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(2 Weeks later Tok's POV)

I'm in the living room messing with Gir and watching TV, I've been training with Traz for the past 2 weeks. I found out what my powers can do, I could make weapons out of nothing. I can fight no, my Blood Iron can melt and go into my PAK, and I can make it in my hand when I need it anytime I need it. Now my mom, while my dad's out, is watching me. I don't know where my dad goes but it must be important, I'm still sick but now I feel sick only when I wake up. When I go train I feel okay, I looked over at Gir he was asleep. I heard a weird hissing noise, and looked up there was Traz. "You've made some progress in are training, yesss. Soon it'll be time to test those powers for real, very soon." He said in his whispery and scary sounding voice. Not that I cared I wasn't in the mood to see him; I was too busy wondering how the heck I would get to Foodcourtia to save dad.

(No POV)

Tok heard voices outside he hopped off the couch and walked over to the window, he saw my mom and Aunt Halley talking. About what he didn't know Tak walked back in she was all dressed up in her skin and human stuff, "Tok come here dear." Tak called as she walked into the kitchen. Tok followed behind and saw Tak sitting by the table thinking, "Yes mommy." Tok asked. Tak picked Tok up and sat him on her lap; she looked at him with a half worried look on her face. "Tok something happened to your Dad, he was sent to a special place for Irkens like him. Which means your dad won't be here for a while, he's at another planet dear. But don't you worry we'll go see him one day okay, but for now." Tak said, then she stood up with Tok in her arms. "It'll just be you and me for a while, okay dear." Tak said. Tok looked at Tak and nodded lightly, Tak took Tok to his room to play for a while. (ANTak has an office, next to Tok's room.) "I'll be in my office if you need me." Tak said and rubbed Tok's head then turned and walked out. Tok started playing with some toys that he had left on the floor, after a while Tok grew bored. Then something soft-landed on his head, he picked it up and saw that it was Lumpy the stuffed elephant his aunt gave him when he was a baby, and Tok put Lumpy on the floor and rested his head on him. The door started to creak open Tok looked up, and saw MIMI walk in. She was in her cat disguise; she walked past Tok and started picking up some of his dirty clothes.

"Hey MIMI what happened to Dad, where was he sent to?" Tok asked. MIMI sat his hamper outside his room and sat next to Tok, "You do understand, that the stories your father tells you are untrue don't you?" MIMI asked. Tok nodded knowing that some of them were untrue, "Well you remember the one he told you when he "helped" the Irken Empire, in Operation Impending Doom 1?" MIMI asked. Tok nodded remembering the story, "Well the truth to that is, he was specifically told by the Tallest to stay in one spot. Being headstrong and stupid no offense, Zim stole a Death Bot 54 and started annihilating Planet Irk. Almost wiping out everyone, he was known through out the universe as the idiot that single-handed destroyed Operation Impending Doom 1. No offense again." MIMI explained. Tok couldn't believe it his dad was capable of that. "No wonder the Big People hate dad, but what does the planet Foodcourtia have to do with it?" Tok thought. "Hey MIMI did my Dad go to Foodcourtia before?" Tok asked. "That's the other part he never told you, after the Operation Impending Doom 1 the Tallest took him to the Control Brain. The Control Brain changed his PAK's data and made him a food service drone, he was forever banished to Foodcourtia..." MIMI said. "Banished! If he was banished that means he could never come back. But how did he escape?" Tok thought franticly. "Are you alright Tok?" MIMI asked a bit worried. "Banished...That means you can't ever come back...right?" Tok asked feeling sick. "Sadly yes. I'm sorry if this is scaring you young master but, you need to know the truth." MIMI said. "What happened next?" Tok asked. "Zim left his banishment after he heard of the Great Assigning for Operation Impending Doom 2, the Tallest lied and send Zim to Earth to get rid of him. He has remained here for almost 2 decades; in that time Zim meet Milady unfortunately. But at least there was something good that came out of that." MIMI said. Tok smiled weakly at MIMI, "But you still didn't say where Dad is at, MIMI." Tok said. "I don't think I should say anymore, I've obliviously spoke about things I've shouldn't have" MIMI said with worry in her voice. "Please MIMI I have to know what happened to my dad." Tok said. "No." MIMI said while turning away from Tok. "TELL ME! WHERE'S MY DAD?" Tok exclaimed and stood up. Tak hearing her son was outside his door watching, "Damn MIMI you shouldn't of told him yet, he's too young to know yet." Tak thought. "TELL ME!" Tok exclaimed again. MIMI turned back to Tok, but Tak looked at her and gave her a quick head shake no. "I can't…" MIMI said. "Why can't she tell me? Unless dads..." Tok thought. "MIMI dads not on Foodcourtia now is he, PLEASE tell me he's not." Tok said scared. "I wish I could young master, but my programming only holds the truth...He is." MIMI said in dismay. Tok felt as if he was drowning in that polluted water again, only this time his dad wasn't there to save him from the pain. Tok closed his eyes tight and ran out of the room, "Tok wait!" Tak said.

