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I have slipped into a pretty bad depression. You might have guessed something was wrong, because even with my sloth-turtle updates, I would have updated by now.

Because my health is important, and my stress is skyrocketing (not only from life, but not writing), I am going into a hiatus until April 15th, which by then… I hope I'm in a better place. Maybe without the added stress of "I-have-to-write-or-else" from these fanfics (and the sheer number of them going on at the same time) I'll be able to write chapters in advance… Or just write. I just haven't been able to. I know what I want to write, but every time I sit down… I can't. I'm sorry.

But this note is not going to be a total bust! I hate author's notes, so I'm going to attach a preview of the next chapter(s) so that you will leave satisfied. Or mad. Either way.

October 2012

He leaned his elbows on the table, visibly trying to contain rage. The time stretched and ticked slowly, painfully on- which had the figure in front of the desk try not to shift from foot to foot.

"What?" One simple word, yet it was poison, dark in meaning, and despite everything, a shiver ran down the back of the dark grey hoodie. Not visible, of course, but a ghost of a shiver.

He gritted his teeth. "I…"

"I heard what you said!" He roared. "Where you seen?"

"Barely." The ghost nervously thumbed his fingernails, and every time they clicked, he flinched. Silence overtook the entire room, and the clump in the lackey's throat did not go down. He knew this would come. If only I hadn't taunted her so much, maybe I wouldn't have been seen. But what's done is done.

"What do you mean." Even though he couldn't see the boss's eyes, he could feel the hole they were stabbing through him. It wasn't a question- he had heard, perfectly clear, but he was giving the lackey a chance to correct himself. Each word was punctuated by a silent period, the rage coming to the lackey's heart, sinking his spirits, burning his insides, and causing his head to drop in shame. He had done wrong, and he knew it; yet the more fearful thing than making the boss angry was the punishments he gave. That made the unafraid snake shiver. He had never fucked up as bad as this time. He wasn't one to make mistakes. What would await him tomorrow? If he even had a tomorrow. Sure, he'd worked with the boss for six years, and had tried to become needed and irreplaceable, but the boss was a chess master. He had six back-up plans for each drawn up plan. He was good at understanding the enemy, did impeccably at capturing them; the only prey that had ever slipped away was that of his daughter.

"I might have- the lackey corrected himself. I need to say this so it won't sound as bad as it is. "I was barely seen."

"By whom?" The gears were already turning in the boss's head, even if he wasn't saying anything. This, the lackey knew, was a game changer. Before, the only person who knew of his existence, (outside the boss of course) was the daughter. And she… She couldn't tell. Because if she did, he'd kill everyone she loved. She was supposed to be his. She wasn't supposed to want to go outside. He had tried so hard to make her happy. And then she made a deal with the boss without even talking to him! And she ran. Oh, it did take a while to find her. But because she raved about how she loved to sing, he had found her again. Really, she wasn't trying to hide. But, the lackey corrected his thoughts, she hadn't wanted to. She had wanted to get away. And again, when he offered it to her, the house, the riches… She had smirked, and said…

"I'll never go back to you. And I'll never return there." Spite was in her voice. "Not in this life, not in the next. If I were to give up that easily, what was the purpose of leaving that hellhole? What was the purpose of rebelling, what was the purpose of the deal? All I need to do is hold up my end of the bargain. I have chips in my hands still- did you know that? I still got a few aces up my sleeve."

With a scowl, he remembered that memory. He didn't get it. What more could she want? He was a perfect guy. Her father was filthy rich- they had a family. What was so bad, so "wrong" about the Hinamori clan?

He shook his head to clear it- he had waited a full two seconds before answering the boss- and that was two seconds too long."Tsukiyomi." As soon as he said the name, he braced himself to hear the roar of the boss, he gritted his teeth. Out of all the people to be seen by… It had to be the boyfriend. Really. It couldn't get much worse.

"Out of all the people!" The roar of the boss was ten times louder than he had expected. They had been so close this time. So close. He slammed on the desk, hands broad and hairy, and formed them into fists. The shadows still covered his face and body, and the only thing the lackey could see were the fists and a little of the wrists. He heard an aggressive and sudden creak as the boss began to pace in the shadows, the wheels doing overtime.

What a mess. The lackey thought to himself. But anger, abhorrence was eating the room in waves. He had to fix this… In any way possible. He found himself speaking, blubbering idiocies because the solution wouldn't come to him. "Only the tail of the-

"I hired you so you wouldn't be seen!" He had cut him off, but suddenly, he stopped, shadows still consuming him.

Because the lackey couldn't see that, but felt that his footsteps had stopped, he feared the worst. "There's only two months until the deadline. It doesn't matter." He's going to reach over the shadows, he's going to…

A sudden creak was heard. "Extend it."

The boss had a plan. And this time, this time- it wouldn't fail. Watch out, Amu Hinamori- because this time you'll be begging to come back.