Schools back once more with vengeance! Anyway, I guess I've gotta update this so here goes nothing. I was hoping to get a New Year's chapter up but that obviously hasn't worked out. Anyway, I guess this is the start of the next important point in the story so read it well. I'm not gonna say much on the winter tournament cause it wasn't that big compared to the stuff up next! And oh snap I just noticed a mistake in translating something in a previous chapter again! Anyway, I guess I'm not really scared of people noting my flaws. Earlier on, there was a point when I said Moku meant cloud in Japanese as Queen Bee kept calling Windstorm that. I got the word from this anime, One-Piece where people can get certain powers by eating certain types of 'Akuma's fruit'. Like the main character ate the Gomu-Gomu fruit which is the rubber fruit and stuff. Someone ate the Moku-Moku or Cloud-Cloud fruit which lets them turn into smoke. I only remembered too late that 'moku' is cloud BACKWARDS (in Japanese Kanji so it's not quite backwards when you spell it in English). So cloud in Japanese is 'Kumo' and not 'Moku'. I'll probably keep calling Windstorm moku-chan as I'm used to it but whatever. Enjoy this chap.

Too awesome to die in a blazing 2012 inferno of destruction, yes, This is the real deal presents:

This-is-SPIRIT!... Yes Spirit!... Yep, it's... SPIRIT!

Chapter 19 I think? Hmm...: Freeze! This is a skyjacking?

The night sky exploded in a dazzling array of colours as fireworks exploded in the air, blooming like exotic flowers. It was almost like the sky was crying tears of joy as each spark lit up and dripped bright burning tears. The whole world had gotten through a new year and now had to face more challenges in the next. The whole city wasn't going to sleep tonight, nor the whole country for that matter, for every single building in site had bright lights lighting up high above them, and in the buildings themselves were people celebrating the turn of one year to the next. Even major corporate buildings had been closed down for the night and had employees sharing drinks with each other, and anyone who was still working was celebrating with their co-workers. Ikki stood on the balcony of a mountaintop resort privately reserved by Dr. Aki overlooking the city below. The cool night breeze ruffled his hair gently as he stared at the fireworks high above his head with his back leaning against the iron railings.

It's been a long time since I first started robattling. I'm no longer the same kid I used to be. I'm a lot stronger, I think I'm a bit smarter, but most importantly, I've gotten a whole bunch of new friends that will stick by me no matter what. Of course, there's Erika. She always messes up my image with her crazy stories and giving away important secrets, but I don't really care about that. She might get me into messes, but she always gets me out. There's also Koji. Sure, the first time we met we were bitter rivals, but in the end, even if he won't admit it himself, we're still friends. Rintarou too, with all his energy and a lot of guts. The Screws might have seemed like pests at first, but even they are a part of the team. Ginkai, Zuru, Nae and even Kam all stuck with me from the kilobot saga right until now. Karin may seem small and helpless, but it's her good spirit that keeps us all going when all is lost. There's also Leo he really did save the day in a sense, DC too with his larger-than-life personality. Even my sister pulled through when we really needed her and I know she'll pull through again and again. But of course, I wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for Metabee. I guess all the thanks should go to the medabots really. Everyone's gotten so much stronger now, but is it enough for what we're now facing...

"Hey Ikki! They're gonna finish all the food if you stay on your own any longer!" Ikki stood up straight, casting one last glance at the fireworks before walking back to Metabee who was holding a can of oil. The pair walked back inside the cosy living room to the rest of the group. The air in the room was thick with an insane racket with loud music playing in the background. DC and Sakura were practically fighting over the sound systems to put their favourite songs on, both having kicked the DJ off. Rintarou was practically running on the walls in excitement, Karin was passing around food, Henry was slumped on the couch in front of the plasma screen TV complaining about being totally exhausted and everyone else was scattered all over the place doing their own thing. Koji and Ginkai were on the rooftops in the middle of a battle with Zuru as the ref with Gorem 2 and Roks there watching. Leo was pretty much just chilling with Akkia and their medabots and Miss Nae was in the kitchen cooking up more food. Spyke, Sloan and Samantha were in a different room all together getting themselves into all kinds of trouble.

