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Spot and Wildcat arrived back at the lodging house (not together, mind you, because they still didn't trust anyone but Sarah to understand their decision just yet) and sat down back at their original positions, not making eye contact. Spot had to admit, Wildcat was a good actor; she shot him cold looks that always softened at the very end, but only for a second. That was how he knew she was faking it, but if it hadn't been for that he would have been in serious denial. Jack and Sarah were also back, but they were still talking in hushed tones. From what it looked like, Sarah was trying to get Jack to see reason and Jack was still trying to deny it. Typical, thought Spot. Cowboy always hated to see things other than through his eyes. The King of Brooklyn shuddered to think of how the Manhattan newsie leader would react when word got back that he was dating his female newsie. David, fortunately, seemed happy for them as did Racetrack. They were the only two people Wildcat had told about her and Spot, and they had taken the news rather well.

"I think it's going to bring some unity back to the two boroughs," David had said, using his fancy language he had learned in school. Racetrack on the other hand was a little less positive. "Jack won't be happy about dis," he kept muttering. "Isa happy for ya an' all, but youse gonna be in for a wild ride." Later that evening Ink had come back down, feeling refreshed and healthier than when he had first arrived. Unfortunately, he was the third to know about Spot and Wildcat, thanks to Race blabbing about it. It had earned him a rap on the back of the head from David of course, who reminded him that he needed ta shut his mouth if he wanted to live to see Jack's reaction to the whole ordeal.

Speaking of Jack, he and Sarah had at last come to an agreement on whatever they had been talking about. Cowboy stood up at the front of the room and yelled for everyone to be at attention; he had an announcement to make. Jack called Spot up to him and told him to stand beside him. At first the King thought he was going to be soaked, but seeing the look on Jack's face made him think otherwise. Jack looked and sounded extremely embarrassed. In fact, he was a little red too, which was a first for Jack. He took in a deep breath and started.

"Spot," he said. "Sarah told me what happened a few months ago at Da Bridge. I admit Isa overreacted to it and brought along a good deal 'o' hurt and pain dat divided da two strongest boroughs in New York City. It was brash, a newbie's mistake and Isa sorry. I would like ta apologize. You have every right ta not accept it, and Isa deserve it." He spit into his palm and held it out.

Spot played it down. He narrowed his eyes so that they were like slits, he crossed his arms so tightly that everyone thought he was going to kill cowboy right then and there. But he didn't. Spot broke out into a grin and spit into his own hand and the two leaders shook on it. The room exploded in cries of joy and everyone rushed to congratulate the two leaders and their seconds on their reconciliation. Sarah was in the back of the room with Wildcat, taking in the applause her boyfriend was getting without so much as a peep. Cat grinned and looked over at her best friend. "Youse finally talked some sense into im', didn't ya?" she confronted. Sarah smiled mischievously, her brown eyes twinkling. "What are girlfriends for, after all?" Wildcat laughed, turning back to the crowd. "You do know he's goin' ta propose ta ya in a few weeks," she told her friend. Sarah looked at her in shock. "Don't tease me like that, Willa, It's not right!" she said, hurt. "But Sarah, he is!" Wildcat said earnestly. "That boy is crazy about you, he's told me n' Race a billion times! Plus, Isa saw da ring in his pocket when Isa was washing laundry da other day." The newsgirl looked around, wary of eaves-droppers. "But youse didn't hear dat from me, got it?" Sarah gasped and hugged cat tight. "You really think so? Wildcat, you better not is lying!" Seeing the scowl on her face, Sarah nodded. "Ok, so you're not lying. If he does, could you be my bridesmaid?" Wildcat blushed. "Sarah, Isa don't have nothing ta wear! It's an honor, but-" "Nonsense, we'll find something! Are you going to do it?"

Cat elbowed her in the shoulder. "Of course Isa gonna do it! What giorl wouldn't?" Sarah laughed and hugged her tighter. "Thanks for telling me," she whispered. Turning back to the crowd, Sarah frowned in Jack's direction. He and Spot were standing up on the table shaking hands with their seconds. "Oh let em' be Sarah! It ain't like dey gonna break solid oak!" Wildcat teased. But the other girl shook her head. "No, it's not that- Spot's looking in your direction." Wildcat turned to see her boyfriend smirking playfully at her, his ice blue eyes dancing. "I could let him do that forever," she said dreamily. Sarah stared at her in shock. "What? When did you- how- has- Why?" Then it hit her. "You two finally got together, didn't you?" she squealed. Wildcat blushed and shrugged. "Maybe." Sarah took it as a yes and clapped her hands like a child, which was pretty uncommon for such a composed young lady like herself. "Oooh Willa, I knew you would come to terms eventually! When did it happen?"

"About 15 minutes ago," Cat stated simply. Sarah laughed and sat down to fan herself. "Well what a night it's been! First the apology, then the news about jack and now this; it's enough to drive anyone insane!" "I think youse right there, Sarah,' a voice came from behind them both. The two girls jumped up; Sarah out of her seat and Cat whirling around to grab her knife and pin whoever it was behind on the wall. But it was only Spot. He expertly grabbed hold of Wildcat's knife arm and gently pulled the Bowie out of her hand. Sarah let out a sigh of relief and smiled slyly. "Well, I'll leave you two alone then. I have to go find David and Les." With that, she turned and disappeared into the crowd of newsboys.

Wildcat glared at Spot. "Are youse crazy? I could have killed you!" The King of Brooklyn smirked. "But you didn't. Sorry it took so long, Isa had ta tell jack 'bout us an' all." The newsgirl gasped but spot put his hands but before she could say anything. "Don't worry, he took it fine. Well, in fact. He's pretty happy about it now dat da feud's ova an' all. And ta answer youse question, yes, after all that Isa been through tonight, I'm going a tad bit crazy." Wildcat rolled her eyes and hit him in the arm. Spot pretended to be hurt and pulled her into an embrace. Cat looked up at him. "You really are crazy, you know dat?" Spot shrugged. "Get used to it, sweetheart." Then he went in for a kiss. Cat smiled. I guess I really am a treasure after all.


Life went on. Things went back to normally; well, as normal as you can get when you are around newsies 24/7. Jack did propose to Sarah, and they got married the following spring. Spot and Willa also got married that summer and welcomed a beautiful little girl into the world two years later. She was a dainty little thing with Wildcat's looks but Spot's eyes. Eventually she too worked as a newsie in Brooklyn, which made her parents very proud. And so concludes the end of our story, or at least as far as we will go. But the story never truly ended, at least for them. And that's enough to make anyone happy.