"Now your just not being fair! Come on Alice please?" Bella pleaded for probably the tenth time in the past minute. The brunette was standing outside the bathroom door clad only in her blue boy shorts and Alice's shirt disgruntled. Upon leaving the Cullen house they had come home to find Charlie had left Bella a note explaining how he would be gone for the next few hours fishing. This had led to a rigorous workout for the two woman in Bella's room. It was probably good Charlie hadn't been home or he would have assumed the tiny vampire had been trying to kill Bella with all the screams that were coming from behind her closed door. After hours of…ahem…respectable excise Alice had hopped from Bella's bed and skipped into her bathroom. Stark naked. When the half sized sex pixie hadn't come back Bella threw something on and went to see what was keeping her lover. The sounds of water tipped her off. So here she stood pouting to let Bella in so they could shower together.

"Bella honestly we just had sex. Multiple times! I swear your as horny as Emmett." Alice's distinct giggle emanated through the door.

The brunette leaned her forehead against the cool wood, "Babe please? I just want a kiss. Can I have at least a kiss?" There was an pause in which Bella heard the patter of her lovers bare feet run across the wooden floor towards the door.

Two gorgeous eyes peeked through the cracked door, "Just a kiss huh?"

"Maybe two."

"No funny business?"

"Who me?"

"That's not an answer Miss Swan."

"I'll be on my best behavior Miss Cullen."

Alice opened the door wide enough to snake her hand out and grab a fist full of the shirt Bella wore and pull the human to meet her eagerly awaiting lips, "Your best behavior is simply wicked."

Bella smiled disrupting their kiss, "Why yes it is."

"I should kick you out…" While her words said one thing, Alice's hands that were pulling her shirt over Bella's head were saying another.

"But you can't!" The human was slowly backing her vampire up towards the running shower while they spoke in-between kisses.

"Oh? And why can't I?" The dominance in Bella that had deeply suppressed while dating Edward came to surface with Alice. It was refreshing not to be told what to do and how to feel around every turn in what was titled as a loving relationship. With Alice Bella could be herself. She could feel what she wanted. And she could be this dominant lover Bella had always felt to be inside. That's why when Bella smiled savagely against Alice's plump cold lips because the brunette had shoved the tiny vampire against the shower wall with her arms pinned above her head neither girl was surprised.

"Because," Bella let the sentence hang in the air a couple moments while she peppered hot kisses all across Alice's chest and neck, "This is my bathroom."

While it was obvious Alice had the strength to pull free from Bella grip keeping her so deliciously trapped between the marble tiles and Bella's hot body the vampire let herself stay in the compromising position. In fact she played at Bella's game by making a little struggle-okay so maybe she had an intent by struggling. Because the second Bella felt Alice trying to pull away Bella pushed against her harder and nipped at the vampires exposed neck. A not so subtle moan echoed through the bathroom.

Meanwhile downstairs Charlie was unloading his fishing gear onto the couch with a contented sigh as he reveled in his victory over the 3 pound whopper he had caught. That prized fish now sat gutted in the sink waiting for his ill-expertise hands to batter and fry it for tonight's dinner. The chiefs mouth watered at the prospect of indulging himself in fish fry. How he loved his fish. Walking to the sink with his hands on his hips and a proud smile on his face he observed his labors. A swell of manly pride welled up inside him from the sight and he let loose an ear to ear grin. Oh yes he was definitely a man's man. No one could contend.

The sound of a distinct giggle disrupted his thoughts. His eyes shot to the ceiling where the sound had come from. Was Bella home? His proud eyes fell back on his fish. He should show her. An idea accompanied with an image of his daughter rushing to hug him out of pride for her father over his fish catching skills struck him. She was bound to be just as enthusiastic as he was over tonight's dinner. That settled the father strode up the stairs towards Bella's bedroom where he assumed his child to be. Upon entering he found not his daughter but her room thrashed with clothes and her blankets strewn about the floor like a tornado had stuck. His thick brows furrowed in confusion as he glowered at the mused bed with nothing on it but its silk sheet skin and one pillow with its cover half off. This was beginning to look a bit scandalous and as a father his anger at the possibility that Bella had entertained guests while he was away replaced all his previous fish pride.

