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Chapter 13: Forgiveness

The room was still in silence after what Wildwing had told them, they still couldn't believe that his actions were his own. They all knew him too much to think he would do things like he did, there was no way. "But…that can't be true," Mallory started, kneeling down next to him. "We all know you would never willingly-"

She didn't get too finished as she was cut off, "I did…and you want to know the worst thing," With teary eyes he looked up at everyone, a true sign he was being true with his feelings. "Every single thing I did…I liked it."

Eyes were raised in shock, as a few gasps could be heard; now none of them could believe any of this was true. "How could you like any of that, you hurt all of your teammates?" Tanya then asked for all of them.

Wildwing just shifted himself into a sitting position, back against the wall and now looking at the floor, not wanting to look at his friends. "Bad thoughts were on my mind…every time I tried to think of why not to do it…nothing came, the feeling of being evil was too overwhelming and...I gave into it."

Duke then moved over to Wildwing and placed a hand on his shoulder, but his leader then moved away from it. The one eyed duck sighed, "Wildwing listen you were under the influence of Dragaunus's weapon there's no way-"

"Don't any of you understand?" He sudden shouted, as he moved further away from them. "I did everything on my own; it doesn't matter if some machine messed with me. In the end I'll always remember everything I did, why I did it, and that I did it on my own will!"

"But Wildwing," Grin then stepped in, trying moved closer to his friend. "You were without your yin, leaving nothing but your yang leftover, without both one cannot be responsible for the actions they take."

"It still doesn't matter, I can't be trusted," Standing up and heading for the exit, "I don't even deserve to be in front of any of you."

"Where you going?" Duke shouted after him.

He stopped before he left and responded, not looking at any one of them, "Somewhere that's not here, I can't even stay here after what I did."

"You can't leave!" He tried to stop him, but that didn't help at all. "What are we going to say to the kid?"

The mention of his brother brought a huge chill down Wildwing's spine, his whole body started to shake as the memories of what he did to his little brother came back. Some more tears started to fall as it all came back, "He's…alive?"

They were stunned at the question, not sure where he got the fact that he might be dead, but still they answered. "Yes…out cold but fine," Mallory responded.

"When he wakes…tell him he deserves a better brother then me," Sadly explaining as he walked for the door again.

"But you can't go, Nosedive asked to see you before he passed out!" The redhead tried to convince.

Swiftly turning to stare at them the white mallards face was filled with anger, guilt and shame. "I can't…not after what I did to him! I can't look him in the eye at all…I don't deserve to have him as my brother." Without listening to anyone else he ran out of the Pond, no one trying to stop him for some surprise reason.

"Shouldn't we go after him?" Duke asked, everyone looking at one another.

"No," Tanya was the first to respond as she shook her head. "He's still shocked at everything he remembered, it'll take time for him to fully accept what he did. Just let him cool off for a while."

"But what do we tell little friend?" Grin asked.

"The truth," Mallory responded with a sigh, everyone knowing she was right.

Another day had passed and there was still no word from Wildwing, it started to worry everyone because they thought he would have been back during the night. There wasn't any kind of word from him or anything that showed his presence. It made them wonder how long he would spend away from them, heck they wondered where he was. They all decided that if they didn't hear anything from them before the evening that they would go look for him.

In the meantime Nosedive still wasn't awake yet, but he was recovering quite well. Most of the bruises were either gone or mostly faded, the welts were already gone, and most of the bandages were gone also. Plus one of the bigger improvements was that the oxygen mask was gone, after another test from Tanya she confirmed that his breathing was normal and didn't need it anymore. The teen was out of danger so now they had to wait for him to wake up, but it still was undetermined at the moment.

Sometime before noon Duke came out of his bathroom, fully dressed after a nice shower. He was currently toweling his head off as he entered the room but stopped as something came into his view. Right on his bed was his saber, he knew that he placed it somewhere else before hopping into the shower. The stranger thing was the blade was drawn out…and looks almost like new!

