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My Wife And Kids

As the car stopped, Gray; now a 38-year-old man, looked outside and sighed. The boys were not in the meeting place yet. It was Wednesday, so it was his turn to pick the kids in school. Juvia's car was being checked because she thought something funny was happening to the brakes. Gray, concerned about her safety, took it to the mechanic who told him that it would take two days to fix the problem, so he was the driver of his wife and kids for the day.

"Papa." Gray immediately looked to the back seat and smiled to his three-year-old daughter in her baby chair. She was absolutely the light of his world. Maybe it had to do with the fact that she looked so much like her mother, because of her white skin, blue wavy hair and small cute nose and mouth. "Where is Bo? And Cane? Maggie misses them."

"They're coming, princess." He said. "It won't take much longer for them to arrive." She smiled and nodded. "So tell me, what did you learn today in daycare?"

"Oh, oh!" She clapped her hands in excitement. "Today, Miss Gohan teach Maggie that we can never, eeeeeeever go out alone, because it is dangerous." The little girl said, suddenly serious and Gray also offered her a face as serious as hers, but thinking it was amusing. "And she also tell us not to accept gifts from people we don't know."

"That's very good advice, Maggie." Gray said. Well, he always taught his children to not speak to unknown people, but it was nice to know that at least her teacher was giving her good advice. It has been three weeks since the youngest Fullbuster entered pre-school and she was always babbling about the new things she learned.

"That was first, and then we had drawing time!" While his daughter went on and on about her day, Gray just smiled and nodded. She was such a miracle, just like her brothers. If anyone had asked him twenty-years before that if he would be married and with children, he would've told them: hell no!

Gray Fullbuster never thought that he would settle down. Until destiny tackled him. No, literally. His wife came down attacking him when they first met. She was in a gang, he was a member of a selected opposing Club; they were enemies. Long story short, she became good and they ended up together after she stalked him for a year, got married after 4 years of dating, when they were married for three years, she got pregnant.

The first one to arrive in the world was Rain Bo Fullbuster. Gray and his wife weren't planning on having a baby for another 2 years, but sometimes you can't argue with fate. They were so happy with the arrival of this new life. When they discovered that they were having a boy, Juvia wanted to name him Gray Jr, but the senior Gray said no. His kid should have his own name, so he got in charge of naming any male children they could have, and she could choose the middle names.

He thought he was being romantic when he held his son and named him Rain, since the day he and Juvia met, it was pouring very hard. And even though Juvia wasn't such a fan of that particularly weather, after hearing Gray's reasons, she agreed and chose the middle name 'Bo'. Gray was so happy to become a dad that he agreed. When he looked to his first-born, nothing else mattered. Besides, he didn't have time to think about it, because later in the day the kid was born, his friends snatched him and led him to a bar.

The next morning, after registering his son, he stared at Rain's birth certificate, and read out loud: "Rain Bo Fullbuster", he almost had a heart-attack. Was his son named Rainbow? His male,with a penis, son? Oh yeah, the kid would be traumatized.

It didn't matter for a very long time. Everyone called him Bo and the kid didn't complain, after all, he was a kid. Blue hair like his mother, white skin like his mother, but had Gray's features and was built up exactly like his father.

To their surprise, three years later, Juvia got pregnant again. And it was another boy. This time, the pregnancy didn't go too smoothly. Juvia needed to be in bed rest for the third trimester and they had to perform a C-section to get the baby out. She suffered a very worrisome hemorrhage and they had to take her left ovary in the process.

But nothing else mattered when they held their baby boy for the first time. Harry Cane Fullbuster was a small baby, with a bunch of dark hair. After some time, they would learn that he only inherited his mother's eyes, looking exactly like Gray did when he was small. And despite of his name, Cane, as he was usually called, was a very calm child. Bo immediately took his function as a big brother to a serious level, always looking for his baby brother.

Once they were ready to leave the hospital, the doctors told Gray and Juvia that it was possible, but it would be more difficult for Juvia to have another baby, if that's what they were planning, since she only had one ovary. It was fine by them. They had two healthy, beautiful boys.

