"One Man's Treasure": Sequel to "Pushed too far"

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"Hey Race, ya can let go of me at anytime, youse know!" Wildcat reminded him as the two watched Spot Conlon disappear over the Brooklyn Bridge.

Racetrack blushed and said "Sorry!" as he let her up. Cat stepped away to let out a sigh of relief as well as take in a breath of fresh air. "Do youse think he bought it?" she asked her fellow newsie. Race shrugged. "He has to! Or else I'll have ta die for lettin' Cowboy drag me into dis!" he responded. Jack Kelly grinned mischievously. "I think you two made pretty good actors out there! Race, that kiss right there, very convincing! If youse weren't newsie I would send ya both ta Metta an' gets youse proper drama trainin'!" All three of them laughed. Then he got serious. "But really, though, Isa think we scared him away from Manhattan for a while. Cat, the idea ta get Conlon ta believe youse an' Race was together was perfect! Did ya see da look on his face?" Race lit a cigar and stuck it in his mouth. "Yeah, sure did! But Isa tellin' youse, if I gotta have ta do it again I'll think about jumpin' off da Bridge, make no mistake about dat Cowboy!"

Wildcat chuckled. "I think we all have had enough of actin' ta last us a long time! Or at least I have!" The two other newsie nodded their head furiously in agreement and sent off down the street back to the lodging house, talking nonstop about the good joke them had pulled on the King of Brooklyn. You see, Spot Conlon had found himself in love with certain female newsie Named Wildcat. But she and her boss jack Kelly, the leader of the Manhattan newsies and his second Racetrack didn't like that so much, so in order to get him off of their tales they decided to act as though Race and Wildcat were already an item. And so far, it had worked. Spot had believed every word of it. Now that he was gone, the trio and their "family" could party and rest easy. Conlon was out of their hair, at least for a little while.

As they reached the lodging house, Wildcat, Cowboy and Race were swarmed by curious newsies, just fresh from their daily selling of papers. All were anxiously waiting to hear about how they had tricked the King into leaving Manhattan for good and dragged them into the building, sat them down, and made them spill.

"What did youse say ta him, Jack?' David asked.

"Tell us about how he reacted to having his girl taken away so fast, Wildcat!" Sarah demanded.

"Did youse kiss her, Race?" Kid Blink called out.

Finally the gang settled down long enough for Jack to weave their tale, which was so well told that some of the younger ones thought it was a regular story like the ones Sarah or Cat told at night. As soon as they were done, Mush announced a party in honor of this special occasion. "To da best newsies 'Eva, Cat, Cowboy an' Race!" he toasted. "For kickin' da King 'o' Brooklyn outta Manhattan an' showin' im' whose da bosses 'o' dis town!" He passed around glasses and poured all in the room a drink. But in all the commotion not one noticed Wildcat an' Sarah sneak out of the lodging house and over to Queens.


"Hey, Wildcat, come join da party!" Redding, the ruler of Queens called out as soon as she and Sarah came into view. He motioned over some of their friends, Mickey Jenna and Matchstick, the three girl newsies from Queens and then left the girls to talk. "We heard about dat stunt youse pulled on Conlon today Cat!" Jenna squealed. "Yeah, we heard a rumor an' sent Mickey ova ta find out," Matchstick added, stretching out onto a crate and smiled down at Sarah and Wildcat. "Did youse have any part in it, Sarah?" Mickey asked in her Southern accent. The girl shook her head. "Nope, it was all Wildcat's idea." The three Queens girl turned to the Newsie from Manhattan and pressed her for answers, but she refused to answer to any of them. "If youse want da whole story, go an' find Jack," she just said, taking a swing from her glass. "He's da better story teller when it comes ta stuff like dis." All three didn't seem satisfied with that, but since that was their only other alterative they decided to move on to another topic.

"Hey Sarah, did youse hear about da uprisin' in Staten?" Jenna asked her. All of the newsgirls, Wildcat included, knew that when it was newsie talk, Sarah was always the last to know an' da first ta get a real idea of how bad it was, straight from the source. Matchstick, Jenna and Mickey were all runners for Redding, so they normally knew most every bit of gossip around town.

Sarah shook her head. "Why, what's Flynn gotten into now?" Flynn was the leader of Staten Island, which was the smallest borough in New York and consisted of only 10 newsies. Jenna leaned in close and the others followed suit. "I heard dat Flynn's second, Pitcher, is gunning for his position," she whispered. "He rounded up a bunch of newsies and got em' ta think dat Flynn had been sittin' around while they did al da sellin' an' gobbled up their portion 'o' da money he gave him. They stormed the lodging house yesterday morning."

