A Flash of Red

Summary/AN: Chapter 1… Yay! This is my first fan fiction so please don't go easy on me! I want lots of constructive criticism! (Ahem… please note the word constructive) Thank you so much for reading, it means more then you could possibly know. I apologize for any grammar mistakes. I'm not perfect. Tell me and I'll hopefully fix it. I know this one is really short... sorry... Chapter 2 is longer, I swear! Thanks!

Disclaimer: I, unfortunately, do not own the the Lord of the Rings… After all, I was about -44 at the time, if my mental math is correct. (it probably isn't…) I own the Flash... :)

Chapter 1

Legend speaks of many strange things – elf magic, darkness, and a manner strange creatures, to name a few. The myth of the Flash of Red has reached the ear of many an elf, man, and dwarf. Legend has it when a battle goes ill and there are many noble soldiers taking a sword for their country, a red blur speeds across the battleground, leaving fallen enemies in its wake and avenging the side that was defending the good in the world. The red streak shines like a dark flame, incinerating the enemy and inspiring a spark of hope in brave soldier's hearts.

From the time it first appeared, the Flash was considered to be an old wives tale, one that people of all races scoffed at. People had to see it to believe it but soon it occurred so often that it was a common topic of conversation, mainly among men and dwarves.

Some people attempted to ensnare the Flash on the battlefield, but it was far too sly to fall for a trap. In fact, it seemed to only dodge them at the last minute in an almost teasing way until people, frustrated with their lack of success, finally gave in.

As soon as its task on the field of battle is finished, the Flash seems to vanish in the single blink of an eye.

Those select few who do know the secret of the Flash keep quiet, and rightly so. The majority of Middle Earth might just die of shock if they knew.

Because the Flash of Red is far more than an inhuman whirlwind come to save the day.

It is much, much more.