"Oh boy, this place is gonna bill us for all the damage isn't it?" Ikki stated worried that Dr. Aki would never give them another favour again.

"Don't worry about it Ikki," said Metabee. "We're meant to enjoy ourselves! And besides, that last tournament really stressed me out to the limit. Just chill."

"Yeah, that tournament was serious. I can't believe I made it so far."

"That fight against Akkia... that was another level." Before Ikki could comment about winning or losing the tournament, the front door opened with Dr. Aki stepping out holding the tip of his old musty brown fedora. Everyone froze on the spot and stared at him, Rintarou somehow freezing on the very tip of his toes. Dr. Aki nervously looked around, trying to ignore all the eyes on him.

"Don't stare at me like that, it feels weird!" he shouted sinking deeper into his coat as if trying to hide. "I just came to deliver a letter that was meant for you guys. Don't worry; it's not bad news or anything." Everyone relaxed. Dr. Aki strolled into the room grumbling under his breath. "Geez, like I'm the Grim Reaper or something. I should have just e-mailed the letter to them or something. Nobody bothers to actually send envelopes nowadays so why would it matter? Seriously." Everyone crowded around Dr. Aki to see the letter. Dr. Aki cleared his throat.

"Dear medafighters:

We of the BBA sent one of our senior members, Mr. Karnab, to one of your latest tournaments recently and noticed quite a few spectacular matches. He returned and showed us the video recordings of the matches and we feel that what we've seen is exactly what we're looking for. Let me explain. The Beyblade Association or BBA have been trying to host another World Tournament not just for Bladers, but for all of the young tamers and Medafighters and Bladers of the world to see what happens. It was part of the research we were doing on Bit-Beasts when it became quite clear to us that there were other objects that held Bit-Beasts that could release them in the same way a Beyblade did. It was fairly obvious that medals were one of those objects but there may be more. Of course, wherever Bit-beasts are, there are always people drawn to them and they are always drawn to people. Through the Bit-beasts, Beyblading was able to become a worldwide phenomenon, bringing together more people than any other sport! Of course, Beyblading has now fallen in popularity to robattles in recent years but even you will have noticed that your community is not as close-knit as it should be. There may be other sports where similar things have happened. That's where the MDC comes in.'"

Dr. Aki took a deep breath.

"Don't just stop there!" DC screamed.

"Yeah, keep reading!" Spyke exclaimed.

"Stopping in the middle of the most important bit... how cruel, Dr. Aki!" Akkiana said, her voice filled with disappointment.

"Just hold on! I have to catch my breath!" Dr. Aki cleared his throat again. Everyone leaned closer to listen.

"'We feel that we here at the BBA can link up with the MDC and a few other corporations such as 'MAGAMI' and host a massive tournament touring the whole world. You would get to tour the whole world and meet all kinds of people. It would be an amazing experience for you all.

Now I'm sending you this to invite you medafighter to compete in this tournament. We found your performances particularly impressive. This will not be like the normal WRC where you just represent your country; this will be a full scale competition to see who has the best team in the world regardless of where you're from, but of course it's always nicer to go with your home country. Anyway, you've all got high enough points in the rankings to qualify for the tournament so you can all come so on the whole, I'll leave you guys to come up with your own teams. Please note however that I'll pay for the entire trip for only five of you. You could say that you five impressed Mr. Karnab, and so we've offered to pay for you. The rest of you will have to provide your own transport or get sponsors. You'd best be getting yourselves prepared. You're in for battles like you've never seen before. There will be insanely strong medafighters that aren't even registered in the rankings for their countries, and the bladers will have skills you didn't think possible. Do not underestimate them just because they use spinning tops instead of medabots. Their power is unimaginable! Either way, good luck to you four! I hope you enjoy it,





and Samantha.

Good luck!

