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October 2012

He leaned his elbows on the table, visibly trying to contain rage. The time stretched and ticked slowly, painfully on- which had the figure in front of the desk try not to shift from foot to foot.

"What?" One simple word, yet it was poison, dark in meaning, and despite everything, a shiver ran down the back of the dark grey hoodie. Not visible, of course, but a ghost of a shiver.

He gritted his teeth. "I…"

"I heard what you said!" He roared. "Where you seen?"

"Barely." The ghost nervously thumbed his fingernails, and every time they clicked, he flinched. Silence overtook the entire room, and the clump in the lackey's throat did not go down. He knew this would come. If only I hadn't taunted her so much, maybe I wouldn't have been seen. But what's done is done.

"What do you mean." Even though he couldn't see the boss's eyes, he could feel the hole they were stabbing through him. It wasn't a question- he had heard, perfectly clear, but he was giving the lackey a chance to correct himself. Each word was punctuated by a silent period, the rage coming to the lackey's heart, sinking his spirits, burning his insides, and causing his head to drop in shame. He had done wrong, and he knew it; yet the more fearful thing than making the boss angry was the punishments he gave. That made the unafraid snake shiver. He had never fucked up as bad as this time. He wasn't one to make mistakes. What would await him tomorrow? If he even had a tomorrow. Sure, he'd worked with the boss for six years, and had tried to become needed and irreplaceable, but the boss was a chess master. He had six back-up plans for each drawn up plan. He was good at understanding the enemy, did impeccably at capturing them; the only prey that had ever slipped away was that of his daughter.

I might have- the lackey corrected himself. I need to say this so it won't sound as bad as it is. "I was barely seen."

"By whom?" The gears were already turning in the boss's head, even if he wasn't saying anything. This, the lackey knew, was a game changer. Before, the only person who knew of his existence, (outside the boss of course) was the daughter. And she… She couldn't tell. Because if she did, he'd kill everyone she loved. She was supposed to be his. She wasn't supposed to want to go outside. He had tried so hard to make her happy. And then she made a deal with the boss without even talking to him! And she ran. Oh, it did take a while to find her. But because she raved about how she loved to sing, he had found her again. Really, she wasn't trying to hide. But, the lackey corrected his thoughts, she hadn't wanted to. She had wanted to get away. And again, when he offered it to her, the house, the riches… She had smirked, and said…

"I'll never go back to you. And I'll never return there." Spite was in her voice. "Not in this life, not in the next. If I were to give up that easily, what was the purpose of leaving that hellhole? What was the purpose of rebelling, what was the purpose of the deal? All I need to do is hold up my end of the bargain. I have chips in my hands still- did you know that? I still got a few aces up my sleeve."

With a scowl, he remembered that memory. He didn't get it. What more could she want? He was a perfect guy. Her father was filthy rich- they had a family. What was so bad, so "wrong" about the Hinamori clan?

He shook his head to clear it- he had waited a full two seconds before answering the boss- and that was two seconds too long."Tsukiyomi." As soon as he said the name, he braced himself to hear the roar of the boss, he gritted his teeth. Out of all the people to be seen by… It had to be the boyfriend. Really. It couldn't get much worse.

"Out of all the people!" The roar of the boss was ten times louder than he had expected. They had been so close this time. So close. He slammed on the desk, hands broad and hairy, and formed them into fists. The shadows still covered his face and body, and the only thing the lackey could see were the fists and a little of the wrists. He heard an aggressive and sudden creak as the boss began to pace in the shadows, the wheels doing overtime.

What a mess. The lackey thought to himself. But anger, abhorrence was eating the room in waves. He had to fix this… In any way possible. He found himself speaking, blubbering idiocies because the solution wouldn't come to him. "Only the tail of the-

"I hired you so you wouldn't be seen!" He had cut him off, but suddenly, he stopped, shadows still consuming him.

Because the lackey couldn't see that, but felt that his footsteps had stopped, he feared the worst. "There's only two months until the deadline. It doesn't matter." He's going to reach over the shadows, he's going to…

A sudden creak was heard. "Extend it."

The boss had a plan. And this time, this time- it wouldn't fail. Watch out, Amu Hinamori- because this time you'll be begging to come back.

