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The school bell had rang its last for the term. The day on the calendar had been checked off. It was summer and the Gru household was crowded.

The house was cluttered with hair brushes, magazines with airbrushed teens smiling from glossy pages, items of clothing that could never be found when needed and other things that Gru tripped over daily in the hallways of the house.

Like right now. He had managed to almost fall five times as he attempted to reach the sitting room of the house. He was seriously considering getting a maid.

Gru had grown into fatherhood, but lately he had noticed that the girls were...changing.

Edith and Agnes were much the same really. Apart from a slight change in height and clothes choice, Edith was still the same trouble-making, hat-lovin' tomboy that caused no end to mischief, in school and out.

Agnes was the perfect girly-girl, almost exactly the same as when Gru first adopted her. She still regularly attended dance lessons and her dolls and unicorns littered the house, though Gru had a feeling it would be one of the last years they did so.

Finally he reached the sitting room, and thankfully sank into his armchair, relishing the moment of relaxation. The sitting room itself had changed drastically in decor as Margo, in a fit of hippiness when she turned thirteen had demanded that all stuffed, dead animals, and animal furniture be removed from the house. Gru had protested, but had been worn down by Margo's persistence and tears, and finally given in, as long as she agreed that he could keep his weapon collection.

He now lounged in a high-backed, gothic style red armchair, which, although only half as intimidating as his old rhinoceros one had been, made it for in comfortableness, and non-tackiness.

Looking around the messy, almost-ordinary sitting room, he huffed, unfolding his newspaper. That maid idea was really becoming attractive. Finally relaxing properly he began to read. In forty minutes he would begin to make dinner, but until then he could relax.

Forty minutes to himself, to read, to think, to try and not worry about M-

"Margo! Vhat are yoo vearing?"Gru sat up straight in his chair, staring in shock as his oldest daughter walked into the room.

Margo stood in three-inch heels; she wore a clingy olive-green sleeveless top that was far too low for Gru's liking and a black, tight pencil skirt that was several inches too short. Her long, dark hair was loose and straightened flat as a rod and she had enough make-up on to paint a wall.

She glared at him; her heavily made up eyes seeming naked without their glasses. "I told you already, I'm going out." She said, her voice soft and threatening, her body language tense.

Gru stood up, towering over her "Und I told yoo that there would be no going out, especially not vearing dat!" he stated, gesturing to her.

She glowered, snatching up her phone from a nearby coffee table and texting furiously.

"Wearing what?" she spat "This is how I dress, so you better get used to it. I don't care what you think so I AM GOING!" she finished in a yell and stormed out the door, Gru following her angrily.

"Stop! Stop right der young ladiee! I forbeed yoo to go anyvere!" he shouted at her back as she marched down the hall, completely ignoring him.

A car beeped outside and Margo yanked open the door, stalking through and almost twisting her ankle as she crossed the lawn to the battered ford that was waiting, packed with teenagers.

Gru stopped at the door and yelled after her, knowing that now everyone in the street knew their problems.

"Young ladiee yoo are grounded! Come back 'ere right now! Is dat boys I see in dat car?" he was fed up of her complete disregard of the rules and of simple respect, both of herself and others.

"Margo, eef yoo do not come back 'ere right now, do not come back at all!" the last threat was empty, but it made Margo stop on her way to the car.

She turned, and stared, taking a deep breath. She couldn't go back now, not with her friends behind her. Stuck between a rock and a hard place Margo opened her mouth and said something instantly regrettable.

"Fuck off Gru, you're not my dad!" She screamed. The shout rang out in the suddenly silent air, and Gru stood, shocked in the doorway as he watched the car scream away in a cloud of exhaust and laughter.

Margo had changed the most, he knew. She had always been the most conservative, the one that never really trusted easily. A year or so ago she had started acting differently, more apart from the family. She read every trashy girl magazine she could, and would have violent mood swings, suddenly snapping at Gru, or her sisters.

She threw tantrums like a child, and moved to her own room. She had the most clothes out of anyone in the house but screamed in the mornings about nothing to wear.

Strange devices and toiletries appeared around the house and bathrooms. Bubble bath lotions, hand creams, face creams, spot creams. Strange cotton pads that Gru really didn't want to ask the purpose of, and countless other items that involved hair of some sort.

Margo spent huge amount of times out of the house, by herself or with her "friends". Gru had never seen these people, he really didn't know them, but it was obvious the effect they were taking on Margo. He hated them all.

The relationship between Margo and Gru and really suffered since Margo had started acting like this. They argued every day, and more than once, Margo had run out of the house, to one of her "friends" often only coming back just as Gru was on the brink of calling the police, she always timed it perfectly.

But she had never said that.

They had argued over worse things, for longer and more ferociously.

Yet that had rocked him to his very core.

Not once, in over four and a half years, had she said "you're not my dad"

Had it really come to this?

Has he really lost his Margo?

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