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The events of the days just passed had unsettled me, but I fear of another occurrence arising. Just as I had reached the homestead, I saw a girl rushing off the property; her fiery hair flowing in her wake. I had questioned Kyle about her appearance later, but he merely disregarded what I said and started supper. I've seen her around the town a few times before, though to no fault of my own, I have not the chance to speak with her. It may be the presence of her that bothers me; such a witch shouldn't be trespassing on my property.

As the morning sun raised her luminous head, I crept down the steps in hopes of not awaking Kyle. I set the kettle to boil and eased towards a southern window. Each day now dragged by, without the constant etiquette training, or world studies, my life just dragged on. With my only obligation being to work in the fields, I often find myself watching the scenery, and reading antique novels left in the house. I've been far too timid to venture past our property; I only have a handful of times.

I sigh as I hear the kettle whistling and turn to set the tea. I slowly walked past the newly secured table that Kyle reconstructed a few days prior to that morn. As I pass, I noticed a small notelet written in pink ink. I paused for a moment to ponder its origins, for this writing was not Kyle's script. I resisted the urge to examine, for it is not the woman's role to do such things. But to my dismay, the notion that it was from that witch, would not release its grasp on my mind. I bargained with myself; if Kyle was not up, by the time I had finished making my tea, then I would read the letter. I nodded approval at my negotiation.

I dashed to the counter to snatch my teacup and turned to the cabinet to search for the leaves. The three clear containers were whisked from their resting place, and in the time it took to poor the water, the combination of grasses were resting within the cup. I steadily paced towards the vintage chair before the table, and sat, tucking my dress beneath my legs. For reasons unknown, my breath had picked up and my hands were trembling. Just as I placed my hand upon the notelet, my ears perceived the faint footsteps of my friend from above. I was defeated by my own incompetence. Surly I could have fulfilled my quest in a quicker manor. I sighed and rested the warm wooden cup against my forehead and waited for the man to descend from the stairwell. There was a knock on the door.

I stood to answer, but in a flash, the redhead had reached the handle and cracked the door, so that I could not see past him. I edged closer, intrigued by his abnormal actions but he opened the entrance so that I could see a grey haired man in eyeglasses.

"Morning Kyle," he turned to me, "and good morning miss, Morgan was it?" I nodded as he rested his thumbs in his higher coat pockets. "I just wanted to tell the two of you about today's activities." Kyle grunted and turned to leave. What had him like this?

"Thank you Mayor Byron, I was in the middle of my preparation for the festival as you knocked. Will you please come in for some tea while you speak with Morgan?" Kyle's voice was still as mannerly as possible, though his brows were betraying his fa├žade. He gripped the note and shoved it into his pocket.

"Oh no, I have a busy schedule," the mayor bellowed, "I will only be a moment." I turned back towards the mayor and smiled, while tilting my head to the side. Mayor Byron continued. "It has come to my attention, that the two of you are unfamiliar with our town's festivals. Today is the Flower Festival." He glanced around me towards Kyle and gave him an unsettling smile. "Where you spend the day with a special someone, and watch the cherry blossoms fall."

After his explanation, he winked and left. This man's news disturbed me; Kyle had a date? I assume that was what the note was, that damn witch. I snarled under my breath at this and crossed my arms, putting my weight on my left hip. I waited for him to turn to see how angered I was, but like all men, he didn't. I coughed and he shifted his attention to me.

"What?" his question was curt and anger filled.

"So," I paused and looked away, "why didn't you tell me you had a date?" I rolled my head back towards him. He didn't answer for a moment.

"Why do you care?" He spun towards the staircase and stamped each step as he went up. I dashed to the railing and called for him.

"Why keep a secret?" My voice betrayed my anger by cracking on the first word. I waited for an answer that never came. I slid to the floor, why was my greatest friend betraying me? I felt like crying, but kept from it. Far after the feeling passed, there was another knock on the door. I stayed motionless; it was her after all. Kyle made his way down once more and nearly tripped over my still figure. He jumped past me and reached for the door.

I assumed he would just continue, but he paused. I heard his steps come closer, he was going to chastise. But then i realized he knelt down instead. He was making the woman wait, the opposite of what a gentleman should be doing. This was very unlike him. He tentatively rested his hand on my back and waited.

"I'm sorry, you should go with someone." My breath was hitched and I didn't dare say anything. He stood and left.

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