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The Right One

"That one." She pointed to the corner and Gray looked confused for a moment once he saw exactly what tree she was referring to.

"Uh… The little one?"


"With no leaves on it?"


He frowned to his girlfriend. The tree was a small little thing, the branches, instead of green leaves, were bare. To tell the truth, it was an ugly, ugly little tree but apparently, that was the one they were taking home.

"Are you sure?" Gray asked Juvia and the young woman nodded happily. "Fine. Pick it up and I'll go pay." He sighed and she squealed in happiness, kissing his cheek and going to get the tree.

Gray spotted the owner of the trees and quickly made his way to him, already taking his wallet out of his pocket.

"Have you chosen yet, sir?" The man smiles to Gray, showing his three golden teeth.

"Yeah." Gray nodded. "The small one there."

The man stared pass him and frowned when saw the blue haired woman looking adoringly to the small tree.

"Are you sure?"

"Apparently." Gray sighed.

"The girl got attached to the little one?" The salesman chuckled and Gray nodded. "Women, right?"

"How much?" Gray asked the older man, not wanting to have a conversation about women with him.

"I don't know, ten bucks?" The salesman shrugged and Gray raised an eyebrow to him. "That tree was going to the trash, but since you want it, I may as well get money for lunch."

"Man, where do you eat?" Gray asked giving him the money.


"Isn't it adorable?" Juvia said, putting their brand new tree on the table. "And to think that no one was going to get it."

"Imagine my surprise." Gray said with sarcasm and rolled his eyes while taking his coat off. Juvia was so happy with their little tree that it was quite adorable, not counting the fact that the tree was an ugly thing.

"Juvia is going to make it so beautiful." She was gleeful and finally took her light blue coat off when she finished settling the tree. "It will be the best tree there is."

Gray couldn't understand why she was so passionate about that tree. It was a scrawny leafless tree for goodness sake! That was the first Christmas they would spend together at their new apartment; they had move in together three months before and Gray was sure that Juvia wanted to get a perfect tree to have a perfect holiday. Yet, she chose the least Christmassy tree ever.

"So… why did you want that tree so much?" Gray walked closer to Juvia, standing by her side and watching the tree.

"It looked like it needed a home." She shrugged.

"Yeah." Her boyfriend nodded in agreement. "Sure it did. None else would've taken it. We were the crazy ones."

"Don't talk about her like that." Juvia pouted and hit him lightly on the arm.

"Now is it a 'her'?" Gray rolled his eyes. "Really, Juvia? It's just a tree. We should've bought one with leaves, at least."

"No. She is perfect." Juvia mumbled and Gray turned to stare at his girlfriend. She was acting weirder than usual: getting emotionally attached to an ugly tree wasn't exactly a normal day activity for her, even with her level of craziness. "She'll fit in perfectly."

"Okay, why did you want that tree so much?" He asked and raised a hand when she turned to tell him that she 'had no idea what he was talking about'. "Don't even. I know you and you don't just get all emotional about a tree. So, what's up?"

Looking down undecided if she should tell him or not, Juvia bit her lower lip while Gray waited with patience whatever was in her mind. He was a very patient guy, he truly was and he knew that her life hadn't always been easy, and even though she never hid her feelings, she had the tendency to overcompensate things; since she never had a house, she wanted a big one someday; since she never had a pet while growing up, she wanted to buy them a dog; since she never had a real family, she wanted a perfect one of her own someday.

That's why she buying that tree bothered him: it was everything but perfect. And when she wasn't fighting for things to be perfect, it had some deep meaning behind it.

"Everyone was buying the big trees." She mumbled, after a minute. "The trees with green leaves; the perfect tree to put the gifts under. No one really looks to the imperfect, broken ones. They are just shoved into a corner, ignored even though they also need a home." Her eyes were glassy and Gray stepped closer to her, wrapping an arm around her shoulders. "They didn't want to be cut and put for sale, didn't have a choice; yet, there they were."

"We're not talking about trees anymore, are we?" Gray asked quietly even though he already knew they weren't. She was talking about her time in foster care.

