Laying in a Dream!

Nick lay, half dressed on the bed in his dorm room. He did this most afternoon. He'd just lay there, thinking. Dreaming. Nick dreamed of many things. Mainly of his beautiful, platinum haired boyfriend. In Nick's eyes, Jeff was the perfect boyfriend. Not only was he drop dead gorgeous, but he could dance and sing like a god!

Nick soon drifted into a light sleep, falling straight into his usual dream.

He and Jeff were on the beach, walking along holding hands. There was no one else to be seen for miles. The two of them were starting to head back towards the spot they had left there blankets and school bags. The tall blonde proceeded to take his, already open shirt off and place it on the blankets, using his bag to keep it down.

Nick's dream was rudely interrupted when the exact he boy had been dreaming so vividly about, burst into Nick's room, realising he was asleep. The bubbly blonde sat down on the bed next to his boyfriend, wrapping his arms around him and kissing his cheek. The brunette was still asleep but no longer dreaming. He had realised that Jeff was sitting beside him.

Waking up slightly Nick sat up and wrapped his arms around Jeff's waist. Smiling eagerly, Nick placed his lips on Jeff's urging him to kiss back! Nick, now fully awake, pulled back grinning like a child in a candy store.

It was clear that he loved Jeff and everyone knew it! Jeff was his and he was never going to let anyone change that!