Moving over to pick it up the one eyed duck took a better look at his weapon. The whole blade was well polished, to the point where he could see him own reflection in it! Plus the edges looked like they were sharpened; most of the dullness and small chipped marks were gone. The saber looked almost like when he first got it; it only made him curious as to how this happened. It was then he noticed some folded up piece of paper on the bed, eye raised Duke reached and picked it up. Unfolding it reveled it to be a note.


I'm sorry for what I did to you, even though I know you won't forgive me for it. Again I'm sorry for beating and tying you up but most of all I'm sorry for say that I would mess up your saber. I know it means a lot for you so I took the liberty to sharpen and polish it for. Please accept this as an apology for what I did to you, even though it's going to take a lot more for you to forgive me.


Duke lowered the note as a sadden sigh came out of his beak, oh how Wildwing had it wrong. Even though he did all that to him the eldest duck had already forgiven his leader, but without him there he could say it.

Grin was approaching his room, apparently there was a lot of things on his mind and needed to meditate in a special way. Upon reaching his door he stopped before it, not opening the door yet. "A presence has come and gone from here," He thought, knowing that someone had entered his room without his knowing. Opening his door he walked in, but found no one there, despite the lights being off. Flipping the switch the lights came on, reveling the whole room, nothing was disturbed at all, except something was placed on his bed. Upon closer inspection he found it to be a new set of meditation crystals, a very expensive set he noticed. "Where did these come from?" The thought came to his mind, but then he noticed a note underneath the crystals. Picking it up and unfolding it he started to read.


I'm sorry for the things I said to you, it isn't my place to comment on how you act during the day. Plus I'm also sorry for beating on you on all those times, believe me when I say I felt awful because of it. Anyway I saw you a while ago eyeing these, but ended up saying that you needed to say up for something else. I hope you like them, and again I'm sorry for what I did.


Grin slowly placed the letter back on the bed and sat down, disappointed in what he read. "Wildwing can only repent for actions they are fully responsible for, you are not at fault for what you did. Evil consumed you and there was nothing you could do about it," He said out loud as he moved to the ground and sat crossed legged to meditate, he knew his leader would come back and would need to face his own demons.

Tanya and Mallory were both on their way to check up on Nosedive, but the blonde said she needed to make a small detour to her work station. Apparently she needed to grab something first beforehand. When they both got to their destination they were both surprise to see two things on there. First of all were Mallory's weapons, all apparently were cleaned and shined up to perfections, something that she hadn't seen in a long time.

The second thing was that Tanya's entire tools looked almost like new, heck they all were new plus there was some new tool included. Both ducks marveled at their new discovery, "How did this happen?" Mallory asked, looking at her puck blaster over, marveled at the workmanship put into it.

"I don't know, I'm curious as to how these came to be," Tanya asked, looking over all of her new items.

Putting one of her weapons down the red head reached for another but then noticed a note on the table, "Hey look at this."

The blonde watched as her friend picked it up, "Huh, I wonder where that came from?"

"Take a wild guess," Mallory commented, knowing that they both knew the answer, but then began to read the letter.

Mallory and Tanya

I'm very sorry for everything I done to the both of you; I know I hurt you two in different ways. Mallory I'm sorry for calling you a hypocrite, it was wrong of me to question your military code. And Tanya I'm very sorry for calling you dumb and useless, I don't really think of you like that, heck I don't think of the two of you like that. And also Tanya I'm fell bad for holding you hostage and nearly cutting your neck with Duke's saber, and shooting you with the puck, and beating on you two. I hope what I did for you guys makes up a little for everything I did. You won't believe the guilt I feel because of this, I know you guys may not want to see me for a while, so I'll honor it.

Mallory crumpled up the letter and throwing it away, "I can't believe he would think that."

"I know…We don't feel like that at all!" Tanya commented, grabbing some spare medical supplies she had stored in there. "But there's nothing we can do about it until he comes back."
"I know, It makes me sad that he thinks like that." She received a nod as they both left the current room and headed for the med bay.