"What?!" he quickly recovered from his thoughts as the words sunk in. "The conditions of the deal were that she stayed out of the public eye-"

"Since you damaged her," he paused, "She gets three months to recover. I don't want any suspicions that something sinister is going on. Tsukiyomi was close the last time. This time… This time, he won't breathe the smell of our plans." The boss's figure returned back to the chair, and an almost silent creak was heard. It was catching up. It was the sound of a tiger, planning to pounce on its unsuspecting, but paranoid prey. The limbs were stealthy, healthy lengths, like the lengths of his fingers with dark hair slashing over his hands, like teeth. He was probably smirking again, considering this his victory. This plan would be the last one, on this grand scale, that he would ever have to make. He wouldn't ever again have to hunt for the only thing that escaped from his fingertips, from the only valuable thing he had let go.

He had learned from the day that she left the house to always plan ahead. Because, it wasn't her that was valuable, oh no…

"There is to be no more accidents." His voice was once again cold, relentless. His fingers were intertwined with his other ones and his elbows were on the desk. He was still in the dark, however. The dark, the embrace of the dark was something he loved- something that didn't show…

"I told you, I took care of that!" The lackey had finally gotten his nerves back, or so it seemed. But the boss couldn't tolerate any more "accidents." They were hard to clean up, and they looked awfully convenient if she ever got a lawyer.

But no lawyer would be intelligent enough to see the spider-web thin connections between her and himself. And she wouldn't risk opening her mouth for fear of what would happen to her friends, to the boyfriend.

He wasn't stupid, but neither was she. She inherited one thing from him: their shared craftiness. And because of this shared trait, he was confused as to why she hadn't found it yet. There were two possibilities: she had found it, but was pretending that she hadn't- and, that she hadn't found it at all. But, no matter. As long as she is preoccupied, and the wipe was successful, she would never know. No one would. And he would become untouchable once again.

All of these thoughts took mere milliseconds to flash through the boss's mind. His lackey didn't think these "incidents" were a big deal. How wrong could he possibly be? "The accident erased Nagi's memories of the past. Conveniently. And Ikuto's… A good number of them, survived. Except for the memories of Rima." He listed coldly, as one of his rings shined maliciously.

"It was necessary!" he recovered. "They were getting so close. That pixie girl was on the verge of discovering everything." The lackey often did the dirty work of the boss, and it was done well. No one knew the bands' secrets- only Amu did. And she couldn't- wouldn't, open her mouth until everyone was safe. No member of the press could put it together. Though, the incidents were mere months apart, no one would connect Nadeshiko Fuji's medicine mishap (her assumed name in the hospital) with the car accident of Nagihiko Fujisaki and Ikuto Tsukiyomi.

"Rima's attempted suicide a year ago was a bit forced on your part, though." That was the tie together. The incidents were only two years old, but the suicide was the grain of rice that tipped the scales. Though they were unknown musicians at the time, because of their now superstardom, their past was often scrutinized by the press and if anyone caught wind that it was tampered with… People would start digging. And that was what Hinamori didn't want.

"I didn't- I mean, sir, I actually did not interfere with that." The lackey's eyes looked to the floor. What happened that day…It was painful to watch, to see. He didn't mean for it to affect someone like that. What he saw from her would never leave him in this life. Her eyes… They mirrored his own. They had lost everything. They were cold, lifeless. They had no one left.

The way she was sitting, the way she turned, and the way she fell…

He fought a shiver as he remembered, in slow motion, how he somehow found himself at the window, how she saw him, how her eyes widened on the way down… How she gripped crazily at air, how she fell… And fell…and then went splat on the concrete.

How he stopped. He never stopped.



Almost like her.

How his instincts had gotten him out of there and informed a nurse.

Why did he make himself seen there? What shook him so much that day? What had made him so scared?

"What about Nadeshiko?" His boss hadn't relented yet. He was still angry about that one. She wasn't supposed to die, according to him. But her camera… Her camera was the thing he was most afraid of. How he could hide himself from anyone, even from Amu, the former gangster, and not get caught… But she… She had seen him. Her camera had captured him. And through his little "infatuation" (as the boss called it) with her didn't last… She had seen him. She was a loose end, even if the boss didn't know it. She sc- no, she hadn't scared him. That was pointless. Impossible. He didn't fear anyone but the boss.

