Tap. Tap. Tap.

The brunette's pencil had been making noises for the past 20 minutes where she had been repeatedly hitting it against the glossy pages of her text book. It probably wouldn't have been so noticeably loud if it hadn't been of the aluminum mechanical assortment.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Another contributing factor was that she was in the massive Cullen home with not another creature there except she and the pixie whom was the reason for Bella's incessant tapping. It was a nervous habit and the smallest Cullen was certainly making her nervous. Alice wasn't doing it on purpose, Bella knew that much because Alice would never do something like that. But the tiny vampire was making her nervous just the same.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

"Bella would you stop that! I'm trying to help you here and I can't hardly concentrate with all the noise your making." The brunette picked her head up from her calculus book to look at Alice's frowning face which was mere inches from hers. Thus the nervous tapping. Alice was so close. When Bella had shown up at the Cullen house previous to this predicament she had come hoping to get help from Edward who was sure to understand this insufferable kind of math. Except that he had not been home nor any of the other members of the family except Alice because all the others had gone off to hunt. When Bella figured this out she immediately turned to run. Get away from Alice as fast as possible because she couldn't trust herself alone with the gorgeous creature. Yet Alice being Alice had pried out of Bella the reason for her unexpected visit then persisted she help Bella. Which now left Bella here. Alone. With Alice. Both of the leaned against the vampires headboard with Alice pressed firmly against Bella's side to survey Bella as she worked.

"Sorry Alice." Bella watched intently as the small vampire pursed her light pink lips and her thin black brows furrowed. In fact Bella probably watched to closely-transfixed-by those full kissable lips. They shined a bit in the lighting filtering in through Alice's window. Probably from some kind of lip gloss.

"Hey Bella? Can I ask you something?" Bella made some noncommittal sound as a response also tearing her eyes away from Alice's stunning visage that had been plaguing her daydreams as of lately.

"What's been bothering you?" To this Bella felt herself stiffen and Alice obviously noticed because she hurried to vocalize the rest of her thought, "I mean ever since last week you've been really distant. It's like you don't want to be around me…"

A blush crept up to Bella's pale cheeks as she closed her eyes and remembered to what Alice was referring.

"Come onnnnn Bella pwetty pleasy try it on for me! Pleaaaaaaase! Because you love me oh so much!" The jubilance in which Alice showed when thrusting her bottom lip out in a pout was to much for Bella. She caved.

Yanking the flimsy black lace shirt out of Alice's outstretched hand she growled in annoyance and let herself be ushered into the changing room. It only took a moment for her to pull the tank top she had on and replace it with Alice's provocative choice. Seeing herself in it via mirror on the wall Bella nearly passed out.

"How's it look!" Alice's eager voice trilled from just outside the velvet curtain separating them.

"There is no way I'm going to wear this ever Alice!" The shirt itself stopped just above her navel exposing the creamy skin of her midriff and if that wasn't bad enough it was completely see through except for the darker swirling patterns in the silk. There was no hiding wearing this. It showed off way to much of her skin and left her grey bra for all to see.

"It's probably not even that ba-whoa!" The brunettes cheeks were simply fuming when she saw that Alice had entered the dressing room and was staring at her. No not staring. Alice's eyes were roving over Bella's figure in that shirt. Under her gaze Bella felt powerless, all she could do was stand there and watch Alice watch her through the reflection of the mirror the brunette stood before. Finally though-after minutes passed in which Bella bit her lip as Alice licked hers-Alice turned to pull the curtain shut.

"Alice what are you-"The words died in Bella throat as she felt cold hands grasp her arms, not rough but commanding, and turned her around. Again Alice just looked Bella over, her eyes running up and down the brunettes figure before slowly crawling up her body to meet shy inquisitive brown ones. The stare they shared was fission. Heating Bella up to the core until she felt like she was tearing apart inside. It was strange that only a simple yet steady gaze could have this affect on her. Nothing Edward had done or said had this mind blowing affect on her let alone a simple look. Alice, it would seem, wasn't pardoned from the feeling because Bella could see the vampires body trembling in sync with the brunettes; her golden orbs dimming to a bronzed black with lust. What was going on? A soft subtle whimper escaped Bella's lips when Alice gently trapped Bella against the wall and pinned her cool body against the overheated one. That look was intensifying and it was making Bella tingle in pleasant waves. Unbeknownst to Bella her hands had a mission of their own and that was to discover the little vampire pressed against her front side. As light as snow fall the brunettes fingertips boldly crawled up Alice's bare arms in small sensual circles until they came to Alice's shoulders. Purring happily Alice looked up at Bella with smoldering bedroom eyes and Bella herself looking back with the same intensity. Deciding to test how far she could go Bella drug her heavy fingers down over Alice's collar bone and then back up to tangle them in the vampires raven black hair. Now Bella was the one purring in excitement when she saw the effect this had. Alice's eyes fluttered shut and she gripped the back of Bella's shirt tightly; her breath now gasps. When Bella began kneading the hair and pulling slightly the vampire came undone. She emitted a low growl as she leaned up on the tips of her toes to press a light kiss on Bella's jaw. Immense pleasure blossomed in the spot those soft, cold lips made contact and Bella had trouble remaining on her feet. The hands in Alice's hair pulled harder when the petite vampire explored Bella's face with her lips. Delicate kisses all along her jaw until Alice was kissing just beneath Bella's lower lip.