A groan rose up from the med bay as Nosedive's eyes slowly started to open, all his sense fully coming back to him. The first thing he felt was pain, and soreness all over his body, and the fatigue his body was feeling. Finally his eyes fully opened, but only to be blinded by the lights that were on, squinting them lessened the feeling. He groan could be heard as he moved his right arm to shield himself from the light, moving now required a lot of effort which cause his sore to be more noticeable. Trying his best to ignore it the teen tried to sit up, only to wince as pain flared through him. It didn't stop him as he fully pulled himself up, breathing a heavy due the bit of pain he felt.

Once he managed to pull himself together he took a look at the surrounding, only to find out that he was in the med bay of the Pond. A sigh of relief was blown out as he rubbed the back of his neck, wondering where everyone was. He got the answer as the door to the room opened and in came Mallory and Tanya, both talking but stopped suddenly when they saw the teen up. "Nosedive, you're awake!" Tanya called out as the two of them rushed to his side.

"Yeah I can see that," he responded, swinging his legs off the bed.

"Whoa don't do that," Mallory warned, trying to stop him. "You don't fully have your strength back yet."

"Don't worry, I feel fine," He tried to reassure. "I feel sore in some places but I'm fine."

"Still you took a real bad beating," Tanya explained, checking him over to see if he's really fine.

The face of the teen turned grim; obviously he remembered what had happened, and who had hurt him. "Oh yeah…how long have I been out?"

"Two days," Mallory answered as the blonde duck started taking his blood pressure.

"Ah, that's too tight!" Nosedive complained, feeling the pressure from the strap that was fastened on his arm.

"Sorry," She responded, loosening it some.

"Man I must have been really out of it to sleep that long." He responded. "Where…where's Wing?" The teen asked looking at the two.

The question itself made the two freezes on what they were doing, an obvious sign that something happened and they knew. "Well…"

"What happened?" the kid asked, picking up on them knowing. "Come on where is he?"

Mallory sighed, it was no use keeping it from him, "Wildwing…is back to normal. But…everything he did came back to him and he freaked out. He kept on saying her was sorry for everything he did…and he left."

"Left!" The teen's eyes bulged out in disbelief. "How could he…why would…where is-"

"Nosedive you have to calm down!" Tanya shouted.

"But I told you guys that I wanted to see him when I woke up!"

"We know, but…he didn't want to see you," Mallory responded, the last bit freezing the teen in place. Seeing the sad look on his face made her reassure him, "It's not because of you…it's because of what he did to you."

Nosedive stayed silent for a bit, not looking at any one of them but the floor. Without looking up he asked, "Where is he?"

"We don't know, he's been gone for a day," Tanya asked, worrying for the teen a bit. "Although we think he may have snuck back in her a few times."

"I know where he is," Nosedive spoke up, surprising the two.

"What where-"Mallory didn't get a chance to finish as the teen hopped off the bed, knees buckling a bit but the two caught him.

"Nosedive you shouldn't be walking, you're still too weak," Tanya warned, trying to get the kid back on the bed.

"I need to talk to Wing, now!" He kept on insisting. "I need to do it alone."

"Not in the condition you're in!"

"Well I'm going to see him regardless; you can either accept that or strap me down to the bed," He told them, causing them to stop what they were doing. Now he was waiting to see what they would do next.

Without saying anything the two females looked at one another and seemed to come to the same conclusion. Tanya walked over to one of the tables and picked something up, which was out of Nosedive's view. Walking back right in front of him she held out a long wooden stick to him, a walking cane. "Using this should only be temporary."

He accepted the tool and placed the end on the ground to start walking. The can really helped out as it balanced and relieve some weight off of him. It was a slow process but the two friends let him go, staying where they were as they saw the teen leave the room, "Thank you," He quietly said to them.