But it was no use Tok didn't hear, he ran straight out of the base. He didn't care that he didn't have his disguise on, he didn't care if people saw that he wasn't human, he didn't care about anything. Tok ran down the street as tears fell from his eyes, he ran till he found an ally way on the out skirts of the city. Tok slumped against the wall and stared to quietly sob, "Damn I couldn't do it! I couldn't stop them; I should've gone with Dad! I'm such an idiot I failed, I'm a stupid defect!" Tok screamed in his mind. "I'm such an idiot, I can't do anything... I can't even help my Dad!" Tok said trying to hold back sobs. "What good am I?" Tok said. Tok covered his face with his hands and started to cry. "No my boy you haven't failed yet." Tok heard Traz's voice say. "Traz..? Where are you, please I need your help." Tok said. "You called." Traz said jokingly. " What do you mean by I haven't failed yet?" Tok asked as he wiped tears from his face. "That's exactly what I mean boy, you haven't failed yet. You weren't meant to stop them from taking your father, but you will get your father back in good time. So stop sniffling Tok, you'll see your father again very soon." Traz said. Tok rubbed his eyes and nose with his sleeve; Tok nodded knowing that his Dad was still alive for now. (The Tallest will try to kill him but not now.) Traz looked behind him then turned back growling, "I sense someone's coming no training tonight Tok, just stay home for now I'll come and get you when your emotions have been calmed." Traz said then disappeared. Tok sat on the ground again, and tried to suck it up.

(Half a mile from where Tok is.)

"Damn you MIMI why did you tell Tok that? He shouldn't even know about Foodcourtia…something's going on and I'm going to find out! Please Tok be alright!" Tak thought as Me, Her, Nicole, and Sara all ran down the street looking for Tok. Tak was beyond worried she gotten more into mama bear mode after Tok got hurt which is understandable, since my mom did that loads of times after I got hurt. Sara ran down one roadway, Nicole ran into an ally way and started calling Tok's name out. I ran over to the other street, as Tak kept going down the street. Tak turned a corner and saw a small antenna sticking out of an alleyway, "Tok…" She breathed and ran down to the ally. Tak turned into the ally and saw Tok sitting on the ground hugging his legs, "Tok!" She exclaimed and ran to her son. "Thank Irk your alright." Tak said as she hugged her son, Tok hugged back he was glad to see his mom again. "Alright lets go home." Tak said and picked Tok up; Tak pushed a button on her watch. Then Tok's disguise suddenly appeared on him, Tok looked at his mom confused. "Its one of my invention, that way I don't have to waste time activating my cloaking system. I took the liberty of programming your disguise into it, I knew it would help." Tak said as she walked out of the ally to find Nikkie, Sara, and me. I ran up to Tak, "There he is! Good now that he's safe lets go back to your base." I suggested. Tak nodded and me, her walked down to her base, Nikkie and Sara followed us down the street.

(2 days later, Water plant. Tok's POV)

I jumped and dodged Traz attacks, since my birthday I've been training with him. He's been teaching me old techniques from when the Irken Military first started with, I always carry the Blood Iron with me just in case. Traz showed me how to hid it from my mom and to make it when I need it, I landed on my feet then sprinted to the shadow that was Traz. Traz countered my attack and flipped me over on my back, "Uggh." I said as I stood back up. "Ouch what ya trying to do break my PAK!" I asked mad. "Maybe...you need more training your still off balance. With that you might never be able to free your father." Traz hissed at me. I glared at him for saying I won't save my dad, cause I will free my dad from those Irken but heads. I growled and rubbed my back, "Ready to call it in yet?" Traz hissed. I growled and lunged at him with my Blood Iron in hand; I attacked at his head he just fought me off. He pushed me off and I landed on my feet again, by then I was starting to feel sleepy. I huffed out some breaths and stood back up, I glared at Traz as he floated towards me. "Your rage is very bitter I like it, I suppose you're not hopeless after all..." He hissed as he rubbed my head. "Is there anything I should know?" I asked, cause of what MIMI told me about dad.

