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Chapter 1: A Caring Leader

The beep of Wildwing's alarm woke him from his peaceful slumber, groaning he reached over and turned the annoying contraction off. He didn't move from his current position as he waited for his body to fully wake up. After a minute passed he finally sat up and planted his feet on the ground, looking at the clock he saw the red numbers blink five thirty, in the morning. It was almost time for their morning practice, so everyone should be getting up soon. He chose to hold practice this early in the morning since it would be a good time than any other time during the day. He liked it since he used to do the same thing back on Puckworld, but the others didn't really like it, especially Nosedive since he always said things on line of not being able to sleep in.

Chuckling at the thought he rose up and walked over to his brother's bed, he couldn't help but smile as he watched his baby brother still asleep, sprawled out with his beak open. He really didn't want to disturb him but rules were rules and he had to get him up for practice, so placing his hand on Nosedive's shoulder Wildwing gently started to shake him. "Dive…Dive come on wake up it's time for practice."

Reflexively Nosedive swatted his older brother's hand way, "Just ten more minutes," He responded in his sleep.

Wildwing rolled his eyes at the comment, "Come on Dive, get up you know you have to." That still didn't faze his brother, as he ignored him. Smiling deviously he advanced towards Nosedive, 'Hey I warned him,' he thought as he began tickling his brother. That got the teen's attention as he started to snicker, then woke up as he started laughing, "Come on bro stop!" he shouted as he laughed.

"Only if you get up," He replied, keeping up his assault.

"Ok, ok I'm up!" he shouted as Wildwing stopped. Sitting up Nosedive started to regain his breath. "Man bro can't you give me a break?"

The older mallard shook his head as he started to walk over to his closet, "If you'd learn to get up when I tell you then this won't happen."

Nosedive stayed silent after that, in truth he liked it when his bro did things like that, it helped remind them how close their bond is and it was a plus to see him all loosed and relaxed. Shaking off his thought he got out of bed and joined his brother, both started getting ready for practice.

Sometime later all the Ducks were all geared up on the ice practicing. Wildwing watched as his brother charged down the ice and shot the puck at him, smirking he moved his right leg and deflected the shot, much to his bro's dismay, "Come on Dive I know you can do better than that!"

Smiling deviously Nosedive responded, "Oh so that's how you want it huh?" The others sweat dropped a bit, realizing when he was planning. "Just you wait Wing!"

Skating to the center of the ice the puck was passed to him and he started skating down. Malloy got in front of him and waited for an opening so she could steal. They were nearing the goal but then Mallory's skate got caught on the ice and caused her to stop, that intern caused Nosedive to crash and knocked both of them down, Mallory hitting the ice hard. "Mallory!" They all shouted as they skated towards the two.

Nosedive quickly got off of her, worried now that she might be hurt, "Mal I'm sorry, I didn't mean for that to happen," he said quickly.

They all saw her groan in pain, but she was able to respond, "It's alright…don't worry."

Grin carefully helped her up, making sure he didn't hit the spot that was hurting. Once up she clutched her wrist and started rubbing it. "You alright sweetheart, that was a nasty fall there?" Duke asked as everyone took noticed.

She shook her head and responded, "It's alright, nothing I can't handle."

"You should at least let me take a look at that," Tanya suggested as she took her wrist and started looking at it. From the looks of it some bruising seemed to be forming, judging by it she must have fell on it during the fall. "There's some bruising that's forming right now so uh…I suggest you put some ice on it."

Unfortunately Mallory shook her head, "No I'll be fine, I can skate it off."

"I don't think that's a good idea," Wildwing started. "I think you should cut practice early."

"Don't worry about-"

"You should worry about it now, your wrists are important for playing, so you best heal it the best you can so it won't get worst," He started to explain with a serious voice.


"Ok, hold your stick out with that hand," Everyone gave him a questioning look. They wondered what his angle was but she did what she was told. Holding the stick in front of her she waited for further instruction, but while doing so she could feel a little bit of pain but could shake it off.

"Now turn your wrist clockwise."

