That Little Hickey

It was only a small bruise on his neck, but somehow, Itachi had a feeling that it wouldn't be taken that way. Cautiously, he poked at the tender flesh, scowling when a small throb went through his skin. He'd never, in all of his sixteen years of life, received a bruise. And as a result, he was sure his parents wouldn't take it to be a bruise. After all, he was sixteen now, and apparently, his hormones had held out long enough. Trying to appear indifferent about the whole thing in hopes nobody would notice, Itachi walked up the porch to his home, dread filling his bones with every step he took. As expected, the front door flew open and a eleven year old Sasuke stared out at him, blinking once before smiling.

"Itachi's home Okā-san!" The elder brother planted his feet firmly on the ground as his well trained instincts screaming at him to shut Sasuke up in anyway possible. It was in that rather unfortunate moment, Sasuke decided to look into his siblings eyes, and he was out like a light. Itachi bit back a curse at his younger brothers unconscious form; he should stop wearing his Sharingan so much. Luckily, Sasuke got over it the second before Mikoto came into the room. She smiled at her eldest son as he hung up his chest plate and arm guards, undoing his headband and fluffing out his bangs.

"It's good to have you home Itachi, have you slept yet?" He shook his head, tired eyes looking to a woozy Sasuke who was suppose to have been heading out to school.

"I'll take Sasuke to school, then I'll sleep."

No matter how much he whined, Sasuke was eventually towed to school by Itachi.

"Why do you want to come with me to school?" Sasuke grumbled, stuffing his hands in his pockets as as Itachi chuckled under his breath.

"I want to see what kind of classmates you have, see who's most likely to end up on your team."
And to see a certain girl about a certain bruise. Sure enough, the offender was stood, leading against the wall of the school with one hand covering her mouth as she yawned. She too was wearing a high neck collar, though it was a turtle neck so you couldn't see the damage she'd received on the previous mission. Their attackers seemed to like going for the neck. With a sigh, Itachi waved goodbye to his brother before leaning against the wall too. The girl -Ruriko- looked up and scowled, rolling her eyes before folding her arms.

"It's your fault," Itachi murmured, watching as her steel blue eyes shot to him, narrowing in distaste.

"No way, it's your fault 'tachi, you were that one that wasn't on guard," she grunted, not even bothering to look at him. If it weren't for the fact that they were the power house team of the leaf village, then they'd probably never get along.

"Well, I've got to go," Ruriko grumbled, flicking her plaited strands of blonde hair over her shoulder, "I'm not like you, I need to sleep."

Upon returning home, Itachi slowly began to make his way across the hallway in hopes neither of his parents would hear him. Before she'd left, Ruriko had took the liberty of ripping his collar from his shirt, running off with the piece of material and laughing. The stares and whisperings he got on the way home were unpleasant to listen to, especially since it was only the former that was directed at him. But as his non existent luck would have it, his mother rounded the corner, stopped, and gave him a second glance. Slowly, she made her way over, placing one delicate finger on his bruised flesh before frowning.

"What's that?" She asked, one eyebrow raised and her face serious. Itachi tried his best not to run or scowl or show any emotion at all, instead settling for just shrugging.

"A bruise from the mission."

"Oh okay. You've got a bruise." Luckily, Mikoto was never the one he reported to, so she never knew that this was his first bruise. Well, she didn't know that until Fugaku burst through the door leading to his office.

"Itachi? Did I just hear right? Did your mother just say that you, you of all people, have a bruise?" Itachi's head shrunk into his shoulders, effectively hiding his neck.

"No," he murmured, well aware that running now would just make it seem even more suspicious. But the temptation was there.

"What's so important about a bruise?" Mikoto asked, watching her husband take hold of Itachi's head and forcibly removed it from hiding in his shoulders. Sure enough, an oval of a bruise rested on his neck and Fugaku suddenly nodded, like he'd come into greater understanding of the world.

"Oooohhhhh, I see now. Mikoto, Itachi has never received a bruise from a mission before; his record only has one scratch, literally. And judging by this mark, this isn't a mission inflicted bruise at all." Itachi gulped, taking a cautious step back and trying to appear calm. He didn't need his parents thinking that it was a hickey.

"It's defiantly a bruise," Itachi confirmed, turning on his heels and ready to get the hell out of there.

"So why haven't we met your girlfriend Itachi?" Mikoto asked, trying her hardest not to laugh at the look on her normally stoic son's face. It was half twisted in disgust, and half twisted in shock. He didn't say anything, instead shaking his head and leaving for his room.

Already, he'd had several people knocking on his window, Shisui, his previous team-mates, and now his little brother was the latest one to join them. And they all wanted to know one thing, and that one thing was regarding a certain bruise on his neck. He'd already sent out a shadow clone disguised as his cousin to pick up the gossip. Apparently, the rumour mill was having a field day with him; the current story was that the missing ninja had taken a liking to him. And to top that off, he'd 'scored' as she was said to be hot. Even if the ninja that both he and Ruriko had taken down was most certainly male, and most certainly didn't have a thing for him, unless running in fear came under 'taking a liking' these days. There was a soft thump from the windowsill and he turned to look before a scowl crossed his face. Ruriko grinned at him, hanging upside down from chakra powered feet and muffling a chuckle with her hand.

"'Tachi darling. Why didn't you tell me about this girlfriend of yours?" She asked with a mock laughter, falling perfectly onto the floor boards and stretching out her back from her afternoon nap. The teenaged Uchiha didn't miss the way her back arched, how her chest puffed out and showcased her rather generous assets.

"This is hardly funny Ruriko," he grumbled, getting to his feet and approaching the girl. Ruriko tsked, running a finger along his jaw line with a sadistic smile stretched across her face.

"I find it quite entertaining actually, because due to your perfect record, no one really believes you got a bruise on your neck from the mission. In fact, it's hilarious."
Scowling, Itachi grabbed hold of the girls shoulders, forcing her to stop circling him like a predator circling it's prey. She smirked, leaning in closer to him and gently exhaling against his neck.

"It's even funnier... because their accusations are correct."
Their lips pressed against one another's, Itachi growling deep within his throat and pressing the blonde haired girl against the wall. She purred against him, arching her back and rubbing her pelvis against his. Pulling her legs up to rest on top of his hips, Itachi moved down her jaw line with butterfly kisses, pausing over her hickey before sucking on the tender skin, pulling away with smug satisfaction as it darkened slightly. Not to be outdone, Ruriko bucked her hips again, making Itachi moan against her as she attacked the hollow of his collar bones, suckling and leaving yet another bruise.

Both occupants of the room paused in what they were doing, turning slowly to look at the intruder. Sasuke had one hand against the door, his mouth on the floor as he stared in absolute horror at the scene before him.

"Sasuke, don't you dare!" Before Itachi could even finish his sentence, the younger Uchiha had taken off, screaming bloody murder at the top of his lungs.
Mikoto raced up to the room looking at the two that'd only just managed to unfreeze themselves, stood side by side and panting slightly. What she said, made both teenagers faces burn in embarrassment, and brought Fugaku running. He took one look at the flustered teens with their swollen lips, to his overly excited wife, raising an eyebrow as he did so.

"Fugaku! I'm gonna be a grandmummy!"

Had this wrote for a while, it's completely random and a one shot. Only if it's really well liked will I write a sequel, so please don't expect a continuation.
It's my story, I wrote it but I don't own anything other than the idea and Ruriko.

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