Best regards from: Mr Dickenson.'"

Dr. Aki stared at the note for a few more seconds as if trying to figure something out. Ikki and Metabee both jumped sky high, their heads scraping against the ceiling.

"We made it Metabee! We qualified for the tournament!"

"Yeah! Just one question though. What's the tournament even called?!"

Everyone turned to look at Dr. Aki for more answers. Dr. Aki rested his chin on his knuckles in thought.

This is odd... it seems that Dickenson knows more about this than I thought if he's bothering to pay for her flight even... but I can't understand what he's thinking! Placing her in the line of fire is not a good idea. He's either finally lost it or he seriously knows what he's talking about... Huh?

"Was someone asking me something?" Dr. Aki said, only just realizing all the expectant stares that were directed at him.

"What's this tournament called?" DC asked. "There's no point telling us we've won when we don't know what we've got."

"I don't know. This is in a sense a combination of the World Robattle Championship and the World Beyblade Competition but there may be other similar sports involved that we've never heard of so it could be anything. It looks like that senile old man forgot to even tell us what this thing is called."

"Who is Mr. Dickenson anyway?" Ikki asked with a confused look on his face. "Do you know him Dr. Aki or..."

"WHAT?!" DC, Leo, Chrome, Leo's Blackbeetle, Rintarou, Kantaroth, Windstorm, Metabee and Saikachis all screamed at once. "How can you possibly not know who Mr. Dickenson is?" Rintarou screamed at him.

"Every Medafighter in the world knows Mr. Dickenson!" Leo yelled, which made him seem even more terrifyingly tall than normal.

"If it wasn't for him, robattling would be nowhere near as popular as it is now!" Saikachis said.

"Not even tin-can himself could be so stupid, and he's lost his memories!" Windstorm said with disappointment.

"Ikki, I don't have all my memories and I've heard of the guy. Don't be a fool." Metabee shook his head sadly. "He's a lost cause..."

"Mr. Dickenson was one of the most well respected presidents of the Beyblade association ever, and is definitely the most well remembered." DC started, his eyes shining with pride and respect, his red hat seeming as if it were on fire. "He was the man responsible for the huge popularity increase in Beyblading, and it's also rumoured that he formed the legendary Beyblade team, 'The Bladebreakers'. He also helped kick start the career of robattling for us medafighters. Robattling has been popular since it started, but it was nothing compared to the far simpler, less complicated and faster paced Beyblading phenomenon that was sweeping the world. When the BBA was temporarily disbanded and he was just an old man who sat in a park, he came across a couple of medafighters and after learning how the game worked, he set them up in a local competition against the Bladebreakers, now remembered as 'G-Revolution'. Naturally, the Beybladers won being all time legends but only by the skin of their teeth! The people who witnessed the match said it was the most epic battle of all time and from there robattling spread! Now it's Beyblading that's less popular instead! Mr. Dickenson doesn't seem to mind however and is now working as the president of the BBA again to try and help medafighters and bladers alike. Do you understand that neither you nor I would be medafighters now if it weren't for him? You would never have met Metabee and I would never have met Chrome!

"So we owe all our thanks to Mr. Dickenson. But wait, there's more! Nobody is sure of his true age but one thing is certain, Mr. Dickenson is even older than Dr. Aki!"

"No way! For real?!" Ikki asked in disbelief.

"Yes for real," he continued. "He could be considered a Dr. Aki before Henry was even born! And his health is as good as ever! He gets older by the second but his body doesn't seem to notice! He's known as a legend to Beybladers and Medafighters alike and every team he's come into contact with has excelled! The Bladebreakers, the Majestics, the BBA All-Stars... all of them just examples of them! Team Kenya... Team South Africa... China... Them to and they are medafighters!"

Ikki could feel stars shining in his eyes in inspiration.

"Wow! I want a Beyblade too now! I wanna meet Mr. Dickenson. I can't wait!"

"That's the spirit Ikki!" DC was getting even more hyped up. "Roar with the flaming hot passion of all the past bladers and medafighter! Whrooaar!"




