The big battle with Hook was eminent. The Lost Boys hadn't been this excited about a chance to fight the pirates since the last time Peter Pan had fought with them. But over a whirlwind couple of days, he had returned. Certainly, he was an adult now – and the only adults they had even known were pirates, so this was a little hard to grasp. But he was Peter Pan nonetheless, and his return had made them more excited than ever.

Even with the high spirits of the other boys, it was hard for Rufio not to feel a little replaced. Being the top dog after Peter had left had been amazing. Coming in second place now, and to an adult, at that, was a little upsetting. At least he still got to fight the pirates.

"Rufio!" Peter called out, running up behind him, carelessly brandishing his sword. "I remember everything except – how to crow. You said I could do that before, right?"

The boy turned abruptly, his red-and-black mohawk-type hair sticking up behind him. "It's easy, Peter!" he said, sliding back into his childish, non-leader role easily. "You just scream at the top of your lungs!" Rufio demonstrated with a loud, clear, gleeful crow as his sword crashed with Peter's.

Peter and Rufio dueled playfully for a time, until Peter disarmed Rufio and let out a triumphant crow.

"Let's go get Hook!" Peter crowed out to all the Lost Boys.

"We just have to get Jack and Maggie back," Peter reminded the Lost Boys in a low voice as the armorclad misfits walked as quietly as they could manage to the pirate ship. "And I get Hook!"

Suddenly, the boys heard a great clamor on board the ship. "Lost Boys approaching!" A pirate's voice rang out.

"All possibility of sneaking on board was lost, so the boys broke out into a run, all crowing.

"Hook! We've come for my kids!" Peter yelled as loudly as he could, as he drew his sword and ran at full speed on board the ship.

The rest of the Lost Boys started taking on the lesser pirates, and Peter ran off into a corridor on the deck. Rufio, his two-toned hair still as spike as ever, his sword at the ready, saw this as a chance to take on Capitan Hook.

"Where's Peter?" the Capitan asked Rufio as their swords clashed for the first time. "Too afraid to fight me?"

"He's got other things to focus on – but I don't," Rufio said, with a dark gleam in his eye. Quickly, he struck out with his sword, taking Hook by surprise, and grabbed onto the man without hurting him. "Hey Lost Boy! Lookie, lookie, I got Hookie!" he crowed triumphantly. Peter reemerged onto the deck just in time to see this display and shoot Rufio a childish grin as he ran to where Hook and Jack stood.

With the momentary distraction on his side, Hook threw Rufio off him, and promptly stabbed him through his heart.

"Nooo!" Peter cried out, reaching the scene just in time to catch the boy. "You don't play fair!" he shouted to Hook angrily.

"It's okay, Peter," Rudio said faintly as he faded away.

"But—Rufio! You taught me to much. Isn't there anything...?" And then he thought of Moira, and what he once gave to her. He didn't know if it would help, but once Wendy told him a tale in which a prince brought a princess back to life with a kiss. And he wasn't exactly carrying a thimble in his pocket.

His lips awkwardly met Rufio's for just a moment, but it was too late. The rad Lost Boy with the red and black hair was gone.