Another giggle sounded causing the chief to snap his head toward the bathroom. In his haste to rush the place he overlooked the fact that the small giggle had been much to high to belong to his child. He did however pick up on the low groan that could only be his daughters. Now flooded with hostility and not even stopping to consider the consequences he threw open the unlocked door that had been ajar.

The occupants of the shower were to enthralled in one another to even pick up on the sound of the door being opened. Alice had by this time flipped the situation of being Bella's prisoner and was to busy kissing the daylights out of her lover. Bella had her long legs wrapped around the smaller girls waist and was being hoisted by Alice's strong arms while hot water down poured on them from above. A little whimper of excitement came from Bella along with a audible thump when she threw her head back against the wall because Alice had taken advantage of the height difference by licking and kissing at Bella's chest.

"Bella! What's going on! Is Edward in there with you!" The couple froze. Panic flooded Bella's lust hazed mind and in her fear she gripped tighter at the hold she had on Alice's slender shoulders. Alice, who was also equally alarmed by the intrusion, wrinkled her nose in distaste at the thought Charlie put into her mind of it being Edward indulging in Bella's company instead of herself. If the vampire weren't indeed a vampire she was sure she'd be gagging at the moment.

"Bella answer me or I'm going to open the shower do-"

"Dad! I, ah, what the crap! I'm not in here with anyone!"

"But I heard…" The chief paused in his dialogue to think about what Bella had said and the tone in her voice. He took in the steam of the shower that made the mirrors and window fog up. He stopped to think back about a joke his co-workers frequented at work about their sons spending extra time in their showers to… "Oh dear god. I ah…I um…I'm sorry to ah interrupt your personal time Bella I um.."

Inside the shower Alice had let down Bella but had remained pinned to her love with her arms around her nude waist just in case her father did open to shower. But as Charlie's words finally sank in she felt Bella tense and go chalk white in horror.

"Dad! Oh my god! I'm not…" Bella paused to swallow the lump of emotions forming in a tight ball in her esophagus, "I'm not masturbating. God…" The small vampire had to clamp a hand over her mouth to stop herself from laughing loud for Bella's now beat red father to hear. As it was she was bent over clutching her sides with an infuriated and thoroughly embarrassed brunette slapping at her to get her to stop.

"It um…" Charlie closed his eyes to steady himself in this painfully awkward situation so he could approach it with the gentleness only a father could, "It's perfectly normal for kids your age to ah you know. Or whatever. It helps you understand sex or something like that. If you want me to call your mother I cou-"

"No! God no Dad please could we just not talk about this! Ever? Especially when I'm in the shower!"

Charlie straightened instantly and began backing towards the door, "Oh right sorry. I'm going to go start dinner." He turned to hurry in his leaving only to pause in the doorway momentarily, "Oh and Jacob and Billy are staying for dinner for when your done…showering come downstairs to mingle." And with the Charlie shut the door on that situation and silently promised himself to never do that again. Shaking off the awkwardness he hurried downstairs to do the only that could perk him up after such a horrible experience. Cook his beloved fish.

Once the door sounded close Alice indulged herself and let loose a manic laughter. Blushing from toe to nose Bella folded her arms stubbornly and glared at Alice with all the hatred she could summon in her present appearance.

"That funny was it Alice!" Bella spit out the words with malice but that didn't deter the vampire from nodding vigorously while slapping at the shower walls as she continued to chuckle loudly. This only made Bella glare harder.

"I'm glad my suffering can amuse you so." Huffing indignantly Bella threw open the shower door and stepped out into the slightly chilled air, "I hope you know, I won't be kissing you or even touching you for at least a week after your cruel behavior."

This sobered up the vampire immediately and she followed after Bella to reach for her hand only to have Bella slap her touch away with a glare. Whimpered Alice tried again to grab at Bella but the brunette simply raised her chin and stepped back.

"Bella please…I'm sorry love!"