"Will you both just shut up!" A voice screamed. Two fists smashed into the backs of Ikki and DC's heads as Akkiana punched them down to the floor. They both lay still in complete silence. Dr. Aki cleared his throat.

"Anyway... thank you for that passionate in detail profile on Mr. Dickenson. I guess... Anyway, yes I do know Mr. Dickenson myself. We often meet up when we want to help each other out with things. Did you know that Phoenix was designed by the same members of the BBA who made the Dranzer Beyblade? Anyway, not important. I got a message from him myself and he said you'll be leaving within the next month or two. We've been planning this for a while now so don't let us down! Anyway, in the end it really doesn't affect me much. I'm a researcher so any data I get will do, but I'm still rooting for the home team. But Mr. Dickenson definitely wants to see what you guys can do so you can't let him down. Anyway, next month so you better get prepared. Don't underestimate them no matter what. Good luck!"

The others split up to go back to whatever they were doing at first or to the roof to practice strategies. DC screamed about having to get back to his team back home and ran out the door without a second thought.

"He does know he can't run all the way too Africa right?" Akkia said before walking with her hands behind her head up to the roof to see the last of the fireworks. Dr. Aki tipped is brown hat and walked out the door. Ikki walked out to the balcony again and stared out at the night sky, the fireworks still lighting it up in dazzling flashes. The door behind him creaked open then shut again. Footsteps sounded behind him. Ikki looked to his left to see Samantha staring up at the fireworks with him. The lights from the fireworks were reflecting off of her eyes as she stared up at the sky. She had an unreadable expression on her face.


"Hmm?" Ikki asked confused.

"Thanks. I mean, I never said thanks for back then, when you saved me that time. And that was ages ago. I guess I should have said it back then but I guess better late than never."

"Don't worry about it. All of us were trying to rescue you so it's not just me who deserves the thanks. Anyway we really shouldn't be hung up on the past too much. We got picked to move into that huge tournament so we should be smiling like this!" Ikki smiled a huge over exaggerated cartoon smile from ear to ear.

"Yo Ikki!" Metabee screamed from inside. "Robattle! Robattle time, let's go!"

"Right, just wait up for me!" Ikki ran back inside before they could share another word and quickly up the steps. Samantha stared up at the stars and fireworks for a few more seconds before running up after him to watch the match.

. . .

"Whoa... are we seriously riding in this thing?"

"We can afford this?"

"I call shotgun!"

"I don't think you're allowed in the front seat of a plane."

"Why not? It's our own private jet and I can't go in the cockpit?"

"Who's ever heard of a munchkin like you running around in the cockpit of a plane?"

"Are you sure we're riding in this?"

The gang stood at the airport grounds staring in complete and total amazement at the plane they would all be riding in. The jet was surprisingly large for a private jet (or rather, fat), having two pairs of wings tied together like a bi-plane instead of one pair. The underside of the plane was completely black as if it were asphalt but the rest of the plane looked like it was made of several sliding metal sheets that overlapped each other and they were a deep blue. There were four jet engines on the wings and one massive engine at the back underneath the tail. Its nose wasn't rounded, but instead was hooked like a bird's beak. There was a purple band around the middle written BBA. On the other side sort of spray painted on was 'MAGAMI rulez!' and on top of that even was 'MDC 4 lyf!'. There was nobody else who had scheduled for a plane at that time so the jet could only be their flight. DC and Sakura looked up at it with wide teary eyes.

"I wanna fly it..." DC said almost drooling.

"I wanna own it..." Sakura said, struggling to hold in her excitement. Sakura straightened up and cleared her throat. "Anyway, I'm not coming with you guys sadly, my dad just told me to escort you this far and act like a voluntary security guard. He said that he didn't feel like letting me go across the world just to see some robattle competition without him. He just gave me permission to use a redbuster if necessary but otherwise I'm just waving you off."

"A redbuster?" Ikki asked confused.