Wildwing leaned over the railing as he stared out into the sky, lost in his thoughts. All of the bad deeds he had done still haunted him, it didn't matter if he had his eyes opened or closed they still showed up. He wanted to rid himself of these memories badly but there wasn't any way that would happen.

He sighed heavily as his hand rubbed all over his face, "What should I do now?" he was too wrapped up in his thought that he didn't hear the sound of the nearby door opening and closing. "How can I get the others to truly forgive me," it was then that he could hear some thumps from behind and turned around. His breathing and heart rate increased as he laid eyes on Nosedive, who was using a cane to walk towards him.

"Wing-"The teen began to say.

"Nosedive, please stay back!" The eldest brother shouted, moving away from the teen.

"Wing please listen-"

"Why are you here! Why come near me even after what I did to you!" He shouted as he looked at the ground, not wanting to look his little brother in the eye.

"I wanted-"

"Please go Nosedive, I can't even look at you the same way-"

"Wing will you shut up!" The teen final shouted, gaining his brothers attention. Wildwing still didn't look at him but kept his beak shut. "Please Wing I really want to talk to you."

It was then the eldest fell on his hands and knees, some tears pouring out of his eyes, "I'm sorry."

"Wing please cut it out and talk to me," The teen walked closer.

"I can't…not after nearly killing you two times," He finally looked up at his brother, the tear soaked eyes being shown. "I shouldn't even be your brother after what I did. Heck I shouldn't even…ow!" He shouted, rubbing the top of his head after Nosedive struck it with the cane.

"Just shut up and listen!"

"I deserve that," Wildwing responded, sitting himself next to the railing. Nosedive decided to follow his brother's example and sat down next to him. "How did you know I was up here?"

"You always come to the roof of the stadium when something's bugging you. Wing look you shouldn't feel bad for what happened."

Wildwing just looked at his brother like he was crazy, "How can I not feel bad, I beat up everyone of the team, both physically and mentally. Plus I nearly killed you!"

"Still you were under the influence of that weapon Dragaunus hit you with, you couldn't help it," The teen tried to reassure.

"Still every single action I did was my own, I wasn't being controlled or anything. I did everything willingly."

It was then Nosedive looked up at his brother, stunned at what he heard, "You…you were really?" He nodded. "But wouldn't-"

"There was no voice in my head to tell me it was wrong, no reason not to or any of those things that would help turn my decision."

That cause silence between the two, both not sure of what to say to one another. It was then Wildwing spoke up first, "Dive please do something for me."

"What?" He raised an eye.

"Hit me," That raised both eyes on the teen. "Please do it, I beat you to a pulp so it's only right if you do the same, I won't do anything to stop it."

Just hearing that crushed the teen even more, knowing that his brother wanted him to beat him up like he did sicken him. Even if Wildwing did it willingly there was no way he could do the same. "No."

"You have to do it, I won't feel better unless-"

The teen quieted him by smacking him right in the back of the head, "I not going to do it, I wouldn't feel right. Even if you willingly did it to me, I'm not mad at you, nor will I never be."

"But how can you even not be mad at me, even after what I did?"

Nosedive leaned back on the railing and began to explain. "No one is mad at you, not me not Mallory, not Duke, no one. Heck you may have had your mind tampered with but we all can truly say that it wasn't fully your fault. Dragaunus was behind this all, you can blame him for it."

Wildwing remained silent, looking forward, not sure what to say, "But what about the things I feel-"

"Just forget about it," The teen said. "As long as you know that everyone forgives you then there should be nothing to worry about."

"But still-"

"Can you at least do me two things for me?"

Wildwing just looked at him curiously, wondering why he would ask that, "Anything."

"Just forget this whole thing," He first said as he leaned in closer till his head rested on the eldest shoulder. "And also, please call me baby bro; I missed you calling me that."

A smile finally broke out on Wildwing's break, he then wrapped his arm around and pulled him closer, "You got it baby bro." They both ended up smiling at that, both sitting there for a while longer.