The brunette turned swiftly ignoring Alice's pleading to pull a fresh towel from the cupboard and wrap it around herself. She paused only for but a moment to inhale the warm scent of the fabric softer wafting from the cotton. She had personally picked it when going shopping for Charlie because the previous Arm & Hammer detergent had been unacceptable for her feminine guise. Still she couldn't help but smirk at the memory of Charlie's dismay upon seeing that all his clothing would now smell like cherries and lime.

"Bella…" The brunette snapped out of her thoughts when she felt a tiny hand lightly touch her elbow. Chocolate eyes followed up the slender arm to be met with pleading amber ones. An adorable frown was adorned on Alice's beautiful face that Bella just simply couldn't resist. Giving into temptation Bella leaned in to place a chaste kiss on Alice's lips then turned on her heel to hurry into her room.

Downstairs Jacob was hunched with his arms folded across his chest in an obvious fit while his father chatted away with Charlie. He could smell one of them upstairs with Bella. To say he was pissed would have been an understatement. What did she think she was doing sneaking behind Charlie like this! As if Edward wasn't bad enough now he had her breaking her father's rules and his trust. When would Bella see that Jacob was such a better choice that that blood sucking chump? A loud aggravated snort was heard and it took his father along with Charlie's questioning looks to realize he had been the one to make the sound. Quickly covering his fault he stepped into the kitchen to poke at the fish Charlie had just battered.

"You forget the croutons. It makes it crunchy remember?" Charlie's eyes lit up.

"Oh right! Thanks Jake." Still glowering he watched Charlie whisk away his prized catch along with the two other fish Billy had caught to be properly breaded, "Bella should be down in a moment."

"Yes where is Bella anyway?" Billy asked from where he was tossing the salad that was meant to go with the fish. Bella was picky about that. She had informed Charlie that if he was going to force his fish on her then he had better include something healthy to go with it.

Charlie paused in his ministrations as a sour look came across his face when he recalled the incident upstairs only moments ago. Should he tell them? Maybe they could give him some perspective on the matter. Perhaps Billy had gone through this before with Jacob and he could offer great advise on how to get through the awkwardness.

"She's probably getting dressed by now," Unseen to Charlie as his back was to the boy Jacob tensed and his sulking grew to become a hostile glare burning into the back of Charlie's head, "The weirdest thing happened. I mean I know it's normal or whatever but I was going to tell her about my fish you know? And I see her room looks like…well it was suspicious and I hear her laughing in the shower and well-"

Billy laughed which made Charlie pause abruptly in his work once more, "I see what your saying. Poor dad finally discovered his little girl isn't so little anymore? Caught her with her boyfriend?"

"Don't be stupid Bella wouldn't want to do that with him!" Jacob couldn't help but spit out. Billy gave him a sympathetic smile while Charlie was sputtering at the idea from where he stood.

"N-no! She wasn't doing anything like that…or well it was like that but-"

"Dad please tell me your not talking about what I think you are…" All three men glanced at the kitchen doorway when that steely voice had pierced through their conversation. Tension built up under the scrutiny of the brunettes glare. Charlie cleared his throat while scratching his head while he considered possible things to say but when he came up with nothing he just turned back to his fish. Immediately her pensive glare shot to the Blacks' for good measure. Billy also cleared his throat while rubbing his hands together, mumbling quietly to himself about the weather. Jacob on the other hand returned her glare until he noticed the short vampire appear at Bella's elbow clothes in a pair of Bella's shorts and her favorite shirt.

"Hello all!" Alice chirped pleasantly bringing the rooms attention to her while also cutting the awkward tension Bella had created by entering, "Charlie hi! I just got this urge to come see Bella and-didn't you hear me knock?" Charlie scratched his head again while shaking his head.

"I did." Bella shot her glare at her father once more before finally, finally softening and shooting a lovely smile over her shoulder at the pixie behind her, "You don't mind if she stays the night do you dad?"

"No of course not," The chief took a moment to place the fish in the oven and set the egg timer on the top of the stove, "This just means she can try my fish!"