Alice paused then to pulled her head back only a little and gaze longingly at the humans lips which were trembling in anticipation. They shared a brief look, different than the heated one that had started all this. One of confirmation. Alice's dark hungry eyes asking. Bella's glazed chocolate ones begging yes. Then They were leaning towards one another to kill the fire of longing burning in both of them. Mere centimeters away-Bella could practically taste the strawberry gloss on the short woman's lips already-when a voice from outside startled them.

"Excuse me? Is this room taken?" The two jumped apart instantly, that strange burning connection they had shared now severed and replaced by a thick nearly suffocating embarrassment.

"Bella? Bella! Isabella pay attention to me please!" Snapping out of her revere the brunette looked at Alice. Her favorite little vampire was sitting criss cross in front of her-the math book now carelessly cast onto the floor-biting her lip and fiddling with her fingers self consciously.

"I ah….sorry what? I was remembering…" As if to prove her point a little tent of red could be detected on her cheeks now.

"Ah…Bella?" The brunette ducked her head at the sincere tone Alice was using.

"Mmmm?" A long silence passed in which Bella plucked at the deep purple satin sheets that covered Alice's massive bed. Out of no where Bella wondered, since they were obviously so expensive, if they had been a wedding present for Alice and Jasper. As soon as the thought came to her Bella sincerely wished it hadn't for a plethora of jealously hit her in angry torrents. Frowning Bella leaned back with her arms crossed to look at Alice who was staring at the human sadly. Much like a child who had just done something bad might.

"Do you…what I mean to say is…." The vampire sighed, frustrated, and wiped at her eyes as if hoping she could wipe away the awkward emotions dwelling there, "Bluntly put, do you hate me for what happened in that dressing room?"

To shocked to be jealous anymore Bella leaned forward, her arms coming undone by their own accord to fall limply onto the bed and jaw slack, "Come again?"

Alice was obviously uncomfortable, eyes cast down and her one hand running up and down her opposite arm. The light green cashmere sweater she wore crinkled as she did this and-oddly-that prompted Bella to think she should take the long sleeved thing off. What did she need clothes for? That thought prompted another which jolted Bella into logical thinking. What was she thinking! Get your head in the game Swan! Furrowing her brows in concentration to hopefully come back to reality the brunette noticed Alice speaking.

"-haven't talked to me since that day except for when Edward is here. You run away if you think your gonna be alone with me," Alice sighed and ran a hand through her short black hair that today fell softly on her brows since it was unkempt with no hair care products in it, "Is it because what happened in there-that room-was it something that you didn't like? I mean tell me if it is…I can fix this…I can-Bella! Why are you laughing!"

The brunette couldn't answer the peeved vampire because she was doubled over laughing so hard she was clutching her sides. She thought Bella hated her for that? That she regretted it! On the contrary! It had been all that the brunette had thought about since especially when her boyfriend kissed her that way her skin wouldn't crawl. Alice had stole her heart the moment she had touched her arms to turn her around. She day dreamed about what would have happened if they hadn't been interrupted (which was why she was struggling with her work because she spaced off when the teacher was explaining things). In fact Bella was pretty damn sure that she discovered her reason to exist in Alice's arms that day.

"Bella come on please stop laughing! I'm serious! I want things fixed so you'll be around me again!" When Bella still was chuckling Alice got frustrated even more and, without meaning to, grabbed Bella's shoulders and pushed her against the headboard getting in the brunettes face which due to the fact they were on a bed required Alice to be almost laying on Bella, "I said I'm serious! I fucking miss you like crazy! Every time you walk away from me I die a little inside and I know how dramatic that sounds so please for the love of god listen to me!"