"It's like an emergency command that only high ranking members of the Select Corps can use, meaning normally, not me. It gives the caller permission to call seven fighter jets, two bombers and five battle helicopters and when on sea you call ten battleships and five warships. So far there has been nobody in history who has seen a redbuster in action against them and survived, but the amount of resources and money it uses is extreme, and the damage they cause is beyond reason. When Medaropollis was attacked, a redbuster was called out to take down those five super strong medabots. They didn't even last thirty seconds after that..."

"Is it really safe to entrust you with that kind of power?" Koji asked warily. "You might use it on a shoplifter or something dumb like that."

"Don't worry. My dad will take the responsibility for any damage I cause."

"That's not reassuring in the least!"

Ikki took the first step onto the plane then faced Dr. Aki.

"Are you sure it's okay to get on without our parents?"

"Don't worry. I contacted your parents already, as long as I'm with you or any other responsible adult, its okay. They should come and join you later on a different flight but for now just enjoy the ride."

Ikki looked back at everyone who he would leave behind. Karin, Rintarou, Erika, Nae, Zuru, and Ginkai all stood there waving them off. Everone else was still in the terminal waving them off. Leaving them behind, they entered the jet, and from there would enter the world.

"Hey wait!"

Everyone turned around to the source of the voice. Three teenagers ran over to them from the terminal, with guards calling for them to stop. A Kuwagata type medabot was busy talking to the guards trying to explain that they weren't assassins or something like it. The three teenagers stopped before them gasping for breath. The leader of the three, a girl, stood upright. "Hey you, we still haven't paid you back, Samantha."

"It's you!" Samantha screamed, recognizing them instantly. "Chiboring or whatever."

"It's Chidori! That's right, leader of Team Fiyun, and don't you forget us!"

Everybody looked uneasily at the three troublemakers who caused them problems during the battle for medaropolis.

"Should they really be here?" Akkiana asked, unconsciously cracking her knuckles.

"Patience, I don't think these guys are capable of much." Dr. Aki said going inside the plane.

"Here to settle the score or something?" Samantha asked. "Cause I'm more than ready for a robattle anytime." Chidori held up the palm of her hand.

"Calm down, you don't even know what we're going to pay you in. And for one thing, it's definitely not robattles. Unless it's Henry, I don't really care. We're here cause what we owe you is… an apology." Samantha's eyebrow raised.

"You're actually capable of apologizing? I didn't think that was possible. You do realize that you helped destroy my medabot right?" Samantha's voice stayed remarkably cold but there was a slight tremble in it that was more scary than anything, as if you were teetering on the lip of a volcano on the brink of eruption.

"I know it's not the easiest thing to swallow down but get this. We're just another ragtag gang like you, and while we were related in the attack, we didn't think it would turn out into a full scale war like that. We were just hired by these two guys, some freaky blue-haired kid and an even creepier girl. They told us to run around getting medals, specifically rare ones like Space Medafighter X's, for a fee of course. Picking on you guys was just a bit of fun on the way. We didn't know that there would be an all out assault, we don't even know what it was for! I guess we shouldn't have been stealing medals in the first place an you losing your medabot was partially our fault as well. If we hadn't attacked you first, Peppercat might not have blown up when… that happened."

"Is that all you've got to say?" Samantha said, tapping her foot impatiently until she would leave.

"That's not all," Zoro said, rummaging around in his pocket for something. Out of it, he pulled what looked like a metal spinning top and out of the other pocket were a long plastic cord and a small box like object. "Before we became Team Fiyun, back when we were little kids, we were part of a beyblading crew called the Bladesharks. We weren't really any good at Beyblading and we were still up to no good, but it didn't really matter back then. But one day, somebody came with an old school Beyblade and mopped the floor with us in seconds. And the thing it, it was a similar model to the one that beat the leader of the original Bladesharks years ago. We felt so humbled by the defeat that we even bought a replica of the blade that beat us. Once we took up robattling, we kept the blade as a reminder of our old team, and as a goal on how strong we would get. I guess now we don't deserve to keep this as we can't truly say we're medafighters after this. You can keep this guy as a memento of when we met." Zoro tossed the blade at Samantha who caught it with a backhand grip. He handed her the other equipment. Samantha stared for a moment at the Beyblade she held In her hand.