"Jenna was there!" Mickey said excitedly. "Wasn't youse Mickey?" The Queens newsgirl nodded solemnly. "I gots ta watch da whole thing," she admitted, tears coming to her eyes. "At da very end da fight someone called da hospital an' by da time they came around ta help out three 'o' da 4 dat got wounded were dead." A silence fell over the hushed group. "Da fight was really that bad?" Wildcat finally spoke up. Mickey gave her a look that told her it was so. Cat heaved a sigh and stretched out on the bench she was sharing with Sarah. "How bad was their injuries and who got killed?"

"One had a cracked skull and the other two had all of their ribs crushed. Beaver, Tithing, and Cutter were all dead when da ambulance arrived, but Flynn managed to survive. He was the one who got injured. He has 2 broken ribs, a fractured ankle and his jaw got torn up real bad."

"Serves him right, he wasn't a good leader anyways," Matchstick interrupted. "Now let's stop dis talkin'! I gots those sorrows up my spine like we're already at da funeral!" The five girls sat up a little happier and began to chat about more pleasant things like how the headlines were slower lately and the difference between the different borough and what it was like to sell in each one. Soon the church bells rang midnight, signaling that Sarah and Wildcat's stay was over. They said their goodbyes, promising to return next week and hustled it back to Manhattan. But the trip took longer than expected, and by the time the clocks rang 12:30 they were only halfway back.

Wildcat cursed and spat into the ground, saying that they should've left earlier. "Cat, don't beat yourself up!" Sarah objected. "And stop cursing; it's not polite for a girl!" "But what if I ain't no giorl? Isa a newsie an' if anyone cared about me Isa wouldn't have ta sell papes an' instead dress up like one 'o' them proper ladies an' get married by da time Isa twenty, engaged by 18 years old! I can't have dat!"

Sarah shook her head and continued walking. Wildcat knew that she thought that living out on the streets for so long had changed her ways of thinking, and her friend was right. Wildcat had changed. She was tougher, relied on only her guts and experience and cared about no one other than the newsies and her best friend. Love wasn't even in the picture anymore. Once upon a time, when Wildcat was Willa and she had a family and didn't consist of the town drunk maybe, but other than that it was wishful thinking and too far away to even consider making real. But now was definitely not the time to wallow in self pity. Sarah was talking about cutting across Brooklyn to get home before one o'clock, and had apparently forgotten about Spot and his running of the place.

"No, I will not go through there again as long as Isa lives!" Cat argued. "Conlon lives down there an' do ya know what he'll do ta me for my "Betrayal"?"

"You never were in love with Race. Tell him if you see him it was an act."

"Then he'll start coming back over ta Manhattan again an' we'll look like the laughing stock 'o' da boroughs!"

"Then I'll go alone."

"Sarah, you've never been through Brooklyn! Da closest youse ever been is da Bridge, an' Isa knows what happened there!"

"Look, I won't even have to take the roads; the Bridge is right over there! All I have to do is follow the docks and not talk to anyone. They'll leave me alone and we'll get over there faster."

"The only reason they won't harm youse is dat youse are Jack's giorl! They fear Jack. If Isa go that way they'll consider me free game an' I'll be back in captivity faster than in da blink 'o' an eye."

"Tell them you're Racetrack's girl. Racetrack's jack's second and has about as much respect as he does. Plus that's what everyone in Brooklyn thinks, right?"

"Not everyone."

That stopped Sarah cold. She turned around slowly with a grim and shocked look on her face. "What do you mean, 'Not everyone' Wildcat?" Wildcat drew in a deep breath. "Jack sent a runner to Brooklyn after his conversation with Spot last night. He told the runner to tell Ink, Spot's second, about his plan ta get Spot off 'o' our backs. Believe me, Ink knows that I ain't Race's girl, and no doubt word will leak out the rest of his newsies, save Spot. If anyone of them catches me dat don't know about dat yet, they'll know that I'm not supposed ta be there an' report ta Spot unless they knows about our deal."

"What deal?"

"Jack said dat if they cooperated an' didn't tell no one dat me an' Race ain't no item he'll make sure we sign dat truce sayin' we ain't gonna fight no more."

Sarah rolled her eyes but nodded in agreement all the same. "I see his logic there. So we're not going to cut through Brooklyn?" Wildcat hit her best friend in the arm. "Have youse been listening ta a word Isa says? Of course not!" Sarah rubbed her shoulder but laughed. "I was joking, Cat! You really should lighten up!" Wildcat stood up straighter and leveled her shoulders out in defiance. "I'll lighten back up when Isa knows for sure Conlon ain't gonna give me no trouble. With that said, the two girls took off running.

How little they knew that Spot Conlon was planning on causing plenty of trouble. And he knew who was first on his list.


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