Bella rolled her eyes while Alice giggled and skipped into the kitchen to give Charlie a hug, "I'm afraid not this time Mr. Swan. My mother made sure I ate before I left the house. You remember don't you?"

Charlie's cheeked tinged pink in embarrassment for forgetting, "That's right your allergic to gluten. So you have-"

"I have a strict diet yeah. Thank you for remembering Charlie." Alice beamed while casting an amused look at Bella who was hiding her smile behind her hand.

"Gluten huh?" Jacob grumped, "You sure its not food you can't eat?"

Alice, who had been penitently ignoring the dog for Bella's sake, finally acknowledged him with an annoyed look. The pixie didn't even waist her voice on an answer, instead just nodding and turning to collect Bella's hand so she could drag her into the living room. Why was that dog always hanging around her Bella anyway? He had to realize that she was Bella's and Bella was hers. He just needed to stop groveling over his loss and own it like a man should. Alice threw herself onto the couch with a scowl while managing to bang her head against the drywall behind her in her aggravation. Her eyes fell closed as she prayed she didn't just dent the wall. A little knowing smile found its way onto her lips. She didn't dent the wall…again. That knowing smile grew as she recalled how Bella had gotten a little to rough and pushed her back hard enough that Alice's shoulders had broke into the wall, leaving a little bit of an imprint on either side.

Why was Alice getting upset? Bella was hers. There was that and a couple other marks and memories to prove that. Not Edwards. Not Jacobs. Hers. Bella loved her and that wasn't going to change anytime soon. Then why was she feeling so threatened by the dogs presence? Maybe it was the fact they didn't have a title on their relationship yet. Suddenly Alice's eyes flew open and she sat up straight causing the leather to groan in protest. Beside her Bella tilted her head in curiosity, still grinning from the fit Alice had thrown because of Jacob being here.

"Bella will you-"

"So where is the other parasite?" Jacob interrupted from the archway of the living room affectively pissing Alice off. Growling a little Alice pulled Bella closer to her just so Jacob couldn't find an excuse to question that Bella was hers. Sure it was a bit territorial but vampires didn't do well with being threatened.

"Edward and I broke up." If only Alice hadn't been here to see the joy that engulfed Jacob's features. It was an instant reaction. His posture straightened and a stupid smile lit up his face while he flew across the room to sit beside Bella. The side Alice wasn't on of course. It would have been physically unhealthy for him to have chosen to come between Alice and Bella.

"That's great Bella!" Unwisely Jacob sought to grab Bella's hand only to have his wrist caught in Alice's before he could get close. Eyes blazing the boy ripped his hand away from Alice who had sense then gathered Bella into her lap.

"What's your problem!" He didn't yell because he didn't want the men in the kitchen to come up but he did make the point that he was this close to unleashing himself on the vampire.

"I don't have a problem, "Alice growled out while wrapped her arms tightly around Bella, "but you will if you try to touch Bella again."

Bella, whom was merely observing the conversation so that if she needed to jump in she would, turned to make herself more comfortable. She ignored how closely Jake watched her as she slid back enough that her legs were draped across Alice's lap and had her front side pressed lightly to Alice's and let her head drop into the crook of her lovers neck. A contented smile spread across the brunettes face when she heard Alice purr in satisfaction of the closeness.

"What exactly is going on here?" Jacob narrowed his black eyes when Bella reached her hand up to stroke the skin under Alice's ear with the tips of her fingers. Now Jake knew that friends-particularly girls-were all touchy feely and protective of one another. So he had excused Alice's overreaction of him trying to grab her hand. And he was having trouble swallowing the way Bella was practically caressing Alice but he was sure that's what friends do. Even if Alice was a blood sucking parasite. Still he couldn't get past the way their eyes were smoldering when they looked at one another. And he didn't fail to notice the way their eyes only broke contact to look at one another's lips.

"Jake," Bella reluctantly looked away from Alice, "I broke up with Edward-"

"You said that already-"

"-for Alice."

A very pregnant silence ensued only to be disrupted when Jake stood so very slowly. He began pacing in his fury.

