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Making his way up the stairs as quickly as he could, Sebastian headed towards what Kurt had claimed as his room. Taking a deep breathe to calm his anger (and nerves) he knocked quietly on the door. When he didn't recieve an answer he knocked again speaking this time too;

"Kurt? It's Bas. Can you open the door for me princess?"

Sebastian listened for any sign of movement inside and when he heard the bed cover moving he knew that Kurt would answer the door. He did and the sight before just made Sebastian to kill the little hobbit called Blaine even more.

Kurt sniffed a little but pulled the door open even more to let the taller boy through, pushing it shut behind him as turned to face his best friend.

"The others will thinks it's weird that you came after Bastian." Kurt paused and took a shaky breathe, "I thought you didn't want them to know that we're friends?"

"I told them." Was Sebastian's reply, "I told that we've been friends since we were 6." He battled on seeing the shock that over come Kurt's features, "I told them how the only thing I've regretted was leaving you to go to Paris. I told them why you and the hobbit were on a break. I,"

He paused there seeing that a slight anger had been added to the mix of emotions written clearly on Kurt's face. He took another deep breathe;

"I had to Kurt. Blaine grabbed at the bottom of the stairs, he wasn't going to let me come up and see if you were ok. I asked him if he even knew why you two were on the break in the first place and when he admitted that he didn't everyone was shocked, so I told them. I made them see just how much of an asshole he really is, and don't look at me like that you and I both know how true it is, I made them see that he isn't the perfect little prep school boy that they all believe him to be."

As he was talking Sebastian had slowly been taking small steps closer to Kurt. Not wanting to crowd him but needed to be near him, needing to reach out and touch him, he though better of the latter though, at least for now. At least until he reached a point in his speach that he could work his feeling towards the countertennor in to.

"I told them because you're my best friend. I told them because those boys down there," He pointed out the door, "Those boys down there care about you. They think of you as a friend, as a brother and I told them... I told them because I care. I care about you alot and I know you deserve to be with someone better than that sorry excuse for a boy called Blaine. You deserve to be with some like.. me. Maybe if you'd give me a chance?"

He daren't look at Kurt's face, couldn't face the rejection he know was bound to be there. He and Kurt were friends, best friends, but that's all they'd ever be. There was no way that Kurt, gorgeous, funny, amazing Kurt would want to be with a guy like him. Ever.

"You.. I mean.. What? I don't understand. Do you.. Do you like me Bas? As more than a friend."

"No." Was Sebastian imidiate answer, he was still looking down so he missed the comple and utter devistation that flashed across Kurt's face before it was hidden.

"Oh. I just thought.."

"No I don't like you." Sebastian cut him off, "I love you." He looked up now, not missing the suprise and... joy? on Kurt's face. "I love you and have done for the past 3 years. I didn't want to say anything at first because I was still in Paris and then all the stuff happened with my father and I thought you wouldn't want to be with me anyway, why would you when my own father doesn't even want me?"

Kurt stepped forward and took Sebastian's hand in his own. The slightly younger boy carried on though,

"And then I got back and I didn't want to let anyone else in but I couldn't push you away, I couldn't do that. Not to you and not to my self. So I settled for not letting you any closer, I tried to protect my self but I just fell even harder for you. I fell and I know that I'll never get back up. If you don't like me then I'll move on or atleast try but I know I'll never fall out of love with you Kurt."

He was crying by now and Kurt hated it. Closing the rest of the distance he pulled the unresitng boy into his arms and hugged as tight as he could.

"Oh Bastian," He sighed, "You should have told me. You should have said something sooner. God you silly boy, I love you too."

Sebastian head shot up in shock. Never, ever in his wildest dreams had he let himself the Kurt might feel the same way. He had always geared himself up for rejection and heartbrake but now... now he could let himself atleat hope.

"I've always love you Sebastian. Even before I really knew it. Blaine was just convenient, a distraction to take my mind of what I believed I'd never have. You. And it worked. It worked up until that night. Up until that night I gave myself to you. That was the best night of my life Seb and mmmmm!"

The rest of his speach had been cut short bu Sebastian. And his lips. On Kurt's! The kissed until they could no more, only pulling back when oxygen was completely necessary.

"Be mine?" Sebastian asked quietly, still slightly afraid that Kurt would say no.


He had no need to worry though. Grinning like an idiot Sebastian pulled back completely just to link his fingers with Kurt's properly.

"I think maybe we should go downstairs and explain and clear everything up, yes?"

Instead of answer Kurt just pulled to the door and down the stairs, hands still linked together. When they reached the bottom, the few conversations that had been going on in the room stopped and they all turned to look at they newly formed couple. Blaine went to stand up but was pulled back into his seat buy Flint. Nick and Jeff did stand though and they hugged Sebastian and Kurt asking them if they were alright.

The two boys spent the next half hour explaining every to the other. From how they had met and become friends when they were younger, to everything that had happeneded up stairs including them getting together. The group were happy for them, able to see just how happy they made eachother and how in love they were.

Blaine however was not.

"NO!" "No you are NOT dating that.. that little slut! No. We're still together. I am not letting you break up with me. We can go upstairs, talk about all of this and it will all be alright in the morning!"

Kurt went to speak up and defend himself and Sebastian but was beaten to it, suprisingly by a very angry looking Jeff.


"What?" Blaine was honestly shocked, he had known the blonde longer than both Kurt and Sebastian and had expected Jeff to side with him.

"I want you to leave. There are enough spaces in other cars for us to all get back on Sunday and I want you to leave now. I'm not letting you get away with treating to of my closest friend like Anderson," The use of his surname shocked everybody in the room apart from Nick. The brunet knew just how fiery his boyfriend could be, especially when it came to sticking up for the people he loved. "I want you to go up stairs get your stuff and leave before I do it for you!"

Blaine stood his ground for a few more seconds but knew he wasn't going to win this. He ran upstairs, grabbed his stuff as quickly as he could and then he was out of the door, car keys in hand, sparing was last glare at Kurt and Sebastian.

After Blaine had left and the group had reasurred Kurt and Sebastian that they were truly happy for them, they went back to playing silly games and someone produced a deck of cards from somewhere that started a game of strip poker.

From then, the rest of the was extremely pleasant. They were remind of Blaine a couple of the times but quickly forgot about him again when someone else did something weird/funny.

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