She had to be taken care of. She had to be dealt with.


He paled and swallowed. "I…" He really didn't know what to say.

"An overdose of morphine is a bit hard to cover up." His fingers drummed on the table, awaiting the answer: the one that his lackey had avoided telling him for two years.

"Simple mistake." The words slipped out of his mouth, to cover his ass, but the words tasted foreign in his mouth. It wasn't a simple mistake: it was the one regret he had. The time he took to get the needle, to inject it… His very body had rebelled against him. It felt as if his very body was in a war with his mind, his evil versus his good. His body refused to cooperate- he couldn't grip the needle, he couldn't seem to breathe… He couldn't stop that knot in his heart that screamed to stop. He could have given her a chance, she didn't know much.

But he feared that she could see right through him.

"Why are you so lonely?"

The grip on his wrist…

How his mind pushed to inject, and her eyes as he finished the deed… Her ghost of a whisper and her hand dropping…

How he closed her eyes…

How he fought to remain breathing, to stay alive. To not fall, because that was for the weak.

This had to be right. It had to be. Why else had he done it?

That rainy night… That fateful night… If only he had listened to his body, his instincts. He doubted killing her, even now. It is- it was necessary.


Her name brought the shivers back, and that stomach knot, and his heart in his throat. If anyone was an innocent casualty… No. No. He couldn't think like that.

He couldn't have feelings.

To complete the job, he had to be a shell. He couldn't blink at blood, hiss at pain from blows to his torso, like the ones Amu had inflicted. He couldn't regret. That would make him human. No, to get her back, he'd have to be a machine. A dark angel. Protecting her.

Protecting their future.

He wasn't supposed to think.

Or feel.

He wasn't human. He couldn't act like one. He couldn't act like he had feelings.

"If caught-" The boss was speaking again, and his pinky twitched. He's irritated, the lackey's brain warned him. Look at him. Pay attention. Don't think of That Woman.

"If I was caught, I wouldn't be here." His reply was automatic, robotic. It came into his ears right after the boss had stopped talking, probably pleasing the boss. Telling him that he was listening.

He had to get back on his game, or else he really couldn't continue today. It had gone from bad to worse, to completely and utterly shot to shit at the mention of her name.

"Amu… she still has the laptop?" He asked.

The lackey didn't get it. The boss had an obsession with Amu's laptop, the one thing he could never, truly, completely get his hands on. He didn't understand why the laptop was so important, but he shouldn't think. "Her laptop? Of course." Answer quickly and concisely, just as you were taught.

"You need to recover that…" He trailed off, and the back of the chair was now facing the lackey.

"I erased a good deal of memory…An entire wipe was impossible due to time constraints." He answered, sadistically remembering as most of her precious files were deleted with the little blue bar.

"What was left?" His voice had a bit of interest, but not much. The lackey couldn't tell if he was hiding interest, or the man before him was bored. Bad things happened when he was bored.

"To be unnoticeable? A couple of video files... Passwords copied, usernames, IP address hacked and tracked… Pictures, insignificant details." He answered, only the necessary things. His posture improved as he did something right. It had been awhile since he hadn't fucked up. Ever since Rima's accident, the boss kept a close eye on him.

Now demon-princess superstar and Amu were hurt. His posture again deflated as he realized those were two incidents in one day. Two years ago, he would not have dared been that cocky. He was getting sloppy. He had to clean himself up, to piece himself back together so he could complete yet another day's watch.

"Video files?" The boss's chair rolled around, and he could tell the boss was facing him again. His interest was definitely piqued. Especially after discussing Nadeshiko, who the boss knew the lackey didn't like to talk about. Nadeshiko had been making a documentary about the girls.

"Some stupid documentary footage." He plainly said, and then hurriedly continued, before the boss could say anything, "Not even useful, or hurtful to us. Just your daughter gallivanting through Tokyo." It wasn't that he didn't delete it because it was useless… But because Nadeshiko had been clearly in it.

He couldn't, not after what he did, he couldn't delete Nadeshiko.

Not out of his mind, not out of Amu's videos.

He could hear a harrumph out of the man, bringing him back to reality."Anything else?" He was no longer interested. Good, his brain whispered, though he felt like a betrayer. He shouldn't think that way of the boss. Not after what he had promised and done for him…

Oh god, he had to answer.