"Let me get this straight," His words came between greeted teeth and he flung his fisted hands into the air out of exasperation, "You left the chump for a woman! Not even a woman-for a disgusting-"

Bella immediately straightened jumping to her feet and without even a thought as to what might happen because of it, shoved Jacob with all her strength, "Don't you dare talk about Alice!"

While the brunette had given it her best effort Jake hadn't barely stumbled back therefore just as quickly bounced back to seize Bella's wrists in his hands and hug her hands to his chest.

"Why don't you see! We belong together! I love you so much more than Edward and I will love you much more than…why Bella! You realize she can't ever make you happy? She's' a she! Come on-" The words died in Jacobs mouth as a pale hand curled around his throat restricting all room to breath. Alice was simply shaking with fury at the way he had held Bella but unlike Edward Alice had the ability to control her rage. She simply gripped his throat tighter until he crumbled to his knees, clawing at her arm trying to break her grip.

"Jacob Black," Alice whispered it but it was stone solid as she did, "You will never touch Bella like that again. You will turn and you will leave this house immediately and I don't want you to ever be here looking for my girlfriend again. Does that make sense to you or do I need to stupid it down for your mutt brain to comprehend?"

Jacob didn't respond but to rip Alice's now loosened grip off his throat and jump to his feet towering over the still form vampire. The two shared a glaring contest with Jacob heaving labored breaths from both being choked so roughly and trying to rein himself in so he wouldn't change then and there. Whereas Alice was neatly composed with her hands clasped tightly behind her back merely staring up at Jacob. Just as Bella was about to intervene they were being shouted at form the kitchen to come to dinner. When they didn't move Bella had to roll her eyes. It was comical really. The way they were standing toe to toe with Jake being a good two feet taller but Alice not backing down an inch.

"Okay enough," They flicked their eyes in her direction, "Jake go. Eat. Then leave. Alice come on we'll go sit in my room until they leave."

Alice's eyes softened considerably as Bella took her hand and began to tug her away, "Wait Bella, love, you need to eat."

To that the brunette paused in her stepping and cast a look over her shoulder at both Jake and Alice before purposefully obviously running up and down Alice's perfect figure, "Oh I'll eat." Alice was treated to an evil smirk from her lover that Jacob sneered at, "I'll eat." Then Bella was pulling Alice upstairs once more and didn't let herself laugh until her door was shut and she was giggling to herself. At once Alice had pounced on her and was wrapping her arms around Bella's neck.

"That was naughty of you to say in front of your pleasant company!" Bella was pleased to note the sparkle of merriment in Alice's eyes.

"Oh? Was it? I seem to remember you saying something oh what was it…oh yes! Something about me being your girlfriend? When did I agree to that?" Alice's smirk turned to frightened frown that Bella couldn't stop herself from kissing with an urgent gentleness.

"Bella?" Alice murmured between rather heated kisses. The brunette grunted rather man like in response which prompted the vampire to giggle at. Bella herself merely smirked to herself as she nuzzled Alice's chin with her nose hopefully prompting her lover to lift her head so she could lavish her throat with kisses. Alice lifted her head immediately.

"Bella?" The vampire repeated eyes now shut as she basked in the pleasant feeling spreading across the cool skin of her neck, "Bella be my girlfriend?"

The brunette continued at her ministrations before finally whispering against Alice's ear, "Only under one condition."

Alice whimpered her what because Bella had licked the outer shell of her ear and blew on it gently racking the vampires body in pleasure chills.

"I'll be yours if you swear to be mine," Alice lifted her head to let some ridiculous quip out but Bella wasn't done, "Promise to be mine for as long as you live."

Alice smiled a gorgeous megawatt smile, "I promise."

"Then you know what I'm saying? What I'm asking by making you promise that?" There was a seriousness in Bella's tone that touched Alice deep inside.

"I do."

"You still intend to keep your promise?"

"We are going to be together for all eternity Bella. I love you." Finally that smile Alice loved so much returned to her girlfriend's face.

"I love you too." And it was sealed with the kiss of the ages.