The Labyrinth.

Dreamlands (or what we define as a dreamland but it is a real land – because we know Alice isn't dreaming).

All have the same kind of tune – to go home you must:

Bring the Wizard of Oz the broomstick of the Wicked Witch of the West.

Slay the Jabberwocky.

Deliver an awesome monologue and stand up to the antagonist.

To get home you use:

Ruby slippers from Glinda, Good Witch of the North.

Jabberwocky blood from the White Queen.

Your words and strength.

You must:

Get home to Auntie Em and ensure that your friends get the brain/heart/courage they wish for.

Save your friends and find and answer.

Save your baby brother.

With you are:

Your loyal dog Toto and your newly found friends, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion.

The Hatter, The Dormouse, The March Hare, The White Queen, and many others (but not too many – you're still in danger).

A goblin named Hoggle, a large orange animal named Ludo, a one-eyed fox named Sir Didymus and his steed (dog) Ambrosias.

Your enemy/antagonist is:

The Wicked Witch of the West.

The Red Queen.


But at that end of the day, you're a girl who is brave, with morals and good friends and a strong mind and heart. And your story, world and words are magical.