Quietly into the Night
Rating: PG-13 for now

Disclaimer: Roswell isn't mine; the characters belong to Jason Katims, et al. The Prologue is taken directly from the episode Graduation, written by Ron Moore and Jason Katims.

A.N. This is dedicated to the ORBs. You guys are the best!


"I have a better idea." "Why don't we get out of dodge before they land on us?" "We leave!" says Michael
"And where do we go?" asks Kyle.
"Anywhere but here." "I mean let's face it, they know who we are, it's over" "We leave Roswell, we leave fast, and we leave as quietly as we can." "And we all go separately." "Separately?" asks Maria
"Right now we are safer as individuals than we are as a group." "I mean what are we all going to do if we go together, get a van?" "We go quietly into the night, each of us on our own." "If they get some of us, maybe they don't get all of us."

And so we left, not one by one, like Michael suggested, and certainly not quietly, but we did leave. It was hard, harder than anything we had ever done before. It was so hard to leave our homes, our families, everything we had ever known, and to venture out into the unknown. We all traveled together at first, me and Max, Michael, Maria, Kyle and Isabelle. But shortly after our wedding, the FBI closed in on us again. We decided the best thing we could do was split up. None of us wanted to do that, but we knew we had to. The next big decision was where to go.

For Isabelle, the decision was easy. She totally changed her appearance. She made herself look like a totally different person. The change was so dramatic. She went from short dark hair to a long flowing mane of red hair, her eyes were now green. It was incredible what a difference it made. She changed Kyle's hair to golden blond. He looked like a California surfer. Together they headed to Boston. Isabelle knew she couldn't be with Jesse, but she could be by him.

Maria's transformation was a little harder, she had gone through so many hair colors and styles in the past year, but she ended up with black hair, which she wore in a short cap of curls. Poor Michael, he had finally found a hairstyle that suited him, and he had to get rid of it. He ended up sporting black hair like Maria that he wore in a conservative style. He actually made me think of an accountant the first time I saw him like that.

They headed for California shortly after Kyle and Isabelle left. And then, there was Max and I. Max, my husband, I still can't believe that. Where would we go, how would we survive?

Part 1

Liz walked down the corridor of the small hospital where she worked as a lab assistant. It wasn't a high paying job, but it pays their bills, and more importantly, it provided her with access to very ill children. Liz turned a corner and entered the main admitting area of the hospital. Over by the door, Les, the hospital's security guard was talking to a man in a dark blue suit. There wasn't anything suspicious about it, but after being on the run for so long, Liz was always cautious. She slowed her steps as she passed the two, trying to catch some of their conversation.

"No, I can't say I've seen the woman in this picture," said Les. "No sir, I haven't seen anybody that looks like that at all." Good afternoon Miss Rebecca, how are you today?" asked Les as Liz passed by.

"I'm just fine Les, just fine," said Liz as she lowered her head and tried to pass by the two men.

"Miss Rebecca, have you ever seen the young lady in this here picture? This fine gentleman is searching for his daughter. Seems she ran away with her boyfriend several months ago."

The man in the blue suit handed Liz a photo of herself taken outside the Crashdown two years ago. She looked at the photo of a girl with long dark hair, shook her mop of blond curls and said "I can honestly say, I have never seen that girl around here before." "Now, if you gentlemen will excuse me, I need to be on my way."

Liz walked away calmly, but inside, she was shaking. She headed towards the cafeteria and out a side door into the warm Montana sunshine. Reaching into her pocket, she removed her cell phone and punched in Max's number.

"It's me, they found us again. We have to run. Again."