"It's just…" Juvia sighed and snuggling closer to her boyfriend. "Juvia remembers this time of the year: lots of couples felt 'generous' and wanted to adopt. All the kids tried their best to look nice and beautiful so they could get adopted." The blue haired woman rested her head on the crook of Gray's neck. "Then all those couples would visit and choose a kid. Juvia… Juvia was a lot broodier than she is right now with strangers so none of those couples ever sat with her to just talk and give her a shot. They always wanted the bright, colorful ones. The ones who would smile with everything."

"Like the trees with leaves back in the store." Gray nodded in understanding. Juvia was reviving her childhood fears and he could understand that. He also had his own moments where he would remember the loss of his parents or his foster mother. "You wanted the scrawny little one because no one wanted you when you were a kid."

"I guess." She murmured. "Your psychology classes are paying off."

"Thanks." He chuckled and hugged her tighter. "Listen, Juvia. You were a kid and unfortunately the people who went to choose were a bunch of morons who couldn't see potential. You are pretty awesome; they missed a very good girl to have in the family." Gray kissed the top of her head. "But now, you do have a family and we do not take you for granted. We are not letting you leave."

"Good." She tightened her grip on his waist.

"Yeah." They were in silence for a few minutes. "We're gonna do the 'Buy the leafless tree' every year, aren't we?" He sighed and Juvia giggled, so the answer was implied. "Great." Gray rolled his eyes and kissed the top of her head. "You go do your magic and change that little tree into our tree. I am going to watch tv."

"Help me?" The blunette smiled sweetly. "Please? This is the first Christmas we spend living together."

The man analyzed her. It was the holidays, she was upset with her lack of good memories and as the love of her life (as she said a few times), it was his job to make her happy.

And at that moment, what was going to make her happy was to put decorations on their little tree.

"Whatever." She smiled and kissed his cheek.

"Thank you."

"I might as well get used to it." He shrugged. "I'll go find the decorations."

"Juvia will get the cotton."

Gray frowned, but said nothing; she probably knew what she was doing.


Five years later

"Gray-sama, that gift is too big for our tree." Juvia said, giggling, and Gray sighed.

"Well, who's the one that insists every year to get the smaller tree we can find?"

"Juvia knows that this is the baby's first Christmas and all, but you don't actually have to give him a gift, you know?" Juvia giggled. "He's going to be born in late January or early February."

Juvia put her hand over her stomach and Gray grinned in an instant. He was so excited to be a father, especially around Christmas and during the winter: he had his best memories from his childhood during that time, and now with the baby, he was going to keep adding good memories.

"I know. But as you said: it's the kid's first Christmas. Needs to be good." Gray left the present by the small tree, which was wrapped with cotton all over its branches and with the usual Christmas ornaments.

The present was a little too big: it was a stroller and it was the best money (their money) could buy.

Juvia giggled when Gray stood by her side and put his hand over her belly as well.

"This little man will have many awesome Christmases." He laughed.

"Juvia was thinking about that, Gray-sama." The blunette said. "Maybe we should start to buy the usual trees for Christmas."

"What? Why?" The man stared at her, confused. He was quite fond of their weird Christmas tree.

"Juvia wants a traditional Christmas for him, Gray-sama. Like I never had." She said. "And small trees wrapped in cotton are not it."

Gray stared at her and then to the tree.

It was... unusual, that was for sure. But it was his sixth year with a small tree. Before Juvia, with Ur and spending the holidays at the guild, the trees were big and puffy.

Yet, it was his tree with Juvia. It was their tradition. It was their thing. And would be their son's tradition.

"No way. I like the tiny tree." Gray shook his head. "It makes whichever present I put under it looks like it's giant!"

"But..." Juvia tried.

"Juvia Fullbuster, stop that. Our Christmas tree will stay small: we will keep going to choose the ones that would never be picked by anyone else for you, for me and for the baby. We are not normal anyway." Juvia smiled and kissed him; both of them looked to the tree as he completed it. "Something don't need to be perfect to be the right one."

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