Traz stopped for a minute to think, then looked at me with a weird smile. "Follow me my boy and I'll tell you everything..." He hissed while motioning to go over to the woods. I glared at him, even though he's taught me a lot of things about my powers. I still don't trust him, but I went anyway. I followed him into the woods I looked up, and saw that the night sky looked darker when hidden behind trees. Traz stopped and sat on a fallen tree, I sat on the tree and looked at him confused. "You know there was a time when the Irken Empire, wasn't so dependant on technology like it is now..." Traz hissed in a different voice. (He's 5 keep that in mind.) I shook my head at him I had no idea that there was a time, that the Irken Empire didn't sit on their buts and eat snacks. "I was an Invader during that time, back then I had everything I was one of the best of the best, I had a mate, I was one of the higher up that worked for Tallest Spork..." Traz said. I could tell he hated talking about that Tallest, I've never heard of Tallest Spork. But it sounded like Traz really hated him. "Then came that terrible day, the day that my mate Lena was sent to conquer planet Yuglop. There was an ambush and she was the first that was killed out of hundreds, that day I left that god-forsaken empire and never looked back. I had sworn not to return till I had found true power, and make Spork suffer the same pain as I had..." Traz hissed with a frown and in an evil voice. I kinda understood wanting revenge cause that's what I want kinda. "What happened to Spork did he die or something?" I asked. "Something like that only instead after nearly 30 years of training and destroying Invaded planets the empire took over, I managed to fight Tallest Spork only once. That was my last battle I had won, Spork was just lying on the ground dead as dust. It was a great victory but it was in a way bitter sweet, right after I killed Spork I was sent to death. My execution was very fast and very painful, I was sent to death by the worse possibly way to die The Trip to Hells Door..." Traz hissed. "Trip to Hells Door? I've never heard of that, its must be horrible." I thought as I looked at Traz. "What happens in Hells Door?" I asked. Traz looked up ahead then stood up. "It's getting close to morn and you look horrible..." Traz said. I looked at my now dirt covered clothes, and saw some of my blood on my shirt from where I cut my head. I dusted off my clothes best I could then looked at Traz, "Can you give me a band aid, so my mom won't ask how I got this scratch?" I asked as I rubbed the blood of my head. Traz turned to me, "Hold still..." He hissed. He put his finger to my head and wiped my cut clean off, like it was nothing but dirt. I looked at him; he looked at me and nodded. He turned around and disappeared like he always did, I turned and started heading home. I missed my mom...

(Zim's base, NO POV.)

Tak was still awake she was up in her office getting reports done; she was going to check Tok after she got her work done. (Tak sometimes has to stay up late to get her work done.) "I wish I could've done something to help Zim…Oh well I'm sure he's just fine." Tak thought as she finished her last report for the night.


Truth Zim was not fine. Sizz-lor was making sure that this time Zim did NOT escape; it was actually more like torture. Sizz-lor would punch and kick Zim if he wasn't doing his work; he still received daily abuse from the customers that came into Schoolgor. (AN Yes this show was made by 5 year olds.) Zim was locked up in a janitor closet that was transformed into a maximum-security unit; Zim had tried escaping twice but it end worse then the first. Now Zim was sitting on an overturned bucket, he sighed he was exhausted. He stuffed his hands in his pockets; he felt something in his pocket and pulled it out. It was a picture of him, Tak, and Tok that was taken a year ago, when they went on a trip to Irk for the summer. Zim smiled sadly at the photo he sighed, and put the picture back in his pocket. "I hope Tok's alright. Don't you worry my little solider I'll escape this horrible place, and get back to Earth...Somehow." Zim thought. Then drifted off to sleep.

(Zim's Base again.)

Tok had snuck back up to his room, and changed back into his PJ's then sneaked down stairs. Tok walked into Tak's office, where she was straitening up something before going to bed. Tak looked up and saw Tok rubbing his eyes, "Tok? What are you doing up?" Tak asked. Tok didn't answer, Tak grinned slightly at her son. She walked over to Tok and picked him up, Tak walked over to her chair and sat down with Tok in her arms. Tak lightly hummed a song while petting Tok's head. Tok fell asleep in his mother's arms, Tak smiled at him sweetly and carried him into his bedroom and laid the tiny Irken down. Tak shut Toks door and walked out to the hallway, "I can't believe that 5 years ago, I actually thought having a child was a nuisance. How wrong I was back then, I love my son I couldn't imagine my life without him." Tak said to her self as she walked over to her bedroom.

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