The Anti-Christ's Girl

A "The Omen 2" Fanfiction

Shipping: Damien x Marceline (OC)

Okay, Hi everyone! So, If you've seen The Omen 2, you probably remember the part where Damien Thorn meets those three girls at the academy. Well, this fanfiction is told in one of those girls' point of view and what she thinks of Damien...

I hold onto my brother's arm. My knees can barely hold me up, and to make it worse we're walking.

"Marcy, are you okay?" My brother Anthony asks me.

I look up at him and smile. "Yeah. I-I'm fine."

He smiles back at me. "I'm sure my friends will like you. Don't worry."

I hold onto Anthony tighter. "But this is a Military Academy. You guys are all proper and stuff." I look at his uniform. "Well, just give it a chance. Marceline, you worry to much." He laughs and we stop walking infront of a door. "Do I look fine?" I ask nervously stroking my hair. It pulled back into a clip and I'm wearing a white dress.

"Marceline, you look fine." Anthony says laughing.

"Okay, are you ready?" He asks holding my hand.


He opens the door and I step back.

There are boys. And lots of them.

Anthony smiles and looks around. "Good, everybody's here. Come on Marceline, I want you to meet someone."

He drags me over to a crowd of boys. "Hey, Mark. I want you to meet someone."

The one named Mark walks toward my brother. He stares at me. "So this is your sister?"

Anthony smiles and puts his hand on my shoulder. "Yes, this is Marceline. She's your age."

I'm thirteen, two years younger than my brother. Mark smiles and laughs. "Hi, Marceline. Nice to finally meet you."

I smile and look around. "Okay, now I want you to meet someone." Mark says taking my hand. I blush slightly as we walk towards a boy. He looks to be around my age.

"Hey, Damien. Look who I found."

Damien runs over to us. He smiles and looks at me. "Is this her?"

"Yeah, this is Marceline."

I smile, I'm still nervous. Mark laughs at us. "I'll let you two get to know eachother."

Damien and I just sat together, in total scilence. I decided to break it.

" long have you been coming here?" I ask looking at his uniform.

"Not that long. My cousin Mark has been coming here for two years."

"He's your cousin?"

"Yeah. I live with my Aunt and Uncle. My parents got killed a few years ago."


I sit closer to Damien. He smiles and puts his hand on mine. I blush and look up at him. Damien has the brightest blue eyes I have ever seen. "Do you want to go walk around outside?" He asks me sweetly.


We walk out to the courtyard, holding hands. I look around. Damien and I are the only ones out here. "Hey, do you want to know a secret?" I say playfully.

"Okay, what is it?"

I smile and lean closer to Damien. "I'm a preacher's daughter."

Damien stares at me. I can tell he is surprised by what I just said. Damien laughs and holds my hand again.

"Alright. No, do you want to know a secret?"


The next thing I knew, Damien's arms were around my waist and his lips were on mine.