Confused at the order she did as he said. Slowly she began to turn her wrist, but winced as the pain began to present itself more. Everyone could see this and tell that it wasn't good right now.

"See what I mean, if that hurt you then imagine what could happen if you hurt it again," Wildwing explained as he placed his hand on her shoulder.

"I know but-"

"No further discussions, now go and ice that wrist, take it easy for a bit." He said nothing else, she knew that his word was final and he wouldn't change his mind. She nodded and started skating to the gate, silently thanking him for looking out for her.

A couple of hours later Wildwing walked into the kitchen to get something to drink, only to realize that he wasn't alone in the room. At the table sat Duke, with a small stack of mail next to him, apparently it must have been fan mail. Walking past him he stopped at the refrigerator as he grabbed a soda. Popping it open he walked back and sat down next to his friend, "How's it going?"

"Going good, just catching up on mail I haven't been able to answer," He responded as he grabbed another envelope.

"And how's it going?" Wildwing asked, taking a sip from his drink.

"You know the same old crazy fans who say that they love me, and stuff; it ceases to amaze me you know." Taking the letter opened he opened the envelope.

"Any particular ones that sticks out so far?" it wasn't unusual that the team would get mail like the ones Duke described, a lot of fans loved them and they knew it would get crazy.

Duke responded with a laugh, "Nothing so far, thankfully, I mean I know it's amusing but yeah it can get annoying at times." Pulling out the paper that was inside he started to read it.

"I know what you mean, fans can get crazy." He stopped when he saw that Duke was focused on the letter he was reading, a smile plastered on his beak. "What is it?"

"It's a letter from those kids I was coaching, remember them?"

How could Wildwing not, after the whole affair with Duke being accused of theft he and Mallory found out Duke had been coaching some kids on how to improve their game. They had all wanted to try out for their school's team but really lacked the talent to do so. But they all ended up helping out and soon the kids' game improved tremendously. Their tryouts were a week ago but they hadn't heard back from them. "Oh what's it say?"

"They made the team, every single one of them."

"Seriously?" He asked as Duke handed him the letter so he could read it.

Dear coach L'Orange

Hey it us, you didn't think we would forget about you, did you? Well it's been a week since we all tried out for our school's team and we just saw the postings today. We made it, all of us made the team together! Thank you so much for helping us, if it wasn't for your help none of us wouldn't have, we would have been jokes during the tryouts. Even though we made the team please don't let this mean it's the end of our encounters, we all truly love hanging out with you and hope to do it again.

Also can you thank the rest of the Mighty Ducks for helping out also? All the individual coaching from them helped a lot also. Once again thank you so much for the help, and we hope to see you at one of our games. Till next time we meet, good luck on your own games.


Your favorite team.

Wildwing couldn't help but smile also as he finished the note, he felt good inside for helping them. And it was good to see that they all made it, "Good to see it all worked out in the end."

"Yeah I know, and because of that I was thinking of giving them a gift for their success, but I'm not sure what."

Wildwing finished off the rest of his soda, crushing the can as he stood up, "I have an idea, why not send them some season passes for our games."

Duke seemed to raise his eye at the suggestion, and he started to like it, "That's a great idea; I think they would like it a lot."

Smiling he walked past his friend towards the door, "I know they will." He left the room, happy to know that he helped out his friend.

A couple of hours later we see Tanya dragging Wildwing towards her working area, inside the hanger where the Aerowing was stored. When they neared her workbench she picked up her latest invention and showed it to him. "What is it you have to show me Tanya?" Wildwing asked.

She held up two different pucks, normally this would have seem odd to some people but to them it was new types of ammo. "These new pucks are perfect if we are to make uh…quick escapes." She handed him the puck that was in her right hand. "This one will emit a blinding flash to anyone who looks at it." She then held up the one that was in her hand. "Finally this one will give off a smoke screen; it'll help give us cover if we're under fire."

Wildwing started thinking over the inventions that were given to him and then nodded at them. "These should help out big time when the time comes." He handed them back to her as he watch her put them back.

"I know and the good thing is that they're ready to use when we need them."