"There was one file… It was no longer available, it seemed like she deleted it. I couldn't find it in the trash or any threads connecting the data to anything else... It was just…" He tried to continue, but the boss cut him off.

"I don't like what I don't know." His words were fast-acting poison, cynical, pessimistic poison. One that was so powerful it sunk into your very bone marrow and shut your body down, one system at a time. Painfully.

Making you ashamed of everything you were and are.

"Sir, I understand-"

He was cut off, again, harsher (if that was even remotely possible), "Are they encrypted?"

"It-it doesn't exist anywhere." His answer was pure truth, and that was what scared him. He did something that wasn't quite right, and wasn't quite wrong. At least, when he was wrong, he knew he'd get punished. With this… He didn't know. And that was worst out of all the things done to him.

"Suspicious. What was it called?" His hands were again intertwined, his elbows at the table, and the subtle creak that he was leaning forward.

"Utau's and Amu's one year anniversary." He replied, automatic. He had to defend himself against the boss. This was a dog-eat-dog world as the boss said. You had to defend yourself versus everything. You against the world. No allies.


"One year of… Success?" The boss seemed slightly puzzled, but it didn't seem quite right to the lackey. He knew it wasn't Amu's or demon-princess superstar's style to do that. But the boss, he didn't know. He didn't know his own child.

But frankly, that didn't matter. If he played along, he would have time to investigate this file. He would have time to fix this stupid, complicated mess.

"Yes." So it seems. But I'll find the answer.

"Leave it be. If it's gone, I don't expect you to find it." The chair was turned again, back towards the lackey. It was his signal to leave.

He could give someone else the job of watching Amu as he investigated. There had to be a backup- somewhere she had saved it.

Because Amu was crafty.

"Oh, before you leave," the boss turned around again, and the Gray Hoodie shut the door.

"Give her this." The boss handed the lackey an envelope, unmarked and sealed shut with an evil lick.

"Yes sir." The lackey didn't know what was in it, but he knew how to deliver it. He was trained, after all.

And he was gone, and the boss was left to think, to plan, the game of chess with his daughter.

Because, this was the last game of course.

October 2012

3:45 AM

It had been awhile since Kukai had returned to Utau's room, and was probably sleeping right now.

She was released little after they finished the video, and Ikuto was left numb as Kukai dropped his hand on his shoulder before he left. He didn't fully feel what Ikuto was feeling, but he was fully sympathizing. That has to suck, his eyes told Ikuto. But he couldn't feel any more.

Ikuto understood.

Kukai couldn't take, couldn't worry for anyone but Utau right now.

Ikuto knew he'd do the same, so he didn't judge.

It was a miracle that he was somehow allowed to stay with her (probably his really scary I'll-kill-you-if-you-even-think-of-separating-her- from-me glare), that despite what- who they both were, the nurses kept the professionalism, which also meant that the doctors and staff hadn't told any reporters… That they were safe and in the clear for awhile.

Come morning, he'd have a lot of questions to answer. But he didn't want to leave her.

Not that she was so close.

Her breath, her scent, her presence so close for what felt like- what was- so long: he missed her. More than he thought.

More than he could ever imagine.

He hadn't had contact with her in so long, and yet he didn't want the circumstances to be like this. He wanted her to be healthy, happy, looking at him. Awake. Alive.

He still had unanswered questions.

Who were the Hinamori Clan?

Why is Amu so important?

Why is he so insistent on her?

They had finished the videos about six hours ago, and yet Ikuto was still seething with a vengeance.

He knew who he was now, but he couldn't believe it. It was… unreal. Impossible. Improbable.

Straight out of left field.

But he'd finish this. He'd kill him. It was the only-

"Ikuto." Her breath, her shaky breath, the one that told him she was scared came out of her mouth, interrupting his thoughts. "No. No."

At first, he thought she was reading his mind. But then, her hand was trembling. Her monitor began to beep beep beep at a heightened rhythm.

Something told him this wasn't a regular nightmare. His brain, his breath, hitched. He knew something was haunting her. He had to be there for her this time. He had to show her that he was okay. That he was here. Here, with her. Here to help, here to just be here.