And Bella did sober up but not because of Alice's desperate words. It was the fact that Alice was so close, on top of her while both of their legs were tangled together and Alice had her pinned once again. Her lips so close. Again. Unlike before in the dressing room Bella was fully aware of what she was doing-she was the one telling her hand what to do this time-when she reached up and buried her hand in Alice's hair. Bella had only done that once before but she had missed the silky feeling and the sounds Alice made when she tugged on it.

"What was your question Alice?" The human practically moaned into Alice's ear since the husky whispered words were so laced with sex. Bella felt the vampire shudder, her eyes closing briefly before focusing on Bella's mouth.

"I ah…was curious why you…hated me…." Alice's brows drew tight in consternation as if she were seriously contemplating why she wasn't kissing the brunette already. Bella, who noticed the hunter in a daze, seized this opportunity to overtake her. Quick as a human could Bella hooked her legs around the backs of Alice's knees and used her weight to flip the vampire on her back and pen her arms above her head. Both of the now shocked vampires wrists secured in one of Bella's hand she used her free one to trace Alice's lips with her index finger.

"Hate you?" Smiling seductively Bella leaned down and pressed her lips against Alice's ear, "I don't hate you. The truth is Alice, I couldn't trust myself to be alone with you after what happened in that dressing room. Alone like we are now."

This seemed to wake Alice up a bit from the disoriented state of Bella's sudden seductive side had shocked her into, "Wait-what? Why?"

"Because Alice," Now just smiling like plain old Bella would the brunette lovingly stroked Alice's cheek to which the vampire hummed in contentment, "it's you. You I want to kiss. I want to love-I do love. I think it always was you-not Edward-you. You're the one I've been compelled to. And that day when you and I almost kissed was the day I woke up and finally opened my eyes to it. I just couldn't trust myself to be alone with you in the same room without doing-well-this. Pinning you and kissing you like we are both about to die. And just never ever stopping." Again Bella ran her finger over Alice's lips only slowly this time, savoring the soft cold of Alice's plump bottom lip that was just begging to be chewed on. To say Bella was surprised when Alice's took Bella's wrist and kissed the tip of that finger was a bit of an understatement.

"Stupid silly ,silly Bella," Alice whispered pulling the brunette down on top of her and wrapping her cool arms around Bella's thin waist, "Why didn't you tell me that sooner? Instead you let me walk around glum as gloomy glummy people thinking you hated me when all you wanted was exactly what I do."

Bella lifted her head off Alice's chest to give the vampire a potent look, "But Jasper 'nd stuff!"

Alice reached up to pull Bella back down on her, purring happily at the pleasant feeling Bella's warm head on her icy body created, "My silly Bella. I do love you. Jasper and I have pretty much been separated for centuries now. We just stayed 'together' out of sheer comfort. That's it. You don't get it Bella. You were suppose to be mine! Not Edward's and he knew that. I had a vision years before you were born Bella that we would be together. And I'd finally be happy with my mate. But then you turned out to be Edwards singer and he got selfish and took you from me." Alice sighed, her only to vent the frustration she was feeling. Hearing this information did many things to Bella. First it made her angry that Edward had done that to her beloved (for that's what Alice was to Bella) and had done that to Bella. In fact now that Bella looked at it Edward always had treated Bella more like an object to feel affection for not an affection he couldn't object like Alice had. Edward told Bella how to feel whereas Alice asked how she felt. That in mind Bella felt tremendous joy she didn't know she possessed knowing that Alice had wanted her always. And there was no Jasper in the way. She was down right, damn straight giddy as hell.

There weren't words passed for the next few minutes. Instead Alice was tousled Bella's long curls while the brunette laid on the vampire content. Each one basked in the others presence. Both soaking in the pleasure just closeness gave them both, the likes of which neither had received from their past suitors. It was nice and Bella probably could have enjoyed it for hours more but something was nagging her. Not really a bad nagging but the desire definitely would not shut up until she gave in to its heady demands.



"Kiss me."

"Eww kiss you? Why would I do that!" Bella, trying to fight the smile forming, picked up her head to shoot Alice a very fake glare.

"Well if that's the way you feel I think I'll these," The brunette pointed at her lips, "and this," this time she gestured in a broad sweep at her body, "else where."

"Now wait can't we talk about this?" Alice, also trying to keep the smile of her face, pouted when Bella got off the bed to walk towards the door, purposefully adding more sway to her hips as she walked for the jet haired vampire to watch.

"What's there to talk about," Bella paused in the doorway, leaning against it and glancing over her shoulder at Alice who was now on her knees leaning forward, "it's clear you don't want the best experience of your immortality."