It was mainly white with red lines going around the sides, probably heavily customized from the look of it. There was a metal kind of disc between the base of the blade and the attack ring at the top. The top attack ring had four red blades sticking out in the shape of dragon's heads, each with yellow eyes. There was a circle in the middle of the Beyblade.

"You might not need it, you are a medafighter and not a Beyblader but we hope it'll bring you as much luck as it brought us back in the good old days. That Blade, is a Kid Dragoon. Treat it with respect."

"Dragoon… Thanks, I guess." Samantha pocketed the Beyblade. Chidori extended her hand out to Samantha, and Samantha grudgingly accepted shaking hands.

"Alright, now let's go guys," Leo said walking into the jet. The engines came to life, softly purring at first then roaring into life, ready to take off.

. . .

The interior of the jet was just as fabulous as it was outside. The seats weren't all aligned like in most commercial jets. Instead the seats were all round and grouped around small white coffee tables. The chairs had red lining and golden cushions and attached to the wall next to each chair and tables were a plasma screen television with the latest video game consoles underneath and a DVD player. Further back along the plane was a fridge with all kinds of snacks and the door to the bathroom at the very back. On the sides of the walls were more panels but nobody knew what they were for. Dr. Aki entered the plane last feeling proud of himself as everyone looked around in amazement.

"Impressive isn't it?" he said. "Mr. Dickenson was going to give you the regular tickets but I convinced him to send you guys the very best, so you guys should be thanking me. Make yourselves right at home. All of this is for you guys so don't wreck anything, or I'll be paying. And that money will come directly out of your pocket money, for the rest of your lives! So, are we clear on that?" Everybody nodded their heads. "Good. Now buckle up, we'll be taking off soon." The engines kicked into life, screaming as it slowly taxied across the runway. Everybody strapped into their seats, still excited at going abroad. The low hum of the engine thrummed through them as they sat motionless. Ikki looked out the side at the terminal one final time at the land where he'd spent most of his life. Dr. Aki was seated at a table at the back sipping on a cup of green tea. The engines surged into life, powering the plane off the ground and up into the cloudy sky.

This is it, there's no turning back now. I guess we should be thinking of the team name and other stuff now. I wonder if we'll meet Victor and Warbandit again? And didn't that weird kid say something about wanting to meet Victor?

"Hey Koji, do you think we'll meet the guys we fought in the last WRC?" Ikki asked Koji. Koji was staring blankly out the window at the clouds as they drifted past the plane. "Koji?"

"Hmm? Did you say something?" Koji asked as if waking up from a dream.

"Koji, you've been pretty quiet since you arrived at the airport. Any reason for that?"

"Yeah, I was just thinking, what if I'm not as popular across the world as I am here?"

"It was just that? I shouldn't have asked…"

"Don't worry about him Ikki," Metabee said . "He's just worried that someone might steal Karin while he's away."

"Please, nobody could steal my Kaarin, whether I'm there or not."

Windstorm and Queen Bee both stood to the side shaking their heads.

"Boys are such stupid creatures," Queen Bee whispered to Windstorm.

"I agree, too dumb to realize that Karin's head is more empty than their own." Windstorm snickered back.

"I'll remember to be more careful when I pick a girl," Sumilidon said wisely feeling embarrassed for his medafighter. Both Queen Bee and Windstorm jumped back in shock.

"You can talk?!" they exclaimed astonished.

"Only when I need to. I let actions speak for me, but sometimes not even that can get through Koji. He may be my medafighter, but sometimes he's far too stubborn. A bit like Ikki."

Both girls turned around and huddled together.

"Is it me or is Sumilidon not like any other medabot I've seen?" Queen Bee whispered.

