The Fight Never Ends


The past comes out

The next day my sister has a bruise on her left cheek and a cut on her lower lip. Only if I didn't listen to Drake he will never trick me again. My dad comes downstairs and Saturday classes start in the gym. I practice my kicks, and at this point there is no sign of my sister in the gym.

It is weird to wear my gloves; these helped my sister win her first fight. I kind of wish I could get the text for the beatdown it should be next weekend. I take a short break after kicking the bag for an hour. My cell phone rings its Amy,

"Hey Ams"
"Hey do you know when the beatdown is"
"No idea"

"Oh Ok"

She sniffles a bit she is crying

"What's wrong"
"Drake said his father was pretty pissed about us being at the party last night"

"Drake can't talk to me anymore, he said he didn't care about me anymore"
"I'm so sorry, he will regret upsetting you later on"

He is going to pay

Now that I'm filled with rage I punch the bag and it echoes causing most of the people there to look at me consentingly.

On Monday at school I hoped everything would be normal. Well that couldn't happen my dream was crushed. I see Drake sitting talking about the party.

"Yeah, so my dad called Jake, Amy and Creg's dad. He was so mad at them my father on the other hand was happy. I don't have to worry about Tyler at the beatdown now."

"You think just because of that party I won't go to the beatdown!"

He turns around and looks at me smiling

"Fine then, I'll see you at the beatdown. Just incase if you didn't know it's at Club Zero at 12am this Saturday night into Sunday."

"Fine, see you there"
I walk away so pissed off I go into the gym and scream as loud as possible, my gym coach comes in and tells me to go to class.

When I get home I wonder if I should tell my dad.

No Way he won't let me out of his sight and wouldn't let me go if I told him.

I will have to sneak out. My phone starts to go off it's a text from Jack, the address of Club Zero and the time of the beatdown. Maybe he could bring me. That night at dinner I decide not to say a word so I don't spill. I eat quickly and go to leave that's when my dad speaks up

"Your principal called"

"He said you skipped lab class a few days ago"

"Oh yeah"

"Why did you skip?"
"You know why!"
"Ok then, why have you been training so much for the past week?"
"I just want to. Is that a problem?"

"Ok I just wanted to know. But you can't train until you get your lab grade up into the 80's"
"But dad!"

"NO! Get your grades up, your teacher told me you can go Saturday and Sunday to work on everything."
"But I'm busy"

"Doing what?"
I start to get nervous and my dad notices

"Oh and on a completely different topic, when is the beatdown?"
"This Saturday at Club Zero"

I cover my mouth

How can he make me do that?

My dad smiles he got what he wanted

"Only people who are planning on fighting learn now."

He gets up and starts to walk towards me

"Are you?"
"Of course not"
My eyes twitch

"You're lying"
"Dad please just this once let me fight"

"No it's dangerous"

"Do you want to know what I found out? You once fought Ryan at the beatdown and you beat him"
My sister looks up surprised that our overly protective dad once fought in the beatdown. My dad becomes embarrassed and runs out of the room

"If dad could fight I can, I'm going with Jack and that's final"

My sister nods

"First check on dad. I don't think he wanted us to know about the fight."