Alice hiked one of her perfect eyebrows above those burning bright eyes of hers, "Aren't we full of ourselves. What makes you so sure about that? Jasper was a pretty damn good kiss."

Alice grinned on the inside when she got exactly the reaction she had expected from Bella. Jealously. The brunette merely took two strides to cross the room and lean down to crash her lips into the kneeling vampires. Warm sensations filled Alice's long sense frozen body where as Bella numbed over into an icy bundle of pleasure induced nerves. This was what kissing someone you loved was suppose to be like. That was certain. Both woman felt it on all levels; spiritual, physical, mental, what have you. It was there, present, in all forms. It was pure, raw, unformed, unchanged, devoted, honest, unconditional love. Leaned up to press harder into her lovers mouth Alice drug her hands over and up Bella's sides until they reached her shoulders and pulled. Bella fell down with Alice onto the bed in a heap. In the same instant that Bella was falling, Alice was flipping her onto her back and straddling the brunettes hips. The advantages of being a vampire, speed and dexterity. Oh was Bella in for it.

Speaking of Bella, the brunette was blinking wondering how point A suddenly became point pinned-to-the-bed-with-Alice-straddling her. Deciding though not to question her fortune Bella placed her hands on her tiny vampires hips which felt better than anything. Just touching Alice, holding the tiny dancers hips, turned Bella on. Likewise it seemed to have the same affect on Alice as the vampire growled deep in her chest and leaned to capture Bella's lips again. This kiss was more ferocious and tasted even better than the first since Alice was pulling at Bella's hair while pressing her palm flat against Bella's bare stomach where her shirt had ridden up with the other. It got feverish. If Alice hadn't been so cold Bella was sure she'd be running a temperature by this point. But it still wasn't hot enough for the girls at least not for Alice. Carried away in the kiss and the way Bella had started grinded her hips into Alice's the vampire had felt herself growl once again and take Bella's delicious bottom lip between her teeth. Nibbling at it then soothing it with a swipe of her cool tongue and sucking the lip into her mouth only to repeat the process again. It had a disastrous effect on Bella's sanity, properly driving the brunette insane. Sitting up with Alice in her lap Bella wrapped her arms around the tiny vampire and hugged her entire body against Bella's.

"More…" The brunette growled huskily, licking Alice's cherry flavored bottom lip herself, "I want more of you…now."

"Tsk, tsk Miss Swan," Alice hummed against Bella's neck where she was nuzzling it with her cute nose, "Don't you know? I'm saving myself for marriage."

"Oh fu…tha…." The words quickly changed to a rather loud moan when Alice had switched from a cute nuzzling of Bella's neck to mercilessly licking, biting, and sucking at the pulse point there. Somewhere in Bella's lust clouded brain she knew what Alice was doing. Marking her territory. Edward would see the hicky there and know who did it but Bella didn't have it in her to stop Alice. Quite the contrary Bella didn't want Alice to stop. She was enjoying the pleasurable pain stemming from the marking of her body.

"D….doesn't…." Another moan, this one louder than the last, came from Bella which in turn made Alice purr knowing she was pleasuring her Bella, "Ah…doesn't thi-that bother you?"

"No. You do smell good but I don't want to bite you-well I am biting-but not drink you." Bella meant to speak after that but didn't get the chance since all that could possibility come from her mouth was low whimpers that made Alice's scalp tingle. All due to the vampire licking the new hicky and seal it with a kiss. Swiftly Alice had pushed Bella back down onto the bed by her shoulders only then, after a flash of teeth that made Bella grin herself, did Alice lower herself onto her love.

"Mmmm feel good my gorgeous Bella?" The vampire placed a light kiss against the ear she spoke into.

"Alice…" Bella whined arching her back when the vampire seductively moved down her body to place feather light kisses on Bella's exposed midriff, "God Alice…! More please?"

The vampire made no response but to lick the patch of skin just bellow the brunettes belly button. This earned Alice yet another one of Bella's moans only this time she felt a sharp but wonderful pain in the back of her neck when Bella sunk her nails in.

"Mmmm…I have to think about it…" The vampire smirked to herself, trailing lingering kisses from Bella's stomach going up and savoring how with each kiss Bella pulled her fist full of Alice's hair, "I think….you should be patient." By the time the last word had left Alice's slightly swollen lips (thank you Bella) she had kissed her way back to her lovers mouth and were enjoying each other again. It was definitely getting heated for Bella by this point. While she did enjoy Alice's teasing of kisses leading back to Bella's lips the brunette was getting bothered and needed to vent. Either Alice would give her more like she wanted or the vampire was going to see just how seductive the human could be. Smiling at her plans Bella moved her face to the side when Alice went in for another kiss, instead getting Bella's cheek. This took Alice off guard.