"He's nothing like the silent types I see everywhere, it's like he's actually got personality!" Windstorm giggled.

"And he's cute to."

"And strong."

"And those claws send my heart racing!"

"I'd sink my claws into him,"

They both let out a heartfelt sigh. Sumilidon looked at them both confused and slightly uncomfortable.

"Umm… did I say something wrong?"

"No…" Windstorm said dreamily.

"You were perfect," Queen Bee said with just as much mushiness. Sumilidon took a step backwards, unsure what to do.

"Whew it's hot in here! Umm… I need to, tighten a bolt… so just…" Sumilidon rapidly walked to the bathroom and shut the door behind him. The girls huddled again.

"Alright, this one's mine, you can take Metabee or something," Queen Bee said.

"Isn't Metabee like your private slave or something? Stick to him and leave the real bots to me," Queen Bee answered back.

"Please, you don't have what it takes, not even a body like this!" Queen Bee posed as if she were a supermodel. Before another word was said, the bathroom door flung open, Sumilidon flying backwards and landing at Koji and Ikki's table in tatters, his flexor sword torn to pieces.

"Sumilidon!" Koji rushed out of his seet and lifted his head. "Sumilidon, speak to me! What happened?!" An ejecting medal answered him instead. Koji looked up and standing in front of the bathroom were three figures. One of them was a large looking man draped in a navy blue cloak with huge fists like hams. Beside him was a young girl no older than sixteen with dark purple hair and large violet eyes. She wore torn denim jeans and a black tank top. The third person was a pale looking boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. He held in his arms what looked like a cross between a machinegun and a super stun-gun.

"Alright, this is a stick-up! Don't move and nobody (but that guys over there) gets hurt!" the girl said. "I've always wanted to say that. Okay, we're taking this plane over, so don't move, or else!" Two medabots stepped out from behind them, both ninja types and the boy held up his machinegun. Instinctively, Ikki brought his medawatch up to his mouth.

"No don't! You'll wreck the plane!" Dr. Aki screamed. Just as soon as he said that the boy aimed at Metabee and fired, a thin stream of blue electricity surging out of the gun and coursing through Metabee's body.

All functions disabled. Shutdown is imminent.

Metabee's knees buckled underneath him before he collapsed. Leo stood up clenching his fists.

"That wasn't very nice," he said menacingly, almost forcing the stowaways to back off.

"Tch, I'm not scared of you," the big man said, and with every reason not to be actually being taller than him which is rare.

"You should be scared of me though." Before he could react, a lightning fast punch had already connected with his jaw. His whole body flipped over from the impact, sending him spinning on the floor before he lay still, sprawled on the floor. Akkiana rubbed her knuckles against her shirt, not fazed in the least by this encounter. The two medabots drew their blades. Akkiana smiled at them. "I'm not scared of half-baked bots like you." Her whole body started glowing bright yellow. "It's time for an upgrade!" she held up her fists like a boxer, her fists glowing bright like burning charcoals. Before the ninja medabots could move they were all hammered by a storm of blows striking them as fast as a machinegun. The boy pointed his weapon at her but she quickly kicked it out of his hands. She moved faster than lightning in front of him, her fist held back.

"Wait just one second!" Faster than even the medabots could see, Akkiana flew backwards along the plane aisle, almost smashing into the door to the cockpit. The girl with purple hair stood facing her, her hands in her pockets. "So you're a reconstructed human."

"That's right, medaparts replaced many of my vital organs and so I replaced a few more parts just for kicks. I'm cyborg Akkia." The other girl smiled.

"There's a place for you in our world. I didn't think I'd meet someone as strong as me in this life but it's already happened." They didn't share another word, instead they rushed towards eachother, both assaulting eachother with a hail of blows like Gatling guns at eachother, neither one taking a hit. Just the wind from each hit could be felt on the faces of the onlookers. The blonde haired boy picked up his gun.

"Well then, your friend is guaranteed to lose this match so you might as well start handing over the plane right now. You've been skyjacked!"