Author's Notes: Written for Inkfire's "Rewriting" challenge on xoxLewrahxox's Bellatrix Lestrange: The Dark Lord's Most Faithful forum.

Your challenge theme for the next two weeks will be: rewriting! I want you to pick a specific element or a storyline from either a myth, a tale or any piece of literary work, and use it within a Harry Potter story. Wordcount must be a multiple of 100.

And specifically dedicated to TuesdayNovember, with whom I compete to see who can write the more sacrilegious Merope-as-the-Virgin-Mary piece.

100 words.


The love potion made Merope's child not Tom's.

That was something she decided after she conceived – that the child could not be his, not really, if it was conceived under the influence of a love potion.

Therefore, she reasoned, if it was not his, yet she had still conceived, the birth was an act of God.

Visions – or perhaps hallucinations – seemed to confirm this belief.

Nine months later, Merope was still convinced that her child was divine when she birthed it in the orphanage.

It was only decades later that her son decided for himself that he was of God.