Just then a dreaded feeling of déjà vu overcame Wildwing; it was just not too long ago something like this happened. "Uh…Tanya you did test these, didn't you?"

"Uh…what do you mean?"

"Did you test these first?" He asked once again, starting to worry that she didn't.

"Well…I uh…" She was stuttering her words.

He sighed while shaking his head, "Tanya remember what happened with that new Migrator you invented? Nothing on that piece of junk worked properly, and that nearly put the whole team in danger. So that's why you need to test this stuff first before we use it, so that nothing like that will ever happen again."

She looked at the ground, shaking her head as she realized that he was right, chances are that they wouldn't work right unless she did test them. "You're right, I didn't really think about that."

"It's alright Tanya we all get carried away at times and forget things," He reassured her, giving her a gentle smile.

She returned it as she looked back up at him, "I'll be sure to test them out later on."

Nodding he responded, "Good to know, and keep up the good work." With that he left her to her own devices and left the room.

Sometime later Wildwing could be found, along with Grin, were in front of Drake One, both were paired up for monitor duty. Once in a while each were paired up to watch over Drake One just in case something surprising popped up. In other words it was boring for them to do. Wildwing sighed as he looked over at his companion, who was currently sitting on the ground meditating, which he sighed at. It wasn't like he didn't like being paired up with him it just that the larger mallard never really had anything to say, so he always tried his best to get to know him more when times like this happen. "Are you as bored as I am?" He asked.

"Boredom is only an illusion of the mind," He responded, eyes still closed.

"Right," Wildwing responded, not really getting what he meant. "But it still gets to you, doesn't it?"

"Whatever," He responded plainly.

Turning in his seat Wildwing decided to change the subject. "What's the highlight of your day?"

Grin opened his eyes as he looked up, "One's actions cannot fully be explained."

"What do you mean by that, I don't understand?"

"We do a lot of action in one's experience, we cannot account for everything we do in our day of life."

"I still don't get it."

"You will understand in time friend," Grin finished as he closed he eyes and resumed meditating.

Propping his feet up on the console he kept the conversation going, "Do you ever have second thoughts about ever doing this mission and ending up stuck here?"

"The roads in life we take will lead in the same direction; the road that is taken is what you must decide."

"I guess I'll keep that in mind," He responded, deciding to just accept the answer.

"Still thank you for the talk friend," the larger mallard suddenly said.

Wildwing smiled as he heard that, at least he made a small bit of conversation. So leaning back in his seat he just waited it out, thankfully their duty was almost done.

Sometime later it was late at night and Wildwing was walking back into the Pond, with Phil trailing behind him. "Come Wildwing, can't you just hear me out?"

Stopping he turned around and looked at the manager square in the eye, "Read my beak, No!"

Even though he was told that it didn't stop him from pressing the subject, which of course was another publicity stunt. "Come on it's not that horrible," That earned a glare from the leader in front of him, which was a bad choice of words. "Ok, maybe not horrible but it's-"

Groaning Wildwing started walking away, "Phil please go home, it's late and I don't feel like dealing with this."

Deciding to cut his losses Phil dropped the subject, for now, "Fine but we're talking about this tomorrow!" With that that he turned and left the Pond.

Wildwing Sighed in relief as he finally got rid of Phil for the night, now he could finally get some sleep. He entered the rec room and headed for the door to the rooms, but stopped when he noticed something. Circling around the couch the white mallard could help but smile as he found his baby bro asleep. He was sprawled out with one leg and arm hanging off the couch, a bunch of comics around him. That's Nosedive for ya, he always fell asleep like this every now and then. Doing what he always did Wildwing then carefully lifted his brother off the couch and headed for their room.

Entering the door the older brother walked over to Nosedive's bed and carefully laid him down on the mattress. Taking the covers he pulled them over the teen, smiling once again Wildwing changed into his night clothes and got into his bed. Looking over at his little brother he couldn't help but say, "Night Dive."

"Night Wing," He surprisingly hear from his bro. Shaking his head he got comfortable and drifted off, just a normal day for the leader of the Mighty Ducks.

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