Chapter 6

After running into Seath I got into my car and headed to my new apartment. Thanks to a little help from Reynolds my new apartment was furnished and painted. "Don't ask how or why" Reynolds would always tell me that when he'd do something like this. I quickly straightened up and light some candles. I turned on the T.V and waited. I hoped that tonight would be the start of a new life for me and everyone else who has had to sacrifice or suffer.

I was really nervous I mean body shaking nervous. I pulled up in front of the address Zarrina had given me and stayed there. "Should I go in?" I kept asking myself. Yes if I want a new life and if I want to keep my promise and get Varen back then yes. I took my bag and slowly made my way to Zarr's apartment. When I came to her door (5B) I stood there for what seemed like hours when I finally knocked on the door. I waited not long before Zar came to the door. She was wearing a pair of black sweatpants and a blue tank top on. She had on a pair of glasses and her hair was perfectly put into a messy ponytail. She and I ironically wear kind of wearing the same outfit because I was wearing a pair of gold sweatpants and a navy blue tank top on under my sweater which she took for me when I entered.

"Hi Isobel how are you?" Zar said in the sweetest trusting voice

"I'm great and thanks for letting me spend the night." I said

"No problem here let me take your bags and put them in the guest room…and if you don't want to sleep there you can take the couch I don't really care whatever makes you more comfortable." She said disappearing into the hall and coming back out "Umm well I guess where ever we fall asleep." I said in a funny voice. Zarrina just smiled and nodded in agreement.

"Bark! Bark! Bark!" I heard a noise from the outside of her balcony

"Oh I'm sorry I forgot to tell you I had a dog…umm are you allergic Isobel?" she asked me

"Oh no I love dogs!" I said curiously wanting to see what kind she had. Zar nodded her head and opened the door. The last thing I saw was a little ball of fur running toward me and then jump on me. Then I fell onto the couch backwards. The little dog started to lick me all over.

"Ha-ha…stop…stop... th...that...ha-ha…tickles!" I said

"Stella… Stella stop that I know you like her, but she needs to breathe." Zarrina said picking up the dog.

I got up from the couch to see Zar on the chair holding a small puppy.

"Aww she's so cute is she a puppy what kind of breed is she?" I asked

"Yah she is. She's a golden retriever a-ding-dong!" she was interrupted by the doorbell.

"Oh that must be the food I hope you like Chinese Isobel." She said grabbing her wallet and going to the door. I stood there and laughed at the memory of when I and Varen went to his house and he said the same thing to me. I helped clear the coffee table and spread the food out. We mostly talked the whole time and then something very funny happened.

"Yeah so after 9th period I was you know rushing and such and then…uh… I quickly went to me car and came home…so how about we watch a movie?" she said wanting to quickly change the subject. I just smirked.

"Yeah sure, after you tell me what happened after 9th period?" I said Zarr's face turned red.

"Nothing happened honest…" she said

"Right sure Zar so was he cute?" I asked. Zar nearly choked on her drink.

"No...No…is it that obvious?" she asked

"Yeah, but that's ok so is he cute? What's his name?" I asked

"His name is Seath Richmond and he's really hot. I ran into him during 9th period." She said

"Oh yeah I've met him before and chika he's fine you should go out with him." I said

"Yeah ok right come on let's clean this up and watch a movie." She said

I shrugged and helped her clean up. We grabbed some blankets and pillows and spread them on the couch. She told me to make popcorn which was lying on her kitchen counter and she said she'd pick the movie. After I finished making the popcorn I put it into a bowl and shut the lights off. There was on light on in the living room when I got in there.

"You don't mind a scary movie do you Isobel?" Zar asked me.

"No that's fine I actually like scary movies and don't keep calling my Isobel. Just call me Izzy." I said. I really wanted to become closer with her so this was a start.

She went to a little shelf where I saw movies were.

"Ok Insidious or The women in black?" she asked me.

"I haven't seen the women in black I didn't even know it came out yet!" I said excited

"Will watch that then, don't ask how I got it it's my little secret." She said popping it in the DVD player.

She came and took a seat next to me and shut off the light. Her whole apartment was dark besides the light from the T.V. Stella hopped on the couch and then we all got comfortable.

The movie was about to play and I suddenly got a chill down my back. I had a really bad feeling and I think Zar did too…

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