So, you probably guessed that learning that they were having another baby four years later was a bit of a shock for both Juvia and Gray. Rain Bo was already 7 and Harry Cane was turning five in a few months. All the doctors they saw, told them that with the previous problem Juvia had when she gave birth to Cane could come up again, and they needed to think it very hard if they wanted to go with the pregnancy.

But for Juvia there wasn't anything to talk about; if she was pregnant, the baby would come to this world. Gray agreed, and surprisingly, the pregnancy went smoothly. And just like Rain Bo's birth, it was a natural one and Juvia was just fine afterwards; giving Gray a baby daughter.

The first time he held his daughter, he felt the same as he did with when he held his sons, of course, but he also felt something else, a much more powerful protective feeling. She was so beautiful. No one would ever be worthy of her, he could tell.

They named her Magenta Sun Fullbuster. They were prepared to have a boy, since at the ultrasounds the doctor could never see the baby's sex, and since they already had two boys, both Gray and Juvia had to decide fast about her name.

Now, three years later, his little Maggie, was the ray of light of his life, right beside her mother.

The car's door opened and a dark haired boy entered it. His bluish eyes had the same shade as his backpack and he offered his father a smile. The eight-year-old, despite of his messy – you could say that Harry Cane resembled a little Hurricane, and hurricanes were very messy – name, was a sweet kid. That, he took from his mother.

"Hi, dad."

"Hey there, young man." Gray said affectionately. "How was school today?"

"Great. Got an A in math."

"That's my boy." The older man said with pride. His youngest son wasn't the outdoorsy type, he was more like a – for a lack of a better word – a nerd. He was the smartest kid in his class, followed by Nell Dragoneel, Lucy and Natsu's daughter; which made him even prouder. The blonde girl had the same relationship Natsu had with Gray, always trying to beat Cane, but the boy, unlike his father, didn't want to fight over his grades. He was good at studying; it was not a competition for him, like it was for Nell. Despite of it all, they were somewhat friends.

But Gray's child beating Natsu's in anything was a good thing.

Cane looked to his sister, when he finally settle down. "Hey, Mags!"

"Cane!" Magenta raised her tiny arms towards his brother, who complied and hugged her. "Maggie missed you."

"Yeah, me too." Cane kissed her hair.

"Have you seen your brother?" Gray asked and Cane shook his head and Gray sighed. "That boy…"

At that moment, the door located on Gray's side of the vehicle opened and Rain Bo entered the car. His blue hair in a Mohawk and with a scowl, much like his father had when he was mad.

"Hey, kiddo." Gray smiled. "How was your day?" Rain Bo snorted and looked towards the window. The boy was twelve, and was passing through his adolescence phase with flying colors. Dark clothes, mad at the world, the hairstyle, ignoring his parents. "Bo, I'm talking to…"

"My name is Rain!" He yelled. "Stop calling me Bo. Gosh, you are so lame." Outbursts of anger coming out of nowhere. Oh yes, he was a teenager now.

"Hey." Gray said in a commanding voice. "Hey! Look at me when I speak to you, boy." Rain's black orbs locked into his father's. "Don't you use that tone with me." Gray's voice was hard. "I am not one of your friends, I am your father and when you talk to me, you'll talk with respect. Got it?" The boy looked down and mumbled something. "I asked: Did you get it?" Gray knew that his tone was harsh, but if he didn't set boundaries, soon no one would stop Rain from being mean with everyone else.

"Yes, sir." Rain Bo finally said and Gray nodded.

"Good. Today we'll have to talk about this attitude of yours when we train at home." Gray saw his oldest son open his mouth to protest, but interrupted. "Oh yes, we're training today, so you can have your…" He looked to his daughter. "a-s-s kicked for being, well… a…" He glanced over his daughter again. "jerk."

"Crap." The blue haired boy said and Maggie put her tiny hands over her mouth, in horror.

"Bo said a bad word." She was horrified; Rain turned to look to his sister and showed her his tongue.

"Monster Maggie."

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!" At that, Rain started to tickle her and as she squealed with delight by his ministrations and Cane's laughter, Gray told them to put their seatbelts, grinning at their interactions.