"Shh… Amu, I'm here." But his voice wouldn't reach her. She seemed to be reliving, or dreaming of something horrible. Her legs were flailing, and she seemed to scream, to plead, in a strained whisper.

"Ikuto. No. No! I can't lose you! Oh my god, Nagi! Ikuto, Nagi… Someone, answer me! Please, oh god…" Her voice was a pleaded whisper, so low that even Ikuto strained to hear her voice. It was scratchy, laced with grief… Something that he hadn't heard, not in a very long time.

But that might have been one of his dreams, because, as far as he remembered… He couldn't recall seeing her so unhinged.

In his mind's eye, he could see her, crawling to their bodies and screaming, reminiscent of Jackie Kennedy and the JFK assassination. He could see a crumbling, red Ferrari, a dented pole… Noises, yet so quiet. He could feel warm, yet so cold: the blood, rushing in small rivers down, down, and tainting the asphalt of the street and the gravel of the sidewalk.

"Amu…" He didn't want to know what she was dreaming about, or what she was reliving. He was probably reliving something different, but having her here made him feel safe. He hoped she could feel the same way- he wanted her to feel safe, to feel him, that maybe… Just maybe, his mere presence could help her.

"Alive. Please. You need to be alive. I need you. Don't leave me. Don't leave me here! Don't leave me here, all alone! Nagi, you too! Rima needs you! Someone! Someone, please! Call 1-1-9!"* Her voice was pleading, and he could see the tears sprint out of her eyes, how her body turned cold… She was afraid. She was the definition of panicked.

"What…" He couldn't ask. He shut his mouth, because she couldn't answer. At this point, he didn't know what to ask. How to phrase it. What he wanted to know.

"This is all your fault! This is your fault!" At first, he thought it was directed at him, but her hand gripped his tighter. She had never spoken to him like that. Her voice was full of malice, malice laced with hatred. He wasn't aware such a voice could come out of her. She had been pushed to her limit. How much had she endured?

"Leave them! Leave Ikuto and Nagi alone!" Her voice was protective, and he could practically imagine her cradling his head in her arms protectively.

Obviously, she must have been talking to him. He couldn't bear to even think about the Grey Hoodie, and his betrayal. It made him sick.

Hearing her like this made him sick.

A pause, as if a gap- where she listened, and he talked.

"No! They weren't close! They weren't close to anything! Oh god, please… You can't… You can't! Please, don't kill them!" Her voice rose an octave higher than her normal tone, yet still in a whisper, but even more anguished, if even possible. Hearing that was like hearing her scream, hearing her suffer in the most painful way possible.

What was she reliving? The questions whispered into his head with urgency, matching her voice. He squeezed her hand, wanting to wake her, but curious. Could this be an answer she couldn't say while awake? No, he thought. No, I don't want to listen to this. This… This is suffering, on the highest level. There is no describing her pain, her love, her anguish. I need to help her.

"No!" Her voice was scratchy, so full of indescribable anguish that he knew he needed to wake her up now. This was starting to get agonizingly painful for the both of them. Her body seemed to make itself smaller, her hand was squeezing at his like a lifeline. In some sort of consciousness, she knew he was there, but she was still trapped. Trapped in a horrible, awful place where she was all alone, and no one could help.

"Amu…Please, wake up." He shook her lightly, but she didn't stop mumbling, almost crazily: as if bargaining for the most important thing in the world.

"I'll make a deal with you! …December! December 2012! December, I'll go back! I swear! Just… don't. Oh god, don't! Don't kill them!" She rushed through the words like a hungry child rushed through a candy bar. She was bargaining for them- with her freedom. He could imagine what he would say: an eye for an eye, nothing is free. A deal must benefit both, you see.


"No. No! Not Ikuto. Oh god. Oh god, please. I love him. I love him. Don't! Don't… Don't! P-please…" Her voice was panicked, and the heart monitor beeped at an even higher rhythm. He couldn't watch this- it was too painful. Watching her relive something so painful was painful to him. Was it a sort of empathetic pain? Why did his heart lurch so much for her? He loved her- and all he wanted was for her to be happy.