"What's wrong?" Bella just kept her head turned-waiting. Then Alice leaned up on her elbows to inspect Bella's face in hopes of seeing what it was that made Bella upset. Which was Bella's plan. Turning back she leaned up to press her lips against Alice's now fully exposed throat giving Alice the same treatment she had given Bella earlier only Alice couldn't get the bruises now forming on Bella so Bella could be relentless if she felt up to it. Naturally she did. The moment Bella had pressed her warm mouth to her vampires cool throat Alice had moaned and sunk into Bella's embrace which allowed for Bella to perform her flipping trick once more and press her lover into the bed. Forget relentless, she was going in for the kill. After biting and licking at where Alice's pulse point should be Bella casually slid her knee between Alice's thighs until it pressed firmly against her. The petite vampire shook as she arched into Bella's eagerly waiting arms. A fierce growl vibrated in Bella's ear and she felt Alice's nails scratch at her back.

"Bella…" Now the human shook. The way her named had rolled off Alice's tongue just now. It had felt-sounded-so perfect. Beautiful. Sexy. Every and any word.

"Yes love?" Bella murmured against Alice's lips kissing softly, and painfully slow.

"More…now." The vampire demanded in a sexy whisper.

"My pleasure." Without hesitation Bella yanked Alice's green sweater off, carelessly tossing it behind her. Now she was pleased to find that all Alice had been wearing underneath was her lacey bra. Mmm satisfaction. Still it had to go. But slowly. The brunettes dipped her head to place hot open kisses all along Alice's collar bone only to stop where her lips met lace. It served as a temporary boarder which her tongue followed on both of Alice's wonderfully smooth-

"Bella!" Alice suddenly hissed, gripped both her shoulders, "They're back!"

Alarmed Bella shot up to strain her eyes for the sounds of any vampire presence other than the half naked one she was straddling at the moment. Of course she heard nothing.

Alice gently grabbed Bella's hips to move her off the vampire then blurred around the room and when she finally stopped Bella noticed (much to her disappointment) Alice had put her shirt back on and even brushed her mussed hair out. Huffing Bella threw herself down on the bed and burrowed her face into Alice's pillow.

"Edward is going to be pissed…" Alice mumbled to herself pacing about the room.

"So? I don't care. I'm gonna break up with him anyway." This made the small woman stop her pacing to openly stare at Bella.

"You are?" Confused that Alice even had to ask Bella lifted her face from the pillow to meet her lovers gaze.

"Well duh. I'm not into that whole cheating thing. I only want you." Growling as she heard footsteps ascending the stairs outside Alice's room Bella threw herself back down, "And I would have had you had he not decided to come home. Damn it. Of course. He cock blocks me when we are dating and when we aren't. Dick." Smirking Alice shook her head at Bella's adorable frustration and despite that Edward was knocking on her door, she found herself laughing.

"Hey Bella?" As she spoke Edward opened the door and entered the room, his usual brooding look a sneer.

"Yes love? Oh hey Ed."

"You busy tonight?"

"She most certainly is!"

"Didn't ask you Edward. Asked Bella." The brunette stood from the bed and hugged her pixie around the hips and rested her chin atop her head.

"Nope I'm not. Why?"

Alice looked up into the eyes of her lover, finding a dopey smile cross her face just at the prospect that Bella was her lover, "Can I come spend the night?"

"What! Alice how dare you ask my girlfriend-" Edward's stupid sentence turned to a garbled sort of choking noise when he watch his girlfriend lean down to press a chaste kiss to Alice's tasty mouth.

"Yes you may. I'll even share my bed….and then my shower afterwards." That look of hunger was in Alice's eyes again and she purred happily at the things Bella was saying. In front of Edward.

"Sounds….scrumptious." A light kiss was placed on Bella's bruised throat which Edward's narrowed eyes had now just found, "If I weren't waiting for marriage."

"Well then we had better hurry," Bella clapped her hands above Alice's head also making a strange hollow whistle to accompany the sound, "because I think those are wedding bells I hear." Alice stifled the giggle bubbling from her by burying her face in Bella's neck.

"What exactly went on here while I was away! Alice! Bella is my mate!"

"No Edward," Bella leveled, finally sparing Edward a glance before returning her smoldering gaze back to Alice, "Bella is your ex-mate. And Bella is about to make Alice a very, very tired woman. Wanna drive me home baby girl?"

Alice merely nodded. As they passed Edward holding hands he stared after them more confused by how Bella had just broken up with him than the fact that he had been broken up with.

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