OK! My FIRST fanfic, hope you guys enjoy it, I'm just mad over the pairing and they receive so little attention so I attempted this. Don't be harsh although when criticism is necessary harshness will be tolerated ^^, Here goes!

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Hope and Disbelief: CHAPTER 1

'It had been a month since the collision of the different worlds', thought the Raven haired young woman known simply as X-23. The world was safer by a little bit since Galactus' death but something just felt so…incomplete was it? The girl looked at the setting sky from the huge mansion's grounds, it was a little bit cold, she gripped her coat tighter around her body for warmth as she thought of these thoughts. 'The world as we know it has been altered and there's no going back, so why now is there separation if we know about the beings from the other dimensions?' She sighed slightly and tilted her head down. "I sort of….miss them…" she said holding back a stray tear. As quickly as she shed the tear, she wiped it with her sleeve. 'Too bad though, they've grown on me…well, most of them.' She smiled at the thought.

"X-23!" A rough voice called. "X-23, you gotta head back inside now!" it called again. She turned to face the figure making its way towards her.

"Jesus Laura, haul yer ass in, storm's worried bout ya and its chewing on my ass too!" A man commonly known here as Logan yelled.

"I'm fine, Logan, you don't need to worry about me all the time you know." I said giving him a small yet fake smile.

"Like hell ya are, now come on inside before yer ass freezes." He said gesturing back to the mansion. "First tell me what's buggin' ya so badly." I turned to face him fully, sighing before I answered.

"I miss them Wolverine!" I said loudly, my throat choking slightly as these words came out. He looked at me, somewhat surprised but also confused. He rested his hand on my shoulder for a moment, reassuringly.

"I know kiddo, I miss them pain in the butt's too but darlin' there's no way they're coming back though, I know you want HIM to come back the most, after all we did team up against Galactus with the bub." He smiled, taking his hand of my shoulder. My eyes widened in surprised. 'How did he know so much?' I flinched for a moment before speaking up.

"What do you mean by HIM?" I asked with a raised eyebrow, thinking its possible he might not know at all. He sighed and looked up into the clouds; his eyes were distant as if remembering something. I shifted a little uneasily.

"It's that devil kid, Dante, right?" He said, eyes not moving from where they were fixed. I stared in disbelief, he actually guessed it right, or was it a guess.

"Yes, it's Dante…" I said and looked up to where he was looking.


Cliffhanger I know, but it's so worth the friggin wait! XD XD!