himself, and then fight for his friends. That he could do both might sound simple, but it is something very few people can do. You're either a fighter or a pacifist. Not both."

"Wait, what?"

"I think you know what I'm talking about. Either way, I'm not letting him have all the fun! Chrome,"

Chrotojil,'s legs morphed away, replaced by a pair of red legs with thrusters on them. DC grabbed strapped Chrome to his back like a jetpack and just like that, they shot off. Leo just stared at them go.

"Kids... way too much energy..."

Ikki tripped over a protruding piece of metal. He looked up panicked to see a massive block dropping down on him.

"Aw man, not here..."

Ikki shut his eyes, preparing for his death. A dull clunk spread through the air. Ikki opened his eyes to see Metabee holding up the massive chunk of steel.

"Keep going Ikki, you've got a job to do, as my medafighter, and a hero!"

Windstorm flew through the air, slicing up bits of falling rocks that were going to block the path.

"Keep going boss, and get us all outta here too!"

Ikki picked himself up off of the ground and sprinted on to the ring in the centre were Samantha was. Suddenly, the floor he was walking on sunk into the ground, dropping him. Ikki scrambled wildly around as he fell through the air. He smashed on the ground again, but on the floor below him. He looked down at the golden floor he was on. He caught his breath and froze completely.

This whole room... was a giant medal!?

A giant medal was on the ground, at least twenty metres wide. So then, the skulls that were flying around, were the ship's medaforce? This ship is a giant medabot?!

Ikki looked up trying to shake away the thought. He looked up at the ring which was now ten metres above him.

"I'll never climb up in time like this..."

"Don't say never, you fool!" Ikki followed the voice to see DC flying down with Chrome. DC grabbed Ikki's arms and shot lifted him high up to the ring.

"DC, you made it!"

"Only just. My Mega-Emperor extermination method from before doesn't work on these guys. So I can't take them out the way I did when we first met. But that's another story. Do what you've gotta do to save Samantha!"

"So why didn't you do it when you were closer?"

"Cause a rock hit Chrome's legs, busting the thrusters to make me fall."

"We're flying with no thrusters?!"

"Yeah! Listen Ikki, If you give up here, you've lost already. "Go beyond the impossible and kick reason to the curb!" that's what you've gotta do! Fly!"

Without a moment's hesitation, DC flung Ikki as hard as he could into the ring, mainly relying on the boost from Chrome to do it. Ikki let out a scream as the whole world looked like it was spinning around him. Ikki looked down at Chrome and DC briefly who were spinning wildly out of control. Ikki tried regaining his balance as he positioned himself to aim at Samantha. Samantha looked up from her shackles to see Ikki flying towards her.


"Hold on!" The shackles on Samantha broke apart from four quick bullets from none other than Metabee. Flying through the air. Reaching. Screaming. Grabbing. Hoping. Surviving. Electricity. Fire. A bright blue light. Never gonna lose. Not yet, not now...

. . .

The Select Corps were outside the streets, cleaning up the last of the invasion force. Jyouzo Tenryou looked at the ruined remains of the saucer. It was just a crashed hunk of metal now, barely recognizable from its former grandeur. Jyouzo looked across at the small group of civilians they had found, kicking a trashed Robo-Empress that was surrounded by two KWG medabots and at least twenty fighter jets. A whole force of tanks were also upturned all around. Scraps of dented Select Corps armor were also littering the ground.

As stupid as that was, I'll admit those guys have guts. Challenging a whole army like that. And it looks like they've done better than us at least. No casualties yet, but they still have to find three others plus their medabots. Who did they say they were, DC? And Leo. And Ikki... I hope he made it. It's great that there were so few civilian casualties from our evacuations, but I still can't stand not knowing if Ikki's alright. He'd been fighting the whole day until nine in the evening, and he still hasn't been found at five in the morning...

Miss Nae was busy repairing the damaged medabots inside a tent set up by the Select Corps. Everybody else was outside waiting for them to return. Akkia was staring at the saucer, hoping to see some movement at all.

"Darn it Ikki, hurry up and get back. I've just met up with you again and already you're gone. Come back already..."

Erika was just as impatient.

"You promised not to die Ikki... so please don't die!"

A chunk of metal shifted slightly. Everybody held their breath, hoping to see some glimmer of life. The steel chunk shifted. It collapsed as Leo popped out from under it to breath. Underneath him, sheltered by his own body where his medabots. Everyone ran over to him, including some Select Corps members to cheer. Leo pushed them all away to get a little space.

"Hey, is there a mechanic? These two guys don't look so good. And a doctor would also be helpful... Ow... Hey, what happened to Space Medafighter X?"

"He ran away as soon as the Select Corps arrived," Miss Nae said, remembering him complaining about an aching back. "But more importantly, did you see the other two?"

"No. Last time I saw Ikki it looked like he was... flying... and DC looked like he was about to crash into a wall, but I haven't seen them. Sorry."

"It's ok. You tried your best..."

"No it's not ok!" Metabee screamed. "I can't find my medafighter! When I see him, I'll beat the daylights outta him myself for taking so long!"

"Chill out tin-can, he's trying his best..."

"Don't care!"

"Hey look over there!" Spyke exclaimed. "I think I see something moving!" Everybody turned to face where Spyke was pointing. There in the distance, with the sunrise to their backs, were a boy and a girl, looking like they were supporting eachother. Both of them looked completely wiped out with sunken eyes and heavy eye bags. Ikki looked up with a small half smile, and Samantha barely looked conscious at all.

"Ikki!" Metabee screamed in joy.

"Please, I wasn't going down there. Not until I become the strongest medafighter in the world."

Another chunk of metal lifted, revealing a dark skinned arm stretching out of the ground. The arm grasped an outstretched metal bar and pulled the rest of the body out, sending down cascading piles of junk. DC pulled himself and Chrome out of the ground, as if out from a grave. He gave a far too bright smile.

"I'm back from the dead 'cause they couldn't find my killer/

Now I'm jumping out of graves like Michael Jackson in Thriller!"

"Dude, you made it!" Rintarou

Yeah baby, I'm too much of a ninja to die like that!"

"You got close though..." Chrome said weakly.

"Hey, take your paralysis like a bot and shut it. You won't be moving for a while after that battle. Hey Ikki! You made it! I told you to break through the impossible! And it looks like you got yourself a girlfriend too."

Ikki and Samantha both looked at DC questioningly before noticing that they were holding hands the whole time. They both flung away from each other in alarm, both of them with heavy blushes.

"No I didn't!"

"No he didn't!" They both screamed at once.

"Wow, you even speak like the same person and everything..."

Two large bumps on DC's head later, Samantha started walking away without a word.

"Hey, where are you going?" Ikki asked. Samantha looked back behind her with tears in her eyes.

"Sorry, I've had more than enough for now. I'm going back home. Losing Peppercat is too much already." She walked off into the crowd. Everybody separated, giving her space to walk. Samantha walked past, not speaking another word. The battle was over, but at what cost?

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