When the nurse walked through the double doors of the operating theatre, the last thing she was expecting was to see the waiting room filled to the brim. And each and every person shared the same characteristics; dark hair, dark eyes and dark clothes with a familiar fan nestled between the shoulder blades. Only one bright blonde head broke through the dark masses, like sunshine slipping out from behind the grey clouds. It was quite possibly one of the weirdest sights she'd ever seen, and if it wasn't for the fact this family held a certain influence over a good portion of the village, she would have tried to shoo at least half from the room. However, she bit at her lip and continued on with her work, weaving through the bodies as she did so and trying to ignore the piercing eyes that followed her every move.

It was just her luck to end up working today of all days.

Not since the almost Uchiha coup had Itachi ever been so nervous. Nurses eyed him as they walked past, curious glances that sat him on the edge of his seat, regardless of the fact they didn't know what was going on. Beside him, Naruko lightly tapped his shoulder in what he assumed was suppose to be a comforting gesture, yet was anything but. In front of him, Sasuke was pacing, hands thrust deeply into his pockets and face twisted down in a fierce scowl that betrayed his impatiences almost as much as his desire to wear a trough into the floor. The constant brush of his feet against the tiled floor was the practically the only sound in the corridor, an accompaniment to the almost non-existent sound of human respiration.
The entire clan was out in in force for this, running a mock in the hospital in such away that it was quite clearly driving the nurses crazy. Already several clansmen had approached Fugaku, determined to know the gender of the child until the clan head began yelling that he didn't know himself, and they either back down or he'd offer them up to his sons as moving targets for shuriken practice. They'd ran off pretty quickly was the threat was issued.

Tapping his foot against the floor, Itachi dropped his head back into his hands, resting his chin between the linked, spidery fingers that formed his crash mat. He watched, dark, clouded eyes following the nurse that rushed past with blankets, another following with a bowl of hot water. And then the screaming started.


A nurse came out, demanding Naruko to be the one to follow her. Half the clan were fighting to be allowed into the theatre, but only Naruko was granted access.
Itachi merely nodded at the dull wave she offered, whilst Sasuke's pacing became more frantic. Even across the room, Fugaku had become tense, muscles coiled and ready to spring into action if need be. The screams were becoming louder; Shisui's grip on the chair tightening until he left imprints in the metal armrest.
Finally a newer, higher pitched cry broke through the noise, followed by Tsunade pushing open the double doors.

"You can get your butts in here now..." She paused, looking at the entire clan before her and then proceeding to shake her head. "On second thoughts, immediate family only."

The screams had died down by the time Itachi found himself inside the warmer room, walking slowly forwards whilst Sasuke and Fugaku hung back. His mother, dressed in her complete nurses uniform, smiled back at him, gesturing for Itachi to approach the bedside.
Laid, propped up against pillows, Ruriko stared back at him before a teasing smile crossed her tired lips. Sweat had her bright blonde hair sticking to her forehead, yet blue eyes still smiled back at him regardless of the fatigued appearance. Nestled in the crook of her elbows rested a tiny, blanket wrapped bundle.
Carefully, he sat down at the bedside, weary of jostling it's two inhabitants, even though neither seemed to mind. From his new position, he could see the tuffs of black hair poking out from under the cream blankets, a soft clash against tanned skin that matched Ruriko's in shade. He focused a little more as wide black eyes opened, staring back at him in wonder before a pudgy little hand reached out the blanket, grasping towards the Uchiha. Cautiously, Itachi offered up his forefinger, watching as the baby wrapped it's fingers and covered the digit, gurgling as it did so.

"Boy or Girl?" Itachi whispered, eyes never leaving the child.

"Boy. I was thinking Raiu, it's a strong name for a strong baby." Itachi only nodded, looking back at the door where his father was currently pressed up against the window. Muttering 'boy' in such a way that the man could read his lips, Itachi happily turned back to little Raiu, gently brushing the black locks back from his eyes.

The clan head turned before bellowing "BOY!" so loudly that it bounced around the room. Raiu didn't even looked fazed. Outside, there was a collective cheer until the doors suddenly burst back like damn, well-wishing Uchiha's flooding in with balloons, hampers and cuddly toys to dump upon the new mother. Cooing echoed through the room as relatives took their turns admiring the rounded face of baby Raiu, comments of his varying degrees of cuteness floating through the air.


When the madness had left, Itachi carefully took Raiu up in his arms, smiling down at the baby and letting a few tears escape his eyes when the baby smiled back. Ruriko had fallen asleep somewhere between his parents leaving, so now it was only the two of them, plus two tag-a-longs.
Sasuke and Naruko both hovered over his shoulder, the later cooing at how cute the little boy was whilst Sasuke vowed to train the child.

"Uchiha babies are so cute," Naruko mused, happily accepting the child from Itachi and gently rocking the boy to sleep. Sasuke just sighed, shaking his head and staring at Naruko in disbelief.

"Well, I would gladly appreciate my son back Naruko-chan."
Pouting, Naruko complied before her eyes light up. Turning to Sasuke, she grinned, wiggling her eyebrows as she did so.

"If I can't keep Raiu-chan, then I'll just have to get my own."
Suddenly, Sasuke found himself in a headlock, being dragged for the door by his blonde haired girlfriend.

"Come-on Sasuke, let's get busy!"

Blah, maybe it'll just be a series of one-shots.