After so much of being alone, after suffering with lover after lover before her- cold and different… She had given him peace: a place to be himself, a place to love and be loved. He could tell her anything, and he thought it was true for her too. Now that he thought about it, though, there were many inconsistencies. He wished to forever be able to understand her better: he could guess her mood and understand why- yet this was totally above his head. He'd never dealt with this. She didn't give him the chance, but he didn't blame her. She had wanted to protect him, too. That brought a big, sentimental feeling into his chest. He cared for her, she cared him. But now, now he needed her to be awake. This was enough suffering. These two years were suffering enough for the both of them.

"Please," his voice was begging, and he never begged. He needed her to wake up. He couldn't listen any more. He wasn't glad she thought of him this way, that she'd bargain anything for him. This was painful. He wished she would protect herself more, and him less.

"I'll do anything." Jesus, she was crazy. She needed to draw the line, she needed to protect herself. He had protected her from a lot: but she had protected him from much more. He needed her to stop. He needed her to protect herself for a bit, to not think about him. Yes, it was selfish, but he needed that. She had already done so much. It didn't matter if he died, but she needed to be unchained from this mess. He'd rather them do it together, but if his death was imminent, he'd take some of those assholes down as well.

A pause, he was responding again.

"No," he whispered, his voice falling out of his mouth, out of his control. "No, please don't." He didn't want this. He didn't want to know what happened, what transpired here. He didn't want her to relive it like this- this was too strong a memory to dream- to relive, every second she closed her eyes.

"No. Not in front of Ikuto." What had he said? What was something she couldn't do in front of him? She had thrown her pride away, she had thrown all of it away, so what is it that she refused to do?

Another pause, and her grip tightened around his hand.

"Not even- okay! Okay! Okay. I-I'll... do it. It's just a kiss, right?"

A kiss. Rage coursed through his veins, because a kiss meant so much more than she realized. It was a statement, a "this is mine." He didn't deserve to have her. She wasn't his. Sure, she wasn't a piece of property, and he wasn't the jealous type (maybe, yeah, okay, he was)…. He couldn't have her. Ever.

"I'll humiliate myself for them. I'll sink lower to protect them. They won't know. They'll never know. To protect them, I'll do anything."

He heard her words, and internally shivered. That was her fatal flaw: she put others above herself. She couldn't continue like this, or else she'd die from the pure stress of keeping secrets, of facing everything by herself.

After her statement, her body and mind seemed to quiet, and her heart monitor went back to the steady beep, beep, beep of sleep. Her feet stilled, her hand lost most of its grasp in his hand, and her brow seemed to decompress.

His thumb went delicately over her hand, as if to soothe her.

The door opened, and a slim, tired nurse sulked in to check her vitals- not like she'd be awake to be bothered. Ikuto didn't like hospitals, though, so he tensed up when she rolled in the blood pressure/temperature machine.

On the handle of the blood pressure device was a blue envelope: as if given to the nurse and was thrown haphazardly on the machine and the woman didn't think too much of it. Whatever, right? It was a little blue envelope, not addressed to anyone. Just give it to the patient, the guy said: yeah, whatever.

But Ikuto eyed it with suspicion. He wasn't sure how much he knew that Ikuto knew… But the way it was delivered caused the hairs on his neck to stand. This definitely couldn't be good.

The nurse yawned, and handed it over to him, not knowing anything about the situation and too tired to feel his alertness or the coldness that surrounded the room.

His thumb scraped open the letter gingerly and yet with venom, and in it was a slashed, almost cursive script on crisp white paper.

You've been given three months.

We'll be watching.

As soon as he read it, he crumpled the paper with his fist, and looked at the nurse who was taking her vitals, eying her with suspicion. As he took in her too-tired appearance, and the time she came in… 15 minutes past three, he knew she wasn't that good of a nurse. He knew she wasn't good enough to be watching.

The lady wrapped the blood-pressure wrap around Amu's limp arm, and he stared down at his right fist.

The letter.

The time limit.

He'd be sure to tell Amu.

Hopefully, she'd be awake soon. Hopefully, please.

The nurse finished, and Ikuto coldly thanked her. She lumbered out of the room, and his posture stiffened. He could feel someone watching him, now that he knew someone was always watching.

"I know you're there," he hissed. "Come out, because I want to talk to you."

And he could have sworn he heard the ceiling creak, as if someone was about to jump.

*119 is the number for the ambulance in Japan

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