Hello my good people.

How are you all? Firstly, I must offer my most sincerest apologies for having left you all hanging for so long. I should have touched base sooner but for everything that has been happening during this time off, I sadly hardly even have the time to remember to pull up my story before something else steals away my attention. It's insanely frustrating but that is what happens in life I guess.

In a few months I'll be 30, and with a new decade of life has come a new decade of responsibilities. The main draw of my time is that in exactly 9 days from this post, I will be getting married to a wonderful young lady. As you can imagine, this has been a rather extensive process sorting everything out, with guests, tables, music, run sheets and so on. But what also comes with that is the realisation that I am no longer an individual. What I work for, plan for, shop for etc. is now for 2. Things have had to be sacrificed, and it tears me to say but FanFiction was one of those things that I couldn't put as much time into anymore.

I've been writing A New World for 5 years now, and I'm still about 50 - 100'000 words away from being finished which is annoying, because when I started it way back in 2012 I had wanted to all wrapped up considerably sooner than this. All you good people who have stuck by me and still PM me to see if I'm alive stab me with guilt (don't you feel guilty though, it's good you keep reminding me to stay up to date with everything!) as I never wanted to go on a hiatus as long as this. I know first hand how maddening it is getting right into the middle of an awesome story and then it stops updating.

So this is a note to say that while yes, I'm still not going to be updating for a while, I have not forgotten this amazing community and all the people supporting me here. I wish I could bring you happier news, but I hope that this for now will give you all some clarity as to why I've been missing for so long.

This isn't a goodbye, I still want to see this damn story through because I hate leaving things unfinished, but maybe just a, "Goodbye for now, I'll be back soon." Once my life has settled down a bit and allowed me some more breathing space, I do hope that for all our sake's I'll be able to sit down, throw my headphones on with a couple of good songs to jam to, and write this out.

Thanks once more for all your kind words, even the trolls who lurk the reviews. You're all a valued part of this story.



P.S. - (FT SPOILER!) who else was a bit disappointed with how Fair Tail ended? It was like Hiro just wanted it finished and FRIENDSHIPPED the problem away. His story though so it is how it is. It would have been good to see Natsu or someone go full dragonforce and kick some ass rather than that FRIENDSHIP power up.

Whatever. Just the musings of a grizzled, old anime/manga fan. Peace.