The Anti-Christ's Girl

Pairing: Damien Thorn / Marceline Westworth


My brother shook me lightly.

"Mar-Mar, get up. We have to go to the Academy today. Remember?"

I nodded, rubbing my eyes. "What time" I asked opening my eyes. My brother sighed. "It's ten-forty. We need to leave by eleven."

I got up as he walked out of my room. I sighed and walked over to my mirror. I stared at my image. A small and slender girl with darkest brown hair and green eyes.

I slipped off my nightgown and put on another party dress I had. It was a beautiful lilac color, so I thought I should wear a lilac bow in my hair. I brushed my hair and went down stairs.

"I'm ready." I called to Anthony.

He was already in his uniform. "Alright. Let's walk to the Academy."


We walked outside and began walking towards the school.

"So did you have a good time with Mark's cousin. I forgot to ask last night."

"Oh yes. We got close very quick."

Anthony looked at me and smiled. "Well that's good."

We walked up to the courtyard and I looked at the Academy. I wish I could go here, but I'm a girl. It's not fair.

We walked over to a field and watched the boys march. Anthony ran off somewhere, probably going to go talk with his friends. I fixed my bow, making sure it was straight. I saw Mark and smiled at him. He walked over to me and smiled.

"Hello, Marceline."

"Hi Mark."

Mark sat down next to me and looked at my dress. "You look pretty today. What are you doing here?"

"Oh, I'm here with Anthony. He wanted to bring me back so I could see you and Damien."

Mark laughed. "He hasn't been able to stop talking about you, Marceline!"

"Oh really? How so?"

"Did you two really kiss last night?"

I blushed and twirled my hair with my finger (A habit when I'm nervous).

"y-Yes. He kissed me." I said looking at the ground, blushing profusely.

"I knew it! He told me but I didn't believe him."

Damien walked towards us and sat by me.

"Hello, Marceline."

"h-Hi Damien."

I hugged him and kissed his cheek.

"Oh, I wanted to ask you something Marceline." Mark said breaking us apart.

"What?" I said fixing my bow again.

"We are going to a gathering today. Would you like to come with us?"

I thought for a moment. But I already knew I was going to say yes. "Sure. My brother won't mind, he says I need to get out of the house anyways."

"Alright. We're leaving at twelve-thirty. I think it's twelve right now."

"Mark, you just want to be around Marceline. Don't you?"

"No! I know you like her, though."

Damien looked at me and I smiled.