Few hours Later

The rest of the day had been long in Wildwing's perspective; they ended up walking down and finding everyone else. He apologized to them all again for what he did, but then they reassured him that they forgave him for what he did. They all ended up getting to talking about what had happened, and did everything they could to reassure their leader that everything was ok.

When everything was said and done they all decided to turn in for the night, Wildwing help his little brother to the room. "Hey bro, I have a surprise for you when we get to the room."

"What do you mean?" He asked as they approached the door.

"You'll see."

They entered the room and the teen's eyes widen as what he saw. The whole room was cleaned up, his bed was looked like it wasn't torn at all, and resting on top of it was took him off guard the most. Then teen walked over and saw all of his stuff back, all the things his brother destroyed was back! All of his clothes, video games, and comics had been replaced; there was even some extra stuff he had been wanting to get also. "Wing…how-"

"I felt bad for what I did to all of your stuff, so I replaced all of it the best I could. I hope I got it all right." He was caught off guard when Nosedive hugged him. "Dive you ok."

"You didn't have to do this," He responded.

"I wanted to, I didn't want you not to have your stuff," He explained, walking over to his bed, but then the teen noticed that his mattress was gone.

"Bro what happened to your bed?"

The mallard sighed as he didn't look back, "Yours was too torn up for you to sleep on, so I threw it out and gave you mine."

"But where are you going to sleep?"

"I can sleep on the floor, I don't mind." He responded, changing into his night clothes, he then helped Nosedive afterwards when he was done.

Nothing else was said as the kid took all of his stuff off the bed and put them back in its proper place. He was about to get in bed when he stopped, "Uh…Wing?"

"What is it?" He asked as he was about to lay on the floor.

"Uh…I don't feel like sleeping by myself tonight, you know how everything in all happened. Do you think you can stay with me?"

"But Dive-"He tried to question, not believing he would ask that.

"Please?" He asked, giving a pleading look.

Wildwing couldn't help but smile at that, knowing that he couldn't resist when he saw that look. "Alright," He said, getting up and going over to the bed. Both brothers smiled as they climbed into bed, the lights turned off as they shut their eyes. "Night Dive."

"Night Wing," Soon they were both asleep, the worries of the previous day behind them.

The next day all of the ducks were in the kitchen enjoying breakfast. They were all laughing as Nosedive told them a funny story. It seemed as if all of what happened was forgotten to them and things seemed back to normal. "That's real funny kid," Duke called out, taking a bite of his toast.

"Yeah you never seem to stop surprising me," Mallory seconded, sipping her orange juice.

"I tell them as I hear," The teen responded.

"Yeah," Wildwing responded, finding out he drank all of his milk and walked over to the refrigeration to get a refill.

It was then the door to the kitchen opened and Phil walked in, not noticing Wildwing and walked up to the team. "Hey guys, I was wondering if I could talk to you guys." They all groaned at that, knowing another publicity stunt was coming their way. "Oh come one just hear me out on this one."

"Phil not now," Wildwing all of a sudden said right behind him.

The manager frozen where he was and slowly turned to see the large mallard right behind him. Fear started to build up as he remembered what happened the other day, "Uh…never, I uh…have something else to do." With that he ran out of the room, screaming in his head.

Wildwing raised an eye at that, and then remembered why he looked scared of him, "Oh...I guess we didn't tell Phil that I'm back to normal."

"Guess we have to tell him then," Tanya responded as she rested her head on her hand.

"Wait, let's not tell him," Nosedive suddenly suggested, earning a look from everyone.

"Why?" Grin asked.

"Didn't you see how he dropped that publicity stunt idea when he saw Wing?" Everyone nodded at that. "We let's not tell Phil anything, that way when he wants us to do a publicity stunt we'll tell him to talk to Wing, he'll drop the idea faster than you can say hockey."

They all looked at one another, the idea seeming more appealing the more they thought about it. They all smiled as Wildwing walked over to his side, "Good thinking baby bro, good thinking."


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