"Hi, babies!" Juvia said, opening the passengers' door looking to the backseat of the car.

"Mommy!" Magenta yelled and struggled to get free of her baby seat, but couldn't. "Maggie missed you!"

"And Mommy missed you too, Baby Girl!" Juvia put her purse on the floor of the car, entered it, staying in her knees so she could look at her children. "Cane, baby. Come here, so Mama can give you a kiss." The dark haired boy blushed but leant forward just the same so his mother could kiss his hair. Juvia, then, changed her attention to her eldest son, who was looking outside, by the window, trying to not be noticed. "Bo, my boy."

"Don't call him Bo; he's touchy today." Gray smirked and Rain stopped look to the window to glare into his father's direction, right in front of where he was seated. Juvia ignored him.

"Come on, Bo. Give your mommy a kiss." The boy rolled his eyes, but did lean forward enough for Juvia to kiss his forehead. Gray rolled his eyes. Liking or not, Rain Bo Fullbuster was a momma's boy.

"And you, my little fairy princess!" Juvia tickled her daughter, who laughed in delight, kissing her soundly on the cheek. "Did Miss Gohan like your Fairy costume?"

"Yes!" Maggie nodded and Juvia smiled. The little girl was wearing a ballet costume, with tutu and all the paraphernalia. The wings were safely in the trunk, so it wouldn't bend. "She said that Maggie looked very pretty."

"And you are, indeed." Juvia nodded and finally seated like a normal person on the passengers' seat. She looked to her husband and smiled when saw his scowl. "Juvia didn't forget about you, Gray-sama." She leaned and kissed on the cheek, but his scowl didn't change.

"Now you give all the attention to the brats first." He feigned hurt. "Maybe we shouldn't have had kids, so I could still have you all for myself."

"Hey!" Rain Bo and Harry Cane said at the same time and Maggie mimicked it, without really knowing what was going on.

"We're right here!" Cane said, waving into the air, to make a point.

Juvia giggled. "How about later Juvia give all of her attention to you, Gray-sama?" She said, running a finger over his arm, making him shudder.

"That would be nice." Gray smirked. "Listen, you three; bedtime is 7, 8 and 9; by order beginning with the youngest. No delays. Your mother and I have business to… do."

"That's disgusting, dad." Rain said, had a slight idea of what his parents were planning to do. He didn't know the whole thing, but it was his parents, so it was probably disgusting.

"Well, do I complain about your creepy posters and music that makes my brain seek for refuge?" Gray asked, looking to see if his wife had the seatbelt on.

"Yes." Rain responded, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Well, I'm the parent; it's my job to complain about it. But I let you do it. So far, I am letting you express yourself, or whatever." Gray rolled his eyes. Rain snorted. "But if you start to use make-up, I am beating the crap out of you."

"Daddy! You said a bad word." Maggie pointed out.

"Yes, Daddy. You did." Juvia said looking at his with a flirty smile. Gray groaned when he felt that Juvia's hand was in his thigh.

"Save it for later." He whispered to Juvia, and then he looked at Maggie by the reviewer mirror. "And I am sorry, princess. I'll try not to say it again, okay?"

"Okay." The car stayed in silence as they made their way home, when after a minute, the small girl asked: "Daddy, why you always looking through that mirror over there?" She pointed.

Juvia laughed and Gray smirked. He couldn't possibly explain to his three-year-old daughter what the mirror was for.

"It's because with it, I can see you, princess." Gray said, looking to the said mirror. "That's why your chair is placed right in the middle. You are way prettier than Bo and Cane."

While Magenta giggled, putting her hands over her mouth; Rain and Harry started to argue how unfair Gray was and that he didn't use that mirror for that!

Juvia just laughed and when they stopped in a red light, Gray leaned and captured her mouth in a passionate kiss, making his children complain, while his wife just grinned.

Yes, if someone asked Gray about if he would ever get married and have children, he would say 'hell no'. Currently, if anyone asked Gray what he would never change, his answer would be: "My wife and kids." Okay, so maybe he would prefer that Rain Bo would have less of an attitude…

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